2010 F1 testing live: 10th February

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Rain hit the first day's testing at Jerez

I’m at Jerez for the first day of this week’s four-day test session. Join us as we follow the test live which today will include the unveiling of the Red Bull RB6.

Testing times and total laps

Times from today’s test

DriverCarBest timeLapsDifference
Nico RosbergMercedes W0180.927570
Sebastien BuemiToro Rosso-Ferrari STR581.031840.104
Nico HulkenbergWilliams-Cosworth FW3282.2431181.316
Fernando AlonsoFerrari F1082.895881.968
Kamui KobayashiBMW Sauber-Ferrari C2983.287552.36
Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes MP4-2584.947684.02
Vitantonio LiuzziForce India-Mercedes VJM0384.968714.041
Vitaly PetrovRenault R3085.44274.513
Mark WebberRed Bull-Renault RB686.502505.575
Timo GlockVirgin-Cosworth VR-0198.734517.807

Distance covered so far (all tests)

DriverTotal lapsTotal distance (km)
Nico Hulkenberg2441027.134
Felipe Massa226905.13
Fernando Alonso215898.299
Nico Rosberg215885.186
Sebastien Buemi209872.577
Robert Kubica188752.94
Rubens Barrichello177708.885
Jenson Button150629.514
Kamui Kobayashi151628.02
Pedro de la Rosa154616.77
Michael Schumacher122488.61
Lewis Hamilton108432.54
Vitaly Petrov102419.931
Jaime Alguersuari97388.485
Gary Paffett86344.43
Vitantonio Liuzzi71314.388
Mark Webber50221.4
Timo Glock522.14
ModelTotal lapsTotal distance (km)
EngineTotal lapsTotal distance (km)

Testing notes

As well as the debut of the RB6 today we will see the Force India VJM03 and Virgin VR-01 in action for the first time.

Along with the seven teams from the first test that means ten cars will be on-track over the next four days. Unfortunately bad weather is expected to interfere with the running, with rain forecast for Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

For details on the amount of running done by each driver and car prior to this test, see the Valencia test round-up.

Today’s testing line-up

McLaren MP4-25Jenson Button
Mercedes W01Nico Rosberg
Red Bull RB6 – Mark Webber
Ferrari F10Fernando Alonso
Williams FW32Nico Hulkenberg
BMW Sauber C29Kamui Kobayashi
Renault R30 – Vitaly Petrov
Force India VJM03 Vitantonio Liuzzi
Toro Rosso STR5Sebastien Buemi
Virgin VR-01Timo Glock

The track: Circuito do Jerez

The teams are testing at the Circuito de Jerez, formerly the home of the Spanish (1986-1990) and European Grands Prix (1994 and 1997):

View Larger Map

Eight of this year’s pre-season test days will take place at this circuit. The teams last tested here during the young driver training days in December. On that occasion Daniel Ricciardo set the fastest time for Red Bull with a 1’17.418.

Tweets from the test

Here’s the ten latest Tweets from people at the track, including me:

If you would like to suggest a Twitter feed to add to the list, please suggest one in the comments. The list only updates when this page is refreshed.

2010 F1 testing

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134 comments on “2010 F1 testing live: 10th February”

  1. let the games begin!!!

      1. looks like they have gone back to a more conventional rear suspension package…no more pull rod. But it’s hard to tell from the pics

        1. I think it is a pullrod still

          Newey quote;
          “As such, the car looks similar with elements such as the chassis and pull-rod rear suspension retained.”

  2. exciting. more testing and new cars. :-)

    still no live feed though. :-(

    Keith, If only you had access to

    A) a wireless connection a laptop, a small camera, and had an account with Justin.tv / Livestream / Ustream you could be live streaming the Red Bull launch and the testing.

    B) a smart 3G phone, an account with Justin.tv / Livestream / Ustream you could be live streaming the Red Bull launch and the testing.

    …anyway have fun at the test.

