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Wrong to claim Verstappen doesn’t deserve title because of Abu Dhabi – Ricciardo

2022 F1 season

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Max Verstappen should not be regarded as an undeserving world champion because of the controversial circumstances of his win, according to his former team mate Daniel Ricciardo.

The FIA Formula 1 Commission will today learn the outcome of an official inquiry into the handling of the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi. Verstappen overtook Lewis Hamilton to win the race and clinch the championship following a final lap restart arranged by race director Michael Masi, which appeared to contravene the rules.

Three days after the race, Hamilton’s Mercedes team decided not to appeal against the result, believing that even had they been successful they would not be able to regain Hamilton’s lost title.

Hamilton was pursuing a record-breaking eighth championship success. Asked whether he sympathised with Hamilton’s situation, Ricciardo said: “In a way, no, because he’s got seven world titles.”

However Ricciardo sympathised with Hamilton’s reaction to the events of Abu Dhabi, following speculation the Mercedes driver may not return to F1. “It’s obviously not the way you’d like to see the greatest of all time go.

“But you also understand that affected him differently than any of us could probably imagine. So it’s a bit like ‘who are we to judge his actions’ post-the last race. He went quiet for a while, so he obviously just felt like he needed to escape as well and get away from it.

“As a competitor, but also a fan of the sport, I do want to see him back on the grid. I want to see him compete again, if his heart desires. I wouldn’t like to see him leave based off more of an emotional reaction as opposed to what he feels in his heart. All lines are pointing to him starting the season in Mercedes and I hope that’s the case.”

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Ricciardo drove alongside Verstappen at Red Bull between 2016 and 2018. He said his former team mate’s success came as no surprise to him, and doesn’t believe it should be diminished by the Abu Dhabi controversy.

“Being team mates with Max, I knew that we were pushing each other to a pretty high level,” he said. “I knew that whilst we were team mates we weren’t world champions but I felt like the way we were driving could well have earned us a world title, some of those years, at least one.

“So to see him do it after [that], for me it’s not a surprise. For sure it’s nice for me to know that we had a pretty close battle for those years we were team mates but I didn’t really need to see him win the title to show that to myself. I felt that I’ve known for a while it was kind of a matter of time for him to get a title, for sure.”

As both title contenders had performed so well in 2021, the season finale was likely to produce a tough outcome for one of them, said Ricciardo. “There was always going to be a winner and a loser last year, no matter how the last race ended, even if it was a boring lights-to-flag finish.

“But they both truly deserved a title. They’ve both done phenomenal races, they’ve both come back. So someone is always going to lose out, I guess.

“Obviously there’s the ‘feeling sorry for Lewis’ side but there shouldn’t be a ‘Max doesn’t deserve it’ side. He absolutely also deserves it, so that’s that.”

Ricciardo, who is contracted to McLaren until the end of next season, dismissed the suggestion he could seek a move to Mercedes if Hamilton does not return to race this year.

“No, I haven’t thought about that, or if he goes where do I position myself. In my head I’m not there with those thoughts.”

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64 comments on “Wrong to claim Verstappen doesn’t deserve title because of Abu Dhabi – Ricciardo”

  1. Matija Majdanac
    14th February 2022, 13:58

    Max was by far best driver on the grid last year, commitment, reluctance, excitment, he brought it all. So happy to see driver like him on the grid.

    1. Who gives the slightest toss if he was better all year, this is sport, nobody _deserves_ anything, you get what you earn. Even if he was better, the only thing that matters is that he was behind Hamilton, and about to lose, until it got rigged in his favour.

      1. Your statement is contradictory. If you get what you earn, and he got the world championship, is that because he earned it? Maybe the racing gods felt it necessary to intervene and reward him for Imola, Baku, Silverstone and Hungary, and rigged it in his favour?

      2. And conveniently forgetting Lewis should never have been in the position to fight for the championship that last race. Rigged to the bone to let them fight starting with equal points. Season should have been wrapped up way earlier in Max favor. I hope FIA finally strips Mercedes of their ridiculous political influence. And hope the 2022 cars finally reward talent instead of handing titles to a technological dominant team that has the deepest pockets. What a joke the V6hybrid era has been. Lets hope we never repeat it.

