Which motorsport challenges should Alonso tackle next?

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Last weekend Fernando Alonso won the Daytona 24 Hours with his Wayne Taylor Racing team mates at his second attempt.

Following on from his Le Mans 24 Hours victory last year, the two-times Formula 1 world champion is building one of the most enviable resumes in motorsport.

Following his retirement from F1 last year he has the free time to enter virtually any racing series he puts his mind to. Any racing team owner would pick up the phone if Alonso’s on the other end.

He’s already pursuing a goal of winning the motorsport ‘triple crown’, which he will do if he wins the Indianapolis 500 this May. But Alonso has said he wants to prove himself the ‘greatest ever’ and achieve something unprecedented.

So where should he race to do that? And where would you most like to see him race? We’ve compiled a list of 15 possible targets, cherry-picking the best and most diverse offerings in the world of four-wheeled motorsport for you to choose from.

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Where could Alonso race next?

Fernando Alonso, 2019
Alonso conquered Daytona at his second try
Alonso is already active in IndyCar and will return to Indianapolis this year. He has not indicated a desire to contest the full season, despite completing a road course test at Barber Motorsports Park last September. But McLaren has signalled an interest in taking on the full championship with its own team, and Alonso would be an obvious choice for the car.

Other American series he may consider include NASCAR. Alonso did a car swap with seven-time champion Jimmie Johnson in Bahrain last year, and described the season-opening Daytona 500 as “one of those iconic races”. A full IMSA season may also appeal following his Daytona victory, or if he fancies a short – much, much shorter – racing format, he may opt for the 10,000bhp thrills of the NHRA drag racing scene.

His success in sports cars and long format races point to the GT World Cup at Macau of Nurburgring 24 Hours as possibilities. Both would give him the chance to make his race debut at two of the great circuits in motor racing. Another of the great tracks awaits him in Bathurst, home to the famed 1000 kilometre Australian Supercars race. There are plenty of other options if he’d prefer to keep a roof over his head, such as join former team mate Jenson Button in Japan’s Super GT series. He could closer to home in the DTM, which would probably add a Spanish round just for him, or challenge his versatility even further in the European Truck Racing championship.

Rumours abound that Alonso may be about to make the transition from sealed surfaces to the rough stuff. He gave the strongest indication yet after his Daytona win, and has been linked with a possible test in a Dakar-ready Toyota Hilux. Although he’s previously dismissed, perhaps a World Rally Championship outing could be a possibility after all or – slightly closer to his current skill set – a World Rallycross Championship appearance.

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I say

Alonso’s goal of achieving the unprecedented in motorsport will require him to win a variety of races that no other driver has done before. In order to do this the Daytona 500 and Dakar Rally have to rank high on his to-do list, however, he can’t put any of this before winning the Indy 500: winning the Triple Crown is his stated goal.

If a full season entry into IndyCar is needed to get the necessary experience to win the Indy 500 that is what he needs to do. Winning the Dakar Rally and the Daytona 500 alongside his Triple Crown will ensure he goes down as one of the most versatile racing drivers in history.

You say

Which races or championships would you most like to see Alonso take on? Vote for as many as you like from the list below.

And what events should we have added to our list? The 24 Hours of LeMons? The British Lawnmower Racing Championship? Have your say in the comments…

Which series or events would you like to see Alonso compete in? (select one or more)

  • World Touring Car Cup (0%)
  • World Rallycross Championship (3%)
  • World Rally Championship (e.g. Monte Carlo Rally) (10%)
  • Nurburgring 24 Hours (7%)
  • NHRA (drag racing) (0%)
  • NASCAR (e.g. Daytona 500) (13%)
  • Japanese Super GT (0%)
  • IMSA** (1%)
  • IndyCar* (29%)
  • Formula E (7%)
  • FIA GT World Cup (Macau) (3%)
  • FIA European Truck Racing Championship (1%)
  • DTM (0%)
  • Dakar Rally (8%)
  • Australian Supercars (e.g. Bathurst 1000) (17%)

Total Voters: 96

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*Alonso is already racing in the Indianapolis 500 this year
**Alonso has already raced in the Daytona 24 Hours this year

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46 comments on “Which motorsport challenges should Alonso tackle next?”

  1. Can’t select more than one :/

      1. @enigma @glynh Sorry guys should be sorted now.

        1. Nope it isnt

        2. @keithcollantine Still not sorted :(

        3. Still not sorted on 11th Feb.

  2. Well I voted DAKAR as it is probably furthest from his comfort zone. But rally driving and RallyCross would be next on the list. I’ve always considered Alonso as one of the best drivers of his era, I think he could have been successful at any form of motor sport.

  3. I think Indy500/Indycar > Spa 24h > Nurburgring and then the WRC & Dakar.

    1. wrc needs skill more than any other motosports.

  4. I would say indy 500 then formula e for one race to complete the major open wheel series.
    Next would be Dakar and maybe a WRC round although I think that could be too different to what he’s used to.

  5. There should be an ‘I don’t care’ option in the poll.

    1. There should be a “not required to read nor comment” subtitle for those who are silly enough to waste time reading and commenting on things they have no interest in. Time is precious – don’t waste it.

