Ricciardo encouraged by Renault’s gains at “one of our worst circuits”

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In the round-up: Renault’s improves performance at the Red Bull Ring gives Daniel Ricciardo confidence for the upcoming races.

What they say

Ricciardo is encouraged about Renault’s prospects following the performance of their car in the opening races:

I love the Hungaroring. It’s one of my favourite circuits.

So just to go back there, I’m really glad it got a place on this year’s calendar obviously with all the changes that are happening. So I’m very happy to be there in a week.

I’m excited to go there because I think we’ve been competitive in Austria and 12 months ago it was one of our worst circuits of the season. So coming into Budapest, I think we’re going to be in my head at least, we’re going to be more competitive and have a good chance. And I think that and the fact that I really enjoy the circuit is two positives. Hopefully that builds into something very, very nice. I can’t wait. I saw the weather as warm as well, high 20s, so I can’t wait to get there.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Haas’s power unit problems raise more questions over the team’s performance last year, says Adam:

It’s pretty obvious looking at the performance of the three Ferrari powered teams that whatever was going on with Ferrari’s engine last year was something fishy. If one or two were poor it’d be no surprise but all three of them?

Pretty weird to think not long ago we were all talking of how the Ferrari unit was one of the strongest, if not outright strongest on the grid and now it looks like the absolute worst. These weak performances make me ever more curious to know what was in the FIA’s ‘locked’ findings…
Adam (@Rocketpanda)

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On this day in F1

Marshalls keep Michael Schumacher away from Damon Hill after their collision, Silverstone, 1995
Marshalls keep Michael Schumacher away from Damon Hill after their collision at Silverstone, today in 1995
  • 25 years ago today Johnny Herbert scored his first F1 win, at home, after team mate Michael Schumacher and his title rival Damon Hill collided

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42 comments on “Ricciardo encouraged by Renault’s gains at “one of our worst circuits””

  1. Damn, Hukkenberg’s ride is nice! Inspiring.

    I hope Dan gets a good result soon. I’m sick of Brundle and co dismissing him as too old (although I do think he will be beaten out by Lando etc for any championships soon.)

    PS if HAM is serious about black racers, support African racers at Grass Roots, money where it matters to produce a result and have an impact… Do it on dirt/tarmac. I could imagine there would be awesome stuff. Then allow it to contribute to super license points.

    I’m sick of us all just saying black lives matter, without any impact. They have so many millions, use it for that, not fashion.

    1. Hulkenberg’s *autocorrect sry, I don’t usually use a phone for this.

      1. I now wonder in which language autocorrect gives you ‘Hukkenberg’ ;)

    2. @skipgamer I agree Norris is proving to be very fast but with the fitness levels these blokes have now. I think Ricciardo would still have several yrs left at the top, unless he has other plans.

      1. As I still rate Ricciardo a tad higher than Sainz, I think Norris should proof his racing talent this year first.

  2. TrickyMario7654
    16th July 2020, 2:27

    Pretty sure the picture in the “On this day in F1” section is from Monza, not Silverstone.

    1. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      16th July 2020, 6:00

      You’re right, fire marshals at Silverstone don’t get such swanky helmets.

    2. Well spotted! Yes that is from Monza isn’t it, skinny rear wing is the giveaway.

    3. Impressive that you spotted that.

    4. I actually spot that by looking at the firefighter’s uniform. In Italy, we call them the “CEA’s lions”; they work at GPs.
      And also because I saw the video of the accident not long ago.

      1. And the fact that the tobacco stickers are on the car. This already wasn’t allowed in UK and Germany back then.

    5. yes, I was thinking the same. it’s a famous picture.

  3. I can’t read Italian but getting rid of Binotto does not seem like the right answer. He’s a loyal ferrari guy, who they spent years developing to lead and now, they throw him under the bus?

    There’s obviously a lot we don’t know about going on, especially around their engine, but they’re only dooming themselves if they keep executing scapegoats instead of addressing what is obviously reoccurring systemic failures.

    Not offering Seb and extension might be the biggest blessing of his career!

    1. Binotto needs to go back to being the technical head, not the overall team principal. I agree that he doesn’t need to be fired, but a change in job description is definitely needed.

      1. Not sure about Binotto’s dual roles either, but is there really anyone better as TP? I very much doubt this Coletta, ‘head of Ferrari’s GT division’ is really the answer. Sounds more like another Mattiacci. (is she even black?)

