Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2018

Verstappen: Family’s absence made no difference to Canadian GP performance

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In the round-up: Max Verstappen rejects the suggestion that not having his family close by during the Canadian Grand Prix weekend helped him performance better.

What they say

Maybe I have a few minutes extra to talk to my engineers instead of others but it doesn’t make a difference to me. They have been here also when I have been winning races.

I don’t think there is something behind it, it was just a weekend alone. I’m 20 years old, they don’t need to hold my hand.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Can anything be done to make Paul Ricard less of a car park?

I wonder how just how dangerous it would actually be to put up some temporary Armco in the slower sections. Or, if that’s beyond the pale, Styrofoam barriers or something, to create a definite ‘hard’ track limit.

Even on TV, vast expanses of tarmac run-off are less visually appealing. I’m not against it entirely, but when there’s that much it looks less like a racetrack weaving through the landscape and more like an arbitrary pair of lines painted on the ground. On the upside, all the run-off might encourage drivers to take more risks, which can’t be bad in an era when overtaking is so hard.

I can’t help thinking, though… who’d have thought, 10-15 years ago, that F1 would ever return to Mexico City and Paul Ricard, even if they’ve been tamed a little? Can we have something even vaguely resembling the old Hockenheim back too, please?
Duncan Snowden

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30 comments on “Verstappen: Family’s absence made no difference to Canadian GP performance”

  1. Vettel fan 17 (@)
    22nd June 2018, 0:07

    Please Ferrari, get Leclerc into the team next year

  2. Nothing wrong with a Freddo.

  3. Daniel (@collettdumbletonhall)
    22nd June 2018, 0:44

    If it wasn’t a bad idea already, Ricciardo to Mclaren is looking even more ridiculous.

    1. @collettdumbletonhall Based on the rumoured offer of $20 million it’ll cost them 60,197,600 Freddos which is 11.94 tons of chocolate.

      1. Maybe Ricciardo had a sweet tooth for Freddos? 😊 It is an Aussie chocolate after all…

      2. I refuse to click on a link to the daily mail so i didn’t realise it was freddos they were handing out at mclaren – the main question should be – are freddos really 25p?! I thought they were always 10p.

        1. it is a special freddo

          the most surprising thing is that they haven’t handed out Kimoa hats

          1. Our team of Engineers spent years developing cutting edge procedures to extract maximum performance from the finest chocolates. McLaren engineering takes pride in striving for perfection in every aspect of designing chocolate. In honour of another great perfectionist, the unforgotten Ayrton Frederico Senna da Silva we are proud to call this bar-setting product the Freddo, to reflect our long standing passion for being the best at what we do. @johnmilk

          2. so that is what the McLaren applied technologies is up to

  4. Occon races on iRacing. Of course they were not going to say it in a Codemasters video!

  5. Red Bull motorsport adviser Helmut Marko told Germany’s Sport Bild: “Ricciardo doesn’t want to sign until Hamilton has signed. It’s a bit strange. Hopefully it ends soon.”

    Nothing strange about it, Ricciardo does not want to be the first to jump. Hamilton has been a bit cagey about his future, IF he does leave I think Ricciardo would be in a good position to get the gig. But like I said that’s IF Hamilton decides to leave F1.
    As for Ricciardo going to Mclaren, I think Renault would be a better option if it is open to him.

    1. ColdFly (@)
      22nd June 2018, 7:28

      The ‘when’ to that ‘if’ will be too late in the season, @johnrkh.
      I can see LH deciding to leave after this year, but that won’t be until the end of the season. I cannot see him stay in F1 as long as Alonso or Schumacher just to wring out his last WDC chance.
      I can see him though mimicking those two other champions in trying out the red team. But to do that he needs an invite first (few will think that he could have done better than Vettel this year).

      But anyway that end of the season ‘when’ will be too late for Ricciardo to wait for. He will have to jump earlier and try to negotiate a good ‘jumping clause’ in his contract.

      1. How will it be too late in the season @coldfly ?

        Hamilton will have to decide before the end of the season and I doubt he’ll announce his retirement in Brazil or Abi Dhabi. The teams will have plenty of tie to work things out. If Hamilton doesn’t sign or puts it off until the winter then Mercedes can simply sign Ricciardo without a decision from Hamilton. Ricciardo really has all the time in the world with no pressure from anyone else taking his RedBull seat.

        1. ColdFly (@)
          22nd June 2018, 13:24

          Hamilton will have to decide before the end of the season

          Rosberg did it after the season (with a valid contract in place), so can Hamilton.
          I think (and gave the arguments in an earlier post) that if Hamilton leaves it will be a last minute decision by him. And a lot can depend on how the season finishes.

  6. Love love love the NSX.

  7. That photo of the Mistral straight reminds me of how boring the kerbs are in Formula One, and by that I mean they are all the same now. It’s a minor thing but it’s often the little things that give or ruin a circuit’s character. Although I was initially disappointed by their decision to use the chicane, I do now thing it’s the right thing however I think the quick left-right chicane would have been better than the long one they have chosen. I am still incredibly disappointed (but not surprised) they chose the slowest layout for turns 1–2.