    1. Even if I had all that (and there’s no wireless at the track) you can only film at tests if you have a broadcasting deal with FOM :-(

      1. damn. That’s a shame.

        They should relax a bit on some of these rules. They should at least allow fans to post a few clips on Youtube. FOM is very quick to remove stuff.

        1. …Which means less ad exposure for teams… How can FOM’s draconian attitudes be helping Formula One? Maybe I’m oversimplifying things.

          1. On the whole its not that complicated, sure keep your hold of racing but testing?

            that doesn’t make sense. especially as they’re not filming it.

          2. Surely you can film for private use?

            Did you read about that Australian dude who challenged FOM in court over his Youtube films of an F1 race? He won.


          3. K, you can film for private use but putting your videos onto a website is no longer private use, it’s “broadcasting,” which is prohibited. It’s right there on every ticket.

            On the Australian guy, I think that his claim to have “won” that particular case is suspect. He simply submitted a counter-claim to YouTube, who reinstated his videos after FOM did not respond to their inquiries. Honestly, I’m not familiar enough with the relevant laws to know whether his case would stand up in a court of law. But surely FOM and the race promoters have the right to set whatever entry conditions they wish.

          4. surely FOM and the race promoters have the right to set whatever entry conditions they wish

            Within the relevant laws yes.

            This is his argument:

            1. It is not clear whether section 16 of the Australian Grands Prix Act 1994 (Vic) overrules the federal Copyright Act 1968 (where state and federal law is contradictory, federal law prevails), which would allow me make and post the videos under fair dealings provisions (non-commercial reporting of news or current events).

            2. I would argue that by allowing me to enter the grounds with a camera, the AGPC implicitly gave me permission to use it to photograph and video the event, and would know that this video may be published online as this is a common and widespread activity.

            3. Until I receive a request from the AGPC to assign to it copyright and intellectual property rights in the content, it provisionally still belongs to me.

            4. Therefore, AGPC or FOM cannot legitimately ask Youtube to remove the content it claims it owns when it has made no effort to verify its ownership of the content.

            5. The proper process would be for FOM to contact Youtube users who publish videos and ask them to include a FOM notice on the video. FOM should develop guidelines and publish them on their website about how amateur content producers can create, share and publish their F1 content.

  3. How long before the RB6 is unveiled?

  4. http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/81366

    Scarbs says that its an evolution of RB5, not more than that

  5. When does testing begin?? At what time??

  6. @ Catalina :) -> That was expected as they had one of the best cars last season .
    Gotta go , got an exam tomorrow :(

  7. Does anybody have the autosport live commntary link??

  8. Not sure about the start time today but last week it was 10am European

    1. It has started, at 9 am

  9. Thanks for the link…anyone got an English one, or if not, can someone post translations of anything major?

    1. you can paste that link into Google translate. all you need to do is set it to translate French into English. It’s not a perfect translation but good enough to get the idea of what they are saying.

  10. google translate

  11. I am not familiar with Jerez at all. Is it a circuit with lots of high speed corners or is it more point and squirt? From the the map it looks like a point and squirt.

    1. It’s pretty slow with one or two quick corners. A bit like the Hungaroring.

    2. Has everybody noticed the little ‘baby Jerez’ kart track beside the main circuit? Nice idea! All circuits should have one

      1. “Has everybody noticed the little baby Jerez kart track beside the main circuit? Nice idea! All circuits should have one”

        Could you imagine a Suzuka version? :D

      2. Yeah it’s preety cool isn’t it??

      3. Donington Park has one too, it’s outlined in the carpark just to the east of the first corner.


      4. Have you noticed the baby baby Jerez circuit?

        if you zoom in on the baby circuit theres another one next to it!

  12. autosport worked great for me in english last time but doesn’t seem to be working today… :(

    1. finally… :)

  13. where I can watch it live……………

    1. Links to follow Jerez testing are given here:

      Hope it will be helpful

  14. It has started raining

  15. Picture from eddstrawF1 tweet at about 9:30, what is this on the McLaren?


    1. Bad form to reply to your own post but I now see Keith has some pictures of this and it is being debated on the testing pictures article.


