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Rate the race: 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix

2023 Hungarian Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Hungarian Grand Prix.

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37 comments on “Rate the race: 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix”

  1. Something is wrong with the rating part, but a somewhat straightforward race despite some good battles & differing strategies in the mix, so a more typical Hungaroring race.

    1. What were the good battles? Someone getting close and then making a DRS past? George and Perez was slightly interesting for .1 seconds.

  2. ERROR: “Rate the 2022 Dutch Grand Prix out of 10”

    That was a typical boring Hungaroring race. Hamilton’s start was the disappointment of the day.

  3. Worst race of the season? Most likely.


  4. 2.
    Boring and predictable Totally expected of both this venue and F1 in general – but really, it was dull.

  5. Unable to vote for some reason but a 5/10 for me

  6. Well, that was disappointing.

  7. Neil (@neilosjames)
    23rd July 2023, 16:19

    I’ve spent more than half my life disagreeing with those “F1 is boring” people, but every now and then I kind of see their point of view. Today was one of those times.

    1. Yellow Baron
      23rd July 2023, 19:05

      Similar here but 8 used to just enjoy even if there was a boring race. Now it’s very different in many ways and with something like indycar, it really is boring this damp rag of a sport

  8. Had hopes. But no, it didn’t get better :(

  9. Pretty flat race. Thankfully the McLarens put on a good performance! Not sure why Piastri dropped off sharply at the end but otherwise they were very impressive.

  10. It was fun to watch from above / right side of the pit straight. A decent strategy race. I’ll bump my 6 to a 7. I didn’t see the broadcast though.

  11. Some admirable results, but I wish I hadn’t watched them get there…
    If Zhou made a better start before playing skittles, like his team mate a couple of years ago, we could have had another new winner at the Hungaroring. And if the new rules have sustained all these sets of tyres sustainably, why’s everyone droning round on the most boring ones?

    1. Zhou winning? I’d like to try what you’re smoking.

  12. Boring Boring Boring. In 50 years of watching F1 I have never been so disinterested in races and results. I think since the Americans’ took over we have lost a lot of F1’s soul and it has been turned into a circus. For goodness sake can’t someone do something to liven up these processions behind Verstappen? No doubt he’s a good driver but something is blatantly wrong if a team can ‘interpret’ F1 rules and regulations so differently from their competitors. The excitement is leeching out of this sport and it’s just becoming a cash cow for already wealthy Americans who care more about profit than Top Class Racing. And don’t get me going on the Abu Dhabi 21 result that kicked this whole debacle off…..

    1. You’re supposed to get in as the first comment to garner outrage – no point being an hour late @discotheque ;)

      1. So thanks for getting all the way down to my comment – and I’ll heed your advice in future!!

  13. As so often this year, if Max hadn’t been there, it would have been a great race; helped by different teams being stronger at different times.

    In the last five laps, you had Russell overtaking Sainz and charging at Leclerc, who closed on Piastri; and Hamilton charging at Perez being held off by Norris. None of those seven was able to coast in the closing stages; and there was a similar level of interest throughout.

    The problem is that the Red Bull remains .7-.8 seconds per lap ahead of the field, at least in Max’s hands… Perez clearly went all-out and was still slower than the best times from Mercedes and McLaren. So we have great racing with a field that’s far closer together than it has been historically, with one guy alone out the front, not even duelling a teammate.

    I hope they can reel him in soon!

    1. It wasn’t a great race behind Max, so no. No it wouldn’t have made it a good race.

  14. Usual dull RBR rocketship crusade.

  15. Ecclestone was right. Tracks need sprinklers to give us more wet races.

  16. Watched the highlights. If you take out all the DRS shenanigans, it seems Zhou and Hamilton messing up their start, and Sargeant spinning seem to be the only things that happened. These 2022-regulation F1 cars are such bad race machines.

    The gap at the end between Verstappen and Norris was once again embarrassing for the other teams. Remarkably, a similar gap behind Hamilton to Piastri and the Ferraris + Russell. Another unforced error from Leclerc, unfortunately.

  17. 5/10. Please get rid of the rubbish DRS system (double in this case). Especially in races like these it makes overtaking way to simple and takes away the few moments of excitement we might have had. Furthermore it nullifies all the experimenting with qualifying formats – you could even have had a reversed grid like F2 and I bet you would (almost) get the same result. I am under the strong impression that the DRS system benefits the big teams more than the small teams -my point being a driver of a smaller team has no weapons to defend his position once confronted with a stronger opponent. For all the experimenting the FIA is doing with formats – it would be so simple to just get rid of DRS for one weekend and see how that works out? Also with all Data and the AI models available I would be super interested what the outcome of this weekend could have been without DRS (yes Verstappen would have won 100% of the time) – bet plenty of smart minds could make a model for this!

  18. Not a bad race, certainly better than the procession there was for most of the race in Britain.

    Different strategies at play even with cars that started on the same tyres made it entertaining.

