RaceFans Live: Formula One 2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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387 comments on “RaceFans Live: Formula One 2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix”

  1. Is anyone on here seriously bothered as much about the larger choice in tyres as much as Sky tauts it’s a problem or Buxton etc makes of it?

    To me it just means that they can make smaller steps between the compounds so that the 3 they offer for a single weekend can be a better match to the track and the different cars.

  2. Lengthy feedback from Gasly: “Basically the traction in the low-speed are a bit snappy. And when I go over the kerbs it just upsets all the car, it kind of puts me wider. The front is just kind of bouncing on the kerb and then afterwards when we’re at the apex it’s difficult for me to really use all the inside kerbs. And too much understeer in high speed as well, especially turn 20.”

  3. We’re getting to hear a lot from Toro Rosso at the moment:

    Hartley: “Yeah disaster middle and last sector. First sector was up four-tenths.”
    “Yeah copy that we saw that no worries.”
    Hartley; “Yeah struggling big time with the rear entries and exits, also in high-speed.”

  4. The first 40 minutes are done, the drivers are all in to hand their first sets of tyres back, here’s the times so far:

    Raikkonen 1’39.841
    Vettel 1’40.192
    Verstappen 1’40.514
    Perez 1’40.892
    Ricciardo 1’40.968
    Hamilton 1’41.135
    Vandoorne 1’41.373
    Massa 1’41.723
    Hulkenberg 1’42.175
    Russell 1’42.196
    Gasly 1’42.391
    Sainz Jnr 1’42.547
    Grosjean 1’42.574
    Bottas 1’42.652
    Stroll 1’42.812
    Giovinazzi 1’43.530
    Wehrlein 1’43.672
    Ericsson 1’43.733
    Hartley 1’44.118

      1. Agree but Riccardio also has done fast laps on UC so it my guess it is engine related where Renault told Red Bull to tune Riccardio engine down more than engine of Max. I hope with qualifying and race that difference disappears.
        Really sad and bad from Renault that Red Bull has to tune down engines because of shortage of spare parts and usage of refurbished parts. Team with 300m+ budget forced to use refurbished parts => NUTS.

        1. Really sad and bad from Renault that Red

          Bull has to tune down engines because of shortage of spare parts and usage of refurbished parts.

          Off course it makes sense – first of all none of them want penalties. And then, would Red Bull want to use refurbished parts now and have Renault already fully working for next year or push them to keep up supply of new parts and delay things a bit for next year. Anyone would choose the first, if they are sensible

      1. Could be – but Riccardo set his first US lap early but Max was 0.5 second around that same time on SS. Riccardo did minimal 2 times laps after Max did his US timed lap and was not able to improve on his earlier time.

    1. In that sense, it would be better to have Hamilton leading Vettel on the attack, since the Ferrari seems at least a tad better at following and attacking. And we can hope either of the Red Bulls getting into the mix spices it up a bit, neither seems bothered with “hard to overtake” :-)

  5. Encouragingly close so far, with the usual caveat about track temperature being unrepresentatively high in this session:

    1. Ferrari – 1’39.006
    2. Mercedes – 1’39.126 +0.12
    3. Red Bull – 1’39.154 +0.15
    4. Force India – 1’40.293 +1.29
    5. McLaren – 1’40.522 +1.52
    6. Williams – 1’40.723 +1.72
    7. Haas – 1’41.306 +2.30
    8. Toro Rosso – 1’41.646 +2.64
    9. Renault – 1’41.748 +2.74
    10. Sauber – 1’41.752 +2.75

  6. Ricciardo radio:

    “You will have Ericsson passing you, just watch your mirrors, he’ll be very close at pit exit. Ericsson I expect he’ll be on a hot lap. May be slow.”
    Ricciardo: “Yeah I think he’s aborted it.”
    “Understood. OK so do your own pace.”
    Ricciardo: “OK that’s really hard to see. I don’t think I could have done anything to avoid it.”
    “Understood. OK there have been some reports of a car laying down a little bit of oil. Just have a feel on this lap now.”

  7. Times before the qualifying simulations began:

    Hamilton 1’38.912
    Ricciardo 1’39.346
    Bottas 1’39.758
    Vettel 1’39.761
    Raikkonen 1’39.790
    Verstappen 1’40.089
    Vandoorne 1’40.178
    Perez 1’40.553
    Gasly 1’40.694
    Alonso 1’40.804
    Sainz Jnr 1’40.973
    Hulkenberg 1’41.259
    Stroll 1’41.534
    Ocon 1’41.543
    Grosjean 1’41.560
    Massa 1’41.665
    Ericsson 1’42.149
    Wehrlein 1’42.154
    Magnussen 1’42.206
    Hartley 1’42.616

  8. Sarcasm failure at Red Bull:

    “OK mate we saw, looked like Grosjean got in your way. Take it easy, we’ll go for another lap.”
    Ricciardo: “Nah he was good. He didn’t get in my way.”
    “I’m not sure your sarcasm comes across very well.”
    Ricciardo. Yeah. [Censored by FOM].”

