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2018 Italian Grand Prix championship points

2018 Italian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton’s Italian Grand Prix victory gives him a 30-point lead in the drivers’ championship.

2018 Italian Grand Prix

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30 comments on “2018 Italian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. At this point, I am more invested in the constructor’s championship rather than the driver’s.
    Ferrari deserve it more than Vettel.

    1. They should have kicked out after brainfarts of Mexican GP 2016 now they both deserve each other.

  2. The drivers championship is pretty much done if you ask me.

    1. I am a Hamilton fan, but I don’t think we should count the points until the seasons last race is run.

    2. safeeuropeanhome
      2nd September 2018, 17:22

      Seriously? Hamilton DNFs and Vettel wins and there’s nothing between them again.

    3. I simply don’t understand how you can say that @johnmilk

      With 7 races to go it’s still very much in Vettels hands if he can win. Looking at the last races it’s clear Ferrari had the better car in Germany, Hungry, Spa and Monza. The only think keeping Hamilton in the running is Vettels mistakes and rain.

      Even if you disagree that the Ferrari is the quicker car you know Vettel will at least be in with a shot at pole and the win in each of the remaining races.

      A 30 Point lead sounds a lot but Mercedes usually struggle in Singapore so it’s realistic to think hamiltons best result could be p5 next race. A DNF and it’s nearly level.

      Overall, there’s a lot still to play for and saying it’s over this early just looks like someone throwing a tantrum.

      1. Vettel needs to get a momemtum going, something he has failed to do so far and at this moment feels a little bit late to do so

      2. Dude, Ferrari may be marginally faster than Mercedes, mostly in Quali but not in the races (as Monza proved), BUT IS NOT A DOMINANT CAR! So, even implying that Ferrari has the car to win in all the remanining races just shows you’re ignorant. Plus, you’re ignoring… again… the reliability aspect. VET’s Ferrari (not RAI’s) might have been more reliable than HAM’s Mercedes so far (because of HAM’s DNF in Austria), but the history of hybrid era shows Ferrari never was a match to Mercedes regarding reliability. So, it remains to be seen if Ferrari matched Mercedes’ reliability, at the moment there’re enough races left where Ferrari can DNF.

  3. I just hope Renault finished sixth, what a mess of an engine they have given us this year

    1. This year?

  4. Red Bull point vs Renault is an interesting comparison. Same engine but Red Bull in a different league chassis and aero wise.

    1. Yes, Renault will look worse next year if you count all their points.

  5. The funny thing about the current point system is that 30 points seem much bigger than they actually are. That’s “only” four times the difference between P1 and P2. Not quite as easy to drive this home for Lewis as it may seem, although he is the obvious favorite. Let’s see what happens in the next races.

    1. Exactly, the cars are so evenly matched and the advantage sways during the season. so winning the championship will be about facilitating full damage limitation when you don’t win. How many second places can you afford to give away?

      Will be a fascinating end to the season. It has to be said, the main constants in the championship look more and more like the best car ever vs the best driver ever.

  6. Both championships should go down to wire, barring driver mistakes & operational errors. They’re dead even performance wise, in my eye at least. Stronger in different areas over a lap though, so the momentum should swing back & forth as different circuits play to different strengths & weaknesses. I’m loving it so far.

  7. With the pace the Ferraris have, it is still a championship for them to lose.
    Vettel just needs to keep a clear head and not go into panic mode, and then he will be WDC.

    1. Here we go again: what pace are you talking about?! HAM smashed the FL as soon as RAI was out of his way, BOT set his personal best when was asked to keep RAI behind. Then, Ferrari having problems with the tyres doesn’t look like the best car either. The best car doesn’t = fastest over 1 lap! It’s about something else too, ask RAI about 2005.

      1. Ferrari are the faster car. But it’s ok, it’s still impressive to be world champion, even if you have the faster car. You still have to do it.

        1. I can’t see how anyone can seriously believe the Ferrari isn’t the faster car. There’s no shame in that, but just look at the last races this season. Hamiltons been able to get ahead due to rain or mistakes from Vettel. If he didn’t bin it in Germany and make the mistake today Vettel would still have the Championship lead.

  8. Vettel’s main problem is he is running out of races and tracks like Suzuka, Austin etc may favour the Mercedes.

    Singapore should be a Ferrari (and Red Bull) track but we thought that last season.

    30 point deficit with 7 races to go is achieveable, but if he cannot make up points over the next 2-3 races a 30 point gap with 5 or 4 to go starts to look much harder.

    1. The thing is I’m not sure Austin or Suzuka would favor Mercedes. Last year I’d have said that’s true but this year I thought the same about Baku, Spa and Monza but Ferrari had the quicker car at all 3 of those.

  9. Kalish Aravind Kumar Senthil Kumar
    2nd September 2018, 18:16

    And Forceindia is up to 87 points and 4th position on constructors (59pts +28pts) bravo!!

  10. Ferrari’s weakness is Vettel at the moment. They should have taken Ricciardo and dropped Vettel. If Alonso stayed with Ferrari he could have the 2017 & 2018titles.

    1. If he gave up on them in 2014, why would he be there after another 2 fruitless seasons of ’15 and ’16?
      Alonso would never be there in 2017. He left because he wanted to win his 3rd WDC. It backfired massively, but still, he left Ferrari because win a couple of races a year wasn’t doing it for him.

  11. Ferrari’s weakness is Vettel at the moment. They should have taken Ricciardo and dropped Vettel. If Alonso stayed with Ferrari he could have the 2017 & 2018 titles.

  12. Good to see Haas in fourth place. But at therate Racing Point is charging they will reach and pass Renault in five races.

    1. Although Haas is in 5th now, due to Grosjean’s car being found to be illegal (floor issue) @fritzoos, I think you are still right in pointing out FI is quickly climbing back up towards where they were!

  13. One engine failure and there is no gap. Still all to play for imho.

  14. Hard to believe Alonso has 44 points or that Mclaren are in 6th position.

    1. Maybe when you remember that FI would be in there with 91 points ahead of Renault it makes more sense OOliver!

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