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How’s your F1 2010 career going?

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    You seem to get pole and win every race by massive margins. Perhaps you should consider turning some assists off next year? Or are you already on full expert mode, manual gears and all?


    I’m sure the AI isn’t very hard to beat actually. I’m currently doing my 3rd season with Red Bull, with ABS, Auto Gearing and AI on Professional. I could hardly beat them with a gamepad, but with a wheel I’m still 1.5 seconds ahead of everyone. I’ve done some races as Vettel in Grand Prix mode on Legend, with manual gears and still won a 3 lap race by 10 seconds.

    I did buy F1 2012 on Steam this weekend for 7.50, so I’ll probably start that off on the hardest modes. Just finishing my current career on F1 2010; after 3 races I have 3 poles and 3 wins, lapping nearly the entire field in Melbourne and surviving 2 punctures on the final straight at Sepang. I’m cutting back on my flashback use as well, but with a wheel I don’t make as much mistakes or corner cuts either.

    I do still find the AI to be terribly random. Not only can I easily walk away in championships because any podium place seems to be followed by a non-points finish for my main rivals, back markers like to leave the ideal line and then slam right into me right before the corner. I went out of my way to end Liuzzi’s race in Malaysia for a dirty move I wish had captured.


    Yeah of course the game is easy for me, I can’t drive with less assists because I simply can’t. Without traction control I’d struggle to get past turn 1. The AIs themselves are at their maximum strength.
    I’ll now have to do a championship on Expert difficulty to win the GFWL badge, but as my 7-year career is over I’ll edit the settings to have one-lap races because, honestly, three years later I have no more time to waste on this game as I’m only halfway-through my first F1 2012 season.
    Also, at the end of this season the game crashed and won’t let me continue onto my second year, so I’ve re-installed it and hopefully I can complete a 7-year career without restarting it, to win the other GFWL badge.

    Race 15: Singapore
    Qualifying: 1st – Race: 1st
    The Lotus drivers were incredibly quick in practice and kept that up in qualifying, knocking the Renaults out of Q1 and making it to Q3, where Trulli qualified 2nd and Kovalainen 5th. I was first on hard tyres and Button was 8th. I led Trulli, Schumacher, Kovalainen and Rosberg at the start and the gaps got greater between each of us as the laps went by. Trulli pitted on lap 4 but although I was clearly the fastest driver some small mistakes had reduced my lead to just over a second, so I pushed harder for the remaining laps before my own pit stop. Trulli came out 4th but Schumacher, just a little further behind, was caught up in traffic and on lap 5 Kovalainen and Rosberg pitted, and the Finn took 3rd behind his team mate. I pitted on lap 8 and came out ahead of Trulli by a few tenths, but by the end of the lap I had extended them to 3 seconds, and Schumacher overtook Kovalainen. I couldn’t set a clean lap and Trulli remained a few seconds behind; on the last lap I had a spin and got going again just before Trulli overtook me, and I won. Lotus and Mercedes alternated the positions between 2nd and 5th, and Button finished 6th.

    Race 16: Japan
    Qualifying: 1st – Race: 1st
    I took pole by almost one second on hard tyres, Button was fourth, just over a second slower than my time. Alonso, Webber and Button overtook Schumacher in the first corners, but the German fought back and passed my team mate before becoming the first driver to pit on lap 3. As we saw many times during the season, the early stop left him vulnerable to traffic, and he dropped out of the points. The top 3 positions did not change after the pit stops, and I had extended my lead by avoiding to pit in the early stages of the race when I would have found backmarkers on my way. Vettel had passed Button for fourth, but on the last lap Alonso crashed from 2nd place, promoting the two Red Bulls on the podium and Button just behind them.

    Race 17: South Korea
    Qualifying: 1st – Race: 1st
    I had to make two runs in Q3 to take pole position, but I had saved two sets of hard tyres so I had no problems. Jenson was 2nd, 3 tenths off my time. Button stayed behind me and Webber took 3rd off Massa on lap 2, and because of a small mistake my team mate was within a second of me when he pitted on lap 4. He lost out to Webber and Schumacher in the pits and when I stopped he was eleven seconds behind me, in fourth position. I had no problems in administrating my five-second lead on Webber and won the race with my fifth-consecutive grand slam.

