Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Suzuka, 2013

2013 Japanese Grand Prix lap charts

2013 Japanese Grand Prix

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Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Suzuka, 2013Felipe Massa’s refusal to follow an order to let Fernando Alonso past delayed his team mate’s progress and cost both Ferrari drivers a place at one point.

Alonso arrived on his team mate’s tail after passing Nico Hulkenberg at the start of the race. Massa was passed by Nico Rosberg and dropped out of the Mercedes drivers’ DRS range.

Meanwhile Alonso was pressuring his team mate, crossing the line within a few tenths of him on every lap during the first stint.

Ferrari told Massa to let Alonso using a coded instruction. Race engineer Rob Smedley repeatedly told him “Multi function strategy A”, adding “now please” as his driver refused to yield.

While Alonso snapped at Massa’s heels the pair came under attack from Hulkenberg. The Sauber driver made an early pit stop on lap nine and once Ferrari had reacted to it Hulkenberg jumped ahead of both their drivers.

Soon afterwards Alonso took advantage of Massa behind held up to pass his team mate, and eventually retook Hulkenberg as well.

See how this phase of the race unfolded and more with the lap chart and race chart below:

Japanese Grand Prix lap chart

The positions of each driver on every lap. Use the control below to show/hide different drivers:


Mark Webber122222222223643222222222223333222222221111133333333322
Sebastian Vettel233333333332211333333333332221111111113332211111111111
Lewis Hamilton320202020202020
Romain Grosjean411111111111132111111111111112333333332223322222222233
Felipe Massa5555555555569877666676666666799766711111110109888899999991010
Nico Rosberg6444444444443655712121212121010101515131111119888777771110999888888888
Nico Hulkenberg7777777777810876655554444444445754444444444444455555666
Fernando Alonso866666666665428887776555555554465555555555555544444444
Kimi Raikkonen9111111111111101099811101010109999777777766547766666666666666666555
Jenson Button10101010101010111315131212111212121111111111111116161615131212101099888887141312111111101010101099
Sergio Perez11888888888775121111111010101099999999881313121212121211111091117171616171716161615
Paul di Resta121212121212121211111114141414141414141414141313121112171514141414141414141414131312121110101011111111111111
Valtteri Bottas1313131313131314151615131313131313131313131312121110101016151515151515161616161515151514141313131313151517
Esteban Gutierrez149999999910121110999988888888888876121211111010109987777777777777
Pastor Maldonado1515151515151515141316151515151515151515151514141312111112171717171717171717171616161615151414151617171716
Daniel Ricciardo1614141414141413121210975444444510161615141312101010891313131313131212111010121717161515141313
Jean-Eric Vergne1717171717171717181818171717171717171717171717171717171614131311111010999121717171716161515141414131212
Max Chilton1818181818181818171414181919191919191818181818181818181818181919191919191818181818181818181819191919191919
Giedo van der Garde19
Charles Pic2019191919191919191919191818181818181919191919191919191919191818181818181919191919191919191918181818181818
Jules Bianchi21
Adrian Sutil2216161616161616161717161616161616161616161615151413141417161616161616151515151414131413131212121212121414

Japanese Grand Prix race chart

The gaps between each driver on every lap. Use the control below to show/hide different drivers:


