Norris: Discussions with Red Bull before McLaren deal no more than a “chat”

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In the round-up: Lando Norris says his discussions with Red Bull about a possible drive with the team were no more than “a chat”

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Norris: Contract discussions with Red Bull were no more than a “chat”

Lando Norris says his discussions with Red Bull about a possible drive with the team were no more than “a chat”.

Norris signed a multi-year contract extension to remain with McLaren until the end of the 2025 season early this year. After recently revealing he had preliminary talks with Red Bull about a race seat, Norris clarified that they amounted to little more than a casual conversation.

“I spoke to them, I spoke to a few other people,” Norris explained. “But, like, a chat’s a chat. It’s not like, ‘what can we do’ straight away.

“It was just coming to the end of the contract when you just see what options are available. You just kind of find out what might be possible over the next few years. It wasn’t just Red Bull – every driver has chats with a lot of the different teams about what could happen, and simple as that, basically.”

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner said that the team has had multiple speculative discussions with Norris over the years about the prospect of racing with his team.

“We’ve spoken to Lando a couple of times over the years, but every time we’ve had a conversation, the next day he signed a contract with McLaren,” Horner said. “He’s on a long-term contract with McLaren and looks like he’s going to be there for a few more years.”

Indy Lights rebranded as ‘Indy NXT’

The IndyCar feeder series Indy Lights has been rebranded as ‘Indy NXT’ as of next season. The championship’s branding refresh is intended to “inspire and relate to Generation Z and young talent.”

The 2023 Indy NXT series will run as originally scheduled, starting off alongside the IndyCar series in St Petersburg on March 5th. This year’s series champion was Linus Lundqvist.

Mini steps up to FIA F3 with Hitech

Formula Regional European Championship runner-up Gabriele Mini will step up to the FIA Formula 3 championship next year with Hitech, the team announced.

The 17-year-old has competed at Formula Regional level the last two years with ART. This season, he took fourth place in the Formula Regional Asian Championship with two race wins, despite missing a round, and came second to Dino Beganovic in the European series with three victories.

Formula 1 extends AWS data partnership

Formula 1 has extended its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and will debut new graphics at this month’s season-ending grand prix in Abu Dhabi.

AWS provides data points that FOM display as visual graphics on the world feed coverage, including telemetry analysis of rival drivers through corners, overtaking difficulty predictions, projected pit stop outcomes and more.

From the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, AWS will introduce a new ‘track dominance’ graphics, which will visually display which micro-sectors on the circuit each driver is fastest around.

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Comment of the day

With teams debating whether to introduce a second factory shutdown period into Formula 1 over the winter, PeterG worries about team staff members being stretched to the limit with the current calendar…

Just further highlights that there are too many races now.

But money is clearly more important than the good of the sport and those who actually work the most hours within it.

Already saw some reports earlier in the year about an increase in staff turnover and i expect that is only going to get worse as more simply decide to walk away rather than put up with the increasing ridiculous number of races as well as the apparently brutal double and triple header weekends.

Sports going in the wrong direction on several fronts and when the bubble it’s in bursts it’s going to end up far more worse off.

Happy birthday!

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23 comments on “Norris: Discussions with Red Bull before McLaren deal no more than a “chat””

  1. Coventry Climax
    4th November 2022, 1:19

    Agree with the COTD.
    Disagree with AWS staying on. They can’t even build a website with a decent user experience, so it’s no wonder their F1 graphics s u c k. Big time.

    1. At least they’ve gotten rid of the tyre wear graphic which was just totally wrong and the overtake percentage graphic doesn’t seem to be showing up lately.

      1. Coventry Climax
        4th November 2022, 3:46

        Like any normal SW developer tests before going live, they should also test their own junk for percentage of correctness, before putting it on screen.

  2. Hopefully F1 can give back to the local Las Vegas community but donating some of the profits to local causes. Las Vegas has some of the highest poverty rates in Nevada as well as a huge homeless population.