    Race 18: Brazil
    Qualifying: 1st – Race: 1st
    This time I waited until 90 seconds were left in Q3 before I left for my timed lap, and I was slow in sector 1 because of a mistake at turn 1, but recovered and took pole by nearly a second on Schumacher and Massa, separated by a thousandth of a second, and over one on Button and Webber. Button took 2nd and Webber took 4th with Schumacher between them, and this battle helped me put some seconds between me and the rest of the field. However, I quickly noticed that, a little per lap, my lead was being cut shorter and shorter, but the problems did not come before my rivals pitted. Button, Webber and Massa pitted on lap 3 and it was clear they were on two-stop strategies: Button also lost a position to Webber, which he later earned back when the Australian pitted again, but he lost it once more after his own second stop. Schumacher pitted on lap 5 and Rosberg followed him on the succeeding lap, coming out ahead of his team mate. I pitted on lap 9 of 14 and came out literally inches ahead of Rosberg, as we raced down the Senna S, me in the pit lane and him on the track. I shut the door on him after the white pit line, and he tried to pass me on the inside but I braked late. What could have been a brilliant battle was cut short as my new soft tyres were much more performing than his old hard ones, and I ran away towards my 15th grand slam of the season. Rosberg, Schumacher, Sutil and Vettel made it four Germans in the top 5, Trulli and Buemi closed the top 10 ahead of Webber and Button.

    Race 19: Abu Dhabi
    Qualifying: 1st – Race: 1st
    I took a record 19th pole out of 19 races (and my 21st consecutive) beating my team mate by 3 tenths on hard tyres. He and Massa fought at the start and that allowed me to pull away quickly; de la Rosa then battled with Massa for 3rd place before Schumacher overtook him. Massa and Schumacher pitted on lap 2 and de la Rosa and Rosberg on lap 3, so Webber found himself in a podium position without overtaking anyone. Button pitted on lap 4 and only fell to 3rd, Webber followed him one lap later and Button took 2nd place back. I pitted on lap 7 and came out ten seconds ahead of Button, and from then on it was an easy way towards my record 7th-consecutive grand slam and my 19th win in as many races, and my 23rd consecutive victory. Button made my final career race special by finishing on the podium for only the second time this year, but both times it gave McLaren a one-two. That lifted Jenson to 5th in the standings behind Webber, Schumacher and Rosberg. Both Mercedes out of the top 10 meant that Webber’s third place and Vettel’s fourth granted Red Bull second place in the Constructors’ Championship by ten points over Mercedes. Every team scored points during the season, Chandhok and Glock being the only drivers never to score a top-10 finish; 14 different drivers finished on the podium’s lower two steps. In just one season I doubled the number of grand slams I had scored in my previous six seasons.

    Season Summary
    Wins: 19 – Poles: 19 – Doubles: 19 – Grand Slams: 16

    1. Bahrain – 1st + 1st (Grand Slam)
    2. Australia – 1st + 1st (Grand Slam)
    3. Malaysia – 1st + 1st
    4. China – 1st + 1st (Grand Slam)
    5. Spain – 1st + 1st
    6. Monaco – 1st + 1st (Grand Slam)
    7. Turkey – 1st + 1st (Grand Slam)
    8. Canada – 1st + 1st (Grand Slam)
    9. Europe – 1st + 1st (Grand Slam)
    10. Great Britain – 1st + 1st (Grand Slam)
    11. Germany – 1st + 1st (Grand Slam)
    12. Hungary – 1st + 1st
    13. Belgium – 1st + 1st (Grand Slam)
    14. Italy – 1st + 1st (Grand Slam)
    15. Singapore – 1st + 1st (Grand Slam)
    16. Japan – 1st + 1st (Grand Slam)
    17. South Korea – 1st + 1st (Grand Slam)
    18. Brazil – 1st + 1st (Grand Slam)
    19. Abu Dhabi – 1st + 1st (Grand Slam)

    Drivers’ Championship
    1. Me – 475
    2. Webber – 177
    3. Schumacher – 150

    Constructors’ Championship
    1. McLaren – 610
    2. Red Bull – 307
    3. Mercedes – 297

    Wiki-style tables of:
    Season 7 standings: http://bit.ly/17e9xpa
    My race results: http://bit.ly/PUtKWZ
    My career summary: http://bit.ly/19SEGUM
    My qualifying results: http://bit.ly/140KQKD


    I am so done with this game.

