Tilke designs new Philippines racing circuit

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In the round-up: A new FIA grade two circuit is being planned in the Philippines, penned by grand prix track designer Hermann Tilke.

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McLaren can make significant gains if they do improve their pre-season reliability, reckons @Me4me:

Zak Brown is absolutely right in focusing on securing reliability so testing will go smoothly. A week of aerodynamic CFD and wind tunnel development has its value, but proper on-track evaluation of the whole car (and trackside team!) trumps that by a mile.

It is at pre-season testing that teams build on their understanding of the car, get a ton of data from the tires to draw from throughout the season, and get an early indication of the strengths and weaknesses of the car and thus where to put their resources to get the most out of them.

Pre-season testing can be worth months of factory-development. Mercedes and Ferrari realised that many years ago. Red Bull too, after learning the hard way.
HK (@Me4me)

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  • 27 comments on “Tilke designs new Philippines racing circuit”

    1. Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, 2008. Tarmac was getting ripped apart at the hairpin.
      Rather surprising it has not happened more often at street circuits which don’t necessarily use the same kind of asphalt/tarmac/pavement as race tracks do.

      1. @mtlracer Circuit Gilles Villeneuve isn’t really a street circuit, though. Definitely not in the same way as the Albert Park, Baku, Monaco, and Marina Bay street circuits as it isn’t really used for the everyday traffic like the other four mentioned. The same applies to Sochi Autodrom as well.

        1. @jerejj Yeah, Sochi is a weird one. I was lucky enough to be there for a world cup game last summer. There was absolutely no way to access the track! You had to use the bridges if you wanted to navigate to the buildings.

    2. Not from the roundup, but I found this this morning at Racer.com … ESPN’s coverage of the 2019 Formula 1 season will once again be commercial-free following a well-received first run of the concept during 2018 … pretty good news for viewers here in the US.

      1. Wonder if there is any way we can suggest (politely of course) that they cut the artificial background noise, it is louder than the announcers, sometimes a good thing, and exercise a little more care in the insert of commercials. Either hold the broadcast so we don’t miss anything or stack them at the beginning and end of the race. No one with a recording system watches them anyway. It would stop me tossing things at the screen in frustration.
        It may be “Free” to receive, but we do pay handsomely for the privileged of receiving ESPN or TSN in my case.
        If there is anyone with influence out there …. you’re missing a huge opportunity.

        1. In South Africa we get a minimised screen with the ads down the left and underneath. But it’s terrible if you have a smallish screen.

        2. The mixing leaves something to be desired, yes. Crofty shouts louder than a field of 1.6L turbos, and that’s not a compliment. I realize he’s the “colour” commentator, but that doesn’t mean filling up every single second of the broadcast with inane chatter.

    3. New Tilkie layout …. at first I thought I was looking at COTA.
      Presuming it runs CW, or is it reversed in the Southern Hemisphere.?
      Then again, maybe that is COTA Reversed.?

      1. Presuming it runs CW, or is it reversed in the Southern Hemisphere.?

        Great point. Makes me wonder if cars go just a bit faster if going in the same direction as the water in a drain.
        And do cars go faster if the sun’s photons hit it from the back?

        PS Philippines is Northern Hemisphere ;)

      2. I wonder if the real track will have the gravel traps as shown in the mock up, or will just have tarmac run off?

        1. @eurobrun – good question! Given that MotoGP and SBK will use a majority of the track (i.e. apart from straight-lining T8 to T14 and bypassing T9-13), I’m afraid we know the answer to that one.

      3. in the Southern Hemisphere.?

        With Indonesia right next to the Phillipines I’m afraid you’ve just given them an idea for Sentul’s successor as F1-track-to-be.

    4. Tilke can design a track here in our country. However, good luck for us finding the transportation to go the circuit. I don’t see this happening. Until a proper railway or even bus system is applied to the provinces, I don’t see us hosting an F1 race. It would be nice but I don’t see it happening.

      1. It’s grade 2 so no F1 race on that track

      2. Domt forget the H pads

      3. Jelo Feliciano
        28th January 2019, 6:09

        wishfull thinking. the philippines is FAR from hosting any world class racing event. even if its grade 2 certified (MotoGP can technically race there) doubt anything will materialise.

        With the way things are here, ill be surprised if its even maintained, or even built to begin with.

    5. Yes, NH would probably win races in a Mercedes, Ferrari, or Red Bull, but so would quite a few other drivers currently not driving in any of the clear top-3 teams of the last two seasons.

      The COTD is spot on! The amount of track time in pre-season testing can indeed have a longer-term impact on the season ahead.

      To this day, The nose of the STR9 still looks a little weird.

    6. I have just had a look at the area around Lubao on Street view which was done in 2015. The only access was a two lane road with usable shoulders so could become 4 lane, but no barriers. I can see all the local traffic mingled with the track traffic. There was not much of a town either. Looks like a nice rural ribbon village about to be ruined in what is essentially farmland.
      Tilke again, oh dear! A lot of earthworks required as the area seems flat as a pancake.
      Airport required, motorways required, hotels. Seems to be a huge development which will displace a lot of locals who wont be able to afford to watch the race. Maybe I am wrong and the locals are all well off farmers, I wish them well.

      1. A lot of earthworks required as the area seems flat as a pancake.

        Maybe that’s why there are loads of corners, as if he’s trying too hard compensate for that.

    7. Tilke probably knocked that design out in his lunchbreak, it looks about as generic a Tilke venue as is possible to get.

      Presumably the selling point is “ooh look we have our own knock-off of the Suzuka esses”.

    8. Since we are on the subject of Hulkenberg, is it a good time to bring up the race fans ranking again? It’s the off season you know

      1. I think his ranking was not that unfair. He has caused several retirements at spa and had 2 other rather silly incidents caused by himself. The rest of the time, he was pretty solid, but I’d say he only had a few outstanding moments. So I’d say his season was just OK overall. I think I would have had him 10th at the highest.

    9. i’d love to see the V8SC make the trip up…

    10. no more asian tilke tracks thanks

    11. The Tilke track looks like the A1 Ring (aka Redbull ring), Hockenhiem and Bahrain rolled into one.

    12. Not another Tilke-drome :(

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