  9. Grosjean: “What was that, mate? There is a stall on the car somewhere.”
    “Yeah something’s unpredictable, yeah.”
    Grosjean: “Check the vibration.”
    “Wehrlein’s pushing. We’ll check the vibration. There’s a reasonable level of rear vibration not too high. See if it settles down. OK so we’re just looking into that rear…”
    Grosjean: “Yeah the Wiliams was in front but there’s no reason.”
    “Yeah understood.”

  10. Halfway through FP2 here’s the gaps between the teams:

    1. Mercedes – 1’37.877
    2. Ferrari – 1’38.026 +0.15
    3. Red Bull – 1’38.180 +0.30
    4. Renault – 1’39.529 +1.65
    5. McLaren – 1’39.559 +1.68
    6. Williams – 1’39.635 +1.76
    7. Force India – 1’40.553 +2.68
    8. Toro Rosso – 1’40.694 +2.82
    9. Haas – 1’41.128 +3.25
    10. Sauber – 1’41.270 +3.39

    And the team mates:

    GAS -0.802s HAR
    RIC -0.714s VER
    MAS -0.694s STR
    HUL -0.672s SAI
    HAM -0.66s BOT
    PER -0.503s OCO
    MAG -0.432s GRO
    VET -0.326s RAI
    ALO -0.112s VAN
    WEH -0.032s ERI

  11. Hello everyone and welcome to what is probably the least meaningful session of the year. Final practice at Yas Marina: The track is way hotter than it’ll be for qualifying or the race, and the teams have got their cars in race trim so there’s not much testing they can do. Nonetheless we’ve got an hour on the clock so let’s see what happens.

  12. Team gaps:

    1. Mercedes – 1’37.627
    2. Ferrari – 1’38.157 +0.53
    3. Red Bull – 1’38.340 +0.71
    4. McLaren – 1’39.155 +1.53
    5. Force India – 1’39.367 +1.74
    6. Renault – 1’39.418 +1.79
    7. Williams – 1’39.446 +1.82
    8. Haas – 1’39.831 +2.20
    9. Sauber – 1’40.307 +2.68
    10. Toro Rosso – 1’40.737 +3.11

    1. On the whole, Stroll hasn’t been good. But you can’t really forget he’s the only driver outside of the top 3 teams to get podium this year. And it is also pretty clear that on the whole, Williams has been the 5th best team, not the 4th. That podium may have been a bit lucky, but it was still a real achievement. There were rather a lot of highly rated drivers that did worse than him that day. He may have had some bad races recently, but in the middle of the season, he did make a lot of progress from the start. During the races, He’s also only caused one retirement. Verstappen caused 2 in his first season and even this year he’s been responsible for one. Stroll has been slow, but usually keeps himself out of trouble. I think he will improve.

  13. jeez Horner on Ch4 answering EJ that Renault is not a partner to the team “you don’t pay a partner”. Ej corrects him that to him every engine supplier was considered a partner for him. And when you look at many succesuful companies, they are that only when they DO treat their suppliers as partners

      1. Torro Rosso keep on changing both their drivers at the same time, meaning that we have no idea whether the new rookies are any good… Maybe it was just that Sainz and to a lesser extent Kyvat were exceptional, and these two are just no use in comparison. They need to stagger their driver switches.

          1. Gasly was in Japan in Austin for the (cancelled due to the weather) last round of the Japanese series. But off course Hartley did have little running in all of his GP weekends so far

          1. Oh, we certainly agree on Stroll, he maybe had one or 2 races where he was on hte pace. And he held on well in Baku to finish (where Massa had to stop the car running in front of Lance off course).

        1. Sounds like a loaded question. He’s been pretty much on the same level all season, outpacing Stroll by 0.5-1 seconds in qualifyings and races with very few exceptions. Hardly ever made mistakes, but was affected by LOTS of technical issues outside of his control.
          I can think of exactly one session where it is clear he didn’t come close to the car’s limits, and that was qualifying in Monza. For the rest of the season there is absolutely no positive evidence for him underperforming.

  14. Power unit problems for Sainz:

    Sainz: “Engine failure or something. I just lost the power.”
    “Slow in-lap.”
    Sainz: “Exit of the last corner. I had a massive blip from the engine. Last corner”
    “So avoid going to full throttle please.”
    Sainz: “What happened there?”
    “We’ll talk about it when you’re back in the garage.”

  15. There’s no sugar-coating this one: Yas Marina is a terrible circuit which struggles to produce excitement even when there’s a championship hanging in the balance. So hopefully we get lucky today.