Mark Webber0.6430.6280.8721.0720.8621.1521.4271.792.132.5335.221.58218.34614.5691.811.9291.8031.8392.2032.3292.3262.0461.4040.8212.91819.69117.55515.86213.37112.55611.88211.0289.9919.18.4027.0692.409000007.8776.8575.946.5857.4067.4246.7247.428.6589.067.129
Sebastian Vettel1.3571.7062.3292.562.4543.3663.333.2074.0984.1894.4192.191005.8215.2295.3275.2815.3545.2724.9854.694.2873.4213.4992.5651.8881.32200000000016.05915.23715.25114.58611.10200000000000
Lewis Hamilton50.98375.01477.38980.16582.52585.3498.57
Romain Grosjean00000000000016.70812.644000000000000001.72320.89320.50820.23919.99519.72319.86719.51115.5713.93814.42515.13816.49313.9733.6724.1675.0816.1916.9657.0156.3347.0038.48610.5739.91
Felipe Massa3.1794.1885.1347.0157.8249.1749.94710.53911.98913.17816.70333.18331.16528.3216.56617.78718.61320.64823.85627.59231.39132.09432.82132.90133.44334.29635.3138.4955.39755.355.60956.6157.00359.90174.98775.30772.18872.39373.53274.58175.36473.96265.09767.10370.1172.55174.91677.13177.41879.54282.6386.53289.263
Nico Rosberg2.6773.2594.2355.536.5227.7728.3218.75210.82411.42912.30512.91829.50526.27614.85317.98833.70734.65435.52136.08436.41137.62538.13140.37358.17758.60859.52760.18858.84959.74160.85662.42961.74361.2960.94360.2456.79755.30558.48777.45376.7374.95965.3767.38669.61468.92669.38369.37469.60570.58471.38872.7172.023
Nico Hulkenberg4.1645.3316.8638.2349.5110.73311.67112.47213.59917.13735.70132.63930.40627.38815.84116.72717.74720.09123.31926.02826.51426.88427.12927.44227.98428.6929.21730.01831.73151.28951.27751.0850.46450.4450.48650.94447.61146.09546.91247.71748.17246.15136.36337.41738.97841.46543.25744.52744.46146.09148.58550.88151.615
Fernando Alonso3.6724.8335.9617.3268.5079.61610.52311.1512.46114.15615.31213.33614.4930.27118.52619.53420.46721.50923.94627.12627.61427.53727.91829.18730.15131.17931.44931.68230.46432.96853.32854.07654.64854.78855.17155.00851.55249.82649.56449.49949.39746.937.31938.21939.24640.30341.73843.0942.55343.77144.72145.87945.605
Kimi Raikkonen6.3438.13710.51312.24913.52515.79516.71717.30318.09518.79421.95738.81336.33333.72821.77322.20523.05324.04425.58428.71332.04632.95933.57433.70734.28935.24135.77437.15935.80636.87540.39559.47658.73158.40256.92456.00152.11450.70250.81350.94250.6148.19738.29438.8539.94741.98443.90945.21544.74446.43348.27448.38847.325
Jenson Button5.9288.07410.44511.72713.2315.68618.33722.25640.98542.3842.00440.25938.5436.80725.526.38227.66529.14831.02832.92735.14638.47343.43764.55164.50864.82964.90365.15264.32265.29265.91966.84667.40467.71268.00268.08264.6263.68265.1268.46587.33884.75374.49176.2278.64380.67482.54682.4781.2881.47882.72282.68280.821
Sergio Perez4.8876.1947.9349.610.72912.29213.50614.4115.4116.38217.10917.78838.634.82722.93723.56424.29425.2726.96829.09332.96535.17236.55737.56638.77340.23541.7543.99845.50351.96576.20176.09276.01376.16876.62576.70573.52673.07574.33975.62776.23982.61394.41996.19997.01397.5299.392100.143100.391105.113109.14114.571
Paul di Resta7.0098.82311.07213.35414.8716.9319.66621.54923.04126.54847.97846.52245.30343.68433.20334.95537.16939.42942.10544.24346.17248.03150.15451.52853.24557.5027776.79776.19177.50379.1780.15181.53782.5683.48383.94981.06780.16881.7482.98684.00382.73673.78175.97278.16780.27582.99985.44886.49989.38892.03594.9798.572
Valtteri Bottas7.4969.46511.9514.37916.28918.78921.74225.92345.63846.22447.54546.09444.69942.99432.11233.67536.06538.0940.53242.62844.67546.40748.31249.75951.55953.44457.29977.30377.29379.25981.16582.65483.96885.28387.86489.09186.82986.53588.50590.24591.99691.42482.84485.30588.30490.96793.89897.79599.449103.884109.105117.362
