Schumacher “won’t lose faith” in Mercedes

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In the round-up: Michael Schumacher says he still has confidence in Mercedes despite a series of retirements.


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“I won’t lose my faith in the team” (Michael Schumacher)

“I still believe that we will achieve something special together with Mercedes.”

McLaren say new Hamilton deal must strike a balance (Reuters)

Ron Dennis: “He’s very highly paid. He’s certainly paid more than I am.”

Perez eyeing 2012 victory (Sky)

“The thing is we long to fight for a podium every race. Today was a very crazy race, as we have had many of this year. But I think we have the potential to do it.”

Lotus surprised by Grosjean progress (Autosport)

Eric Boullier: “He did 45 laps on these tyres, with being very consistent in not destroying them. He is learning and learning fast.”

Button ‘confused and lost’ after dire 16th-place finish at Canadian Grand Prix (Daily Mail)

“Although I’m not giving up, I’m not thinking about the championship. When you’ve had a race like this you don’t think about it.”

Formula 1 champ races through Grand Prix test run in Weehawken, West New York (NJ)

“Certainly the up and down ?������ the changing elevation ?������ is something we enjoy.”

Anthony Rowlinson via Twitter

Part-built pit complex at New York F1 circuit

Vettel and DC tear up the NJ F1 course (YouTube)

Caterham via Twitter

“Brian Sullivan has seriously done his homework as FOTA Fans Forum host. His questions demonstrate that he has the heart of a true F1 fan.”

Comment of the day

Alonso has led over 1,500 laps but Vettel is closing in on him, points out Jelle van der Meer

That 1,500 laps led statistic on Alonso is interesting but most shocking was when I compared that to Vettel’s 1,471 laps (Vettel has led 400km more than Alonso).

Considering how much longer Alonso is in the sport I am amazed Vettel has been leading so much already.
Jelle van der Meer

From the forum

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On this day in F1

Rene Arnoux won for Ferrari for the first time today in 1983 in the Canadian Grand Prix.

Image © Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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102 comments on “Schumacher “won’t lose faith” in Mercedes”

  1. Interesting to read that Vettel is appearing on Letterman.

    1. I believe it was announced a while ago, actually. It’s part of the sponsor event on the Port Imperial circuit, to promote the race.

  2. I went to the FOTA fan forum, was pretty cool…shared a quick chat with Sergio, great guy. Sullivan was quite annoying though, giving fans little time to ask questions and rambling on way too long about his failed racing career.

    1. I thought he was okay and often funny — but yeah, if I could change one thing, it would have been how much he talked about himself!

  3. Poor Lewis. It pains me to think that he might have to take a cut of a couple million a year to stay at McLaren. There goes the grocery money!

    1. Supposedly Mclaren gave Button a raise last year. So i don’t believe Hamilton will accept a pay cut. And in my opinion he really shoudn’t accept that. Being less paid than Button it’s just not right.

      1. If Hamilton does stay on at McLaren, which I expect he will. you’d have to think that his pay packet will be a bit thicker than Button’s.

      2. Doesn’t Button’s contract go beyond F1? I mean, surely he’s gonna retire at McLaren and still be around, somehow tied with the company.

        Surely Hamilton doesn’t want that just now, as we’re no where near his retirement from the sport. I’m no expert in financial offers and stuff, but maybe that’s why Ron Dennis says they are not going to raise his salary.

        1. Either ways.. there is no way you can pay the future of your team more than an a driver who cannot win a WDC for your team.

        2. Either ways.. there is no way you can pay the future of your team less than an a driver who cannot win a WDC for your team.

          1. artificial racer
            12th June 2012, 19:12

            Hamilton is obviously a great driver but there are other great or potentially great drivers who could be cheaper. We know that McLaren is one of the consistent WDC challengers and generally McLarens win races every year even if they botch the championship.

            So you have to look at what Hamilton is worth to McLaren but also what McLaren is worth to Hamilton. Going to another team would be a gamble for him and you have to figure out which one is actually hiring.

