Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Interlagos, 2021

2021 Sao Paulo Grand Prix Sprint Qualifying starting grid

2021 Sao Paulo Grand Prix

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[raceweekendpromotion]Max Verstappen will start the 2021 Sao Paulo Grand Prix sprint qualifying race from pole position after Lewis Hamilton was penalised.

Row 11. Max Verstappen 1’08.372
Red Bull
2. Valtteri Bottas 1’08.469
Row 23. Sergio Perez 1’08.483
Red Bull
4. Pierre Gasly 1’08.777
Row 35. Carlos Sainz Jnr 1’08.826
6. Charles Leclerc 1’08.960
Row 47. Lando Norris 1’08.980
8. Daniel Ricciardo 1’09.039
Row 59. Fernando Alonso 1’09.113
10. Esteban Ocon 1’09.189
Row 611. Sebastian Vettel 1’09.399
Aston Martin
12. Yuki Tsunoda 1’09.483
Row 713. Kimi Raikkonen 1’09.503
Alfa Romeo
14. Antonio Giovinazzi 1’10.227
Alfa Romeo
Row 815. Lance Stroll 1’09.663
Aston Martin
16. Nicholas Latifi 1’09.897
Row 917. George Russell 1’09.953
18. Mick Schumacher 1’10.329
Row 1019. Nikita Mazepin 1’10.589
20. Lewis Hamilton 1’07.934


Lewis HamiltonStart from back of grid due to infringement of technical regulations

NB. Hamilton has a five-place grid penalty which will be applied to the grid for Sunday’s grand prix

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24 comments on “2021 Sao Paulo Grand Prix Sprint Qualifying starting grid”

  1. That new engine giver a massive boost. Again the merc fastest car by far..

    1. Did you hear what Bottas said during his post race interview?

      “Lewis was gaining in turns 1 and 2, and a bit on the straights”

      Also, a graphic showed Hamilton does break a lot later than Verstappen in turn 1 and is able to carry more speed. Add to that, Max had a very scruffy lap.

      Ham did have the fastest quali car today, but can you take your Max blinders off and try to be objective with your comments? Everywhere you post, its just pro Max or anti Ham.

      Just try man.

    2. VER made mistakes on all of his hot laps – let’s try to avoid excuses. Tomorrow is a different day.

    3. BTW, watching the analysis, HAM gained all his time from positioning the car better – very little if anything was made on the straight. I can appreciate that’s hard for VER fans to accept.

      1. Yeah, Ant’s analysis was rather fascinating.

      2. But it can come from a higher downforce setup without compromising straight line speed with the new engine. But 4 tenth is not coming just from a new ICE.

  2. Absolutely a sham that Mercedes gets to run the sprint race from pole for championship points with their brand new engine…

    1. @IVAYLO LOL. Same for everyone.

  3. That’s more like it Lewis, instead of crying that the guy with 0 titles is beating you, you are finally showing your worth.

  4. Wow, another so-called ”RBR track” where HAM beats VER by almost half a second… yet the discussions of how VER/RBR are better by quite some margin continue fiercely!

    1. Yes…just like Red bull beat Mercedes at almost all so called “Mercedes” tracks – the last one being Texas.

      Just because Max has fluffed his qualifying twice in a row (not the first time this season) doesn’t mean you can start promoting a false narrative.

  5. Poor guy, such a slow car

  6. Clearly the RBR is the strongest car.

    1. Facts?

      Red Bull has been quickest at more tracks than Mercedes.

  7. Not surprising and rather predictable on this site nowadays to see all the bile in the comments against Ham after such a superlative performance but it is still quite weird.

  8. I wonder if the British journalists will support Lewis’ narrative if he ends 2nd in WDC.

    Or would they stay with the facts that on average the Merc has been on par with RB this season ?

    1. YOUR facts, not “the facts”. Not even Red Bull, Helmut Marko, and Christian Horner agree with you.

  9. Pity Hamilton can’t take the 5 spot penalty in the sprint race instead of Sunday’s race.

    1. And then start last on Sunday’s race as per technical infringement in qualy

  10. Max is still looking good for the weekend despite losing “pole position”; comfortably outpaced by a faster car this quali, we might say, if it is to play this game.
    With this highly competitive season in the sharp end Hamilton should be ashamed of himself for cyring that much: “Red Bull will always be fastest, we can’t do anything”. We heard it everytime this season, such a sore loser mindset.
    Red Bull have beaten Mercedes this season by both very fine margins and big advantage, as well as the other way around. If any of those two teams was the fastest overall, definitively not by much. Yet we hear from Lewis always the same whining tone, regardless of the nuances. As for Max, he just refuses to let the hardships polute his mind. It has been one of the main aspects of this amazing Formula 1 season.

  11. Good lap from HAM! Merc definitely the fastest car in Brazil, the new engine must be worth 1-2 tenths at least, there’s no way HAM is 0.438 seconds faster than VER alone on talent – if it’s 1-2 tenths then maybe, so even if VER nailed the 2nd quali run it would be probably be at most 1-2 tenths behind HAM. So lucky in away for VER but boy does the RB look handful in cooler conditions..

  12. VER failed to deliver today – mistakes on every lap. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

    1. As a VER fan yeah he underperformed, but still P1 is out of reach IMO (probably 1-2 tenths behind at most). But HAM with the new engine and cooler conditions (RB seems tricky to drive in these conditions), next to no chance…

      1. Yeah it was very good Q from Lewis and a subpar one from Max, but in the end it made no difference in terms of positions.

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