    I’ve been stuck on the Chinese GP of season 3/3 for Red Bull for a while now, because the game just keeps screwing me over at some point in the weekend.

    Swerving is an all too common problem with the AI in this game, but so are the penalties, so I’ve had many times of getting a grid penalty before I even got a flying lap in FP1. Or FP3. Today, however, things went alright and I qualified on pole from Alonso and Hamilton.

    In turn one, Hamilton pushed me wide, Alonso spun and there was mayhem. I managed to get into T2 1st, with Button 2nd and ALG 3rd. I kept pulling away and (at 50% distance) made my stop on lap 10 for primes. I got out in front of Button and decided to go a little slower on the primes to make them last. Seemingly, I did it wrong, as in lap 18 I had a left-front puncture, right in the middle of T1. I made it back to the pit in the lead, but both Button and ALG passed me and had done their pitstops. I decided to go for Options, figuring it’d be easier for me to push 5 laps and finish the race on destroyed tyres, than lose a second per lap to what I could do and maybe not get to Button in time. It didn’t help I hit the wall on entering the pitlane and it set me back to the final turn because I ‘entered a restricted area’ somehow.

    ALG proceeded to swerve, block and even spun me round, which lead to me frustratingly making a move that couldn’t work and spinning again. It took me 2 laps to get past him and I had lost a lot of time. I put in 2 laps that were faster than my pole time and reeled in Button on the pit straight on lap 24. I decided to go a little easier on my tyres again, as Button had gone round in T2 and my fronts went orange.

    At the end of lap 25 I suffered a right-rear puncture. Into the pits, got out on P6, just behind Alonso. As I plan to make a move down his inside on T6, he swerves, I go to the outside, hit his rear, get a penalty, and spin off.

    I’m moving on to F1 2012 and do not plan on enabling damage, wear or start a career until I have the idea the AI is somewhat more dependable.


    Quick summary
    Season 1 – HRT:
    Bahrain Practice:24th
    Bahrain Quali:24th
    Bahrain Race:21st
    Australia Practice:24th
    Australia Qualifying:23rd
    Australia Race:DNF

    Harry Westwood

    Started a new career with Lotus F1 Team. First practice session consisted of me getting a feel for the car and how it handled, it’s different behaviours, etc. Got a setup sorted, onto qualifying.

    (Settings are Legend AI, all assists off except the racing line, short qualifying and 20% race)

    Season 1 – Bahrain – Qualifying – 7th

    I went out right at the end of the session, and hooked up pretty much every apex, clocking a time quick enough for 7th on the grid. Roll on the race.

    Season 1 – Bahrain – Race – 2nd

    I was slow off the line, falling to 8th before turn one, but after Alonso and Massa had a coming together in front of me, I was able to slip into 4th, with Vettel and Hulkenburg forcing eachother out wide. I snatched 3rd place going into the next turn, braking later and throwing it up the inside of Button. Webber was up next but I made short work of him as he ran wide on the exit of T4/5, gifting me another place. Hamilton ran wide through the complex and, having closed up on him immediately, I got a better exit from the complex and took first place. Going into turn 12, he made a lunge from far back, but crashed into the side of me, losing his front wing. He did me a favour and held everyone up for a couple of corners.