            It’s also possible some other top driver might want to try driving for McLaren. And some unproven midfield guys might very well be capable of winning WDC in the McLaren.

      3. IMHO, McLaren should cut Button’s pay and transfer to Lewis.

        1. I think F1 fans are too used to monotonous, predictable racing.. And I think that makes them fickle fans in the current unpredictable world of F1..
          How can you slate Button now after a bad performance or two.. The fact is that Button bet Hamilton well last year and had the first victory this year…
          Button may be faltering slightly this year.. but by no means is it time to rule him out..

          1. If McLaren hadn’t botched Lewis’ pit stop, I don’t think Jenson would’ve gotten the win… not trying to belittle his victory (it’s not his fault the team can’t get pit stops right) but I think it’s only fair to point that out if you’re going to make that comparison between his performance & Hamilton’s so far this year.

          2. @Aldoid – The only pitstop that really cost LH was the pitstop under the SC that got Vettel ahead of him. After the start, Lewis had no answer to Button’s pace, and was going backwards towards 3rd anyway.

            Luckily for Hamilton, that is the only race that Button did better (even in China LH was only 1 place behind after the gearbox penalty). Button has been thoroughly outperformed since then.

      4. Button got a raise, but you’re assuming his initial deal was anywhere near Lewis’s existing deal.

        We don’t know the hard figures in any of this, but I suspect Lewis’s ‘paycut’ will not place him below Jenson’s yearly figure, especially if it includes a clause that means less money directly from McLaren but more money through personal sponsorship.

      5. BUT getting a raise in pay does not need to mean a cut for HAM would drop HAM behind BUT if he is getting a lot more right now …

    2. With the amount of money these guys earn in one year alone it makes me wonder why salary would be an issue for them.
      If I got paid Lewis’ current salary for a year I’d be set for life. And then some.

      1. A year? Hell i’ll be more than happy receiving just one month.

    3. Mclaren might lower Hamilton’s salary but give him the permission to have private sponsors and stuff like that…personally I think this will be the outcome of their talks…given the fact that hamilton is managed by XIX, he is kinda sponsor magnet!

      1. Button is on about £8m a year. Hamilton has been offered £20m a year to re-sign. If that ain’t enough for him the guy is an ****!

        1. No, he is a full five-star driver. Anyway, do you think Nicole likes to eat at McDonald’s? She is accustomed to a certain lifestyle. Plus I reckon Lewis is probably shopping for rocks now and you know it will have to be visible from space and otherwise be appropriate for the red carpet.

          1. Ridiculous. If I was earning “only” £20m a year, I certainly wouldn’t eat at McDonald’s. In fact, I don’t eat there as it is!

  4. “The thing is we long to fight for a podium every race. Today was a very crazy race, as we have had many of this year. But I think we have the potential to do it.”

    I certainly think Perez can win this year, though I’m not sold on Kobayashi just yet. He’s only just beginning to reclaim his mojo, and probably needs to start banking some solid points before he can think about a win. If he does win a race, it probably won’t be until the final flyaway leg of the season.

    It’s the same at Lotus. It’s not a question of if, but when Romain Grosjean will win a race – yet at the same time, I have my doubts about Raikkonen. When he’s on form, he’s on form, but when he’s not, the team might as well spare themselves the trouble and go down to the pub. I’ve never seen a driver whose results on Sunday afternoon are so dependent upon his attitude on Friday morning. Raikkonen has now had two less-than-stellar outings (Grosjean was taken out at the first corner in Monaco and still outshone him), and with Lotus having a real chance of catching McLaren, I would not be surprised if the team starts supporting Grosjean before Raikkonen sooner rather than later (unless Raikkonen knuckles down).

    1. But where has Perez been since Malaysia?

      1. on the podium, at Canada.

        He was in for a very very strong finish in Barcelona too. He was even ahead of Grosjean after turn 2, but they touched and he got a puncture. Considering how well Kobayashi performed that day, Sergio was in a very strong position in that race. It’s only a “what if…” really, but still.

