2017 Spanish Grand Prix championship points

2017 Spanish Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel still leads the drivers’ championship after Lewis Hamiton won the Spanish Grand Prix.

Constructors’ championship

Team Total
1 Mercedes 161
2 Ferrari 153
3 Red Bull 72
4 Force India 53
5 Toro Rosso 21
6 Williams 18
7 Renault 14
8 Haas 9
9 Sauber 0
9 McLaren 0

2017 Spanish Grand Prix

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30 comments on “2017 Spanish Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Ferrari and mercedes tight together… definitely it will be hamilton vs vettel eith bittas and kimi helping them. The gap between teammates is too big to let them fight each other with the sgap too small between the teams.

    What a consistency for force india they are considerably doing well as a 4th team

  2. Miltiadis (@miltosgreekfan)
    14th May 2017, 15:00

    Force India is extremely lucky.They have a good package,solid drivers,but their luck in the last 2 races is unreal!

    1. Williams can blame themselves for picking stroll. Massa alone cant do much alone if he has a bad weekend. Williams might end up behind Renault.

      1. Miltiadis (@miltosgreekfan)
        14th May 2017, 18:03

        Ιts really possible unfortunately…If both Palmer & Stroll don’t score any points till the summer break,im pretty sure they ll be replaced…& i would put my money on Palmer being replaced mostly…

    2. ForceIndia are not lucky, Williams have Stroll, which is rather self inflicted.

      1. Miltiadis (@miltosgreekfan)
        14th May 2017, 16:05

        They have had some luck.I will talk about the battle with Williams.In Russia,Massa was P6(8 points) & both F.I guys in P7 &8(10 points combined).Due to the punchure Massa suffered,they were promoted to P6 &7(14 points),while Williams took 2.Today Massa was P5 after the start,before his punchure.With no SC bringing Massa back to game,F.I collected 20 pointsm,while Williams 0.If everything was ok for Williams,Massa would have either splited them or beat them,but it didnt happen..They have been the only team to have both drivers scoring points in every race!

        1. All that does not take away the fact that Stroll is horrible.

          1. Miltiadis (@miltosgreekfan)
            14th May 2017, 16:23

            I dont have a different opinion on that.He is not ready for F1,massivelly proved today,when the other car was out of the race(well,pretty much,by being last & lapped on lap 15)he was nowhere to be seen!He flatspotted the tyre in the end while battling with Massa,that was the ice on the cake…But he is kinda lucky that there is Palmer,who is even worse for me…

        2. Massa had a problem today through no fault of his. Williams don’t have a second driver who can cover for them with the other car, hence they are now behind Torro Rosso.

    3. Raveendhana
      14th May 2017, 16:05

      And plus they are lucky that they have the best , drivers a midfield team can afford. Williams are bad at taking descision s

  3. Lucas (@datguylucas)
    14th May 2017, 15:07

    PASCAL WEHRLEIN SCORED POINTS 10/10, He definitely deserves better contract. Q2 on many occassions in rubbish teams (Manor & Sauber) & 100% points scoring record for each season! In my opinion he should have got the seat in Force India instead of Ocon.

    1. Why? Ocon score point in every races this year….Williams should have signed Wehrlein instead of Stroll……

      1. Williams should have had Button instead of Massa too. He’d probably not be in a pickle as often as Massa has been these last two races..

        1. Tbf to Massa, in this race he left the door wide open for Vettel to go through, but I’m not sure what Vettel did exactly

          1. I think Vettel overshot the corner there, I was aiming more at his clumsy coming together with Alonso in lap 1 and some iffy bits later in the race.

          2. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
            14th May 2017, 16:15


            Massa didn’t do anything wrong this race. He simply had to either hit Alonso, or slam into Raikonnen and Verstappen. Those 2 were pulling back onto the track right in front of Massa. So he took avoiding action and unfortunately had to his Alonso. But that will have resulted in far less damage then him crashing into the other 2 no?

      2. Lucas (@datguylucas)
        14th May 2017, 18:01

        I agree actually. Fair enough! Williams should have signed Wehrlein instead of (s)TROLL

    2. Ocon is doing an unbelievable job right now. Pascal is good but still had a stupid mistake today. I am very impressed with Ocon. Very level headed smooth and consistent.

      In RIC’s Red Bull he may wipe the floor with Max like he did in the junior formulas.

  4. Sviatoslav (@)
    14th May 2017, 15:22

    McLaren-Manor is the only team yet to score a single point. Disaster.

  5. Today demonstrated the importance of having your teammate in the race. Had Kimi survived the first lap, Ferrari would have had more strategic options. It was righteous justice when Bottas blew up his engine. Daniil Kvyat performed a heavy lift to go from last to finishing right behind his teammate! Kudos to Grosjean for a points finish for Haas.

  6. Hopefully Raikkonen and Bottas can keep up with the leaders in future races and not have them run away like Hamilton and Rosberg did last year or in 2014.

    Red Bull vs Force India could actually be thing this year, but truthfully I can’t see Force India winning that one unless Red Bull keeps scoring with 1 driver and Force India scores with 2 every race.

    Behind them it looks like it could get very interesting for 5th in the constructors with the remaining teams bar Sauber and McLaren.

  7. Kind of looks like Ferrari and Mercedes have clear favorites, on points. Few more races like this and there won’t be coming back for Bottas.

    1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
      14th May 2017, 16:08

      Bottas had an oln engine this weekend. That will have been partly responsible for his pace, then he retired. If hamilton has a problem next race and has to ritire, and Bottas wins, then they will be 10 points apart again. And at that point last race. Many were saying Bottas was indeed in the fight. But just because he’s had a retirement doesn’t mean he’s out of it. Like I said, If Hamilton has any issues such as a retirement and another poor race, then he and Bottas will basically be equal. We just don’t know what will happen. I just don’t think the teams should clearly treat one driver differently just yet.

      1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
        14th May 2017, 16:09

        *old engine

        1. Agreed.

  8. Michael Brown (@)
    15th May 2017, 14:02

    Toro Rosso leads Williams by one point! If Force India can keep up their performance, they’ll get another 4th place finish for this year’s constructors.

  9. Rick Lopez (@viscountviktor)
    15th May 2017, 17:22

    Stroll is completely useless. He should get sacked on this performance.

  10. Sauber should have 4 points instead of zero, leaving McLaren dead last in 10th place?

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