    After setting the fastest lap, I pulled the gap out to 4.3 seconds by lap 3. However this was my designated lap to pit, as I was hoping to gain the undercut and maintain track position. My in-lap was awful, and I was just 2 seconds ahead of Webber when I pitted. I came out in 7th, quickly maneuvering past Hulkenberg at T5 and De La Rosa on the run down to T12. At the end of lap 4 everybody left in front of me had pitted, and I came out 3.2 seconds ahead of Webber. I managed to extend my lead to 6 seconds by lap 7, but then I started making silly mistakes, and he really dropped the hammer. At the start of lap 8 it was down to 2 seconds. Sadly I started pushing too hard, and spun the car right around on the exit of turn 1. Webber went right by, and I tried to chase him down again, but a gap of 2.6 seconds sat between us. I got it down to 1.3 by the start of the final lap, then locked up heavily into turn 1, losing all that time. So I just saved what I could of the engine, backed off, and settled for 2nd place. I will only be posting the top 3 in the championship until malaysia, to make things easier.

    World Driver’s Championship (WDC)
    1st – Mark Webber – 25
    2nd – Harry Westwood – 18
    3rd – Jenson Button – 15

    World Constructor’s Championship (WCC)
    1st – Red Bull Racing – 33
    2nd – Team Lotus – 18
    3rd – McLaren – 15


    I recently started this playing game again after a few years and started a new career mode. Thanks Harry for bumping this thread. First I will tell the story of my season so far and I will post details of my Singapore Grand Prix later.

    In my first season, I would by driving for the new Virgin Racing team alongside the Brazilian Lucas Di Grassi.
    I made my debut in Bahrain and qualified an altogether okay 18th. I progressed well enough in the race and was running 10th when I was struck by a puncture and crashed out. Bizarrely a fellow rookie won the race as Vitaly Petrov took a surprise win on his debut. In Australia I qualified a brilliant 13th position and in the race I also excelled to finish 5th and take my first points. The next two races in Malaysia and China were disappointments as I failed to finish in both.

    Back in Europe, at the Spanish Grand Prix I qualified an incredible 2nd on the grid. However the race wasn’t so good and dreadful traffic saw me fall all the way down to 19th position and I only just finished 18th, overtaking my teammate at the last corner. Monaco saw me qualify in 11th, but again I crashed out again and in the virtual world I was probably gaining a Maldonado lite reputation. I was off pace in Turkey, qualifying 21st and finishing 18th. The team were starting to get disillusioned with me and I needed results quick. And that was exactly what they got.

    Canada’s qualifying was wet-dry and I put in a marvellous lap to take pole position for the first time in my career. What’s more in the race I stayed there and took a dominant win. Things were now starting to look a bit brighter. I came back down to earth with a bump in Valencia with another crash, but that would be last retirement so far this season. At Silverstone I qualified 11th but I endured a difficult race and finished outside the points. But my season was took a step in the right direction since then.

    In Germany, I took my second pole position and again I led from the front to take a dominant second victory. I was running well in Hungary until traffic after my pitstop dropped me down to 7th. However from there I fought back to finish 3rd. I had a good race in Belgium to finish 4th and in Italy and I again finished on the podium with 3rd.

    As I head into Singapore, I sit 5th in the championship with 102 points with a very slim chance of taking the title.

    Top 10 Standings after 14 rounds
    1. Mark Webber 198
    2. Fernando Alonso 183
    3. Sebastian Vettel 178
    4. Lewis Hamilton 166
    5. Jenson Button 108
    6. Ciaran Walsh 102
    7. Felipe Massa 88
    8. Michael Schumacher 81
    9. Tonio Liuzzi 73
    10. Nico Rosberg 68


    Season 1 – Round 15 – Singapore – Qualifying – 15th
    A wet affair, I found it tricky to keep it on the island and made a mistake on each of my first three attempts. Eventually I managed to string a decent lap together and qualified in 13th positon.