  19. One of those races where I looked at my Sky Q box with contempt thinking how much am I paying for this?! Every single overtake was an easy DRS cruise past a driver who didn’t even put up a fight. I really think that the work Ross and Pat have done have massively devalued this sport (unintentionally of course). Perhaps I should try the Channel 4 Highlights instead and save some money. How much would I really miss in terms of the action if I did?

  20. This race needs something extra to make it lively. It could be weather, it could be safety car, a red flag or even reverse grid. On a dry day with no track incident the race will be a procession. If a driver misses the opportunity to pass on the straights, then with these wide cars, an entire lap would be wasted before another opportunity for a clean pass.

  21. 8. Perfect drive from the winner, excellent drive by Norris, and some interesting races through the field. Change of guards going on behind RedBull for who is closest, very nice to see how that will further develop.

    DRS is part of F1 racing, just like a steering wheel, four tires, etc. The whining every race becomes more boring then even the most boring race this season.
    The only thing I miss from the good old days (I follow F1 since Jan Lammers) is the unexpected blowing up of engines. Teams pushing it, and then take a little too far. Ride in the top, blow up, and someone lower ranked benefits. Maybe I should bring up the absolute reliability of these new cars as the boring element in each race?

    1. Maybe I should bring up the absolute reliability of these new cars as the boring element in each race?

      Please do. It’s a massive factor in why races and results are so predictable and boring now.

  22. I am at a loss for words. Wasn’t able to catch it live so I replayed it and after ten laps decided to fast forward and stop whenever something interesting happens. I was done in less than 3 minutes.

    Truly a record breaking season. Never before has the record for most boring race been broken so many times.

  23. 3 boring race. The commentary tries and tries to make it exciting. Will PER catch NOR, will HAM catch PER, etc, etc, etc. The answer would be nope. The only entertainment was with 6 laps to go, RUS said that he needed to pit for new tires, and then turned the engine up to 11 and passed the Ferraris.

  24. A smidge under 5 for a GP, close to a 7 for Hungary. I one-hundred percent agree with @GmP, the problem here isn’t DRS, it’s the Hungaroring. There is just nowhere but the 1-2 complex for modern cars to pass, that’s why everyone was trying different strategies. Bernie wanted a Monaco in Hungary, and he got one. The real BS is that we have to keep watching this for ten more years, when this relic will be almost 50 years old.

    That said, I didnt skip ahead until after lap 50, and that’s unusual. The strategic battles were interesting. Nice to see Checo have a confidence booster and Danny Rick beat his teammate first time back. Alonso had such a bad run Stroll was able to keep up without a favor and Bottas really really needs to ditch that ‘stache.

  25. A 10 for the fisrt 15 second, the rest was pretty boring, like 3. Makes ir a 4 then

  26. 4. Mostly boring with a few brief exceptions. Ended up doing some other things and left the race on in the background.

  27. 5/10. Now I feel I was a bit generous though. Like others have said, at certain points I found myself thinking is there really x laps to go?

    There were some brief battles but it never seemed in doubt who would win them. If a driver was on fresher tyres they just drove past with the aid of DRS.

    A very poor advert for the new regulations. This is just not racing.

  28. Agreed, it was not a humdinger. Not even just a dinger.

    Just enough to keep me interested or entertained (though possibly not at the same time).

    Surprised the spread of votes were as high as they were given the mood of the comments.

  29. I feel like people rate F1 based only on the fight for 1st place. there was a heap of strategy and some very good overtakes in the field. You just can’t include Max in this rating as he is not in the same race.

  30. I’m a dyed in the wool McLaren fan (since about 1966/7) so I was absolutely focussed on the MCL pair, and so much delighted that the improvements to their cars seem to be permanent – at least for the circuit types so far – and the fact that both of the young firecrackers seem to be future “Champ Status”.

    It was also pretty good seeing Lewis grab pole, albeit by 3thou, it was still on the winner side, so maybe Mercedes are on the rebound too. Shame about George, his weekend wasn’t stellar although he did work bloody hard getting up the field after the Qually debacle. Which I found to be a disappointing exercise because it took away tyre strategy in the actual race.
    F1 is supposed to be the pinnacle of motor racing, and it looks like most of the time to be less racing focussed than Formula Ford – so many damned regulations designed to hold performance back instead of making it a Premier Category.I’ve never liked DRS and I doubt whether I ever will, get rid of it, it’s a guaranteed mobile road block, and so damned (I’m trying to keep the language civilised) uninspiring to see an already quick car sail past another trying their best to get further up the field. It demoralises teams with not so much money to splash out as those with creative accountants and slick designers (especially as some teams have in the past had “cheats” going for years before they came to light).

    As for Daniel, the man who according to RBR management jumped into a Red Bull and within 3 laps turned in a time that would have taken him to pole at Silverstone the race before – which begs the question of how come he didn’t obliterate Tsunoda right from the first part of qually ? [there seems to be a couple of pairs of rose coloured glasses issued to RBR]

    All in all, I voted it as an 8 but purely as a testament to McLaren’s performance – and although I can see why some people downvoted the race, I don’t apologise for my upvote.

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