Daniel Ricciardo, Renault, Mugello, 2020

Ricciardo: I’m holding my breath through four corners at Mugello

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In the round-up: Daniel Ricciardo described how he is holding his breath through Mugello’s fastest corners.

What they say

Ricciardo said he holds his breath through the high-speed sequence in the middle of the lap.

I feel like we’re holding our breath probably from turn six [Casanova] all the way up until the exit of nine [Arrabbiata two]. I mean, I say ‘we’ – I obviously don’t know what every driver is doing – but probably up to braking for turn ten, we’re holding our breath throughout. It’s so fast and you’re hanging on.

I’ll remember to breathe. It sounds silly, but you can get so caught up in it that, as I said, I’m probably holding my breath all through the high speed. And I think in the race I’ve just got to be aware of that. Breathe and stay a bit more relaxed for 50-something laps.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Reverse grid qualifying races should be introduced to reduce the chance of Mercedes winning all the time, says David:

After Ferrari had a couple of dominant seasons (2001 but more so 2002), the FIA brought in one lap qualifying, qualifying with starting fuel, changed the point structure in order to even the series and blunt Ferrari’s edge.

Mercedes have dominated since 2014 now and the FIA has just sat on its hands. Makes me laugh that people used to talk about Ferrari International Assistance.

We need to even up the series by any means. 2021 is going to be a repeat of 2020 which is unacceptable. Just hand over the 2021 trophies to Mercedes and Hamilton now.
David Bondo

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Rene Arnoux, Renault, Imola, 1980
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  • 34 comments on “Ricciardo: I’m holding my breath through four corners at Mugello”

    1. Great Q2 lap by Ric shame he couldn’t get further up the grid in Q1..he was all at see with the p3 setup

    2. If reverse grid races are fine, then they should be fine for any type of race at any venue. So try it next year for the Monaco GP. Full points, no sprint, just grid positions by reverse championship position.

      According to proponents it doesn’t diminish the sporting aspect, and it is guaranteed to improve the spectacle and promote overtaking, so let’s start it at the place that needs overtaking aid the most. Win-win, right?

      1. As a supporter of trialing reverse grid qualifying – I wouldn’t want it everywhere or all the time. Just as I don’t want any one team or driver to win everywhere or all the time. Variety is better than monotony.

        However, to go with your argument – if it’s good enough to be used at all, it’s good enough to be used everywhere – then that would be fine with me too, as it might hopefully convince F1 to actually solve the long-time fundamental problem of too much reliance on aero grip for performance.
        Attack the technical regulations and solve the core issues so we don’t even need sporting ‘gimmicks’ at all.
        Then it really is win-win for everyone.

        1. @bookgrup I agree with S, I like variety too. Why would any qualifying format need to be work at every race? It’s not sacred—it’s changed so many times over the years. Supercars use several different race weekend formats throughout the season, and I don’t think it would be such a disaster if F1 did the same. I think the current knockout round works well at most tracks, but I’d love to see a Formula E-style single-lap shootout at Monaco, so we could savour every driver’s work as it happens.

          I’m open to reverse-championship grids, too, at tracks where it’s relatively easy to overtake. Unlike some, I wouldn’t want them for the sake of flukey, mixed-up Sunday results; I wouldn’t want to see Hamilton and Verstappen stuck behind the midfield for lap after lap on Saturday and Sunday. But as a means of setting the Sunday grid, I would love to see Hamilton and Verstappen dueling as they come through the field, so that what we see is a test of traffic management and overtaking skill.

          1. @bookgrub sorry for the tagging failure!

          2. I’d love to see a Formula E-style single-lap shootout at Monaco, so we could savour every driver’s work as it happens.


            That does sound awesome. Just for Monaco. I’d love that.

        2. Odd argument really as changing the aero regulations is what they did, with no adverse effects in 2019,and have been working towards for 2021,though it had to be postponed a year due to Covid-19.

          In addition to that they also will have a budget cap next year, which works towards equal opportunities for teams. But I suppose that is no good to Ferrari?

          Anyway, all those different qualifying rules didn’t make it better to watch IMO, and the fuelled qualifying was intriguing only because initially it was unclear how much fuel everyone was running. Even that was tried already against Mercedes, but it was a mess from the TV people and most teams, and didn’t really hurt Mercedes either.

