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Formula 2 driver Dan Ticktum will move into Formula E with NIO next year, filling the final space on the grid.

Ticktum was previously a member of Red Bull and Williams’s young Formula 1 driver programmes. He was dropped from the latter unexpectedly in August.

The 22-year-old lies fourth in the F2 standings with DAMS. He is 49 points behind leader Oscar Piastri and still in contention to win the championship over the remaining two triple-header rounds.

He is the third rookie to join the Formula E field for 2022. Ticktum’s fellow newcomers include Antonio Giovinazzi, who will head to the series following his departure from Alfa Romeo’s Formula 1 team, and Oliver Askew, who was announced as Andretti’s second driver yesterday.

Testing for the new Formula E season will begin in Valencia next week.

Formula E drivers confirmed for 2022 so far

AndrettiJake DennisOliver Askew
Dragon-PenskeAntonio GiovinazziSergio Sette-Camara
DS TecheetahJean-Eric VergneAntonio Felix da Costa
EnvisionNick CassidyRobin Frijns
JaguarSam BirdMitch Evans
MahindraOliver RowlandAlexander Sims
MercedesNyck de VriesStoffel Vandoorne
NIO 333Oliver TurveyDan Ticktum
Nissan e.DamsSebastien BuemiMax Guenther
PorscheAndre LottererPascal Wehrlein
VenturiEdoardo MortaraLucas di Grassi

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14 comments on “Ticktum joins NIO and completes 2022 Formula E field”

  1. Well, we’ll see how he’ll do. He is supposed to be pretty good at street circuit stuff, so that might be a good choice.

  2. Hopefully he’ll be able to keep his hot head in check during this series. He’s running out of teams and series to upset I would think.

  3. The usual people will keep hating him (the same people that often preach kindness etc).

    1. There is a difference between hating and disliking correct?

      I dislike the guy immensely, don’t think he has a good attitude, blames only others rather than looking at himself.

      All in all an unlikable character for me but others might see this differently.

      Ps nothing wrong with kindness.

      1. No not really. Hate is just intense dislike.

        Dan doesn’t have to be likable though, it’s not in the job description.

        1. Dan doesn’t have to be likable though, it’s not in the job description.

          This is highly debatable. He’s representing his team sponsors, who don’t want to be associated to an unlikable public figure.

    2. He has consistently shown that he is unable to learn from his mistakes and he thinks he has a god given right to an F1 seat…I think the dislike people feel is pretty justified.

      I don’t know how many times people have to say the phrase “just being quick isn’t enough to make it to F1” for him to realise he needs an attitude adjustment. If Red Bull and Williams both passed on him, there has to be something wrong with him and his attitude.

      1. He was ‘in F1’, RedBull wanted him in the Toro Rosso seat, but because Max made a mockery of the so-called ‘racing ladder’ the FIA introduced Super Licence points, and that scuppered his chances after losing the F3 title to Schumacher. The FIA rejected RedBull’s exemption request.

        Also this notion that someone has to be ‘silent’ and ‘keep their mouth shut’ and ‘behave the right way’ to get to F1 doesn’t really bode well for the sport, and is somewhat dangerous, certainly if there’s any issues behind the scenes that absolutely NEED to be exposed.

        Should journalists learn that they need an ‘attitude adjustment’ to get on in motorsport journalism too?

        1. No one says you have to be silent to get into F1. Max Verstappen isn’t exactly known for keeping his thoughts to himself, but he still got fast-tracked into F1 because he had the talent. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t Dan Ticktum’s junior results relatively mediocre? There have been far more successful and promising talents in junior formulae that never got a chance to be in F1, despite not having a reputation for mouthing off. So it seems to me that it is more than what he says publicly that has held him back.

          Also, there was the point where he punched a fellow driver, which is a lot more than ‘speaking his mind’.

          1. Exactly, I didn’t day he needs to be silent, I said he needs to adjust his attitude.

            Oftentimes in life and in your career when things are going badly for you the person you need to blame is you…

        2. If Dan pulled any of his nasty revenge stunts in F1, he might cost a life. This can’t be taken lightly at all.

  4. Will be interesting to see how he fairs with the worst team on the grid and how he’ll handle not having the chance to fight. Hopefully he won’t lose his patience too soon.

    1. FE is electric bumper cars right? So he’s going to be just fine I suppose

  5. Rashmil Rajagopalan
    25th November 2021, 13:38

    The 22-year-old lies fourth in the F2 standings with DAMS*

    Isn’t he with Carlin now?

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