    Whatever happens, it’s the final trace of 2017 so enjoy it everyone! It’s been a pleasure and privilege to chat F1 with you all season and I look forward to doing it again soon.

    Thanks everyone and enjoy the season finale…

    Oh, and who’s your tip to win? I’m going for Bottas.

  16. Stroll calling the shots on the radio:

    Stroll: “Can we box this lap? I would really suggest it. I would rather go all the way.
    “Stand by.”
    Stroll: “No time to stand by.”
    “Stand by, Lance.”
    Stroll: “Yeah but I have two major flat spots… Box box box. I have to box. Box now.”
    “OK, box this lap, box this lap.”

  17. Ricciardo’s stoppage:

    Ricciardo: “I think I’m losing power steering.”
    “OK understood. Do not shift gear if you can.”
    Ricciardo: “Want me to stay in sixth? It’s gone, it’s gone. [Loud sigh]”
    “OK mate. We’ve got a hydraulic problem. Go mode one and switch off mate. I can see what you’re doing, just pull as far off the track as you can. You were doing a really good job until that point. You were quicker than Raikkonen behind you. Go to P0.”

  18. I think you all know me well enough to respect that I don’t particularly care who wins, but I’m really hoping Hamilton makes a fight of this one. It was such a good title fight for so long this year, we were really robbed by Ferrari’s collapse, would be great if the season can end on a high.

    1. Thank you too! Thank you Keith for making this possible. It’s always a pleasure to watch the race with F1 fanatics. Thank you Mods for everything. Hope everyone enjoys the winter break and copes well with the F1 withdrawals!

  19. so, time for a final rate the race then? I acutally think that for this track it was a pretty good race. We had some fighting lower in the field that was quite entertaining, and we had Hamilton and Verstappen hunting Bottas and Kimi too.

  20. High mileages all round so far:

    1. Kimi RaikkonenFerrari SF70H: 1’37.768 , 69 laps
    2. Daniel RicciardoRed Bull RB13: 1’38.066 (+0.298), 100 laps
    3. Romain GrosjeanHaas VF-17: 1’39.270 (+1.502), 100 laps
    4. Lewis HamiltonMercedes W08: 1’39.470 (+1.702), 102 laps
    5. Fernando AlonsoMcLaren MCL32: 1’39.762 (+1.994), 74 laps
    6. Nico HulkenbergRenault RS17: 1’39.803 (+2.035), 79 laps
    7. Nikita Mazepin – Force India VJM10: 1’40.890 (+3.122), 63 laps
    8. Robert KubicaWilliams FW40: 1’41.296 (+3.528), 100 laps
    9. Sean Gelael – Toro Rosso STR12: 1’41.428 (+3.660), 82 laps
    10. Oliver Turvey – McLaren MCL32: 1’41.914 (+4.146), 105 laps
    11. Marcus EricssonSauber C36: 1’42.556 (+4.788), 79 laps

  21. Day two is go, here are the times so far:

    1. Sebastian VettelFerrari SF70H: 1’37.551 , 35 laps
    2. Esteban OconForce India VJM10: 1’39.425 (+1.874), 37 laps
    3. Max VerstappenRed Bull RB13: 1’40.084 (+2.533), 37 laps
    4. Valtteri BottasMercedes W08: 1’40.151 (+2.600), 29 laps
    5. Sergey Sirotkin – Williams FW40: 1’40.265 (+2.714), 39 laps
    6. Carlos Sainz JnrRenault RS17: 1’40.657 (+3.106), 26 laps
    7. Kevin MagnussenHaas VF-17: 1’40.727 (+3.176), 35 laps
    8. Stoffel VandoorneMcLaren MCL32: 1’40.817 (+3.266), 31 laps
    9. Lando Norris – McLaren MCL32: 1’41.714 (+4.163), 28 laps
    10. Charles Leclerc – Sauber C36: 1’43.300 (+5.749), 25 laps
    11. Pierre GaslyToro Rosso STR12: 1’45.108 (+7.557), 23 laps

  22. Times as they stand:

    1. Sebastian VettelFerrari SF70H: 1’37.551 , 53 laps
    2. Esteban OconForce India VJM10: 1’39.148 (+1.597), 61 laps
    3. Valtteri BottasMercedes W08: 1’39.211 (+1.660), 53 laps
    4. Carlos Sainz JnrRenault RS17: 1’39.444 (+1.893), 40 laps
    5. Max VerstappenRed Bull RB13: 1’39.616 (+2.065), 46 laps
    6. Kevin MagnussenHaas VF-17: 1’39.810 (+2.259), 50 laps
    7. Sergey Sirotkin – Williams FW40: 1’39.947 (+2.396), 51 laps
    8. Stoffel VandoorneMcLaren MCL32: 1’40.817 (+3.266), 31 laps
    9. Lando Norris – McLaren MCL32: 1’41.714 (+4.163), 60 laps
    10. Charles Leclerc – Sauber C36: 1’43.300 (+5.749), 53 laps
    11. Pierre GaslyToro Rosso STR12: 1’45.108 (+7.557), 23 laps