        1. Absolutely, that’s a comment as biased as it gets by first saying “you get what you earn” and then saying verstappen didn’t earn the title, if you look at luck across the year it’s well earned, more than hamilton would have.

        2. Rubbish. What rigging are you talking about? Repeating those claims doesn’t make them true. As for talent, it appears you are not aware that F1 has always rewarded the best technical talent in addition to driving talent. You make it seem like Mercedes’ fault that they’ve had an abundance of both over the hybrid era. And if you’re talking about deep pockets, you probably think Red Bull and Honda were operating on shoestring budgets during this time…

  2. “Obviously there’s the ‘feeling sorry for Lewis’ side but there shouldn’t be a ‘Max doesn’t deserve it’ side. He absolutely also deserves it, so that’s that.”

    Reading just the headline, I was going to post something along the lines of ‘things nobody ever said’ – such as that Max doesn’t deserve the title. Nobody really has said that. But actually Danny Ricciardo is saying ‘hypothetically’ that’s the case, he’s not contradicting anyone who has said that, so I’m not sure it’s quite accurate to say he said ‘wrong to claim Verstappen doesn’t deserve title’. But anyhow.

    It’s obviously not the way you’d like to see the greatest of all time go

    I’m saving that one for future use, obviously :O)

    1. People say this all the time. People say it on Twitter. People say it on Reddit. People say it in the comments on this very website all the time. Someone literally just said it two posts above yours.

      1. @sjaakfoo they’re saying it because there is good reason. The question is not whether Max could win a WDC. He’s fast enough. Give him a car that’s faster than any other car and he’ll easily never see anyone in his mirrors and win without having to race anyone.

        We’re talking about 2021 and the specific championship. It’s in that regard that he’s undeserving.

        That being said, he did have amazing races and does have massive speed. The main issue was the wheel-to-wheel racing and it was sad to watch a driver that seems to have such a high set of skills, just muck it up in ways we’ve never witnessed before in any racing category.

        1. How many times must he overtake Hamilton before we accept that his wheel-to-wheel racing is fine?

          1. @exeviolthor

            Max’s wheel-to-wheel racing is fine

            That’s comedy gold – I can visualize Marko and Horner saying that while the rest of the paddock is rolling on the floor.

            Max wasn’t trying to take Lewis out – he was just exploring his space. It just happened to overlap with Lewis’s space at the moment – a very, very long moment.

          2. @exeviolthor The overtaking was ‘fine’ if you drivers are allowed to push the other driver off track to pass while staying on yourself. Seems to be the rule. Apparently, weirdly, if you don’t push your rival off track and allow them space, but they turn in and there’s a collision, that’s bad and you get a penalty. Or maybe your initials need to be LH versus a Red Bull for that one.
            Anyhow: what wasn’t fine was Max’s defensive driving, which you confuse when you write the generic ‘wheel-to-wheel’ racing.

          3. @david-br

            My comment was a response to “The main issue was the wheel-to-wheel racing and it was sad to watch a driver that seems to have such a high set of skills, just muck it up in ways we’ve never witnessed before in any racing category”.
            Regarding his defensive driving I believe that his is very skillful and has proven this many times in his career.
            Having said that, he was definitely unfair in quite a few occasions this year. I supported him during this season, but if I were calling the shots then he would have received a race ban for what he did in Saudi Arabia and a penalty much earlier on in Brazil.

          4. @exeviolthor This is what infuriates me. Max has proven he can race perfectly fine wheel to wheel, both fiercely but fairly. I was lucky enough to be able to witness his battle against Leclerc at Silverstone in 2019, that was one of the best battles of recent years if you ask me. He raced perfectly fine that day, which is why some of his moves last season really left a sour taste in my mouth.

          5. @exeviolthor Fair enough, we can agree the really questionable area was his defensive driving.
            As Norris pointed out, though, sometimes shoving another driver off track isn’t deemed OK (when he was penalized for doing so to Perez). It has always been a gray area, with drivers insisting that they ‘have the racing line’ and their rival has to back off or go off (or they collide). Max has exploited that to the full. Not always within acceptable limits, though, the most reasonable example being Monza 2021 when he took both himself and Hamilton out at turn 2.

          6. @david-br

            What he did in Monza was also beyond what should be allowed. The reason I did not mention this incident is that I believe that the penalty that he received was fair.
            In my opinion Hamilton also got a very lenient penalty in Silverstone. For me this should have been a stop-go penalty.

