Fernando Alonso, Alpine, Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi, 2021

Caption Competition 171: Alonso takes his shot

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As a two time world champion, Fernando Alonso has always kept his eyes on the prize.

But what has the Alpine driver got in the sights of this very expensive camera he appears to have borrowed?

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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  • 101 comments on “Caption Competition 171: Alonso takes his shot”

    1. Alonso performs some sweeping shots as ‘El Pan’ comes into effect

      1. With this lens, I can just about see how far Masi threw away the rule book

    2. ‘Alonso pictures Hamiltons 8th title getting away from him’

    3. Derek Edwards
      25th December 2021, 9:30

      Before a race Fernando always likes to double check where the track limits have been moved to.

      1. Ahah, best one I think!

    4. “Damn, my third title keeps getting smaller and smaller…”

    5. Hmmmm, my third title doesn’t look too far through this thing.

    6. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      25th December 2021, 9:43

      Fernando goes all-in on Canon equipment just before Nikon releases it’s far superior new model.

      1. @jackisthestig This is so on point it hurts.

    7. There goes my McLaren seat fading into the distance…

    8. Fernando is looking for a convenient chair to watch the race from – from McLaren days!

    9. “There must be a worthy opponent out there somewhere…”

      1. I’m not getting a 50k fine. I can see Hamiltons wing fine from here.

    10. So, where are these Ferrari designs ?

    11. Following Max’s fine, Fernando began creatively exploring the limits of the parc ferme regulations.

    12. Motivated by the previous Racing Point campaign, Fernando is fully committed to help in the development of Alpine’s 2022 car

    13. Well that settles it I know what I will be doing when I leave F1 at the end of 2022.

    14. Try as he might, Alonso just can’t focus in on that 3rd title!

    15. “You’re right ….. They are aren’t they!”

    16. After watching the success of the EMF radiation gun in Cars 2, Alonso tries the same tactic on Stroll and Verstappen in Baku.

    17. If I take a picture, my career will last longer.

    18. “Where is Piquet Jr in the crowd, Latifi wants to talk to him.”

    19. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      25th December 2021, 13:42

      Using a telescope, Alonso focuses on his next championship as it drives away from him towards the Alps!

    20. “Wind is 5 mph left to right…… ok Esteban now!!!! Aim for his tyres!!!”

    21. “Switching to 18 inch seems to improve my shot”

    22. “Yeah, yeah… confirmed… The rear wing bents like hell no bueno seńor”.

    23. “I see Max is on fresh soft rubber again”

    24. ‘I’m more use as a camera operator than a grand prix driver at the moment’. (Alonso, 2016)

    25. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      25th December 2021, 16:06

      “But the data said take a wide angle at turn 1?”

      1. ^ We have a winner!

    26. Well I’ll be damned, you’re right. Those little deflection stops on the Mercedes wing do look illegal.

    27. “This is what you need to see El Plan”

    28. nando: wow! we are really that behind from the mercs.

    29. Alonso participates in the ‘Young Photographers’ competition !

    30. “No, I still can’t see Max and Lewis from my grid spot.”

    31. Alonso: “With my secret bazooka I will kill you and take your place at Red Bull, Checo Perez.”


      Alonso: “Just in case, I will also kill you with my secret bazooka, George Russell. And you too, Daniel Ricciardo. Maybe Carlos Sainz too, because you never know…”

    32. Alonso: “With the new Back In Time 3000 ™ I can see the exact moment that Michael Masi chose to prioritise ‘the show’ over the sport.”


      Fernando Alonso superglues massive camera to forehead in freak Christmas Day accident.

      1. Davethechicken
        25th December 2021, 18:56

        I laughed at this one

      2. Good one

    34. Fernando training the official overtake counter “… now look at car 14 … look at that classy overtake … top echelon skill of that driver … bold and imaginative … see the respectful waves he gets as he passes another car … don’t worry about the shaking fist and rude gesture, it’s friendly rivalry … “

    35. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      25th December 2021, 18:11

      “If you no longer go for a snap that exists, you are no longer a racing photographer”

    36. Hans P Rasmussen
      25th December 2021, 18:29

      That’s where my six tents went!

    37. ‘This is an interesting circuit, because it has inclines. And not just up, but down as well.’

    38. Even with the most powerful lens known to man, Fernando cannot see far enough into the future to see his next title.

    39. Davethechicken
      25th December 2021, 18:54

      Alonso checks out the new space telescope, prior to its Christmas Day launch.

    40. This new EMP tech really does give us a shot at the 22 World Championship

    41. I watch a vacant seat in Mercedes. This is ‘El Plan’.

    42. Alonso borrows portable camera from Japanese tourist

    43. Say “chicken”

    44. Capturing the “El plan”.

    45. Zooming on his next drivers World Championship.

    46. It’s a nice lens, but has poor grip.

    47. I have an opinion
      25th December 2021, 22:48

      “Ooo, Flavio in embarrassing swimwear. Now for the next stage of El Plan.”

