De Vries to make third practice outing at Monza with Aston Martin

2022 Italian Grand Prix

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Formula E champion Nyck de Vries will drive for Aston Martin in the first practice session of this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

Mercedes’ 2020-21 Formula E world champion and 2019 Formula 2 champion has already made two practice outings in F1 this year, driving for Mercedes customer team Williams at the Spanish Grand Prix and Mercedes themselves at the French Grand Prix.

Each of his appearances have come as part of a new-for-2022 line in F1’s sporting regulations that requires all teams give up two practice sessions across the season to drivers with less than three grand prix starts to their name.

De Vries will take over Sebastian Vettel’s car at Monza. The Mercedes reserve has already been working with Aston Martin in the team’s simulator to learn their car.

“I am really looking forward to driving for Aston Martin F1, particularly at such a legendary circuit as Monza,” said de Vries.

“It will be my third FP1 session of the season, and in the third different F1 chassis, and these opportunities have given me a fantastic insight into how F1 cars and teams function and operate. I hope I can bring a fresh perspective to the Aston Martin F1 team and can undertake a run programme that proves beneficial to us both.”

Aston Martin had faced a dilemma in finding drivers for the free practice rule, as there is no young driver development programme aligned to the F1 arm of the brand. Aston Martin Racing, which competes in GT sportscar racing, does have its own academy.

Aston Martin’s F1 team principal Mike Krack said he has “watched Nyck’s career with great interest” as he has taken two major titles in the last three years. “He drove brilliantly to win the F2 title in 2019 and underlined his class by winning the FE world championship in 2020-21, so we are looking forward to gaining his perspectives and insights about our car.

“His achievements show that he clearly deserves a shot at F1 – and, hopefully, this opportunity to get behind the wheel of the AMR22 will allow him to showcase his abilities to the wider world.”

Aston Martin’s 2023 F1 line-up is already confirmed, with Fernando Alonso replacing the retiring Vettel alongside Lance Stroll. De Vries has not been guaranteed a second FP1 run with the team. He has already been linked to moving to Williams to replace Nicholas Latifi next year, and as Mercedes have left FE, his future in that series is yet to be announced.

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    21 comments on “De Vries to make third practice outing at Monza with Aston Martin”

    1. A driver in three FP1s for as many different teams in a single season.
      I don’t recall the same happening before, so possibly a record.

      1. Perhaps Russel. I think he tested for williams, mercedes and force india. Not sure if it was all in the same year though.

        1. @jesperfey13 He definitely didn’t drive a Mercedes in an FP1 (excluding 2020 Sakhir GP for incomparability) as they only ever ran regular drivers in all race weekend sessions along with Ferrari & RBR for a long time before the requirement that came in for this season.

          1. @jerejj Latifi did outings in Force India and Racing Point in 2018 (techically same team)
            Alexander Rossi drove for Marussia and Caterham in 2014

      2. The third rookie test of the season for a 28 years old driver. Meanwhile, Drugovich, the driver that’s dominating the current F2 season (70 points in the lead) does not get a single chance to drive a F1 car. What is even the point of the feeder series system anyway? Just take at look at the Piastri situation. A generational talent, back to back f2 and f3 titles… sitting in the bench for a full season while we get to watch the likes of Latifi driving in F1. FIA should just kill the feeder series and let the teams sell their seats to the wealthiest fathers

    2. So, will De Vries be in the Williams next year? Or stay on as 3rd driver for Mercedes?

      1. @bascb
        Either option is possible or something else, as Ricciardo has recently been linked to a Mercedes reserve role.

      2. @bascb Possibly 3rd driver for Mercedes, Williams, Aston Martin, McLaren…

    3. Aston Martin’s 2023 F1 line-up is already confirmed, with Sebastian Vettel replacing the retiring Vettel to become team mate to Lance Stroll.

      Alpine are going to be really annoyed when they hear this…

    4. When I saw Nyck sitting beside Toto this weekend, I kept wondering who’s kid was in the garage :)

    5. Looks like they’re grooming him for Williams.
      But I’ve also heard that his technical feedback is about the best in the paddock, so maybe they’re just using him to diagnose issues.

    6. Time for Seb to walk now, and let someone like De Vries with passion to take over. Seb is well and truly done, especially after being trounced by Stroll last time out.

    7. @elliotwood, typo in last paragraph. Should be Alonso replacing Vettel.

    8. Now we jus have to wait until Lance is sacked. De Vries will take his place. That should happen soon, right?

    9. Aston Martin and Williams have no junior drivers they’re interested in?

      Not a single one? Just – by sheer coincidence – the one Mercedes wants them to drive?

      Hopefully the 2026 regulations add some much needed engine diversity back to the grid.

      1. Williams has Sargeant who’s driving FP1 in Austin.

      2. Firstly, as noted by others, Williams are planning to run one of their drivers.

        Secondly, did you not notice that the article states that Aston Martin does not have a young driver academy? They have struck that deal with Mercedes because they don’t have anyone under contract with them that would qualify for that mandatory test session.

      3. They’re apparently working on something with Drugovich; this said, DeVries running a FP1 with Aston may have been agreed to a long time ago, before Drugovich was even in the picture.

    10. I don’t think the idea with this rule was (or was it?) to force customer teams to test their “overlord’s” reserve drivers. It’s weird seeing him going from team to team for a single practise session. If they wanted to give more young drivers a chance, this isn’t achieving it then. It’s just about keeping some Ferrari/Mercedes/RB drivers fresh

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