    Race – 10th
    I made an ok start but understeer at the first corner saw me drop to 14th. However for the remainder of the first lap, I made up positions by pushing my way through quite forcefully as I got three warnings. I then settled into the rythm until disaster on lap 4 when I had a big slide at the first corner. Fortunately though Rosberg stopped me spinning full circle and I got away scot free while Nico broke his front wing. I had mantained 8th place however I lost ground to Schumacher in 7th. Lap 6 saw me pit but traffic was hell and the net result was I fell to 9th behind Petrov. I chased the Russian but unfortunately on lap 8 the understeer caused trouble again and I hit the wall at turn 9 and damaged my front wing though thankfully it didn’t require a pitstop. Heikki Kovalainen, behind me in the Lotus overtook me. Luckily Kobayashi in 10th was quite a bit behind but still I had to drag the injured Virgin to the finishing line for a solitary point. In normal circumstances an incredible achievement but with the season I was having it was a bit of a disappointment. Mark Webber won the race to extend his championship lead and extingish my faint chance of being champion.


    Season 1 – Round 16 – Japan – Qualifying – 11th
    I had high hopes of a good qualifying around Suzuka, it’s a track I love and have always been good at. However I was plagued by dreadful understeer. I therefore qualified a rather lacklustre 11th, though I did outqualify my team mate for the 16th consecutive time this season.

    Race – 6th
    For the race I went with a high downforce setting, which would help my handling but hamper my speed. At the start I made up a couple of places, however my lack of acceleration stopped me from gaining anymore. I stayed there for on Lap 2 until disaster. My front right tyre blew and I had to hobble back to the pits. I would have fallen to last had I not held up my teammate who came in for his scheduled pitstop (Sorry Lucas!). I emerged out of the pits in 23rd position and points were seemingly out of the question. However I had no more pitstops and I decided that since I had nothing to lose, I might as well push like hell.

    I had emerged from the pits just behind Petrov and I overtook him on Lap 3 with a superb move at 130R that moved me up to 22nd. Pitstops ahead of me moved me up to 17th behind Pedro de La Rosa, who I dispensed with at the hairpin on Lap 5. More pitstops meant that at the end of lap 6 I was up to 12th, and points seemed like a possibility. Further pitstops on lap 7 ahead saw me go up to 10th and a points position and I was now behind homeboy Kamui Kobayashi. He however was stuck behind Bruno Senna, and I overtook the native with an audacious move on the outside at Dunlop. Jenson Button then helped my case by spinning at the chicane, and I now sat 9th. And that became 8th when i overtook Senna, in a slower car, on the pit straight at the beginning of lap 9. There I stayed for the next lap as I reeled in Michael Schumacher ahead. Eventually I had in my sights by lap 10 and shadowed him going down the back straight at the approach to 130R. Time was running out and I needed to make my move which I did at the exit of the Casio chicane forcing Michael on the gravel. It was a pretty ruthless move that Michael probably would have been proud of.

    I maintained my position to the end to finish a superb 6th, with arguably my best drive to date. It had been a pretty mad race all round; Jarno Trulli finished 3rd to get his first points of the year, and Senna also opened his account with 8th. Fernando Alonso won the race to close the gap to Mark Webber at the top of the championship.


    Season 1 – Round 17 – Korea – Qualifying – 6th
    As usual, the car was a bit tricky, but nothing I couldn’t handle. My lap was pretty bang on and I qualified a fine 6th. I had a great sector 3 but the first two thirds of my lap let me down. I actually posted the same time as Lewis Hamilton, however I got 6th on account of doing my lap first.

    Race – 14th
    I initially made a good start, but I was probably too ambitious at the first corner and tangled with Vettel. We got away scot free but they couldn’t be said for some behind us. I kept my 6th position despite a challenge from Kobayshi for most of the first lap and I moved up to 5th by slipstreaming Rosberg on the pit straight, then outfoxing him at the first turn. Then later on Lap 2, there was a bizarre crash involving 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, which I narrowly avoided and so I moved up to 2nd behind Mark Webber. However I had a battle on my hand to keep the position as Alonso was behind me, challenging hard as he wanted to stay in the title race.

    On Lap 4, I pitted and there my race took a turn for the worse. The stupid lollipop man was so polite, he let everyone out ahead of me in the pits. Eventually by the time he let me out I was stone dead last. I had a hard fight on my hands now. Michael Schumacher helped me by crashing, moving me up to 23rd, and a pitstopper ahead saw me up to 22nd at the beginning of Lap 6. Things get better at the first corner as I overtook Sutil to move up to 21st. I was now following Barrichello, who bizarrely slowed down in the twisty bits, which saw me plow him of the track though my car was not damaged.