      2. @sjaakfoo Yeah, #VoidLap58 came up in my Twitter trends today and I made the mistake of clicking on the link. Still plenty of sore losers about, although the number of brain cells they share between them is even lower than I had previously thought.

        1. @red-andy Clearly the abundance number of orange fans at races disputes your claim of more brain cells. Unless the vast majority of F1 fans have IQs of 140 or above, I believe the opposite is probably true:-)

          In fact given Max’s clear inability to learn over the years, you could argue that he does fall on the left side of the IQ bell curve.

          1. @freelittlebirds I take it you despised Michael Schumacher.

          2. @robbie I’ve read your post of the corollary between Max and Michael Schumacher. They do share some traits but it’s important to note that Michael was disqualified in 1997 and Max deserved a disqualification in 2021.

          3. @freelittlebirds Soooo…I take it you despise Michael Schumacher.

          4. @robbie I didn’t say that … what does Schumacher have to do with Max or the gifting of a championship?

          5. @freelittlebirds

            Schumacher was disqualified over a clearly intentional move to get his main rival out so as to win the championship. Also after what happened in 1994 everyone was watching closely if he would do it.

            Why should Verstappen be disqualified?

          6. @freelittlebirds “The one thing he did NOT deserve was a championship. It’s crazy for anyone to accept that type of driving.”

            Exactly what type of driving do you mean? Millions upon millions accepted ‘it’ from MS and consider him the GOAT. LH has used ‘that type of driving’ numerous times. If you’ve changed your issue to be that Max was gifted a Championship, well that is not on Max nor to do with his driving, and you should be complaining about F1/FIA, not Max. Meanwhile, if indeed it is Max’s ‘type of driving’ you have an issue with, what did you think of MS’s career of it then? Maybe you didn’t witness it first hand.

          7. @exeviolthor Let’s be clear too that as Mosley’s and Ecclestone’s pet project, MS’s disqualification amounted to a slap on the wrist. He had taken himself out of the Championship anyway when he bounced himself off JV’s car and into the kitty litter, and he got to keep his wins and his poles for the year in spite of being ‘disqualified’ from the Championship. Sooo his penalty? Nothing of any consequence whatsoever.

          8. @robbie

            True. It was a non-penalty and actually at the time I did not like it at all.
            I never supported Schumacher when he was racing, but I always considered him to be the best of his generation.

      3. @sjaakfoo Oh, OK! Didn’t know Daniel is a RaceFans reader! And people say literally anything on Twitter (or so I’m told – TBH I rarely venture there). I’m talking about what circulates as opinion among the ‘big folk’, you know, journalists, pundits and the like.

  3. Both Verstappen and Hamilton had a season worthy of a driver’s championship. And regardless of who won, what neither one of them deserved was to have a massive dark shadow cast over the whole thing by the misplaced actions of the race director making an absolute hash of the end of the race, and essentially (even if unintentionally) orchestrating the results.

  4. @RJ In any other year with any other race director, Max would have been out of the championship.

    Hard to talk about being a worthy WDC when his wheel-to-wheel racing makes him look like a toddler in a bumper car.

  5. It’s simple – he deserved the title but he’s an illegitimate champion, given the fact that the rules were broken.
    If the rules had been followed, he would have lost.

    1. That is just nonsense. There is no such thing as an illegitimate champion. Going down this road of thought, you are effectively going to have to give that illegitimate title to a whole range of drivers and teams in F1 history. F1 is littered with controversial decisions. Teams have outright cheated rules, drivers have done many bankable offenses, the FIA have made many dubious decisions in the past and will likely do many more.

      It’s the past. Let it go.

    2. Alonso is an illegitimate champion because of mass damper in 2006 then?

    3. No, Max is the legitimate F1 World Drivers’ Champion. Mercedes appealed to the Stewards and they said no rules were broken. Since no rules were broken it means Max won the race, so he is the legitimate WDC.

    4. VER wouldn’t have lost, you’re assuming that HAM would be winning the GP with 1 lap to go, but you never know if a Hakkinen Spain 2001 might have happened to him.

      As much as it was unfair to HAM, the fair outcome IMO would have been to void the race results… but still VER would win based on their standings post-Saudi GP.