  23. Updated times:

    1. Sebastian VettelFerrari SF70H: 1’37.551 , 53 laps
    2. Esteban OconForce India VJM10: 1’39.148 (+1.597), 72 laps
    3. Valtteri BottasMercedes W08: 1’39.211 (+1.660), 78 laps
    4. Max VerstappenRed Bull RB13: 1’39.348 (+1.797), 61 laps
    5. Carlos Sainz JnrRenault RS17: 1’39.444 (+1.893), 46 laps
    6. Kevin MagnussenHaas VF-17: 1’39.810 (+2.259), 63 laps
    7. Sergey Sirotkin – Williams FW40: 1’39.947 (+2.396), 51 laps
    8. Stoffel VandoorneMcLaren MCL32: 1’40.817 (+3.266), 39 laps
    9. Charles Leclerc – Sauber C36: 1’41.434 (+3.883), 66 laps
    10. Lando Norris – McLaren MCL32: 1’41.714 (+4.163), 86 laps
    11. Pierre GaslyToro Rosso STR12: 1’44.827 (+7.276), 53 laps

      1. I hope someone can clear this up, however, I read in other places that he also did short qualy runs. To be fair, if I was a team manager having to decide between some drivers, I’d be interested in seeing how fast they can go off the bat, and then be making further conclusions.

  24. Here are the times now Perez and Hartley have joined in the fun:

    1. Sebastian VettelFerrari SF70H: 1’37.551 , 68 laps
    2. Max VerstappenRed Bull RB13: 1’38.736 (+1.185), 85 laps
    3. Valtteri BottasMercedes W08: 1’38.873 (+1.322), 96 laps
    4. Esteban OconForce India VJM10: 1’39.148 (+1.597), 72 laps
    5. Carlos Sainz JnrRenault RS17: 1’39.444 (+1.893), 67 laps
    6. Kevin MagnussenHaas VF-17: 1’39.810 (+2.259), 85 laps
    7. Sergey Sirotkin – Williams FW40: 1’39.947 (+2.396), 86 laps
    8. Charles Leclerc – Sauber C36: 1’40.666 (+3.115), 91 laps
    9. Stoffel VandoorneMcLaren MCL32: 1’40.817 (+3.266), 55 laps
    10. Sergio PerezForce India VJM10: 1’41.099 (+3.548), 6 laps
    11. Lando NorrisMcLaren MCL32: 1’41.714 (+4.163), 107 laps
    12. Brendon HartleyToro Rosso STR12: 1’44.265 (+6.714), 9 laps
    13. Pierre GaslyToro Rosso STR12: 1’44.827 (+7.276), 63 laps

  25. So far only one team has set a quicker time than they achieved during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend:

    Haas: 1’39.270 (-0.028) – Romain Grosjean
    Sauber: 1’40.666 (+0.672) – Charles Leclerc
    Ferrari: 1’37.551 (+0.774) – Sebastian Vettel
    Force India: 1’39.148 (+0.789) – Esteban Ocon
    Williams: 1’39.580 (+1.03) – Lance Stroll
    Red Bull: 1’38.066 (+1.107) – Daniel Ricciardo
    McLaren: 1’39.762 (+1.126) – Fernando Alonso
    Renault: 1’39.444 (+1.306) – Carlos Sainz Jnr
    Mercedes: 1’38.551 (+2.32) – Lewis Hamilton
    Toro Rosso: 1’41.428 (+2.703) – Sean Gelael

          1. Personally I think one of the differences between Robert and Felipe is Robert seems hungrier since his accident. Felipe didn’t seem to be at the same level after his.

            I appreciated Robert’s movement is restricted, but he’s clearly got speed, he’s now gone quicker than Stroll did yesterday. So that’s 2 teams tested for, multiple race distances done in a day all consistent.

            He’s also known for good to excellent engineer feedback – a good development driver that’s also quick has to be a benefit to a team where sadly pay drivers have become a reality for at least half the garage.

          1. Hah – no worries – so long as they were the same tyre – obviously we don’t know about fuel loads etc, but a good indicator of speed capability

          2. So that probably is true. I noticed Sirotkin on hypersofts and he wasn’t improving on his lap time – thought it’s the hypersoft compund going off. Sirotkind did some long runs on soft so if he finnished below 1’40 that’s some good pace. To be honest both Sergiey and Robert didn’t know the car nor the tyres and it can be pretty tricky to improve if you don’t know hum much you can push the compound – that might explain why Sirotkin didn’t improve his best time.