    1 Rosberg Mercedes 1m20.927s
    2 Buemi Toro Rosso 1m21.031s +0.104
    3 Hulkenberg Williams 1m22.243s +1.316
    4 Alonso Ferrari 1m22.895s +1.968
    5 Kobayashi Sauber 1m23.787s +2.860
    6 Button McLaren 1m24.947s +4.020
    7 Liuzzi Force India 1m24.968s +4.041
    8 Petrov Renault 1m25.440s +4.513
    9 Webber Red Bull 1m26.502s +5.575

  17. See here for pictures from the test: F1 testing pictures: 10th February

    1. Wow… I’d like to see that!

  18. Captain Caveman
    10th February 2010, 11:22

    anyone know why the session has just been stopped? just picked up on the news via autosport.

  19. @Captain – Red flag because webber has stopped on track after 47 laps, recovery truck has been despatched

  20. Where are the Virgins? I was told to expect Virgins!

    1. travelling at 72 MILES AN HOUR

      whish people had been more clear.

  21. The session has restarted after the red flag just before quarter to one local time.

    1. How long is the testing? Is the weather alright now?

  22. In this moment, Red Bull show your future champion project!

  23. Where’s this Virgin then?

  24. Another hour passes without any change to the timing screens due to the rain, so the order at 1pm local time remains as follows:
    1 Rosberg 1m20.927s;
    2 Buemi 1m21.031s;
    3 Hulkenberg 1m22.243s;
    4 Alonso 1m22.895s;
    5 Kobayashi 1m23.787s;
    6 Button 1m24.947s;
    7 Liuzzi 1m24.968s;
    8 Petrov 1m25.440s;
    9 Webber 1m26.502s.

  25. Mercedes have a new nose?

  26. Do you have timings posted by the cars during rain?
    Who set the fastest in wet conditions?

    1. The rain has varied in intensity so it’s hard to say. At the moment they’re in the low 30s.

  27. Time in the wet:
    1.-Webber 1.27.086
    2.-Button 1.27.793
    3.-Hulkenberg 1.28.679
    4.-Rosberg 1.28.988
    5.-Buemi 1.28.825
    6.-Alonso 1.29.602
    7.-Kobayashi 1.30.077

    1. Can someon update the time sheets?

  28. Virgin finally got their car on track for an installation lap shortly before lunch:


    1. I wish they’d set some times, I’m eager to jump to unfounded conclusions ;)

  29. Anyone else noticed how Webber put his helmet and HANS infront of the diffuser when he got out of the car? It blocked almost all of the diffuser from view. Here’s a photo of it if anyone hasn’t seen it.

  30. Keith does this page “auto- refresh” if not can you set it up so it does a la the updates on the updates Autosport ?

    1. It’s ridiculous, they can’t stop people from seeing it and taking photos.

      1. lol that was supposed to be a reply for the comment above.

  31. I don’t know why they bother, hell the official F1 site had a full set of diffuser photos up on the first day of testing. :)

  32. Hey Keith there is a type error. You put Circuito do Jerez. Its correct spelling is Circuito de Jerez. Change the “do” to “de”.

  33. Ferrari say:

    “Maybe the weather could improve in around one hour”

    Wow that’s impressive stuff, they should go into meteorology with insights like that. I think the weather here in London might change in an hour, I hope the Met office are reading this and taking notes.

  34. You know what, I’m glad it rained. Now the timmings mean nothing and we can’t pretend that we do.

    Also it’s not endemic here but whats with all this panic about McLaren. James Allen reckons they could be fastest. Everyone with actual know reckons they;ve deffinately built themselves a car spelt CAR. Flow paint and air structures is just McLaren doing they’re usuall check it thrice regime.

    1. right… keep dreaming…

      1. great retort there man. felt the venom.

        any evidence to contradict me with?