    Pitstops at the beginning of Lap 7 saw me move up to 16th, and at the end of the first long straight I passed Vitaly Petrov in the Renault to move up to 15th. On Lap 9, there was more pitters and I would have moved up to 13th, however I had a half-spin at the first corner and lost the chance to move up a couple of places. It got worse as Kobayashi took me on the straight and I went down to 16th position. However this was a blessing in disguise because he soon began to challenge Trulli in 14th, which slowed both down and bunched them up. Therefore on Lap 10, I had a chance to overtake them both, which I did at the end of the first straight to move up to 14th. And that was where I stayed for the remainder of the race.

    Considering my qualifying, 14th was a big disappointment and without the daft pitstop I would have definitely finished high up in the points. However it wasn’t all bad for Virgin. Lucas Di Grassi had an incredible race and finished 5th to take his first points of the season. It is the first time this season he has beaten in a race we both finished. Webber won to extend his championship and if he gets 3 points more than Alonso in Brazil, he is world champion.

    However, there was some worrying news for me. I have been holding out to see what offers I could get from higher up teams on the grid. I have delayed it so much that Virgin have pulled their offer for next season and currently I don’t have any other offers on the table. My future is far from certain.

    Harry Westwood

    Season 1 – Australia – Qualifying – 18th
    My one lap pace in qualifying on this game seems to be absolutely awful! I went 13th fastest with (I believe) a 1:29.6xx (been a while since I completed this round). However, I’d had a bizarre tangle with De La Rosa in practice where he slowed down immensely through the quick left right chicane, causing me to shunt him, and in turn, giving me a five place grid penalty.

    Season 1 – Australia – Race – 1st
    I elected to start on the prime tyres and go for a longer first stint. Off the line I managed to hold my position, and down into turn one I instantly moved up into 14th by cutting a nice path through T1, and down into T3 I took another place. T4 and Barichello was sticking his Williams up the inside of the Sauber of Kobayashi. With Kamui forced out wide, I took advantage and followed Barichello through into 12th. Come T9 I outbraked Barichello and planted the car on the apex, taking 11th place.

    Next up a couple of seconds up the road was Liuzzi with his teammate Sutil just in front of him. I gained massive time on them through turns 11 and 12, and was right on the back of Liuzzi. I launched a move on Liuzzi into T13 and took the place with ease, braking a tad too late to try and intimidate Sutil. It worked, and he faltered on the exit, putting me right on his tail, and into the penultimate turn I stuck my car on the inside and took the place. Now up to 9th the next car up was the Renault of Vitaly Petrov, 3 seconds ahead of me. I spent the next lap or two closing him down, and he was being held up in a battle with Alonso. On lap 3, I was half a second back and they were side by side on the Run down to T1. Petrov on the inside braked far too early, and I took advantage and followed Alonso around the outside into 8th. Having chased Alonso for the majority of the lap, I closed right up going into sector 3, and made a move up the inside at the penultimate turn, putting me in 7th. 3 cars ahead of me pitted, lifting me to 4th. The next lap everyone else on options pitted and I went into the lead, with just over 10 seconds over Webber in second. I pushed like crazy, and to my amazement I found myself pulling away from Webber at almost a second every lap.

    I made my stop for options on lap 8, coming out in 4th just behind Vettel. On fresh options I quickly dispatched him later that lap, simply driving around him at T9/10. I started pushing hard again, as I knew time was gonna run out fast, and I had 2.6 seconds to Button. It took me a lap to catch him, closing right onto the back of him on the run down to T13. I dispatched him at the penultimate corner, and Webber was another 4.3 seconds up the road. With 2 laps to go, I knew a win would be a big ask of myself, the car, and the tyres (which were already yellow). But I felt it was possible if I drove hard and made no mistakes. By the end of the penultimate lap the gap was 2.1 seconds. I closed right up to the back of Webber on the exit of the quick left right chicane. He defended the inside line into T13, pushing me out wide, but compromising his line into T14. I moved to the outside and he moved his car over to the right, before I flicked the car to the inside and outbraked him into the penultimate turn. I took the position, and after that it was just a case of driving around the final corner to take my first win.