      1. It’s the same thinking as my country’s government. They ask some stupid questions (the call it “National Consultation”, we are getting them via post), only their voters answer and they announce that 98% of THE COUNTRY thinks this and that.

    2. There is, don’t participate on the poll :)

  6. I think he definitely should try Bathurst (1000 km and 12 hours) and Dakar. But the other two historic 24-hour races at the Nürburgring and Spa-Francorchamps should not be off the list either.

    1. @gpfacts I’m thinking the same.

      Would love to see him tackle the mountain. Would also be a great yardstick to see how good the Aussie Supercars drivers actually are.

      1. @justrhysism …and speaking of mountains, maybe even Pikes Peak…

  7. I voted for IndyCar. He’s already got his foot in the door there, it is a series I can and do watch on TV and have for years, and it would be a great boost for the series. Wrt NASCAR, I’ve always followed at least passively if not at times with more passion, and Alonso there would bring my interest back to it. But I don’t recommmend it for FA.

  8. 24 Hours of Lemons

    1. Wouldn’t that have been the aggregated runtime when he had Honda power? ;-)
      That said, yeah, it’d be funny to see him in the “other” 24h.

    2. I’d prefer a series I race in, Luckydog Racing, but I get your point. Bring FA on!

  9. Baja 1000 in a trophy truck, obviously.

    Gotta out do Rossi.

  10. One that’s not on the list: Pikes Peak Hill Climb, the race to the clouds.

    1. +1 — This seems doable if he could get behind a electric drive factory supported car

  11. After the triple crown going for a MotoGP title would be awesome

  12. Isn’t Project Bloodhound back in business.
    @ I see Bluebird’s back on the water…

  13. Filling an official protest: there should be an F1 option in that list.

    1. @spoutnik Yes. Is it only me or is Alonso’s lack of commitment a sign that he’s still holding out for F1? Like a top team reserve driver?

      1. @balue I think a full indycar entry was on the table with McLaren but it failed to materialize for 2019. They’ll just do Indy500 but it’s still in the plans in the future.
        In any case, I’m sure that Alonso will be in a McLaren F1 car as soon as it can win a race.

        1. If alonso is 42 by then it’s too late, he won’t be driving at the same level as he has during his career, might as well get an average driver then.

          1. @esploratore maybe, maybe not. So far he’s not lost his edge yet, time will tell!

          2. If he’s fast enough at the time, age is irrelevant.

  14. How about nine? It’s bwcoming very embarrassing seeing chasing titles elsewhere so as to try and make up for what many view as a disappointing career.

    1. He’s not only chasing titles, he’s winning them.
      His legend has grown because he’s proven he can win in other types of cars where his racing skills can be proven unlike F1 where drivers such as Hamilton are touted to be great even though his car has been superior to any in the field and has sub par teammates.
      If Hamilton ever wants to be taken seriously, he will have to leave his comfort zone and do what Alonso is doing. I doubt he will go that route though, his reputation will be shot if he fails.

  15. None of the above. Leave him alone, he does what he wants.

    1. Isn’t that Kimi?

  16. One that doesn’t involve him talking and ruining his entire career.

  17. Why are we only allowed to pick one? Is Alonso limited to just one series? NHRA title would only require 3-4 seconds, then grab Rallycross hardware in under an hour. And so on. Own all the trophies.

  18. GtisBetter (@)
    3rd February 2019, 20:35

    I would like to seem him do NASCAR on a superspeedway like daytona 500. That and Dakar ( and the Hill climb some mentioned) are such unique races that it would really require a shift in racing approach.

  19. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
    3rd February 2019, 22:48

    Voting is broken. it literally says: ” Which series or events would you like to see Alonso compete in? (select one or more) “, but when I try to select more, I get some error……

  20. If Alonso wants to go for point-A-to-B-racing, Pikes Peak or Dakar are probably his best options. With good general driving skills and a mature head the rest you need for those events can be picked up fairly quickly, I think. I love rallying and would love to see him give it a try for fun. But not in the WRC, that’s just too much to ask for. What I think Alonso does best is race among other cars, he seem to just feel where they are around him and what they are planning to do next. To try other stuff and be really successful at it, he should find events where he can put that skill to use.

  21. I voted Formula E because it’d be interesting to see how he compares with the current crop of F1-rejects/non-pay drivers. this year it has the feel of a very competitive high level championship and the cars are clearly getting better and better. However, the obvious choice would be to race a full season in IndyCar (mansell’s success in 1993 is one of the most underrated achievements in the sport).

    the silly side of me wants him to race WRX but that’s just because it’s a great format and I’d like to see more of it – if alonso was in it, we’d see a LOT more coverage. I doubt he’d do it, just because it’s not as high prestige as other options (e.g. Dakar).

  22. If Alonso wants to fill his museum with trophies, do IMSA next year, Indycar the year after, then NASCAR. DAKAR should be attempted later when he’s older.

  23. If I was FA then the N24 would definitely be on the list. He’s got pedigree with 24h racing through Le Mans, and the Nordschleife is perhaps the most iconic track in the world. This is a box he should tick before going to anything off track (WRC, Dakar etc – which I would also love to see him try).

  24. European Truck racing would be hysterical.

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