        Same in Monaco. The Saubers had the pace, but were a bit unlucky.

        1. +1 for the unlucky saubers in the past few races. Hopefully they’ve got it all out of their system now. Would love to see either of them get a win :)

          1. Perez is definitely a guy that will win races and become champion one day imo. To have this success so early on in your career can only be a positive. 2 podiums and he’s only 22.
            I think he really missed out on what should’ve been a win at Malaysia. But hey, I can’t really point the finger at him. He had an amazing race, but cracked under pressure. Now he’s got use to driving up at front, I can definitely see him pull a win of this season.

            Kobayashi? Well, wasn’t he suppose to be the next big thing or something? I don’t have too much faith in him tbh. He’ll be a guy with the odd podium or win.

    2. @@prisoner-monkeys, I agree with your assessment of Grosjean, but I think with regard to Raikkonen, I think it’s a little bit too simplistic to put his ups and downs down to form. I realize your ‘going to the pub comment’ was echoed by his previous employers McLaren, who said that by Friday morning 10:00 they knew whether he was going to put in a brilliant race performance or whether they might as well pack up and go home.

      Nevertheless, I think he’s just a driver who struggles with the set-up of the car from time to time. He’s certainly not alone, as Massa, Button, and Senna have also struggled to get on top of tyres and setup this year (I know you are of the opinion that the last-named is not struggling but just no good). If I remember correctly, Raikkonen also struggled in qualifying in his final season at Ferrari (allowing Massa to shine, as opposed to his current pairing with a driver whom I have never seen struggle). The question is whether Raikkonen’s struggles can be put down is a small part due to lack of Berufsernst, or whether it is simply something innate, like Jenson’s occasional difficulties of getting heat into the tyres.

    3. @prisoner-monkeys Considering Grosjean has had 3 DNF’s he’s only 2 points behind Raikkonen. Says it all really. I do think Raikkonen will come good though.

      1. That is a little unfair on Kimi, they both have 2 podiums but Raikkonen really should have 3 given what happened in China (or at least some strong points) which would put him further ahead.

        It is obvious that Grosjean is a much stronger driver than he was in 2009 however, so it is flawed thinking to say that Kimi should give him the same treatment as Alonso, as JV did at the weekend. Grosjean has been better in qualifying, but with the exception of the last two races Raikkonen has been better in the races.

        Monaco was a poor weekend but Raikkonen’s pace in the race in Canada wasn’t too bad, and he was fighting against his differential problems in qualifying. I am still confident he will win a race this year.

    4. I have to say Perez and Grosjean doing very well but I don’t think they would win this year. They’re very talented but simply their car would not last until the last sequence of the season. Now their car has potential of podium but sooner or later podium will be filled with drivers from just 3 or maybe 4 certain teams. I’m not sure Perez would have another podium finish while Grosjean still has room for it.

      Anyway, Grosjean failed to finish many times, but when he finishes, it’s always great performance. I expected more from Kimi than current but also I have thought Kimi would not much better than Grosjean or even be outperformed.

      1. @prisoner-monkeys I wouldn’t get sucked in to making assumptions on drivers winning a race. Don’t forget Heidfeld…

  5. Button’s problem is not the car, but that he can’t feel the tyres.
    These range of tyres require a driver to be more alert at interpreting the state they are in. It would appear Button’s style of driving does not give him an opportunity to interrogate the tyres, hence he can’t tell if they are worn out or if they are yet to light up. Hamilton on the other hand, has learned from his Australian experience.

    1. It might really just have been something about having a new suspension setup that works the tyres a bit more (to get them warm) but not having had much time to work on setup, making it the wrong one for him. At least in Canada.

      1. And how will you explain Monaco and Spain?
        The new setup is to help heat the tyres, meaning they already know Button has problems heating the tyres. His qualifying times in Spain and Monaco were slow, and he had all of the weekend to perfect his setup.
        The tyres are the problem for Button. If he doesn’t figure them out quickly it will be too late to mount a championship challenge.

