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Haas to reveal new Rich Energy livery on Thursday

2019 F1 season

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Haas has confirmed it will reveal its new livery for the 2019 F1 season on Thursday.

The British-based, American-owned team is expected to switch to a black and gold colour scheme following the arrival of its new title sponsor, British energy drink brand Rich Energy. The company’s colour scheme featured in social media promotions announcing it will reveal its new livery on February 7th.

Haas will begin its fourth Formula 1 season with a different look, having previously carried the grey and red colours of owner Gene Haas’s machine tools business. The team finished fifth in the constructors’ championship last year, its best result to date.

Eight teams have now confirmed their launch plans for the upcoming season. Toro Rosso is expected to be the first to reveal its new car on February 11th. Not all the teams have indicated they will reveal their new cars before testing begins, and neither Red Bull nor Williams have given any details yet about their pre-season plans.

Find all the information the 2019 pre-season car launches and testing in one place here:

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2019 F1 season

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  • 24 comments on “Haas to reveal new Rich Energy livery on Thursday”

    1. Phew, the absence of anything about this made me wonder if the deal had fallen through, especially given comments from our UK/US fans about how they’ve never seen a can of Rich Energy at any supermarket.

      1. I got a can from a corner shop, and it tastes like it’s some generic energy drink that’s been rebranded. Good luck to them if it works out, I’m not going to complain about a sponsor putting money into a midfield team but I can’t say I’m going to be swayed from my favourite any time soon.

        1. https://www.fakespot.com/product/rich-energy-case-of-24

          Oh dear… fake positive reviews on amazon…

        2. I was never too thrilled with this sponsorship deal, and not just due to the misgivings about Rich Energy.

          I respected and admired Gene for how he came into F1 – a new entry ticket, from the ground up operation, clever alliances with Ferrari without becoming a B-team. And the cars plastered with the Haas name and colours, as they deserve to be*.

          It now feels to me that identity is being lost, with the colours (and likely name) changing as a result of this sponsorship. And, for some inexplicable reason, I’m not thrilled by that.

          * Yeah, yeah, I know they should have used Dallara and Ferrari colours. That joke’s old.

          1. @phylyp: That joke never gets old. Steiner sound bite articles tho…

            1. @jimmi-cynic – talking of Steiner sound-bites, he sometimes brings such jokes down on himself by proclaiming that his team has a small – and efficient – headcount, conveniently ignoring the chassis builders at Dallara!

            2. @phylyp: Dallara isn’t a part of the Haas team. They’re a third party contractor that Haas (legally) outsources their chassis construction to. So why would Steiner include them in his headcount?

      2. @phylyp, there is still something a little peculiar going on, as it seems that William Storey had registered a second related business, Rich Energy Racing Limited, with Companies House. However, that company is being flagged up as being well overdue for submitting its confirmation status, which was supposed to have been submitted back on the 28th December 2018.

        In fact, when you look at the companies that he has set up, quite a few of his companies were hit with threats of being struck off and dissolved by Companies House for failing to file their confirmation status – which isn’t exactly something that inspires confidence.

        1. Huh, let me go back to my “not really surprised” corner. Let’s probably hear from Mr. Steiner when the cheques have actually been cashed.

          Combined with William Jones’ link above that shows a total of 5 reviews, it definitely seems like they’re prioritizing marketing well ahead of production/market penetration.

          1. @phylyp, the thread on the Autosport forums also throws up a few further questions about what they are up to, certainly with regards to some of their promotional material – it was also noted that the logo seems to be almost identical to that of the Whyte bike manufacturing company, so it will be interesting if anything else comes out of that. https://forums.autosport.com/topic/211627-what-is-rich-energy/

            You would hope that Haas’s due diligence was adequate, but as time goes on I still can’t shake the feeling that this is not going to end well for Haas.

            1. Very interesting discussion over there, anon!

              This post by a member named ‘New Britain’ caught my eye:

              Out of curiosity, I went to the place Rich Energy states as their contact address. What a shock.
              It is a medium-sized building in Wandsworth that operates on a rent-a-desk-by-the-week basis. There is a single receptionist for all the various tenants. It was not even clear whether Rich Energy had as much as one room to themselves, rather than just a desk.

              Gene hasn’t built and doesn’t run a billion-dollar enterprise by being stupid or gullible, so I’m even more confused how he sees this as a good thing. Time will tell…

            2. Hope they haven’t totally confirmed that livery just yet…

              Page 11 – https://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/court-lists/list-patents-court-diary/section1A.pdf

    2. Black and gold just like the old JPS livery. You read it here first.

      1. Told you so :)

    3. None of the proposed liveries online have been as elegant as the old JPS livery, but some look pretty good. One done for a video game had red endplates on the wings (similar to one of the neo-Lotus schemes) that really make the car stand out from others on the track. One thing I love about a livery is when it makes the car instantly identifiable in tv coverage.

      1. I’ve stopped looking at fan-made liveries online because it always leads to disappointment when the real one is revealed.

    4. As an American F1 fan for more than 30 years I really wanted Haas to be a team I could root for. Unfortunately keeping Santino Ferrucci in their development program and this move with a highly dubious title sponsor mean I find myself still rooting for other teams.

      1. I do wish they’d sent Ferrucci packing. The ugliness of his behavior in F2 on track should’ve been enough to drop him, let alone his reported behavior toward Arjun Maini off the track. Only Trident did the right thing, sadly.

        1. I support ferrucci for the same reason many support trump— in defiance of the snow flakes.

          Aryton Senna was a absolute POS in the cockpit, he famously used his race car as a weapon multiple times… refusing to admit mistakes, yet nobody seems to remember that…

          We need to stop idolizing POS behavior, but don’t blame the up and coming racer, who’s watched Verstappen praised since the start … we have all collectively told children it’s Ok and drsireable to drive this way, because of heaping said praise on Verstappen.

          Get off your high horses boys…

          1. But Senna never was a racist like Ferucci (and Trum) is

    5. Whatever they come up with it’s going to be a MAJOR upgrade from previous liveries, which were really, really boring.

    6. So this wasn’t a scam beginning to end? Let’s see how far it goes then

    7. If Grosjean’s new helmet featured in the round-up is anything to go by, I expect the Rich Energy livery to be matte black with a spectrum on yellow to red.

    8. When I rented a flat I had to pay a bond equivalent to some weeks rent to the landlord. I suspect he’d got burnt by someone who promised to pay such and such an amount every week, but didn’t.
      I hope Gene has received a bond for letting space on the side of his car for a whole year.

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