        1. Did Mattiacci not make good changes?

        2. It’s Antonello Coletta, and HE is a white male

  4. Moto GP would never having had a black rider. Black sportsman tends to grow big. It just biology. Unless they bioengineered black driver to be small for the sake of diversity. Or having driver minimum weight regulation which is more unlikely.

    Moto GP is already diverse and would be fine since 60% world population are in Asia. I could be wrong if it’s turned out Asian is not people of color.

    1. I’m fairly sure in Europe the average height for black men and white men is broadly the same, in the US it is at 5’9″

      Most men are already too big for Moto GP

      As for something like muscle mass and bone density, black people certainly don’t have an issue making it in the lower weight categories of boxing, which probably not coincidentally is a sporting discipline which is very accessible to those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds unlike any form of motorsports

      1. Boxing is perfect example. Asian and Latin America could thrive in lower weight class while blacks dominate heavy weight. And nothing wrong with it.

      2. Motor GP is for little people all professional motor drivers are small:
        Marc Márquez 1,69 m
        Jorge Lorenzo 1,71 m
        Andrea Dovizioso 1,67 m

        But Valentino Rossi is 1,81 m which is exceptional!

        I know for Motor racing you need small and light people. My own father was in the 1940-50’s one of the better motor drivers on 50cc and 125cc but he had to quit because he was growning too big 1,83m (started at 1,75m)

        1. There should be a blessing in disguise about your father career, 1940-50’s motor race was scary.

    2. What a nonsense @ruliemaulana!
      I’m not sure what sports you follow in Indonesia, but you might want to check out long distance running.

      And trying to reason away racial inequality by physical traits can be very dangerous, as it tends to justify for some the systemic racism in our society.

      1. @coldfly No. Ignoring science is dangerous.

        1. Ignorance is dangerous.

          1. @coldfly Hahahaha. Ignoring science to feel morally superior. Judging from my experiences here, most likely you’re white knight.

          2. most likely you’re white knight.

            How nice of you to say that. I’m always happy to help others.

        2. You’ve made an assertion with no science to back it up

          Average heights are broadly the same for black and white men in the USA, and average heights in Europe are above those in Africa

          World’s strongest men and power lifters? Mostly white European in ethnicity

          Plenty of competitive black men in lower weight category boxing and as someone else highlighted distance running

    3. @ruliemaulana Sorry but your assumptions about height/size of black people is not correct. I don’t have a worldwide figure to quote you but I do have some stats which contradict your statement – unless you think the category ‘sportsmen’ would be significantly different to general population. But since sportsmen are basically self-selected from a suitable portion of the population for that sport, I don’t see why that would be the case. Just to quote a couple of figures I picked up:

      Average height for men in US:

      White non-Hispanic: 177.4 cm
      Black non-Hispanic: 175.5 cm

      And if you look at the height table by country, you’ll see that the tallest countries are dominated by predominantly white countries. Of course this is influenced by diet and lifestyle, maybe more than genetics.


      But in any case, sportsmen are not your average person, the people who make it into the top category of their sport are exceptional. So even if it were true that black people were larger on average, there is no reason a rider with the talent and means wouldn’t be able to make it into Moto GP, or any other driving/racing category.

      1. @keithedin Yes, I did make assumption that all sportsmen would already on good diet. So when they all have equally good diet, blacks physical attribute tends to develop better just like what happen in college basketball and american football.

        Black sportsmen has far bigger change in F1 that has minimum driver weight regulation than in Moto GP or horse racing jockey no matter how talented they are.

        1. You should stop this nonsensical argumentation about physiological differences, @ruliemaulana.
          If not immensly ignorant it might even be …..

          1. @coldfly You give no counter arguments. Just telling others that you knew better because of ….. what exactly? Why don’t you called the manager or something?

          2. If @ruliemaulana wants some science to back up the fallacy of racial superiority in sports, this article can provide it https://scholarworks.wmich.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1027&context=hilltopreview

            To anyone who says race determines fitness (athletic, mental, etc.) in one area over a different race please show me the genetic test that determines race. I’ll wait. I’ll keep waiting. You can’t. Because there is no generic test that can determine “race”. It is a social construct. And if you want to reply “DNA test” maybe you should read https://www.popsci.com/story/science/dna-tests-myth-ancestry-race/. If you want the money quote it is “That’s why geneticists haven’t devised a test that can conclusively determine a person’s race. And in a way, it’s impossible. Race is about how we identify and are identified; it’s more than a question of appearance—it’s a question of culture, history, geography, and family. It can’t be boiled down to genetics and percentages.”