        1. Is it me or you are a Mclaren fan ? You have to judge the current situation using facts and the fact is Mclaren is barely moving and this is not good.

          1. and who the … is james allen ? since when do we trust his opinions ?

            go take a cold shower or something.

          2. lol How about we hold this off until Bahrain.

          3. The Comedian 39
            10th February 2010, 14:37

            woah FLuidd, calm down man, no need for insults. James Allen was commentator on ITV 4 a while.. runs a blog or summin now.

          4. James Allen is one the most highly respected F1 journalists in the UK. He has inside connections up and down the pitlane and his analysis is pretty much always spot on.

            I also have to ask, if McLaren are barely moving and are near the top of the timesheets, what does that say about everyone who is slower than them??

            And can I ask of which team you are a fan??

          5. “go take a cold shower”, you ever heared of irony?

            as Adrian said James Allen, is a highly respected F1 journo, who used to be itv lead commentator on f1, he was a hell of a lot better than Legard, and I trust his opinion over yours, an you still haven’t raised any source or evidence apart from … where you want to be swearing.

            And yes I am a McLaren fan, but ask the Ferrari fans on here if i’m not a fair one. An since I never saw you on the forum or as part of this community before, how about cutting out the “we”.

            You haven’t even cut past my original point, McLaren check everything, in lots of different ways, they are infact known for it. An seeing as Ross Brawn, some of the guys at Ferrari, including the president and technical director, an respected F1 sources, say that McLaren are fine, why the panic.

  35. I’m surprised Virgin have stuck with the overly simple front wing. I thought thy would have brought a slightly revised version to this test, but it is early days I guess. Plenty of time for them to test a more comlex version.

    1. To be totaly honnest, that worries me.
      All the downforce that wing is producing must be comming at quite the drag cost. I thought they’d at least manage cascades.

      Seeing as the front wing, along with the diffuser, is one of the least restricted and most complex elements left on the cars, it’s early days so, once again its not panic time but surley they’ll have something for the Barca, an they’ve got to have something for Bahrain.

      1. All we can do is wait and see… it’s either a stroke of genius or an epic fail. I really hope it’s not the latter.

        1. Same, I kind of find myself secretly rooting for Virgin from time to time.

          Make tony the airhostess.

      2. It may be the most complex but they also had to design and build a car from the ground up with no previous work to build on. I think they’ve simply done the same thing I would have, keep bits that can be easily changed later simple. Spend the time on chassis and diffuser design, wings can be changed later without too much hassle.

  36. Button has done a 1.38.785 and pitted, it was around 8.5 seconds off pace than his previous lap… any idea what has happened?

    1. Button has done a 1.38.785 and pitted … nice call james allen.

      I was a Minardi fan , but now I’m favoring Bmw-Sauber.

      1. I judge the teams by the actual lap times. Facts facts facts.

        1. well that shows why your so off then.
          How many times are you going to need to hear this.

          Testing times are famously deceptive if they wern’t BAR and Prost would’ve won something.
          This year the times mean even less, because of the massive fuel tanks and variations in fuel levels. Anyone reading into them clearly isn’t listening to sense.

          1. I know that those times don’t mean much but it is a whole lot more that james allen’s opinions.

          2. a whole lot less actually, the man has real paddock contacts, also less than Aldo Costa’s opinions, Ross Brawns opinions? Because they all seem to be in agreement.

            An why the James Allen hate? Man has an excellent blog


            suggest you read it.

  37. It’s lap before pit. If you’ll see series, first and last lap are usually very slow.

  38. 1 Rosberg Mercedes 1m20.927s
    2 Buemi Toro Rosso 1m21.031s +0.104
    3 Hulkenberg Williams 1m22.243s +1.316
    4 Alonso Ferrari 1m22.895s +1.968
    5 Kobayashi Sauber 1m23.787s +2.860
    6 Button McLaren 1m24.947s +4.020
    7 Liuzzi Force India 1m24.968s +4.041
    8 Petrov Renault 1m25.440s +4.513
    9 Webber Red Bull 1m26.502s +5.575

    All timing unofficial. Updated: 13:42 GM

    1. Rosberg doing 1:33
      Hulkenberg doing 1:30

      1. T.Glock for the Virgin racing on his first outing did 1:38:734s

      2. thank you very much.

