Felipe Nasr, Sauber, Sepang International Circuit, 2016

Nasr considering IndyCar if he fails to find F1 seat for 2018

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In the round-up: Felipe Nasr may seek a seat in IndyCar, the World Endurance Championship or Formula E if he cannot find an F1 driver for 2018.

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Comment of the day

This was my favourite choice of Caption Competition winner from last weekend and it seems many of you liked it too!

20 years after retiring, everyone is surprised that Alonso’s grandchildren are still being forced to serve his McLaren days’ grid penalties
Hzh (@Hzh00)

Thanks to everyone who came up with the many great suggestions which came in over the weekend, especially those from Ben, Suvan Naidu, Zeke, Cliffery and Sidney.

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Happy birthday to Karan and Younger Hamii!

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On this day in F1

  • Rene Arnoux put his Renault on pole position for the French GP today in 1982

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  • 21 comments on “Nasr considering IndyCar if he fails to find F1 seat for 2018”

    1. Omar R (@omarr-pepper)
      24th July 2017, 1:00

      The Piquet Junior Juniors caption was priceless!!! But this one was also a perfect fit.

    2. Gold tweet from Prost. I love that sort of comments. Scalabroni tweets a lot about old developments as well.

    3. Tip o’ the hat to the Caption Comment winner – @Hzh00 , genius!

      1. Wohoo finally won a caption competition :p

        btw @keithcollantine just noticed that the last 2 caption competitions are numbered the same (132)

    4. I think it’s time for Nasr to start looking elsewhere. If you’re dumped by Sauber, there’s a really low chance that any other team on the grid would want you.

      1. He brings in some money and might actually be quite good replacement for Massa at Williams. There is so much talk about drivers market and the top teams but Williams is still up there.

        1. Interesting take. Williams going to a full on pay driver mode?

          Massa certainly is at Kimi level, but can Nasr bring that much sponsorship?

          Meanwhile SFI have two young bucks being class of midfield, on Williams like budget.

          Has any paydriver team ever went forward in competitivness?

          1. Niki Lauder bought his 1st drive in F1 for 2million Austrian Franks I believe.
            Drivers and money always go together, even top shelf drivers have companies that help with sponsorship to the teams.

            1. And where did his first team go?

          2. @jureo Minardi, but that’s because they got bought by Red Bull and essentially stopped being paydriver team. Or Marussia because the team ahead of them fold earlier than them. So, no.

          3. Didn’t Marlboro foot the bill for the salary of someone called Michael Schumacher? ;)

            1. And Santander for Alonso.. Great drivers bring in ample sponsorship. I am sure Max Verstappen could get sponsorship going for his sallery.

              It makes them paid drivers, paid to race, not pay so thry.can race. Subtle difference.

        2. Nasr used to bring money. Not anymore, or at least not as much as he used to. For that perspective alone Williams would be better of retaining Massa, he is much more marketable than his fellow countryman, and brings a lot of sponsors to the team

        3. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
          25th July 2017, 11:02

          Williams must have at leased one driver over 25 years old because of their sponsors. Nasr won’t have been old enough to have been there in replacement of Massa this year but he could be next year. But I think Massa is a fair bit better. He is the most experienced driver on the grid and also will have had many years experience with Williams by the end of this year. Keeping him would be a very sensible choice IMO. Massa has looked worse than he has been this year. He has possibly missed out on as many as 40 points because of bad luck. I certainly think Williams would want to retain him unless another current driver wants to come to the team that they believe would be better.

      2. RankingTheDrivers
        24th July 2017, 7:58

        In my ranking Nasr is still ahead of Palmer, Ericsson, and Kvyat. @todfod

        PS not sure where Vandoorne fits in

    5. One very interesting group of fans are the casual buyer, the social buyer, the person who’s dropped off the cliff for one reason or another and I think that’s where social media is a tremendous opportunity.

      While the survey got 200,000 responses, I do wonder how many actually came from countries that F1 doesn’t want fans in, like where I live. I guess the question is what do Liberty Media want to do for the future? Do they want F1 to be restricted to a small and exclusive audience, or would they rather F1 was popular with a large and diverse audience?

      1. This is an outstanding question. In Slovenia F1 is nolonger avaliable on TV, pay or free.

        Streams are all we have. I bet Liberty will want F1 fans everywhere… But they might not support us everywhere.

      2. Long term, either they need to find a far more available/flexible option for pay per view for fans or find a way to get back to more free to “air” coverage.
        Also, without the competition, the quality of Sky has already greatly diminished, and they leave far too much potential coverage of things untouched. I am glad that Ch4 is doing a solid job as “backup” but it is not enough.

        To me the quality and choice if almost as important as the cost. I think a lot of fans would love to have more choice of what coverage they can get (maybe the EU can help here?). Even before F1 got locked down in the current o2-TV (TV over internet)/sattelite deal where I live, i had long stopped watching the offical footage because of a combination of too many ads but more importantly the horrible quality of the commenting from a studio compared to (at the time) excellent BBC coverage.

        I guess it will be something in between for the future. We will probably have more content available free online, then have something with (free) subscription and more that will be either a subscription model or a pay per view model. But that will take a lot of time to develop.

    6. Fukobayashi (@)
      24th July 2017, 9:49

      You know it’s been a slow news weekend when Nasr potentially to Indycar is the title story.

    7. Aircraft fighter pilots have been using canopies to see through since the 1930’s. No one can create one for f1 that doesn’t distort your vision???

      1. @ibrahim. Good point but fighter pilots today surely only need to read HUD or cockpit instruments. I doubt they could be visually effective at over Mach 1.

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