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Vettel three points from race ban after penalty for “dangerous incident”

2019 Italian Grand Prix

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The stewards have given Sebastian Vettel three penalty points for his collision with Lance Stroll during the Italian Grand Prix.

Vettel is now on nine penalty points. Drivers automatically incur a race ban if they reach 12.

The stewards ruled Vettel “left the track at turn nine and rejoined the track in an unsafe manner. In doing so [he] collided with car 18 [Stroll]. The stewards considered this to be a dangerous incident.”

Stroll was given two penalty points for his similar incident with Pierre Gasly, though the pair didn’t make contact. Vettel was given a 10-second stop-and-go penalty whereas Stroll was given a drive-through penalty.

Kimi Raikkonen was also given a 10-second stop-and-go penalty after Alfa Romeo fitted the wrong tyres to his car at the start of the race. That penalty is prescribed by the sporting regulations.

Vettel said the spin was “my mistake” but explained he couldn’t see Stroll when he rejoined the track.

“I got a good start, but then I had nowhere to go and so I lost the position, before getting it back again and catching up to the cars ahead of me.

“Then came the spin on lap six and the race was obviously ruined for me. Then I struggled to rejoin the track as I was on the grass and I couldn’t see Lance.”

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54 comments on “Vettel three points from race ban after penalty for “dangerous incident””

  1. 3 points is not a lot considering how dangerous it could’ve been

    1. But you have to take account that stewards have never awarded anyone more than three points since the introduction of the system.

      1. @bleu @francorchamps17 I believe that 3 is the maximum possible for a single incident.

    2. Bring back Alonso :)

  2. When were Vettel’s current 9 points given to him?

    1. I am sure he got some of those when he rear ended Verstappen (was that china?) @hugh11. He also had that incident in Austria where he came back on track right ahead of another car (sainz?)

      1. Those points he earned in China(last year) were scrubbed off this year. I think he got few points in Silverstone, not sure of Austrian GP invident either .

    2. Canada this year I think. In Britain when he crashed into Max as well. Some must be from last year as well. Probably due to the incident with Max at Japan.

      1. I think he had 3 during last years Interlagos gp for messing up the call to scrutineering.

      2. That’s a surprise that Vet has been the dangerous one while the likes of Gro and Mag have less of a points tally.

        Anyways I can’t say I have 100% confidence in stewarding decisions when Derek Warwick is around. He seems to favour heavy penalties lower down the order for minor offences and laissez faire at the top end.

    3. Yeah, I too am curious, and am wondering what the infractions were.

      1. Note to self: refresh page before commenting.

    4. 2 from going too fast under red last year at the US GP

      2 from his unsafe rejoining of the track at Canada

      2 from his collision with Max at Britain

      3 from this incident.

    5. 2 for Canada and Britain this year, 2 for driving too fast under red flags at Austin last year.

      1. So if he doesn’t get 3 points by Austin this year, he’s still gotta be careful from now not to get 5 points until Canada next year. Which he very well could end up getting.

        1. With all races being moved by a week from Silverstone onwards the points will get removed before respective race this year. Only exception is Mexico which is in same slot as last year while Austin was moved by two weeks.

  3. Not saying he deserved more but what kind of manoeuvre do you have to do to get a black flag?

    1. Wilfully taking out another car? He came close at Baku some years ago…

      1. @phylyp, the use of the black flag in F1 has been somewhat rare, and in more than a few instances it was used for technical breaches rather than driving conduct (Senna, Prost and Montoya were black flagged for illegally changing cars in the 1988 Brazilian GP, 1986 Italian GP and 2004 US GP respectively).

        @mashiat is right that the most common reason for a driver being black flagged has been for leaving the pits when the red light was on, with four drivers getting penalised for that. Fisichella and Massa were both penalised in the 2007 Canadian GP for that – which makes them the most recent drivers to get the black flag – with Montoya making the same mistake in the 2005 Canadian GP and Trulli doing it in the 2001 Austrian GP.

        Schumacher was given a black flag for failing to serve a drive through during the 1994 British GP, whilst in 1989 Mansell was black flagged for reversing in the pit lane during the Portuguese GP.

        Elio de Angelis also picked up two black flags – one in the 1981 British GP for repeatedly ignoring yellow flags, and a second in the 1985 Australian GP when, having stalled on the grid, he then overtook cars to regain his grid slot when he should have started at the back instead.

        After that, there was Hans Heyer in the 1977 German GP, where he failed to qualify, but the marshals, most of whom knew Heyer well from his touring car races, deliberately looked the other way and let him drive out the pit lane and join the race. He was black flagged, but only after he’d retired from the race anyway with a gearbox failure.

        The last example that I’m aware of is Al Pease in the 1969 Canadian GP – officially he was black flagged for being too slow, but unofficially he is probably the only driver who has been disqualified for being dangerous to other drivers. He started multiple laps behind to begin with – I think due to a battery failure – but then fought like mad with every single driver that came up to lap him, and eventually got the black flag for nearly driving Jackie Stewart, leading the race at the time, into a barrier to stop him getting past him.

        Whilst there have been a few instances of drivers getting close to receiving a black flag in recent years for their behaviour on track, it looks like a driver is more likely to get it for a pit lane infraction than for his conduct on the circuit.

    2. @fer-no65 Exit the pits when the red light is on?

  4. If he gets the extra 3 points for a race ban, then can Mercedes loan Hamilton to Ferrari for that race or RedBul to rent Verstappen?

