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Proposed Miami Grand Prix track faces changes due to land dispute

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The proposed Miami Grand Prix street track which could join the 2019 F1 calendar faces changes after the promoters were denied permission to use an area of public space.

Plans for the track which appeared last week showed the cars would pass along the waterfront east of the AmericanAirlines Arena. This includes a section of land belonging to Miami-Dade County known as ‘Parcel B’.

However an amendment approved by the country yesterday forbids the promoters from using ‘Parcel B’, which is indicated in red on the map above. While there appears to be sufficient road space for the F1 track to avoid this area, it will mean the cars no longer pass along as much of the scenic Miami waterfront.

The area of land has been a bone of contention for local residents for many years. During the 1996 referendum on the construction of the AmericanAirlines Arena, used by the Miami Heat basketball team, locals were told the area would be turned into a park. However after the arena had been built the land was rented to the team, which used it for logistics and parking.

Formula E was given permission to use ‘Parcel B’ for its pits and paddock when it held a one-off race at the venue in 2015 (below). However race promoters Andretti Sports Marketing Florida had to pay $22,200 for its use, cover the cost of electrical upgrades on the site to an estimated cost of almost $200,000, and contributed a further $5,000 to pay for improved public amenities.

Since then ‘Parcel B’ has been developed for public use. Last July a “greening” programme began the process of turning the area into a park by planting fresh grass and 42 coconut trees.

The revived area was dedicated by Councillor Audrey Edmonson, who proposed yesterday’s amendment barring its use for an F1 race. The northernmost section of the proposed track, including ‘Parcel B’ and the arena, is the only part which lies within Edmonson’s district.

The proposed track design received a critical reaction from some F1 drivers when it was revealed. Lewis Hamilton and Stoffel Vandoorne said they were unimpressed by the plans.

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Formula E, Miami, 2015
Formula E’s pit and padock were based in ‘Parcel B’

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25 comments on “Proposed Miami Grand Prix track faces changes due to land dispute”

  1. So, 200k dollars in electrical upgrades, and then it is to be converted into a park? Sounds about right.

    1. Then again, looking at the map there, seems the roads over that plot are quite narrow, and it’s only a rectangular 100m stretch that would be cut off; might be great to use that park as a fanzone or something (if they could have used the loop bit on that plot, might have been more interesting, but, they’d have to put bits of road to connect it, and anyway, that amendment means it won’t happen).

    2. bribes cost a lot of money. probably amounts to $20 for new lightbulbs and $199,980 in cash handouts.

      1. No, I bet the park now has working, new electricity lines underground, so they could easily have a great light-show or something; so not quite $20 – but I like/dismay at your cynicism :)

    3. 42 coconut trees are expensive. You need almost 50 coconut. One of those who gracefully fall from the tree and were ussually discarted.

  2. Oh look it’s the Eboladrome™ !

    1. People have also called it different, more – eh – phallic things; but now that you mention it, I can see the ebola virus too @eljueta

      1. @bosyber this is the original one

        1. @eljueta @bosyber

          To me it looks like E.T. is trying to free his tongue from an icy pole.

  3. They need to do something at the other side of the bridge instead of just a U-turn. Would make the track layout seem a lot less ridiculous.

  4. A quick glance on google earth led me to think this should easily not be a problem. The “public park” is in the shadow of the Port Boulevard bridge that services the huge island where all the cruise ships are.
    If people would rather sit on a bench there instead of the nearby Museum or Bayfront Park then plant a couple more trees and let’s go racing.

  5. Unsurprising.

  6. Shakedown.

  7. Same likelihood of actually happening as the New Jersey Grand Prix of a few years back.

  8. pastaman (@)
    16th May 2018, 13:59

    Hope it gets denied, please no more street tracks!

  9. The layout doesn’t look bad for a street circuit, more interesting than Singapore or Sochi for example. If (and that’s a big if) they use the full width of the road, some corners will be very fast, the quick right-left chicane will also be good.

    1. @francorchamps17 Singapore is an amaizing street circuit

  10. Spa @francorchamps17
    Everything is more interesting than Sochi!! I do like Singapore though.

    This track just doesn’t seem right to me. Aren’t the two main straights close together over the water, do a hairpin and back again? Doesn’t provide great viewing at the circuit if that’s correct. TV would be ok, but bums on seats is important for F1 at the moment as well.

    Surely they can do better than that? Lewis has asked to help, I liked his “golfers design golf courses” response, get him on it.

  11. Another American F1 track destined to become a typical short lived event. Now with this property issue this dullsville layout suddenly goes from barely OK to now being compromised to such an extent makes one wonder if it’s even worth it. But its all about making money anyway. The thing l don’t get is how do they sign a ten year agreement one week and then into the next week find out that a significant section of the proposed racetrack is legally off limits to such a thing as Modern Formula One.

    Most Americans want a second event but why not on the Westcoast where access for the 100 million who live here.

    You want a great street race?

    Then race through the streets of Seattle and along its water waterfront. Spectacular area, spectacular views and a proper city to support and grow Formula One fans

    Far out idea ?? Miami certainly is.

    1. I would fly back to Seattle to see an F1 car zoom up the waterfront to Lake Union and get airborne going over First Hill and down to Pike Place Market. I recall the pavement was more suited for rally cars than formula cars, but maybe things have been upgraded. Has Seattle become anymore ‘car friendly’ in the last decade? I recall the fiasco that cost me hundreds in tax for a silly monorail; I doubt the city would embrace F1, even Formula E might get protested by the eco-warriors.

      1. Marc you must be from the northwest with the knowledge you have of Seattle. My feeling is the same about city interests but money makes people happy. The area could reap the rewards from a unique three day event in the city. Big bucks that return annually if done right. Follow this idea, the race track is below the
        Space Needle, uses the Seattle Center for garages but races down through the hills to the Pike Place Market and through it down to the Waterfront. Turning right onto the 3/4 mile dog leg straight to the big chicanes and another 1/4 mile. At the end is a hairpin that exits uphill to the Seattle Center. Around 2.6 miles 400′ of elevation change. Plus Seattle is a fun place with good local amenities. On your question of Seattle traffic….
        Imagine the worst possible traffic hassle and that is what the area has become, everyday. Just Awful.
        Maybe this a Dream from me but the Pacific Northwest is beautiful and the image of an event and its potential here would make the new F1 owners lick their lips. A potential great race track concept.

  12. This does not look like a circuit where gladiatorial battles can take place. It looks too small with not enough corners and the whole idea looks.. um… limp… to me.

  13. Forget Miami- How about the Vancouver GP? :)

    1. I’ve long thought how spectacular that would be @ferrox-glideh. Got to go where the money is though I suppose

  14. A good alternative is to build a facility at Tamiami Park. Why not?

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