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How’s your F1 2010 career going?

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    Dan Thorn

    You’re at the same point as me Ned. I also going points for Canada, was only 7th though but I did manage a pole. I managed to qualify 7th at Hungary but mysteriously lost my race pace, was 2 seconds slower than my practise runs and ended up dead last.

    Valencia is great fun, really enjoyed it. The first couple of chicanes can really be attacked and the final sector is magic. Hockenheim is enjoyable too – there’s a massive bump on turn one which bites if you push too hard.

    The press interviews are a bit pointless. They always seem to ask the same questions and the team never likes what I say.


    I’ve got a career with Lotus but yet to start. I think i’ll do it on the medium difficulty at first with a view to do everything at expert once I’ve done a season or two..and used to the tracks.

    I’ve been mainly throwing the RB6 around Istanbul park and currently ranked 676th on Live on the time trials. Funny thing is though..someone has shaved 5 seconds off Montoya’s actual fastest lap set in 2005.


    Havent yet got the game but ill start a 7 year career with either lotus or hispania to start with i think ill update when i get it for my birthday!


    Started my second year at ferrari blowing everyone away wn 5 out of 5 races on expert all aids off

    Ned Flanders

    I’m finding this game seriously hard… I don’t have the concentration span required- every other corner I seem to go off the track, and if you hit the gravel you practically stop completely. I’ve given myself the maximum 4 flashbacks per session, but sadly it just ain’t enough


    Are people using control pads finding it okay? I’ve heard a few people say a steering wheel is a must but I’m not shelling out for one.


    3 seasons career, difficulty is pro. I chose Force India and I just completed China. 3rd, 5th, 6th, and win at China. I’m on 5th on championship standing. championship leader is webber and following hamilton, rosberg, me, vettel, alonso(tie with vettel), button, massa.


    @Icthyes I play on pc and use XBOX360 wired pad and there’s not many problem. usually in racing game, pad would beat wheel if you’re not very very experienced, but it seems like this game is more suitable to wheel. but if you are not afford, pad will be reasonable choice. one of problem of pad in the game is sensitivity. steering and accel, brake are too sensitive. even if you press half of full throttle(of pad), your car will reach red zone. so you need to be very careful.



    I’ve used pads for all my racing games, I don’t have anywhere to put a wheel. I’ve found it fine, its quite easy to get into a good rhythm on the xbox at least. It’ll never be quite as good as a wheel, but its certainly good enough – and in some cases with its better as its easier to change direction! (you’ll find it has its uses online when someone spins right in front of you!)


    Cool, cheers guys!


    I just finished Istanbul then. Qualified 4th behind Vettel, Webber and Alonso respectively with a 01:29.813 in my Virgin (I was proud of that) and jumped Alonso into the first corner. Webber was leading Vettel for a few laps, until they became very close to each other on the mini-map before I passed the stationary Red Bull of Mark Webber, who had mysteriously spun… I was up to second before, a few laps later, I saw also Vettel spinning off into the gravel! I was leading all of a sudden – with Massa right behind me. As we entered the pits, Massa was nearly touching my gearbox, bus as I exited, he was gone… (?)

    I was 5th behind everyone who hadn’t pitted and then when the front runners pitted, Liuzzi in a Force India (who went only one lap longer than me) assumed the lead! It didn’t make a lot of sense as he was in 10th when I made my stop and then he stayed out for just one more lap, pitted, and exited in the lead… All the front-runners from before had disappeared seemingly and Petrov was right behind me, chasing me all the way to the end. I came 2nd with 2 of my 4 flashbacks remaining, but I couldn’t help but feel disappointed, for I believe I was robbed of a win by a silly glitch.


    I tell you now, winning a race by 10 seconds online against a group of Spaniards and getting kicked out of the lobby due through sheer spite is one of the most satisfying feelings ever.


    I dont understand the problems you guys are having in the rain. I qualified dead last in the HRT at melbourne, it was mega raining on sunday, came straight through everyone and even with a couple of spins, finished 7th. I also got the fastest time at shanghai in Q2 when it was raining.


    7 season career, starting in Virgin alongside di Grassi. Easy level mostly but put some difficulty (rules, tyre wear etc.) so it’s not the easiest possible.

    Bahrain: qualified well in the midfield (13th) but had couple of spins mostly in the tightening left-hander behind the pits. FInished 22nd.

    Melbourne: qualified 22nd after some mistakes in qualifying. Did some overtaking and finished a good 12th position.

    Sepang: Qualfied 17th but then got grid penalty for blocking (that was in the situation where I actually spun in turn 9. I thought I would be 22nd but somehow I was last. Took one drive through in the race for little nudge on Kovalainen. Finished 14th though.

    Funniest thing was that Vitantonio Liuzzi was leading the championship after two rounds! He had finished 4th and 3rd while the winners failed to score points in another race and other top names had difficulties as well.


    Racing for BMW Sauber with Kobayashi as my team mate.

    Bahrain: Qualified 11th finished 8th, would have been 7th but I picked up a puncture late in the race which allowed Liuzzi to pass me. Kobayashi was also on for points, but pitted for some reason and finished 14th.

    Australia: Qualified 23rd after spinning on my hot lap. In the race I pitted on lap 1 to go onto primes, passed all the cars ahead until I got to Kobayashi. When I tried to pass him, I tagged him on the inside and I spun. Whilst trying to recover the car, Buemi crashed ino me and my car ended up on top of his. We both survived, I got a drive through. Later I got a puncture and had to pit. At the end I finished 17th.

    Malaysia: Qualified 10th. After the race settled after the first few laps, I was 10th. Kobayashi pulled away from me by about a pit stops length. Kubica eventually passed me and did the same as Kobayashi. Hulkenberg did the same as well. It started raining on lap 33. I stayed on slicks until lap 40. The rain cleared with 5 laps to go but I stayed on inters. I finished 11th because Kobayashi seemed to pit about 5 times during rain.

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