          1. Who cares about how it affect Mercedes or Ferrari. It affects everyone. Equally.
            And generally speaking (barring major stuff ups) the wealthiest teams do best with such changes, anyway.

            I guess the real question is – how much faith do you have that the budget cap and 2021 tech regs will ‘fix’ F1’s fundamental issues?
            Personally, I don’t think that they go far enough. Nor do I think they do it the right way.
            If F1 is headed toward becoming a spec series, then it’s right – but F1 is to remain a technical and engineering based competition – then it’s very wrong.

    3. Wasn’t Brawn saying we should have more pure racing and less gimmicks when he jumped on board the management team? Seems like he’s been drinking the Liberty “entertainment at all cost” Kool-Aid.

      Meanwhile, to the cotd of the jaded Ferrari fan, did you not notice regulations were literally just changed to attempt to blunt Mercedes’ advantage? Just because it was spectacularly unsuccesful doesn’t mean they’re not trying…

      1. Now, now, let’s be nice and share the prizes, just because they can’t build a good car doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a trophy, everybody deserves a trophy. Not !

        1. With F1 stars being younger than ever they’ll be used to participation trophies.
          Just reserve one bottle of champagne for the winning team to be presented to them off camera.

      2. @skipgamer actually, the person writing those comments – David Bondo – is one of those Verstappen ultras who really just wants the sport to award Verstappen the title that he has repeatedly made clear he believes Verstappen should be given by right.

        1. I’m not against trialling reverse grid quali races, but the worst reason in favour would be to take the win away from the best performing team.

          Mercedes is the best, however the current format makes it easier for them than for the rest!
          I want them to show that they are at least as good as the rest in traffic (car cooling and driver skills) as when in clean air.

          1. That’s a great articulation.

            I don’t see it as ‘punishing’ Mercedes – I see it as allowing them to truly show how great they really are.
            Of course, the secondary benefit is that we, the viewers, get a better race to watch – not just in terms of action and unpredictability, but also in terms of appreciation for what the best drivers and teams can do.

    4. I thought the broadcast captured the speed well. The cars look absolutely phenomenal round Mugello. The onboards are just nuts! I actually winced watching Russell run wide at the exit of the fast chicane. Crazy!

      1. Onboards were nice @tommy-c but why no static cameras? Sorry, a consistent frustration for me.


        1. I completely agree! It’s one of the thinks you notice when you attend a race compared to watching it on tv. You get a much better feeling for the speed with a static view than the crazy zooming in on cars where the cars environment are completely ignored. When I start to notice it during tv coverage it can really frustrate me, but it’s probably depends a bit from race to race how bad it is.

    5. Wow! Who pick the comment of the day? How did this comment even made it here? I suggest an even more expedient way of assuring the failure of Hamilton: shoot him twice in both knees by any means ! and do Bottas too so Mercedes is out … by any means!!! Keith????

      1. It’s designed to provoke: ‘unacceptable’ that the current best team and current best driver win again next year? I mean, seriously, we’re supposed to comment on that? It’s an insult to any actual fans of Formula 1 and motorsport, implying excellence should be banned ‘at all costs’. And why? Because the commenter, as we all know, wants to see Verstappen have the same dominance. But that needs to be earned, not given by taking away the hard-earned achievements of others.

        1. Of all the comments yesterday, how did that one become COTD? Yea, how about we make Mercedes race on 3 wheels? How about we cut their ICE in half? How about we make them use one power unit for the entire season while the others use the normal required specifications. Anyone got anymore bright ideas?

          NOTE: If Mercedes were not present in F1, Verstappen would have won last year’s championship. This year, without both Mercedes, this would have been a cakewalk for Verstappen and Red Bull.

          At least we get Hamilton and Bottas matched in qualifying that can give either one a chance of winning the races.