    In all honesty I was just hoping for points when I started so far back, 5th would’ve been amazing, but I was ecstatic with a win and so were the team. By far the best race I’ve ever driven on any game in any game mode against anyone. This evens out the championship now at the top.

    World Driver’s Championship (WDC)
    1st-Mark Webber-43
    2nd-Harry Westwood-43
    3rd-Nico Rosberg-24

    World Constructor’s Championship (WCC)
    1st-Red Bull Racing-66
    2nd-Team Lotus-43

    Round 3 is going to follow this very shortly! :)

    Harry Westwood

    Season 1 – Malaysia – Qualifying – 14th
    I went 14th in qualifying with a time of 1:38.037, a shocking 2.7 seconds off of Vettel on pole. My teammate Trulli was starting in 18th, 1.5 seconds off my time. All in all, a successful qualifying for Team Lotus.

    Season 1 – Malaysia – Race – 4th
    I elected to start on the options, with Trulli on primes. I got a good initial get away, but with my lack of engine power I dropped to 16th by T1. However with late braking and “right place right time” syndrome, I ended up making my way into 11th. I was side by side with Alonso for 10th through T3 and outbraked him on the outside of T4, and on the outside of Sutil on the exit, outdrove the Force India into 9th. Next up was Kubica with Petrov just in front of him. Into the double apex of T7/8 I took much more speed and drove around the outside of Kubica, before putting my car around the outside of Petrov into T9 and taking 7th. Massa was ahead of me, and I reeled him in slowly, with the gap fluctuating around the 1 second mark. I managed to close up to him on lap 3, and took him on the exit of T4, putting me into 6th.

    Later that lap 2 drivers ahead of me made their pitstops lifting me to 4th. I put in a solid in lap and pitted on lap 4, coming out in a net 6th place (actually 16th), with Vettel 4 seconds up the road. The next lap pitstops moved me into 8th, but I knew not everyone had stopped yet. Vettel however started slowing massively, and I wondered if he’d damaged his car or he had an issue of some kind. However, as I drew closer I discovered it was due to Lucas Di Grassi having not made his pitstop yet holding him up majorly. As we started lap 7 I was less than a second behind, and having followed the pair round for half the lap, Vettel was slow off of turns 7/8 and I saw my chance. I made a move around the outside and got a much better drive out of the corner to take the place. Di Grassi pitted later that lap Promoting me to 5th place, and I started creating a gap back to Vettel. To my surprise it was Petrov in front of me, and I’m still not sure what happened to Massa. But anyway, I started closing in on Petrov at about half a second a lap, until lap 9, where I made a small mistake and totally messed up turns 5 through 8.

    However, later that lap, as I rounded the final corner I saw a car peeling into the pits. It was none other than my aussie championship rival Mark Webber! This promoted me to 4th, and I started pushing again, sniffing a 3rd consecutive podium. However, this must’ve spurred Petrov on because he started pulling away alarmingly quickly. Then at the end of that lap I locked up into the penultimate turn (of the penultimate lap), allowing Vettel to pass me, which was a concern. Points are very valuable to me. So I launched a desperate move on the inside at the final corner but he saw it coming and just took a wide line around the outside, and he pulled away on the exit. I reeled him in at T1 and T4 and was right on his tail on the exit of T6. He went defensive into T7/8 and braked a bit too early. I saw my opportunity and took the place back around the outside, just keeping the car under control. He made a mistake on the exit anyway and lost a couple of seconds. I then just took it easy and brought the car home in 4th.

    Mark Webber ended up in 10th, due to awful strategy work by RBR. Button won the race and I believe Hamilton made it a McLaren 1-2, the first of this season. This race shook up the order of the championships in a big way, as you’ll now see. But, much to my joy, I was now leading the championship!!!