        1. Button hardly ran at all in practice at Monaco.

    2. What baffles me is Button failing to understand the tyres. Not so long ago he was praised for his ability to manage his tyres and profit from it.

      Button scored 25 points in Australia and so much was written about a possible 2011 repeat with JB outshining “lost” Hamilton. But, Button has only scored 20 points ever since. Today, he’s not in a different position than Massa was few races ago.

      1. But at least he has a contract for next year.

        1. and 4 times the number of points, so nothing like the Massa situation really. But I know what you mean, he needs to find answers.

    3. Button said the exact opposite after the race on BBC. “It’s not the tyres… it’s definitely not the tyres” were his words I believe.

      I really want him to work it out – not least because I can’t listen to the team radio ‘grip’ comments anymore!

      1. Maybe his tub is cracked? Both Vettel and Webber have struggled with this. Vettel in 2010 and Webber in 2011. A new tub subsequently produced improved form.

        Or, could the team be doing something to hold him back to let Lewis get far enough ahead that JB can’t challenge him in the hope that it will convince Lewis to stay. It would be very suspicious if JBs form improved just in time to help Lewis with the Constructors Championship but not make realistic challenge for the WDC.

        Or perhaps he’s just gone the wrong way on setup since Melbourne and just compounded his problems with every spanner turn. He clearly doesn’t know the car too well so perhaps a return to the pre winter test, factory Vanilla setup and a new approach to setup is called for.

        1. No way is the team because if it was the team they can easily sabotage him in ways that won’t put him 16th so he can still get points for the team but still be behind Hamilton.

          To people wondering how come the guy usually keeping his tyres longer is the same guy that now struggles with them then the answer is simple. Exactly because he can drive like that and keep them long.
          He usually puts less stress on his tyres and a little bit less heat because of that.
          That allows him to go longer with a certain set of tyres but now this tyres with the narrow window can get a little too cold since their cold and heat window is smaller with the resold of not putting them in a proper operation window at all and having them destroyed along with going slowly.

        2. Wow, people are really this quick to assume sabotage against one of their favourite drivers.

  6. Mike the bike Schumacher (@mike-the-bike-schumacher)
    12th June 2012, 2:34

    Regarding COTD, I guess Alonso never had a truly dominant car, even when he won in 05, it was slower than the mclaren and the 06 Ferrari was just as quick as the Renault too.

    1. +1. No one other than Michael Schumacher in his Ferrari days enjoyed such a dominant car like the RB7 Vettel had last year.

      1. What about Mansell?

        Yeah was over 10 years ago, but I think it still counts.

        1. @mike I mean, current drivers :P.

      2. The RB6 was dominant in terms of speed- just reliability was such a weakness (plus Vettel’s two clangers). Comparitive to the rest of the field in pure pace, that car was actually better than the RB7. The thing with the RB7 is that Vettel was spectacular and it had better mapping than the RB6, which is probably how Vettel could turn up the pace at the end of qualifying and beginning of the race.

      3. I believe Micheal had the dominant car in 2004 only. He was constanyly winning races in inferior cars.

        1. I pretty much agree. His 2002 car was fast as well, but I get the impression that like Vettel in 2011, it wasn’t nearly as dominant as the results show- Montoya and Ralf could have done a much better job in their cars, and even Raikkonen squandered a win in France I remember. Schumacher drove better in 2002 than in 04 imo.

    2. but in 05 the McLaren was not reliable car then prone to mechanical faults. And Bridgestone was inferior to Michelin tires in 06.

      1. @dev, which certainly attributed to Alonso winning those championships, but the it does support the observation that Alonso would be trailing the faster McLaren until it broke down.

  7. Keith – where exactly can we see the number of laps led by each driver? As in the top 10 drivers or some such. Is there a database somewhere we can refer to?

  8. Haha! Those Infiniti cars are so unimpressive. When they’re spinning the wheels, you can’t hear the engines over the tyres screeching! :-D

    1. Agree with that @damonsmedley, not to mention that turning some rounds in the paddock area of the GP is not that big a treat anyhow. And its a shame they did not even want to invite fans to come and have a look at it.