    48. “Like I say, I always bring a couple of extra frames-per-second with me to every team”

    49. “Hmmm, that Spanish flag bikini is filled out very nicely.”

    50. ‘Is that a McLaren employee scanning Ferrari documents!?’

    51. Can’t see Masi’s consistency even through this telescope.

    52. Felipe, Alonso focuses faster than you!

    53. I can’t wait to tell Jarno I got pictures!

    54. Alonso watch Honda leave in a distance and thinking “How the hell did that huppent?”

    55. Fernando reminds himself what the drivers’ championship trophy looks like.

    56. “There you are, driver’s championship trophy!”

    57. Concerned that the photographer was part of the GP2 journalist team, Fernando demonstrated the standard required in F1.

    58. Alonso decided to check if his chance at another championship really was a ‘long shot’.

    59. “just another few minutes please, I am sure I saw someone supporting me somewhere in those grandstands”.

    60. Sir Miles Axelrod’s plans for world domination now include the employment of a certain Spanish gentleman fancying himself as a cameraman…

    61. Fernando searches for evidence that proves he’s not the only person who wears Kimoa.

    62. “What am I seeing? It’s a bird?… it’s a PLAN!”

    63. In order to be able to take part in the Australian GP Alonso took his shot in plain view of the camera.

    64. Alonso fitting his new head cam for the Netflix series.

    65. Look! I can see the edge of my ego with this!

      1. hahah nice

    66. I am the zoomurai warrior …

    67. These Zoom meetings are a pain to set up!

    68. Hey guys… don’t sit there and just watch … bring me a chair!

    69. Nothing is happened, its all black. let’s pretend that i know what i am doing. WHOAAA what a GP2 camera.

    70. AJ (@asleepatthewheel)
      26th December 2021, 11:33

      Nando looking for Ocon’s lion defence

    71. Alonso checking the progress of ‘El Plan’

    72. Look, my pile of “FA 3 WDC T-shirts” now has company…..

    73. “It’sa just disappearing over the horizon!”
      Fernando spies F1’s credibility heading for the sunset.

    74. Henrik Jørgensen
      26th December 2021, 14:23

      Keeping the triple crown in view requires increasingly advanced equipment.

    75. Having already mastered television-camera operation, Alonso decides to try his hand at still photography next.

    76. So THATS what the trophy looks like..

    77. Alonso keeping an eye on the possibility of a Mercedes seat becoming available.

    78. “Retirement on the horizon, you say, Oscar…? No, I don’t see it…”

    79. “Every shot I take
      And every car I drive
      Every brigde I burn
      Every move I make
      I’ll be failing it

      Every single year
      And every interview I make
      Every race I drive
      Every night I think
      I’ll be failing it

      Oh, can’t you see
      I Belong on podium
      How my poor Honda aches
      With every race I raced

      Every shot I take
      and every fan I fail
      Every chicane I bail
      Every point I take
      I’ll be failing it

      Since that 2nd, I’ve been catching that 3rd
      I dream every night I can only see the prize
      I look around on this Canon but see nothing
      I feel so blue and I hope for El Plan to work
      I keep trusting Plan, Plan please

      Oh, I can’t see
      2022 belong to me?
      How many years is there left
      With every year I fail

      Every shot I take
      and every fan I fail
      Every chicane I bail
      Every point I take
      I’ll be failing it

      I’ll be failing it
      (Every shot I take
      And every car I drive
      Every brigde I burn
      Every move I make) I’ll be failing it

      (Every single year
      And every interview I make
      Every race I drive
      Every night I think) I’ll be failing it

      I’ll be failing it
      (Every single year
      And every interview I make
      Every race I drive
      Every night I think) I’ll be failing it

      Every single year
      And every interview I make
      Every race I drive
      Every night I think

      I’ll be failing it

    80. “a long shot, but maybe i can see a mercedes’ drive”

    81. If you look really closely you can see whats left of my career

    82. “I can see the Queen … she’s heading towards the FIA offices … maybe she wasn’t amused with the last race … oh … umm … no, it’s just an ordinary bee heading back to the hive”.

    83. Malachy_Grapes
      27th December 2021, 7:51

      “I’mma show you a couple of things about cameras, told you I had one in my hands during a free practice in Brazil”

      “Err… it was a video camera, Nando… come on, give it back and get back to the car”

    84. That’s the last shot – you can fully copy the Mercedes now …. what do you mean I need to start over on the Red Bull!

      1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
        27th December 2021, 14:44

        @lass321 ha-ha:-)

    85. “just move back a bit Lewis so I can see the skirt attached to your suit”.

    86. I think I see a Haas back there…

    87. Alonso confirms that there is some fine print in the regulations that support the race directors actions.

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