        It looks like Ross Brawn was sayng the truth, the Mercedes seems to be working very quick

        1. TIAGO. In dry running.

          Wet weather testing makes the unreliable lap times completely irrelavant.

          Still It wouldn’t hurt if we could see the quickets wet weather runs.

          anyone made the 28’s?

          1. Hulkenberg produced a 1:28.606 about half an hour ago…

        2. @ TIAGO

          It’s wet out there,top nine times remain unchanged since the start of the rain.The fastest laps for all but Glock was in the dry.

          1. @wasif1, his intallation lap was in the dry?

            has virgin set a time yet>?

          2. @ Scribe

            Glock for Virgin sets 1m38.734s

  39. I know it’s off tropic but the ticket sales has open for the 2010 SINGAPORE FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX


  40. I still think that the Mercedes car will be very good, they have a new nose and general updates arriving, the coment’s on this link show you that their car wasn’t working properly due to imbalance, craking exausts and other minor problems. Even wiht those problems Shumi clocked the 3rd best time….. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/motorsport/formula_one/8497716.stm

    1. Yes they’ve deffinatley improved the package, how much though we can’t tell.

      I saw that interveiw after the Valencia test finished an Brawn reckons they’re a wee bit behind the leader.

      Rosberg says they can catch up but Schumacher says he doesn’t think they’ll be winning much over the fly aways though they’ll have a competative season. I think he reckons his title shot will come in 2011 or 2012

      1. Part of me think that Schumi would prefer a year in a car which is slightly off pace so he can get back into his groove. Rosberg however wants to hit the ground running and win this season.

  41. From autosports

    “If anything the conditions appear to be getting slightly worse now. The spray behind the cars is increasing,”

    1. Alonso just did 1:28:7 .

      1. @ scribe : “Because they all seem to be in agreement.” they are in agreement because the teams feed him lies and later he posts them on his blog. I find it hard to believe that F1 teams confide in him. I’ve read his latest entry on his blog and I believe he is just rambling or stating the obvious.

        enough of this J.A. … I demand fast lap times ^^

        *today’s testing is pretty much over…

        1. er Ross Brawn and Aldo Costa, you know who these people are right? have said this entirely seperateley of James Allen.

          Also, I think your seriously underestimaiting Allen, It seems unwise to dismiss what is widley agreed, and I agree, to be an excellent F1 blog out of hand. You clearly haven’t read him to closley.
          Read this entry. An stop pretending you know more than Allen.

  42. One more observation about the Virgin and it’s much talked about CFD only design process. Does anyone remember when Sauber built their state of the art wind tunnel a few years back (2001 – 2002 I think)? They thought the first car they built using it (the 2004 car I believe) was going to be a world beater, but it was initially much much slower than anticipated because of the incorrect data that the wind tunnel churned out.

    Now I know that CFD and wind tunnel testing are different processes, but doesn’t this show that putting too much faith in one resource can backfire. This has really been bugging me recently. After seeing the established teams going round and round Valencia and Jerez in search of more and more valuable and accurate data, using vis-flow paint and that strange contraption McLaren used this morning, the bee began flying round and round in my bonnet again.

    I know much of the argument in this regard has come and gone, and I am sorry for bringing it up again. Any thoughts?

    1. Fluid flow as a science is very inexact at times. Most of the time it is models based upon empirical data (like that ugly thing hanging off the McLaren)

      By designing a car completely on CFD, Virgin are placing faith in the fact that enough windtunnel data has been collected by scientists and engineers over the years that the the CFD package can correctly “guess” what will happen.

