Giovinazzi aims to ‘grow up as a driver’ in 2021

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In the round-up: Alfa Romeo driver Antonio Giovinazzi is looking to make the same gains in the 2021 season he made between his first two years in Formula 1.

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What they say

Giovinazzi is beginning his third year alongside Kimi Raikkonen at Alfa Romeo, and his main aim is self-improvement in all areas.

From my side it is still to improve myself, like a driver. It’s my third season, so I want to grow up like a driver, like I did from first season to second season. Improve. I want to do another step forward also in this season. So I will have more experience, everything will look more simple, more normal, and I can focus more on my side and improving in different things.

The race pace is where I can still improve. I think I did a great step forward last year, but I can still improve. But of course also the qualifying: you want always more and more.

Also from last year I was quite strong on the first lap on the start, but I want more, and just improving myself. I think it’s good again on the third season with Kimi, that we know each other. And I can still improve myself looking also at Kimi what he’s doing, because he is a driver with a lot of experience.

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Comment of the day

Lewis Hamilton revealed he approached Bahraini officials about humans rights abuse in the country and it created a wider discussion about F1 drivers have previously raised concerns about where they are racing, but Pironi the Provocateur says what Hamilton is doing goes beyond his predecessors:

To all the naysayers (and I belong to them many times), this should be actually applauded. If Hamilton raised these concerns to official representatives, then it’s a bit more than just proclamations. Well done to him.

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14 comments on “Giovinazzi aims to ‘grow up as a driver’ in 2021”

  1. That chosen headline from the Daily Mail article is just clickbait. I braved the ad ridden site just to find out that “of course” Zak would offer Lewis a spot if he had one. 🤦‍♂️

    Also the Reuters article is mislinked to the FIA.

  2. The RaceFans F1 Predictions Championship is back for 2021!

    Were last year’s results published? I don’t remember seeing them.

    1. Nope.
      And @keithcollantine still missing the prize for the last gp. Despite writing Keith a couple of times.

      1. If only there were a button to have him read your comment :P

        You’re welcome ;)

      2. @melmgreen

        I never got my price for a GP win either, but that was from the year before.

  3. Zak Brown won’t offer Hamilton a career swansong at McLaren

    It’s how the Mail – totally looking out for the interests of black people everywhere of course – sell the story but actually Brown is saying he would sign Lewis if the contract was for more than a year or two. It’s more a case of him stating his conditions. Much more interesting is his conviction that Russell and Verstappen will be at Mercedes in 2022. So convinced you wonder if it’s insider knowledge. But where would that leave Red Bull?

    1. Cristiano Ferreira
      26th March 2021, 4:04

      Maybe Red Bull will sign Ricciardo again, alogside someone from their junior squad, be it Tsunoda or Gasly. Even Perez can stay at Red Bull if he manages to not get utterly destroyed by Verstappen.

      I know that Ricciardo signed for 3 years with McLaren but contracts in F1 are meant to be broken as soon as possible. I would not rule out the possibility that his contract with McLaren can be broken if any of the top teams come looking for him.

      And there’s Alonso too.

    2. Thank you @david-br for correcting this impression. I am glad that now I don’t have to read the Mail to find that out myself!

  4. Giovinazzi is, in my opinion, another solid driver in the midfield, who seems to be bound to just stay in the midfield. True that he has matched Raikkonen more recently, but not every race is Kimi giving his all. Giovinazzi will end up like Di Resta, Ericsson and so many other drivers who gathered some points and didn’t live to the promise.

    1. Or at most he could aspire to be like Hulkenberg.

    2. True that he has matched Raikkonen more recently, but not every race is Kimi giving his all

      Beating Kimi isn’t an achievement, it’s a baseline requirement to be worthy of a F1 seat. The fact that Giovinazzi has continuously failed to do so shows how little talent he has to work with. Gio should thank his lucky stars F2 is full of trash because that is the only reason he is still around.

  5. Ben (@scuderia29)
    26th March 2021, 7:23

    The predictions championship was a real non starter last year, shame because past years have been enjoyable, hopefully it will be more like years gone before this time, we just need post race points, positions, prize winners etc

  6. He has to because otherwise, he might lose his drive to someone like Shwartzman unless Kimi finally leaves.

  7. GIO has been competitive against Kimi on a fair number of Saturdays, but on race day when the points are handed out he has well and truly lagged behind. The fact that he matched Kiimi on points last season was really down to a fluke result he achieved when Kimi DNFd.

    He is as proud of his one lap speed in quali as he is of his designer beard and pony tail. What that indicates I’m not so sure ……

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