  3. Every time we’ve had a conversation, the next day he signed a contract with McLaren

    Horner has that effect on me, too

    1. Bravo! COTD!

  4. some racing fan
    4th November 2022, 3:38

    IndyCar is ripping off WWE with their NXT logo. Smooth…

  5. But money is clearly more important than the good of the and those who actually work the most hours within it.

    Company, game, industry, school, sport… You name it, that’s true everywhere. It’s not an F1 problem, it’s societal.

    1. @skipgamer F1 is considerably more brutal than other sports travel & logistics-wise, while the other four you mentioned are totally incomparable on all counts.

  6. If RBR gets Norris… another miss by Ferrari!

    1. It still can happen in the Future but i think Lando want to battle Max in a different car. I am not sure Ferrari is interested in Lando as they have 2 good drivers.

      1. True, Ferrari might not be interested in Norris (or some other real talent) as long as they have LEC but, as you said, SAI is just “good”, and that means “mediocre+”. So far SAI didn’t prove anything serious, on contrary I might say. He’s better than LEC in like 3-4 races / season, but that happens with every champ = they have few races in a season when they do not perform as expected and their lower rated team mates beats them. Not enough tho to win champs, that’s why in my opinion Ferrari should be interested in Norris, it seems they need the best drivers available more than RBR or Mercedes. Of course Norris will choose RBR over Ferrari, but if they get past discussions (for 2024), more than sure NOR will choose Ferrari over McLaren. This is my view, overall SAI showed what he can do and unless there’s a big change in 2023, Ferrari should drop him for 2024 without thinking twice. They could very well try Magnussen or so, he seems more of a fighter than SAI, won’t be surprised if overall he performs than SAI. Also, they could try something with RIC, I think he’s better than SAI.

        1. I was fine with this until you said the word Magnussen, are you feeling okay?

        2. I very much doubt ricciardo or magnussen would be better than sainz, it’s also true magnussen never had a top car but he doesn’t strike me as a top driver from what I saw in his many years of racing; ricciardo in the red bull stint was probably a bit better than sainz, but it’s a big gamble given his lack of adaptation ability.

  7. Oh no. I can’t wait what AWS has planned to show us next. How many squirrels is there between the pole time and 2nd… That mini sector thing sounds cool but it takes something away. Now we know even more presicely where and how much a driver loses to another driver. 3 sectors are fine and the waiting between sector 3 and finish line is the most exciting part of quali.

  8. He was already under contract until 2024-end, before the separate 2025 addition pre-Monaco GP, not that this matters anymore.

    Micro-sector graphics already appeared in 2018, IIRC.

    COTD makes valid points, although double-headers aren’t really brutal, but triples, yes.

    F1 is considerably more brutal than other sports travel & logistics-wise, while the other four you mentioned are entirely incomparable on all counts.

  9. I expect the opportunity for Lando to play second fiddle to Max, was quite an easy one to resist. After all he’s team leader at McLaren in effect.

    I expect Lewis’ seat at Merc would be a better long term option for him.

    1. I expect he talks to other teams so his price goes up.

  10. Norris is smart enough to know that race alongside a clear number 1 is a career killer to future opportunities at the top, because the number 2 will always be seen as lacking next to the very best. For a multitude of reasons.

    Maybe he can partner Russell in the future. What is clear is that he isn’t staying at Mclaren for long, he is young but it’s about time to move to the next level, race wins and multiple podiums every season, and Mclaren hardly will provide any of that in the short term.

    1. Yes, going to red bull would be a big risk, if he isn’t close to verstappen and gets beaten regularly he will establish himself as a tier below the best, and while I have full confidence in norris’ ability, I can’t think of any team where he’d be under more pressure than that.

  11. petebaldwin (@)
    4th November 2022, 14:48

    Think Indycar will likely have a letting on the way from WWE on that one…

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