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2020 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix championship points

2020 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix

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F1 drivers championship after the 2020 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2020 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix

2Red Bull226
4Racing Point134
8Alfa Romeo8

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2020 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix

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18 comments on “2020 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Lets goooo Ricciardo. For sure the Ferrari, torro rosso and force india had faster cars but Ricciardo was still able to put that car were it doesn’t belong. Legend

    1. Racing Point did a fantastic job throwing away a podium. Congrats to RIC.

  2. Impressive Ric and Albon disappointment

  3. Hamilton just did a “shoey” with Riccardo…

  4. That Racing Point strategy is one of the worst pit calls I can remember.

    1. + 1
      Unbelievable! RP shooting his own foot, the only one they have. Checo was doing an outstanding race.

    2. Indeed. Though I think they thought that a) everyone else was going to pit as well b) the old, worn and cold tyres could not hold up in the restart. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    3. Yeah, it was a bit strange how wrong they got it. Perez out of all the guys was the one with relatively fresh hard tyres on his car. He would have been in a position like Ricciardo. I do think it was pretty clear, but then if the cars behind him would have pitted, it could have been a mistake to stay out.

  5. It’s pathetic that the new Williams owners have chosen to stick with the same incompetent drivers who haven’t been able to score a single point so far this season.
    That shows that the only thing they are interested in is the money contributed by these two paid drivers.

  6. The battle for third in the WCC will probably remain tight and interesting until the end. The only proper one in the WCC.

  7. In order to keep the championship alive leaving Turkey, BOT must outscore HAM by 8 points in the next race.

    Therefore, HAM will be world champion if:
    a) he beats BOT, or
    b) BOT fails to finish in the top 6

    BOT needs to win and score fastest lap to guarantee the championship goes on to Bahrain regardless of HAM’s result.

    If BOT wins without fastest lap, HAM seals the title with 2nd place (regardless of FLAP or not)

    If BOT is 2nd, HAM needs 4th, or 5th+FLAP

    If BOT is 3rd with FLAP, HAM needs 5th

    If BOT is 3rd w/o FLAP, HAM needs 6th

    If BOT is 4th, HAM needs 7th, or 8th+FLAP

    If BOT is 5th, HAM needs 8th, or 9th+FLAP

    If BOT is 6th with FLAP, HAM needs 9th

    If BOT is 6th w/o FLAP, HAM needs 10th

    1. The fastest lap rule has made these kinds of things way too complicated.

      1. Im not looking forward to the day when fasteat lap decides a championship :/
        Becuase sometimes the fastest lap comes from failing to overcome the better team/driver on the day. Having a free pitstop, and then getting the extra point.

    2. I will simplify: If Hamilton exists, he will be the champion on the end of the year.
      For this not to happen not only Hamilton might fail to score any point, but Bottas had to win every race – which is far from certain.

    3. Well thought out I guess but pretty needless. It is cut and dried already.

  8. If BOT wins without fastest lap, HAM seals the title with 2nd place (regardless of FLAP or not)

    That’s a double whammy then. Hamilton aims to beat Bottas. If he’s behind him (in second) he then focuses on FLAP as another way to win.

  9. Third win in N2M2F1* for Dan Ricciardo, again leading the championship. He wisely stayed out during the late SC period while Perez gambled and lost, finishing fourth. Kvyat managed to pass Leclerc for second. The distance between Leclerc and Vettel in the championship keeps increasing, as Vettel didn’t score today (he was not helped by a disastrous pitstop). On the contrary, Sainz keeps reducing his distance to Norris with a superb pass today (finishing positions 5th and 6th). Great effort by Kimi, 7th. Giovinazzi, Latifi and Grosjean completed the point positions, while Russell yet again missed an oportunity to score. No points for flap today: Albon got it, but as he was classified 13th it doesn’t count.

    WDC Positions:
    1 Ricciardo 167
    2 Perez 155
    3 Leclerc 135
    4 Norris 129
    5 Albon 114
    6 Gasly 114
    7 Sainz 111
    8 Stroll 107
    9 Ocon 81
    10 Kvyat 64
    11 Vettel 56
    12 Raïkkönen 23
    13 Hulkenberg 20
    14 Giovinazzi 20
    15 Grosjean 11
    16 Latifi 8
    17 Russell 6
    18 Magnussen 4

    WCC positions
    1 Racing Point 282
    2 Renault 248
    3 Red Bull Racing* 228
    4 McLaren 240
    5 Ferrari 191
    6 Alpha Tauri 178
    7 Alfa Romeo 43
    8 Haas 15
    9 Williams 14

    Medal (Bernie style) Pilot classification
    1 RIC
    2 LEC
    3 ALB
    4 STR
    5 PER
    6 NOR
    7 GAS
    8 SAI
    9 OCO
    10 VET
    11 KVY
    12 HUL
    13 GIO
    14 RAI
    15 GRO
    16 LAT
    17 RUS
    18 MAG

    * No Merc No Max F1
    ** RBR, with only 1 car, scores Albon’s points x2

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