          1. @krichelle There’s a lot of assumption that Verstappen is ‘outperforming’ the Red Bull, just like all the Alonso claims down the years, but maybe Hamilton would tweak even more out of it? Or Leclerc? We just don’t know. At the same time, Red Bull have massive resources, supposedly the best driver of the new generation (‘and beyond’ for his ultra fans), one of the very best car designers ever in Newey, and an engine manufacturer capable of making fantastic engines with no works team itself. That combination should provide all the ingredients for a Red Bull challenge to Mercedes. So why hasn’t it? That’s the real issue. Not chopping down Mercedes so the others have more of a chance. I’m not against FIA mixing up all the design rules again, producing a new formula. I am totally opposed to gimmicks like reverse grids to penalize those doing a better job with the existing ones. COTD also misses the point that 2021 will be the same because of a global pandemic.

      2. I guess @keithcollantine picked this ridiculous comment as CotD just to make his point that he does not support reverse grid (quali) races.

      3. When at school there was a guy he was always first in marks, couldn’t beat him… we never asked for the rules to be changed, we rolled up our sleeves and started working harder.

        1. What does COTD poster want. For the FIA to randomly hand the winning trophy to the teams?
          You work harder to be better. Mercedes did their homework and they deserve first prize. You can’t come first when you don’t do your home work properly.

    6. I don’t have a problem with the camera angles and zooming.

      As for the COTD: I couldn’t disagree more with it.

    7. Beautiful cars 40 years ago…..

    8. Holding his breath for 4 corners. Normally I would not be inclined to believe it, but those are all 4-5.5g corners.

      It is time Daniel undergoes some fighter pilot training.

      1. @jureo Not sure why that would be a better option than the training he already does, especially given that fighter pilots don’t pull any lateral g.

        1. I am saying because current G-s sustained are very fighter plane like. But more lateral like you observe.

    9. They really have to zoom out. They need to get angles similar to those at Silverstone. They do a great job there showcasing how fast the cars are at Maggots/Becketts. They get a very far shot from the front, and you see the cars going left to right very fast in the same picture.

      If you put the cameras low and zoom in, you lose all the references.

      But it’s the same everywhere these days. They just fill the screen with the car, and the rest of the screen is all tarmac. It looks like a picture…

    10. Filming, directing and editting have always been a weakness of F1 and FOM. And they just don’t want to change it. They rather show the backs of 3 mechanics, while in the middle of a lap…
      I saw one shot at an angle which showed Grosjean blisteringly fast around a corner, in practice, they haven’t used that angle for the rest of the weekend.

    11. Bondo has almost single-handedly driven me out of the comments section in recent days. Now he’s made it to the round-up – he’s essentially unavoidable. Obviously, it’s only him (and a few others like him) who cannot see that there have been some efforts to slow the Mercs down or shake up the order. Otherwise, I’m sure the gap to Max yesterday would have been bigger. The only problem is it turns out the efforts end up affecting the rest as well. So short of banning the team, I’m not sure what the FIA should do. Also – it must be noted that the era he refers to, the Max Mosley era, was the one where teams could be fined $100M for infractions and thrown out of the championship. I wonder where that would have left Ferrari last year…

    12. Re comment of the day.

      What an utter load of tosh.
      Ferrari had every possible advantage in the early 2000’s – including having tyres specifically designed for their cars. The rules allowed it, until it was just ridiculous and no other team stood a chance.

      Mercedes have simply done a better job than the others. No special treatment, just better. Their response to Ferraris engine was not to protest and whine, it was to improve their own unit within the rules. Same with quali mode. The only real innovation for years is on the Merc, and has been banned for next year. Pathetic.

      To have their hard work deliberately nullified in order to even up the field is not only unfair it is unsporting.

      And it won’t even take away the fact that they are still fastest.

      What it does do is advertise to the world that other F1 teams can’t compete with them.

      Instead of gimmicks, open up the rules to allow more development and innovation – and let’s see proper competition.

    13. Just to add – it is much easier to slow down a team if a large part of their advantage is derived from an obvious area, for example, banning a double diffuser or an f-duct. Or an exhaust blown diffuser – just mandate a different exhaust position. Now for Mercedes, everyone assumes their power unit is the key to their success. But the problem is all the measures taken to date only seem to impact their competitors more than them (fuel flow rules, oil burning etc). It therefore is obvious that they’ve built their PU in line with the rules and they’ve done the best job. Besides, other constructors with the same PU are not at the head of field. So maybe the only thing the FIA can do to cripple them is ban low-rake cars…

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