You know you've been watching Formula 1 for too long when ..

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    -you drive round a bend and think “this would be a great f1 corner; tilke should have a look at this!”

    -someone says “f1 is just cars going around in circles” and you feel like pummeling them into the floor they’re standing on

    -you make circuits comrpising of roads and streets in your town.

    -you shift down from 7th to 2nd on your bike when negotiating a tight hairpin, to get the best drive out of the corner

    -before a race weekend you get on the nearest f1 game and drive some laps to get into the swing of things

    -after qualifying you get on an f1 game again to show vettel how it’s done

    -you have to know every new circuit like the back of your hand before the drivers race on it

    -you become engulfed with rage when the commentators miss something

    -after the race, you watch the highlights, the bbc 90 second edit followed by the FOM race edit a week later

    can’t think of any more, but im sure ill think of some later


    You take this route on your way home http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=4556173 even though you have to cross the road twice, because it’s the “racing line”


    Lol, I loved reading this thread back some time ago..

    …when you take the racing line for walking, and get annoyed when somebody gets in the way, so much so you consider reporting them to the FIA…

    …when you can explain clearly why the refueling ban was terrible because of Keith’s rants about it before…

    …when you make sure you watch and read everything about F1; if you miss anything, even a few minutes of BBC forum, you are unhappy…

    …when you correct anyone who pronounces Heidfeld’s name correctly (and yes, there is someone at school who pronounces his name Heidfield; it drives me up the wall, but some of MB’s remarks have been used to fix this ^_^ )

    …when I am in my dad’s car, and I can’t believe he’s filling up for petrol because they banned refueling these seasons!… Or if he’s changed tyres because it’s raining outside… Or if he has made a mandatory pitstop while driving to Tescos (I wouldn’t want him to break the regulations)…

    (DISCLAIMER: Before any of you think I should go to the nutty hospital for thinking this, I think about these things very occasionally, like once every 6 months, before laughing off the idea!)

    … when I dream about being in a Red Bull car, winning my first ever race, when I crash into Luca Badoer in the last lap, who appears out of nowhere in a third Ferrari car having not been in the race at all

    …when I get annoyed if I ask my friend about if he watched a race and he says no…

    ..when I get super depressed between 3 week F1 breaks, wondering how I could possibly fill such a huge gap in my life now F1 has gone…

    ..when someone watches a race but doesn’t understand something. I have to explain it to them and make them understand it whatever it takes…


    ..you crave an accident at bahrain to stop you falling asleep

    Scary Terry

    when you use the line “Do you watch F1?” to break the ice.


    …when you hurt your right hand and think: “Even Kubica hurt his right hand! I’m like him!” (which has sadly happened to me today).

    Obviously the injury is not as bad as Robert’s :P

    Craig Woollard

    … you find someone of the opposite sex who watches Formula 1 attractive JUST because they watch it.

    … Sundays consist of… Getting up, watching the race and forum, then watch the highlights, have a roast, then crank out F106 or CE and drive around that track (or an old one if it didn’t appear on those games)


    …having to stay up till 5am to watch the race all the way in canada

    The Dutch Bear

    … you try to seduce a girl by ‘singing’ the sound of a F1 car.

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