  6. Max doesn’t deserve the championship wheatley masi and Horner cheated lewis Hamilton out of his championship simple as that. It’s a disgrace to even call max worthy champion when he got gifted I’m what fia will say if they confirm what we already know max fans you have to blame masi actions. It’s asterisk in max career even Martin of sky now changing his opinion

  7. I agree with Ricciardo. Abu Dhabi can’t be held against Max. He did nothing wrong, so you can’t use Abu Dhabi as a reason to claim he’s undeserving. I myself, despite starting the season as a strong Max fan and supported him for most of the season, started having second thoughts after Brazil and Saudi Arabia and by Abu Dhabi I would have been fine/indifferent with either winning the title. I don’t have a problem with who won the title, but I do have a problem with how it was won. However, I do personally recognise Max as the 2021 champion, but I equally appreciate the fight and battle they provided one another, and I hope that as time goes on I will continue to recognise the incredible achievements of Hamilton throughout the season. I will take the official results of the race/season, so equally I recognise Hamilton as the winner in Canada in 2019, for example.

    1. I’m the opposite. I started supporting Max after Silverstone as it was a sporting disgrace. Max was completely deserving and I feel he would have felt even more robbed if he hadn’t won the championship. A lot of things fell into place for Lewis for him to have the chance to nick it at the end. Max’ luck amounted to 1 place gained at Abu Dhabi. Lewis gained a lot more points with good fortune over the season.

      1. Absolutely, I feel the same way, silverstone was as unfair as it gets.

  8. Here we go again. F1 championship is not like figure skating or ballet. You win by accumulating points based on physical position at the end of a race and not by the disposition of a judge.
    Who deserves the championship is unknown to us the viewers because we can’t tell the driver who puts in the most effort.
    The sport needs consistently applied rules not stuff made up on the fly, we might just aswell award the championship to Sainz because he also drove well.

  9. Your Sport is Dead.

  10. @freelittlebirds you are the one of those who have repetitively repeated similar nonsense since the end of last year and actively commented nonsense throughout.

    Personally, I think it’s time to move on!

  11. I’m fed up with hearing how Max deserved the title over the course of the season as an excuse for the travesty that was Abu-Dhabi.
    Yes Max does deserve to be WDC no question.
    Lots of times in sport the loser deserves to be the winner. Sometimes the worse team wins. If Max had got past those five back markers and still overtaken Lewis, which I think he was capable of, I would have acknowledged his deserved WDC and moved on.
    But I can’t…….and we know that had it happened the other way round…. would any Max fan feel less cheated than a Lewis fan…..can any Max fan say honestly they wouldn’t.?

  12. The WDC was decided in Abu Dabhi. Deserved was before that.

    1. Well Said!

  13. For me the problem is that, if it were any midseason race instead of the title decider/last GP of the year, it would have 99,99% ended under safety car, like it has on numerous occasions before. But as it was the finale and Masi decided to put on a show, the usual customs were suddenly ignored and anyone that based their strategic decisions for the last safety car period on the years of prior experience and standard procedures for these kinds of situations, were doomed without their knowledge. Therefore the race results were clearly dictated by the race director making the exact opposite decision as to what everyone expected. So if it were not for Masi making such a bizarre ruling for the sake of show and drama, the GP win would 100% have been Hamiltons. And thus also the championship. The title was kept from him through unsporting decisions of someone off the track. In a fair fight, no one had a chance against Hamilton that day.

    It was a great championship fight we saw this year. Lewis made some mistakes this season, but that only shows the pressure that Verstappen put him under. Max mostly dominated, as evidenced his tally of laps lead, but through hard work, Lewis was never too far behind if not in the lead. Lewis and Max both left a lot of points on the table, but at the end of the year, they went into the last round on equal points and in my mind, they were both worthy to take the title.
    And as Christian said, with ten laps to go, they needed a miracle to have any chance of winning this race. During the last safety car, Masi was well aware what the certain outcome of the decision he was contemplating would be, and so he decided to play God and gave Red-Bull the miracle they were begging for and thus, with near certainty, single handedly deciding the championship.

    So, as Lewis wasn’t crowned the winner and Max was gifted a deciding result he didn’t earn, in my mind, 2021 will for ever be a year we didn’t have a drivers champion in F1. If anything, I will look back to it as the year that Lewis was robbed of his 8th championship. It makes me sad we didn’t get a real end to the greatest championship fight for maybe this whole generation.