    2. @damonsmedley I’m not even a fan of donuts. Hopefully we will get some proper footage :)

    3. Have you ever heard a car do donuts and not hear the engine? That would be weird unless its some way underpowered 4 cylinder…Also, I think that’s the most powerful aspirated V6 with ~350 HP. Pretty impressive to me for a $40K car.

      Look up a mustang or something doing donuts and all you hear is the engine. Agreed that donuts are kinda lame though, would have rather seen that Police Charger racing the Infiniti

  9. Codemasters’ Stephen Hood has confirmed that the developer is in the process of getting downloadable content – like classic cars – for the F1 201X games — but DLC will not be available for F1 2012.

    1. Eh, sounds a bit boring to me. And a lot harder for them to get the feel of old cars right. I think their first priority should be online replays. I’m going to be very disappointed if they can’t implement this feature, because almost every game has it now and it’s their third game…

      1. I think there would be a lot more demand for classic DLC than for online replays. And not just DLC cars, too – but DLC circuits (it could be done). Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to race at the Österreichring, Oscar Alfredo Gálvez (the full layout), Montjuïc Park, (the original) Kyalami or Adelaide with the Williams FW14B, Lotus 49, Brabham BT49, McLaren M26 or Jordan 199?

        (That’s just my list of five cars and five circuits that should be released first as DLC.)

        1. Sounds fun-ish. But I don’t understand why they’re not talking about online replays. It’s ridiculous how people have to film their TV screens, and you see it all over YouTube. Such a shame.

          1. Probably because an online replay is not a major feature that people are grying out for.

          2. The problem for Codemasters is the current engine is the same core that was in DIRT (2008). No developer is going to be making new game engines until the next console generation arrives (or is at least announced with specs set in stone).

            Demo recording has been on the community wishlist since GRID (when they first added the action movie-style replays).

          3. @damonsmedley It is a bit backwards. The entire replay feature needs looking it. The ability to pick out specific laps or even ear-mark incidents in the race should be implemented. Given the power of games consoles these days, being able to export a video to Facebook or YouTube shouldn’t be too far off. Social media has got it’s hands in everywhere else but gaming.

          4. No doubt it’s being planned for EGO’s replacement.

            Thinking back to Classic Car DLC, I doubt the FW14B/C would ever be implemented as it would require them to accurately model Active Suspension. They’ve only just implemented Brake Bias.

  10. Really nice appearance on TV – Vettel at Letterman. Just love the footage of him as a 3 year old karting in their backyard (2 minutes in).

    And I would love it if they really did do something about the ideas of bringing the Indy500 back into the F1 calendar (maybe use the Dallara with F1 teams making their aeropackages and putting in their 2014 engines).

    Oh, and when discussing DRS it gets complicated enough for Vettel to get beeped out (F…. comlicated). Good to hear Vettel say it shouldn’t get artificial with DRS. Letterman was clearly showing the sentiment of the fans about how unexiting DRS is! (after some 7 minutes). And off course the big balls needed to go full speed through the NJ street course (9:14 in)

    1. @bascb Definitely going to watch that later, thanks for the link Bas :)

    2. Thanks for the link @bascb now I don’t have to stay up late or watch the rest of Lettermans dribble

  11. Alain (@paganbasque)
    12th June 2012, 8:18

    My Goodness, Schumacher’s patience seems to be endless!. I have never seen such a terrible reliability in a car which is supposed to be competitive, I don’t believe in conspiracy theories but after Canada, I don’t know what to think. :(

    1. Did you only start watching F1 in 2009-2010?

      1. I don’t see what they would have to gain in conspiring against MS, not to mention I can’t see Brawn ever signing off on such a thing given MS is his friend. Also, MS was already not setting the world on fire in Canada, so if you are suggesting they made his DRS stay open…to what end? He was already looking at minimal points. Or if you are suggesting their intention was that the wing should have failed earlier, again, to what end? NR doesn’t appear to need the help. And if they are looking for reasons to not re-sign MS, they don’t need it…they can just say no thanks, if in fact MS wants to continue in F1. Personally I think this is the last thing they hoped for or want for MS this year now that the car is more competitive (at times). And I for one would rather see NR beat MS fair and square on the track, like Canada until MS had his wing failure, as opposed to it being due to MS’s retirements.