    1. @bluechris Yes they can but why would they?

    2. Maybe they’d bring in Kimi for a one off @bluechris :-) Although I am sure Ocon would saviour a chance!

    3. @bluechris I’m fairly certain Pascal Wehrlein would be the one to step-in.

    4. @bluechris Enter Ferrari’s true saviour, Pastor Maldonado

      1. @kiwiuk Pastor the MAN!! Now we talking!!

    5. It would obvoiusly be Kimi and Ericsson would sub in at Alfa, no question.

  5. Vettel’s crazy action was close to black flag. I remember Senna being disqualified in 1989 Japanese GP for cutting a chicane. This was a worse crime.

    1. Well, he should have gotten a black flag for deliberately ramming Hamiton in Baku too … @bulgarian. He’s done some stupid stuff on track over the years really.

    2. If Vettel wasnt penalised for Baku 2017 or last year nearly driving over the FIA scrutaneers then he wont get a black flag for anything less.

    3. Leclerc cut a chicane and ramped over the sleeping policemen at speed and all he got was a ‘noted’ cus Monza.

  6. Oh dear. Just when it couldn’t get worse for him it does. Does he have a contract for next year?

    1. @jureo Yes, he has a contract until the end of 2020.

      1. He will be earning massively large sum compared to Leclerc.

    2. I hope Ferrari have some performance clauses in it…

      1. Well, not like they can get a driver who is vastly better than Vettel for less money?

  7. Personally, for a driver of his experience he seems to have lost the plot entirely.
    He doesn’t seem to know how to race in the midfield, so to me it brings his 4 WCs into question.

    If I had been the steward in this race I would have black-flagged him immediately

  8. Anybody can explain …Raikonnen wrong tyres same penalty as Vettel for dangerous incident?

    1. Probably, wrong tyres are as dangerous as Vettel?

    2. The sporting regulations state a 10 second stop/go is the penalty for Raikkonen’s offence. The stewards have no discretion in the matter, it’s the only penalty they can give.

      (Article 24.4 (j))

  9. So many over the top comments on here. He come back on track dangerously – he’d made a mistake and was rushing to get back on track and also would have had very poor visibility and so he got it wrong. He didn’t deliberately try and hit stroll. Stroll has actually come to his defence and said his penalty was too harsh given stroll did the exact same thing 10 seconds later and got a lesser penalty. The calls on here for black flags are just daft.
    That being said it’s still not a good day for Vettel and he really needs to up his game if he’s going to regain his Ferrari seat post 2020.

    1. IF Vettel “wants” to… Because Ferrari doesn’t support him at all neither do they give Vettel a car which he actually likes… How is it that he dominated through 2010-2013? He was actually appreciated at his work and there was a great atmosphere…

  10. I just want to understand once and for all, apart from his lack of talent (recently), WHY does all his mistakes lead to him spinning? Is it a driving style issue?

    1. He’s known to like a lot of rear end grip, this year’s Ferrari doesn’t seem to have that. The concern is that he is overdriving it to compensate, and making dangerous mistakes.

    2. It’s because his style does not suit the car’s. Plus, he doesn’t back down from giving it all, hence his errors since 2018, all similar. I don’t know if he’s afraid that being more conservative would take his speed away, but the sure thing is he’s lost atm.

      Worthy note: apparently LEC’s style does not suit the car either, as we’ve seen some silly errors as well (including a spin at HUN identical as VET’s at BAH), but he surely copes way better than his team mate.

    3. I believe a car spinning is a natural consequence of the earth’s rotation. It’s called the Coriolis effect. Any car that looses traction while moving has the potential to spin. It’s the same as water rotating as it goes down a drain hole or water draining from a bath or basin.

  11. Vettel is proof red bull hype up their drivers, but when they get put in a team that doesn’t baby them their true skills come out. Max is pretty much vettel 2.0 wait till he leaves red bull he will end up just like vettel

    1. Have you ever done a job where the atmosphere is is toxic? Have you ever done job where you think, man if I was manager I would have done the job 100000000 times better? If so then you know what is up with Vettel… Ferrari is toxic, there is just NO WAY that they excist 70+ years

  12. It’s quite concerning to see the decline in Vettel’s driving over the last year.

    I was a fan when it wasn’t fashionable, and think his past reputation as the “crash kid” was unfair. He certainly has struggled when the car is not to his liking, which is something that Alonso and Hamilton haven’t suffered from.

    Last year saw an increase in clumsy errors which cost him a serious run at the title.

    This year, the errors have turned dangerous. Today was exceptionally dangerous.

    I think SV should seriously consider hanging up his helmet before things get any worse.

    In past seasons, Ferrari would have sacked a driver for a performance like that in front of the home crowd.

    He’s a smart guy but something is missing now when he is in the car.

    1. Lol you’re overreacting. I mean surely there is a possiblity he might leave F1 but racing?? Nah… Never!

  13. I really hope he does get suspended asap. He needs the occasion to revalue. Not like a scheduled break, but a forced one may make him feel the embarrassment everybody is seeing.

    1. Maybe consider a ferrari suspension as well… I mean Ferrari is actually 10 times worse…

  14. When you have barely visiblity at the sides, when you are racing with a car which doesn’t suit you at all, when you’re seeing that the managmentissues are far from over and they are still shouting at eachother in a toxic environment, when you’re having a bad day at work for yourself, and lastly, when you are having personal and psychological difficulties, making a mistake is easy…

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