    1. This is ridiculous, the only reason hamilton could’ve mathematically won the last race was because of verstappen’s bad luck. It’s insane to call the driver who deserved most an undeserving world champion, even this website ranked verstappen first! Pretty much any website, even the british biased ones.

      1. I didn’t say Max didn’t deserve to win the championship, I said he had no answer to Hamilton in the last race and didn’t deserve the race win he was gifted there. The fact that this gifted win also gave him the title was a massive injustice because Lewis and Mercedes had done everything right the whole race and were about to take the championship and a commanding race win, until a few laps to go when Red-bull were gifted basically an unavoidable pass on Lewis.
        And as without winning the last race, Max wouldn’t have been the champion, and he shouldn’t have.

        @andrewf1 put it perfectly: He deserved the title, but he’s an illegitimate champion, because of how he got the win.

      2. @esploratore1 – this is my problem with the so called silver bullet of criticising Hamilton for Silverstone and the ‘luck’ element. Verstappen had a significant points advantage ( he could afford 0 points from the race and still be ahead in the championship ) but I personally think his decision to maintain the line he had at copse sealed his own doom, I.e not respecting where Hamilton was and the speed of the corner. (Yeah I know not popular opinion)

        But oddly enough when I saw that I also remember when he collided with Ocon a back marker at the time with a slight pace advantage trying to unlap himself and we all remember how that finished. In a nutshell, an element of caution would’ve served him well on both situations.

        Verstappen has made several similar moves all season and Hamilton always elected to avoid contact. Part of me wishes he didn’t (Hamilton not avoiding) then we’ll be probably talking very differently.
        But if he didn’t he wouldn’t have lasted or dragged this out as long as he did.

        Luck wise, Baku was both lucky and unlucky for Max, since Hamilton didn’t capitalise on his bad luck (even though it was confirmed team may have contributed to it via tyre pressure issue?)

        Hungarian gp was both lucky and unlucky for Max yes he was crashed into but was still able to get some points and Hamilton didn’t maximise points due to strategy and Alonso 😂. Point is could’ve been worse but he still got something from it which is important.

        Russian gp was phenomenal good fortune for both Max and Lewis more so Max, considering the grid penalty.

        Italy gp well, maintaining your championship lead, crashing out your main rival on a track arguably one they should’ve got points from is an element of luck, as I don’t think Max intentionally tried to end their races but that’s what happened ‘lucky’ for Max it made no real difference to him he still had the championship lead.

        This can go on depending how you want to read it.

    2. Example the race website rankings by edd straws have hamilton at 7.9 and verstappen 8.5 out of 10, despite it being a british website, maybe the problem lies with those who think verstappen doesn’t deserve the title.

    3. For me the problem is that, if it were any midseason race instead of the title decider/last GP of the year, it would have 99,99% ended under safety car, like it has on numerous occasions before. But as it was the finale and Masi decided to put on a show, the usual customs were suddenly ignored

      I think that if you ask all people involved beforehand if they wanted the championship to be decided behind the safety car (irrespective of who was leading) everybody would be against it, including Red Bull and Mercedes. Perhaps it was even discussed beforehand and decided that that would be a very unfitting end to a spectacular season. So deciding the championship behind the safety car was not an option. It was the clearing of (some of) the backmarkers that was controversial, not the restart itself.

  14. As we saw later in the year, Max gets by another, by going too fast and in order to stay on track after getting by, he puts himself and the other car in a situation where he doesn’t have enough control over the car to give the other car the necessary and rightfully expected space like they are taught during their career. Basically, he goes into the corner way too fast, half way out of control, speeding by the other car and then putting his car into the place the other driver intended to use to slow down. So the other car has to choose, stay on track and run into Max or go off the track and lose time/positions. He won’t leave enough safe space for the other car.
    It’s like cutting in a ticket line. Fair drivers line up in the order they got to the que. Max gets to the que and cuts in front, he is perfectly happy with himself and its up to the person he cut in front of, to decide whether to have an altercation with him. That’s just not how we as people have agreed to do it. But he doesn’t care.