    2. The key word is correlation.

      The CFD approach can be successful if they had a history of good correlation between CFD, Tunnel and Actual testing.

      I can see Wirth having a decent amount of data from previous projects (IE Acura LMP car) that has shown correlation between the three. Allowing a decent amount of confidence in the math of their CFD simulation.

      The problem lies in the fact that the LMP car is a very different animal. Not to mention in relative terms the laptime spacing from 1 LMP to the next is larger meaning to be in the “ball park” so to speak, the car doesn’t have to be nearly as developed as an F1 car.

      I think we’ll find the Virgin car will be close but will need the tunnel to achieve the last little bit to be truely competitive.

      I hope I’m wrong though, because the potential time and cost savings could be quite significant.


    3. C24, 2005, first car designed using the wind tunnel. But it’s worth remembering they were CFD also with their fancy purpose built super computer Albert. I don’t think anyone expected them to win the championship.

      It’s always going to be advantageous to verify and cross reference different data sources. I doubt you’ll see top teams shutting down their wind tunnels if the VR-01 is an aerodynamic success.

  43. session is ending

  44. Hi, I just was shocked by terrible news. Here, in Lithuania f1 broadcasting from this season is transfered to paid tv channel. Maybe someone can help me: which sites show best f1 coverage. Thanks in advance.

    1. Ahh bad luck Osvaldas! I get BBC coverage so I don’t watch F1 online, but I believe you can on justintv.com (or co.uk, or something like that).

      If that fails I suggest you emigrate to a country which doesn’t make you pay to watch F1!

  45. well first off the time sheets show then 17 sec back.. but obviously the Virgin car only ran in the rain.. so there around 10 sec back in the rain..
    but we need to see them on a dry run before any judgment can be passed.. I’m sure they were told to be very gentle on any laps they did.. I don’t see them having many spare parts..

    So lets hope it’s dry tomorrow for everybody… :)

    Even though the rain is constantly changing and affecting rain times.. it would be awesome to have some final times set in the rain… just to ponder.. :)

  46. typo The track: Circuito do Jerez.

  47. So Virgin are 18 seconds off the pace… that doesn’t bode well!

    1. Oh Ned… lol… come on now… those are wet times compared to dry..
      let’s not be worried quite yet.. :)

      1. Don’t worry dude, I was just kidding. But I can’t help but think they’ll still be off the pace in the dry too. Mabye not 18 seconds too slow though!

        1. ya there around 10 sec from the other wet pace..
          hopefully there will be some good dry running tomorrow.. :) I want to see them do well.. at least beat Lotus.. Fernandez will look funnier in that stewardess outfit.. :)

  48. …..and they only covered 5 laps

    1. if you ask me 5 laps is a bigger problem then whatever they’re dry pace might be.

  49. today’s test was actually a mess because of the rain. some drivers like webber were not out before the rain started to fall and so no one was abble to attack rosberg’s time. there is no possible way you can judge any car by today bad weather. lets hope it stays dry tomorrow or that it continues to rain non stop.

  50. :O Keith, what tickets to you have? I will be going next week too! But the tickets I have are very restrictive. Until when are you staying? E-mail me if you can


    1. I’ve not got tickets I’ve got a media accreditation. I’m here until Saturday.

      1. Oh :( and how did you get these if I may ask? lol. As you may know from ny previous emails I have been wanting to go through to the paddock for a long time so if you know how I could get through please tell me :)

  51. Keith, just to let you know that I think the numbers for the W01 don’t add up with the ones for each driver.-

    1. Sorry, typo – fixed it now.

    1. lol It is as well, man that’s some eagle eye you got there, nice video also.

  52. Hi ya, has anyone got a link to live feeding so that i can watch the testing, i dont want the commentry, i just want to watch it

  53. Hi Guys, is anyone able to provide the times so far? or a link that would work from the UK, it doesn’t bother me TV or radio but please Live!!!

  54. anyone can poste the new times?

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