    I agree with comment of the day. It would never happen but some extra barriers would do this track wonders. A minimum of four sequences will be nightmares for track limits unless they install kerbs or bollards (but Charlie Whiting will probably only realise this after the race)

    1. @strontium I’ve thought that for a while about the kerbs. you rarely see cars leaping over them like you used to see at the retifilio in monza. is this because of car design or are the kerbs simply less aggressive? it used to be a significant part of the lap i.e. hit them too hard and lose momentum, or compromise your line but hitting them too softly. when schumacher was coming back from his leg break in 1999, the story was that he delayed coming back at monza or the nurburgring because smashing the kerbs would have been too much for his leg at the time. hence he returned at malaysia which doesn’t have anything like the same kerbs (and also more time had passed).

  8. So that’s what’s really going on at McLaren these days. Pretty sad read. I was hoping they’d find their way back to the front sooner rather than later, but if even half of what’s said is true then they’re in for a further protracted absence from the sharp end of the grid. This season might be the straw that finally breaks Alonso’s back. I have a sneaky feeling the McLaren board will come to regret forcing Ron Dennis out.

    1. I think the only thing preventing poaching of such shop floor employees by other teams is the fact that the teams seen to be ramping up are Renault and Sauber, neither of whom have a (significant) presence in the motorsport valley. Otherwise, there might have been an exodus.

      That said, the sudden spate of these stories makes me wonder whether things are really coming to a head, or if someone is stirring the McLaren pot for their own benefit.

      1. ColdFly (@)
        22nd June 2018, 7:41

        That said, the sudden spate of these stories makes me wonder whether things are really coming to a head, or if someone is stirring the McLaren pot for their own benefit.

        Where there’s smoke there’s fire…
        … and an arsonist just around the corner, @phylyp.

        I can’t believe that those engineers at McLaren suddenly forgot how to make cars go fast. Thus there is something seriously wrong with their management. Certainly current management. But the downward spiral started earlier, and you don’t want the team to get out of the frying pan straight into the fire ;-)

        1. Where there’s smoke there’s fire…
          … and an arsonist just around the corner

          I’m stealing that line, @coldfly. :-)

          I’m going to say the current management is probably responsible for one key failing (if these stories are true) – not managing employee morale. Other struggling teams have a much pluckier attitude (think of Manor/Marussia, etc.), which means the management have done a good job of making them view their current weaknesses as challenges. One might argue that failure might be harder to accept for a marque team than a tailender, and it is easier for a weaker team to view themselves as the underdog, but it would still point to a basic failing in leadership.

    2. I’m lost for words really.

      This is McLaren hitting rock bottom, it has to be, only up from now surely.

      How can this people be motivated? This is what the “Grand Prix Driver” documentary should have shown.

      McLaren needs to urgently start prioritizing the teams and institution that they are

      1. Racefans has been my source of F1 news for quite a while, I trust the page and I trust that they haven’t been sharing bs, in fact usually very reliable pieces of insight, both from their own articles as well as in the round-up.

        Sorry if I made my opinion based on my usual source.

        And in fact, lately nothing that comes from McLaren is a surprise anymore really

  9. A cool looking car Gasly has. I wouldn’t mind driving one myself.
    – I couldn’t agree more with Paul-Henri Cahier’s tweet.
    – Regarding the COTD: Nothing really.

  10. Holy crap man that Freddo story with mclaren is appalling :( What a sad state of affairs

    1. Here’s a funny coincidence: when searching for more information about McLaren/Freddo, I came across this article that shows another McLaren link to Freddo chocolates:
      – Gus McLaren (no apparent relation to Bruce) directed the Australian TV series Freddo the Frog
      – The star of that series was chosen to be Freddo so as to achieve a tie-in with the (then) manufacturer of Freddo chocolates

      Maybe McLaren’s leadership are just paying homage to their namesake ;-)

  11. Has anyone pressed Williams on the deal given the recent actions of this company? I’ve only seen a brief piece on this by Reuters (with only a passing mention of F1 of course), but given how much people talk about the money that accompanied Maldonado and now Stroll, I thought there might have been some more F1-centric coverage of this and how F1 teams choose there financial relationships.

    1. Not as important or newsworthy as Lewis Hamilton legally reducing his tax bill, apparently. Remember how many stories ran about that? The F1-centric media pretty much glossed over the fact that Rosberg was caught up in the whole “Panama Papers” fiasco too. Thanks for mentioning it, because I’d not even heard about it until now. It definitely hasn’t been in any of my regular F1 news sources.

  12. Huh, “an effort to offer a non-DRS overtaking opportunity”? Yet they added a DRS zone before the chicane. Or do they mean the rest of the straight being this normal overtaking opportunity?

    1. yes they are talking about the second straight, but once they have closed the gap artificially I hardly consider it to be a normal overtaking opportunity

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