          3. You give no counter arguments.

            Read my first reply, @ruliemaulana.
            Read it again (and again) if you missed it (sɹǝuunɹ ǝɔuɐʇsᴉp ƃuol). I tend to lead people to the answer rather than just give it to them.

            You’re known to be too busy shouting your own opinion without understanding the replies yet get from other members who still take the time to discuss with you.
            Try to open your mind; you might find some interesting pieces of knowledge in the replies which challenge your beliefs.
            But I’m sure this is not the first time somebody gives you this advice, and I doubt it will make a difference now.

          4. @g-funk There’s other pure science research about center of gravity of black posture that contribute to blacks athletic excellence. I agree that genetical differences is very low to non existence. But a minor difference is crucial in the competitive professional sport. So it’s only natural if there’s less asian basketballer and less black Moto rider. And it’s okay to be dominant at one sport and almost no representation in other sports.

            On social note, I actually fully agree that race is just social construct because I believed all human is just one race and categorizing human based on something as irrelevant as colour is unethical.

        2. So when they all have equally good diet, blacks physical attribute tends to develop better

          @ruliemaulana Can you provide evidence for this claim? I notice that you have asked other people to provide evidence and counter arguments to support their claims, but you have yet to do so yourself. You are just re-stating your beliefs, with anecdotal evidence at best. You also have not addressed the stats and facts provided by myself and others.

          You note the cases of college basketball and American football to support the claim that black athletes’ physical attributes develop better. But I could easily name several sports that are white dominated: e.g. swimming, golf, tennis (with some notable exceptions on the womens’ side). These examples do not prove anything, and are likely far more heavily influenced by economic, social and cultural factors, than they are by any genetic predispositions.

          1. Quoted part is the wrong way round obviously, not sure how that happened.

          2. @keithedin It’s okay to quote it wrong way. It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to have no black Moto GP driver since the beginning. It’s okay to have no 100m white runner finalist in the last 40 years Olympic.

  5. Ferrari will always be Italian, I think that’s part of their appeal, but I’m sure they can find a good balance between external ideas and internal ones. The team needs to restructured, sooner rather than later.

    To start with, Binnoto’s role needs to be split into 3 roles:

    Team/Executive Director
    Team Principal
    Technical Director

    If Arrivebene was still around, I think he would make a good Team Director. He’s someone who knows Ferrari inside out and can deal with the politics. Anyone who takes on the role will need to be adept at playing games.

    I’d look to get someone like Franz Tost or Freddie Vasseur in as Team Principal. Both are strong willed and will set things straight, no nonsense.

    Binnotto will make a good Technical Director, that’s his background, let him do what he’s good at.

    1. @jaymenon10

      Agree about the role splitting for Binnoto’s current role.

      Also agree that Arrivebene would actually make a strong team director. Personally, I don’t know why they fired him, Ferrari seemed like they were getting their act together. Their engineering was in better shape and their race operations were stronger than they are now. The only reason that Ferrari didn’t win the title in 2017 or 2018 was because of Vettel’s errors and unreliability, yet Arrivebene got the axe. Rumour had it that his management style wasn’t working well for Ferrari and that he had issues with Binotto, but as you mentioned, a Team director role would definitely suit him and Ferrari better.

      For team principal, I would think Ferrari would need to throw everything they got behind getting Otmar. They guy is incredibly efficient, and with budget caps coming in to play, they should really be hiring the principal of a team that gets the most performance per $ spent… and I don’t think anyone has done that better than Otmar so far. If not, getting Vasseur from Alfa seems like a decent option as well.

      Binotto should move to Technical director role. That’s just what he excels at. Being a team principal just doesn’t play to his strengths and he shouldn’t be focused on anything other than increasing Ferrari’s performance on track.

      1. @todfod, @jaymenon10 – Arrivebene did a lot to create a very unhealthy relationship with all competitors, with media and even at times with both Liberty and the FIA, and partly inside the team too.

  6. Will this be 5 team principles in 7 years??!!
    They need to slow down, no wonder they’ve struggled to bring everything together

    I hope Seb gets a seat elsewhere and does well in a new environment. Not at the expense of Checo though.

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