    1. This was meant as a response to someone above saying that Lewis’s contact with Max at silverston was a disgrace and Lewis was wholly to blame. Insinuating it was Hamiltons intent to take out Max.

      Can’t find the original comment any more :S

  15. I encourage everyone to listen to Chris Harris’ latest podcast with Jost Capito, a man who aside from his illustrious carreer as in the automotive industry and motorsport, is an FIA accredited race steward, scrutineer and former race director of Porsche Carrrera cup.

    1. Why? What did they say that you feel we need to know? Just curious for a spoiler so I decide whether it’s worth looking for.

      1. Whatever it is, it surely agrees with Jay Menon’s opinion.

    2. Funny to read all the comments.I will be supporting #1 this year. Have fun and hope 2022 will be an exciting season.

  16. As much as i don’t like Max, Marko and Christian, in 2021 season Max indeed performed better than Hamilton (consistency). Not to mentioned RB often do seems to get their strategy right too.

    It is unfortunate Max had to win WDC in such controversy race

    1. This is well said indeed!

  17. Both drivers deserved the title last year given the level they performed at. Unfortunately though the last race has tainted the championship for Verstappen and that will never go away. The history books will always show Verstappen won but the fans will forever more say only because the last race was a sham and he was gifted the win on the last lap. Verstappen fans can insult Hamilton and his fans all they like and moan about the perceived wrongs against their driver for the year but the fact is that Masi has tainted last years championship, not Hamilton or his fans.

    This stupid retreading of old ground needs to stop and I hope it does so after the FIA release their findings but I doubt it will. The Verstappen fans need to realise that even people who disagree with what happened in Abu Dhabi for the most part do not blame Verstappen. In fact, the blame for Verstappen’s aggressive driving is not even his fault, it’s a driver making a conscious decision to push the limits because the FIA have done nothing to stop him. Likewise the Hamilton fans need to stop blaming Verstappen and his fans for his unfair driving when it’s a consequence of weak stewarding.

    Fans on all sides of the issues just want to not have such controversies in future and ultimately the people who need to be called out for that are the FIA and not any particular drivers fanbase. People are constantly ripping into each other on here instead of at the people who are wrecking our sport. I have no doubt had the roles been reversed and Hamilton won the title in the same circumstances as Verstappen in the last race the Verstappen fans would have been just as aggrieved and angry about the situation. Pretending nothing was wrong about what happened doesn’t help the situation.

    1. Only it’s not tainted or a sham. I never hear anybody talking about Prost winning the title that Senna should have won at Suzuka. In time nobody will discuss Lewis winning his first title with the help of Crashgate or the fact he cantered to many more titles at ease. Titles at the end of the day can be won under many different circumstances. Take Button with Brawn for example. What is clear is that Max was better than Lewis in a clear fight. If Lewis had the same DNF’s as Max last year, then Max could have had the title even before Jeddah.

      1. But it is. I still know that both Senna and Prost crashed their way to titles and I clearly remember Schumacher cheating Damon Hill out of the title in 1994 and also attempting the same again in 1997.

        The rest of your point is irrelevant about whether his title is now tainted. There is at least 2 DNF’s that Max could have prevented by backing off but he refused to do so. Hamilton did back off numerous times from Verstappen and preserved the points in those races. At some point you have to take responsibility for your own losses of points from accidents. Had Verstappen been made to do so earlier in his career then he could have indeed learned that lesson and wrapped up the title quicker.

        I only hope next year he gets some of the same treatment back he’s been dealing out and we’ll see if Leclerc, Sainz, Russell for example will let him run them off the road. If he continues to drive with this belief he’s never wrong you could find him a long way behind in the championship very quickly if others are competitive this year.

        1. At least 2? There was only Monza where he could have backed off to prevent a DNF. The other 3 were tyre failure at Baku and wreckless driving by a Mercedes at Silverstone and Hungaroring. Despite his 4 DNF’s to Hamilton’s 1 he still won, nothing tainted there.

          1. Probably no other driver would have turned in ignoring the car alongside in silverstone. He could have easily left enough space and avoid to take himself out. And the Monza crash he did on purpose ofc.

  18. Both drivers were literally way ahead of the rest of the competition last year. Both were on another level both made mistakes unfortunately the championship will be controversial not because of the drivers but because of fia, masi in particular and the inconsistent application of the rules.

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