        1. He was faster than NR in qualy up until the team stuffed up his last run.

          1. And in the race NR was achieving fastest laps, purple a few times.

        2. @robbie… u said you would rather see NR beating MS fair and square on track..

          but in my opinion if MS dint had those reliability issues with his car, he would have scored more points than NR and beating NR fair and square. Third season since his comeback and when it looked like MS got a car that could potentially challenge the front runners… he has to deal with reliability issues and just score3 a meagre 2 points in 7 races.

          1. @mjf1fan…I appreciate your opinion but I’m not sure it’s a foregone conclusion that without the reliability issues MS would head NR, but perhaps he would. I just know that when NR won in China, he was pulling away from MS while MS was in the race. In Canada, NR was pulling purple lap times while MS was not. In qualifying NR seems every bit as capable of extracting fast laps as MS. In other words, I think that when all is said and done they are fairly equal, and I think that is awesome for NR given that MS is a 7 time WDC. It’s too bad MS has had unreliability throw a wrench into the true comparison but one thing is for sure, NR is using his reliability and getting some good points out of it, so at least he is not squandering the better luck that he has had.

          2. @robbie.. yeah sure..NR was pulling away from MS in china …but MS had JB behind him till he pitted. Infact few laps before MS pitted he started pulling away from JB a bit so who knows if MS dint had a loose wheel nut, he might have given NR a tough challenge for victory.
            In canada NR started having purple lap times when MS was out of race.
            I do hope that MS get his unreliability factor sorted out from the next race till the end of season and then we could actually compare him and NR and see that MS had the last laugh ;)

      2. Alain (@paganbasque)
        13th June 2012, 8:12

        Since 1994, please write something with more sense.

        As I have said I dont want to believe in those theories, Schumi is a clever guy and Brawn is his friend but this situations is beyond any logic. In 1996 Schumi´s first races with Ferrari were awful too, Kimi had a bad year with reliability in 2005 too but I have never seen such a great quantity of problems in the same car, and such a great variety of them, its not normal.

        As many times happen truth will be only known in the future, Schumi can make all the positive comments he want to do, an smile constantly, but what I see in his eyes is anger and fustration. And what I see in Haugh is indiference, this guy should be out of the team.

    2. Irvine had awful luck in his first year at Ferrari.Raikkonen had bad luck in 2004 and 2005 too

  12. Google Translate from German to F1 English gives : “I am starting to lose faith”

  13. Schumacher:

    “I still believe that we will achieve something special together with Mercedes.”

    Yeah,.. that will be Rosberg wining.

    1. Alain (@paganbasque)
      13th June 2012, 8:13

      If Rosberg wins the championship, it will be a Mercedes victory. If Schumi wins, it will be his victory. something that Haugh cant tolerate.

  14. Ron Dennis is a silly man, he should know better than to mouth off regarding Hamiltons paycheck. Saying things like Lewis gets a bigger a pay packet than him isn’t going to get him any sympathy, it more likely to arrgrevate the situation. Like it or not Ron, Lewis IS Mclaren and you Ron, don’t risk your life sitting behind your clipboard calling the shots.

    1. Indeed. This whining over a bit of money is what lost them Adrian Newey. Look how much damage that did them. If they lose Hamilton as well, they wiill have nothing left.

      1. What are Hamiltons options?! He’s got nowhere to go really.. If he wants to keep his big fat paycheck he should stay at McLaren and if he wants a fast car he shouldn’t look any further as well.

        1. There are always options for a driver of that level.

          Besides the cars are all pretty well matched now. Apart from some needed luck with the tyres/setup/weather, basically any car could win races.