    World Driver’s Championship (WDC)
    1st-Harry Westwood-55
    2nd-Jenson Button-48
    3rd-Mark Webber-44

    World Constructor’s Championship (WCC)
    1st-Red Bull Racing-77
    3rd-Team Lotus-55

    Following this race, I’ll be posting the top 10 of the WDC and the top 5 of the WCC. China next, probably my least favourite track ever!

    Harry Westwood

    Season 1 – China – Qualifying – 15th
    The car wasn’t feeling too strong in practice, and I picked up most of my time on the straights, losing a lot of time in the middle sector. However, I managed to clock a 1:37.949, 2.2 seconds off of Webber on pole and 2.2 seconds ahead of Trulli in 22nd. There’s a 55% chance of rain forecast for the race.

    Season 1 – China – Race – 10th
    I started on primes in case it rained in the race, however this turned out to be a bad call. I had a somewhat sluggish start off the line, but managed to take a few places into turn one, and I was up into 10th. I fell back a bit from the cars ahead initially, but started to catch them again. I was able to take 9th off of Petrov going into T1, and 8th from Kubica at T5. I was then promoted to 7th by Webber pitting at the end of lap 2. Another weird strategy, courtesy of Red Bull. From there I was just trying to set some consistent laptimes, and eventually I was into 2nd due to pitstops. I started making a lot of mistakes and lost a lot of time, so when I stopped for options on lap 8, I came out in 14th place. I quickly took care of Chandhok at T10, and Glock on the exit of T11. I set about chasing down Button and took 11th away from him on the long straight the following lap. Petrov was 2 seconds ahead, but I managed to close in and take 10th place on the long straight again. Kubica, however, was too far ahead for me, and I was unable to catch him.

    I wasn’t really expecting a lot from this race anyway, China is arguably my weakest track to drive. Fortunately for me, neither Webber or Button scored points, so I didn’t lose out to 2 of my closest rivals. But now, the championship is remarkably close.

    World Driver’s Championship (WDC)
    1-Sebastian Vettel-58
    2-Harry Westwood-56
    3-Jenson Button-48
    4-Mark Webber-44
    5-Nico Rosberg-39
    6-Fernando Alonso-38
    7-Lewis Hamilton-30
    8-Vitaly Petrov-21
    9-Michael Schumacher-12
    10-Vitantonio Liuzzi-10

    World Constructor’s Championship
    1-Red Bull Racing-102
    3-Team Lotus-56

    Catalunya next, an enjoyable track to drive and, of course, the beginning of the European season.

    Harry Westwood

    Season 1 – Spain – Qualifying – 19th
    I’d heard the AI were a lot quicker here but I thought to myself it’s nothing I can’t handle. I was so wrong, the AI are so OP at this circuit. I managed to reach a 1:24.973 but that was only good enough for 19th. Trulli qualified behind me on a 1:25.313.

    Season 1 – Spain – Race – DNF
    I decided to start on primes and try and mix things up a bit. Into the first corner I managed to move into 17th, which pleased me, until I lost a place to Barichello at T3 due to running out wide. I drove my socks off for 3 laps, but couldn’t create a gap back to Buemi and I lost Barichello within a lap. Then I messed up T3, ran out wide onto the bumpy tarmac on the outside of the corner, my car started jumping around and I spun around. I collected Chandhok who also DNF’d, but I survived unscathed, albeit last. I started pushing too hard, and had a few snaps of oversteer that I barely controlled. Then, come lap 4 at the final corner, I was too aggressive on the throttle and slammed the car into the pit wall, crashing out. Very costly for my championship challenge, and for Lotus.

    World Driver’s Championship (WDC)
    1st-Jenson Button-66
    2nd-Sebastian Vettel-64
    3rd-Fernando Alonso-63
    4th-Mark Webber-59
    5th-Harry Westwood-56
    6th-Nico Rosberg-39
    7th-Lewis Hamilton-30
    8th-Vitaly Petrov-25
    9th-Michael Schumacher-22
    10th-Robert Kubica-21

    World Constructor’s Championship (WCC)
    1st-Red Bull Racing-123
    5th-Team Lotus-56

    Monaco up next, and I’m not too sure how I feel about it.

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