        2. Ron better keep in mind that with the cars so close to each other the driver difference becomes a lot more important.
          Just look at Williams. It seems to me that if Hamilton was driving that car this year they would have scored a lot more points than they did.

    2. Ron is talking like the CEO. Trying to save the investors a few pennies. But really, who cares what he makes. Go sell some more road cars and stereos, Ron, and maybe the Bahrainis will give you a raise.

      Anyway, cue Christian Horner blowing kisses at Hamilton again down the paddock—saying some nice things about him. Horner doesn’t have Vettel in indentured servitude, and Webber is getting on in years. So that’s a real threat. Only a crazy person would not try to stay in Hamilton’s good graces. When his head is on straight, he is absolutely the quickest guy in F1.

    3. No driver is bigger than the team.I believe that if he wants to prove himself one of the all time greats he needs to move and see if he can cut it in another team. Correct me if i’m wrong but i think most of the great drivers drove for more than 1 team and that includes he’s idol Senna

      1. @sonia54 – Indeed no driver is bigger than their team. However, with regards to all time greats, I believe this bloke called Jim Clark only drove for one team.

  15. If Button continues to struggle and McLaren drop to fourth or fifth in the constructor’s championship, then indeed they will not have enough money to pay their drivers anymore…

  16. During the season Schumacher always claims that he has faith, every thing will come together etc etc. Then when the season ends the accusations come.

    1. I don’t remember Schumacher ever accusing anyone in particular and whining about the past (unless he was/is asked a specific question); that is at least one element he does not do. But I am surprised he still has the will and strength to stay positive. Albeit, I don’t like the mythical and superstitious acts about faith, odd/even numbers, number 7 and whathaveyou…

      1. Well then you remember wrong. I’m not talking about him accusing other drivers, he does that pretty often during the season as well. It’s when he empties out on how he’s been wronged all season by the team.

        He might be right that he does always end up with the short stick, but I’m just saying that it’s odd how he keeps quieted and “up beat” about it all season and then lets it all out after the season is over.

        1. Alain (@paganbasque)
          14th June 2012, 7:39

          I have never seen Schumacher saying anything bad about Mercedes and he has enought reasons to criticize them. But I remember Nico saying that the car was piece of crap after having one single problem with it. This is the difference between these 2 drivers.

  17. Button needs to snap out of it. I’m sure he is humiliated but he has been in the game long enough to know there is a major mental element. You can’t tell yourself you are “lost.” My theory is that the team have led him down a bad path with the set up issues. Button is a pro, he has driven all kinds of F1 cars, including some truly terrible cars. He just needs to set his mind to adapting, instead of having the team try to make the car ideosyncratic to match his style.

    Funny thing about these McLaren drivers. When one is kicking tail, the other one is down in the dumps, or at least a step off the pace.

    1. All I know is Button’s in for the fight of his life. Mark my words: Lewis Hamilton will be rock solid this year. After falling apart last year & being out of contract at the end of this season, Hamilton knows that the value of his stock rests in his own hands & that a strong showing is absolutely critical. All his races this year show a level of maturity I’ve never seen from Hamilton before. Meanwhile, poor Jenson hasn’t even figured out where the gauntlet landed yet.

    2. McLaren are bound to “fix” the car so Button can drive it better. With the result that both drivers end up with a slow car that normally at best is good enough for a third place.

    3. The Mclaren car is not longer that good. Button was lapped by Ham, but also by GRO, PER, ALO and VET, 16th place last starting 9th, no points lately and is screaming for help. Is that looking like this year to be champ ? He is in Massaland.
      Even MAL have won one race this year and it didn’t help much in WDC so unless one of Lotus wins and ROS gets a podium again next race is between Redbull ALO and HAM.

  18. HAM should go to the biggest pay check, he can drive any car fast, adapt to tires and be leading WDC even with the worst pit lane in F1, if he was in a lotus , Williams or a Sauber he would be in same position probably.

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