Esteban Gutierrez5.4896.8788.47510.17811.43513.20814.43115.74419.02638.50438.55236.49134.24431.93820.25921.07222.23623.34424.99728.17132.76834.62135.79236.4737.67738.97940.88443.0244.47750.69970.84670.99171.30971.72171.83772.08670.69769.54370.92871.67572.39370.71261.37163.00564.566.18968.22469.07569.20670.01671.08272.22471.63
Pastor Maldonado8.23510.54613.13215.54317.65220.0922.30924.08926.93446.86948.71747.38645.97744.434.02935.7737.78840.7443.50445.18747.1449.25851.09752.52754.43856.63858.31964.52583.17683.50184.18484.95385.81787.56288.35889.50887.36387.12189.05390.90392.52492.11283.8186.11388.91891.88895.799100.046102.312107.668111.244116.78
Daniel Ricciardo7.9069.7812.33414.61816.66618.91420.46722.14823.51225.07426.12725.36824.66323.06812.45414.64517.36219.77223.03727.05533.35854.68554.9855.12555.94257.79958.50958.60258.21359.06360.15564.21179.86580.76881.66782.24479.39578.65880.11281.32982.2280.68371.82777.00397.77797.76397.47798.44299.865102.135103.506102.707
Jean-Eric Vergne9.17211.43614.25416.57918.65420.80825.83647.63748.62648.45749.81748.55847.34745.62335.14137.50239.27741.77444.97447.5853.06572.73172.00770.76170.1669.74869.53869.13768.08568.80469.20269.51369.58870.02970.68571.58170.48774.86397.40397.22797.65395.96686.39887.36789.04191.91394.16498.1199.53100.422100.443100.519
Max Chilton10.11413.57717.35422.36926.9230.86634.26937.17140.23143.82449.84969.77869.08167.89958.06560.98864.20767.55371.0873.88476.58479.54382.6484.91387.98391.00593.95997.77105.642131.06134.629137.43140.364143.038145.413147.771148.03150.406153.187156.405159.5159.623151.947155.078158.233167.958172.311177.602181.454185.557190.001196.84
Giedo van der Garde
Charles Pic14.0533.65737.09640.16942.89145.45148.00251.33654.2656.8859.55460.08560.81261.10152.38756.52963.78787.51189.99692.19694.40796.384100.454103.261105.509107.715109.695111.737113.447116.173119.458122.355125.318128.116133.471159.123158.197158.642161.144163.219165.11164.444155.822157.891160.267166.335169.237171.514172.059174.109175.605177.633
Jules Bianchi
Adrian Sutil8.82711.1413.61115.92318.09820.60123.05327.03547.33947.7349.09547.9746.58244.93534.39536.43238.46841.10144.30845.9247.65550.01651.92953.34255.27558.40363.75983.41681.86982.46383.17483.76384.4885.59686.76187.25284.30883.43484.87586.04487.07186.70978.23780.62582.94285.70988.52891.93693.893100.19108.823114.453

2013 Japanese Grand Prix

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24 comments on “2013 Japanese Grand Prix lap charts”

  1. That mid-race scrap between Ricciardo, Hulkenberg, Massa, Alonso, Gutierrez, Kimi and Button was superb.

    For a place so fast, and so narrow, it was glorious to see all those dancing through Spoon and the esses. The aerial shots nailed it aswell. Kudos to Fuji TV, this year they did well (maybe because there wasn’t a japanese in the grid?)

    1. It was not Fuji TV this year.

      1. @francorchamps17 it wasn’t? ah… well, kudos to the FOM footage, cuz they also do rubbish most of the time.

  2. I admire Massa’s defiance immensely. Even if it was ultimately pointless, it shows he’s not simply Alonso’s whipping boy – that can only be a good thing!

    1. @vettel1 it also shows that Alonso, just like Vettel, doesn’t need help from his team mate…

      1. You’ve gotta be kidding dude! But you are right, Vettel doesn’t need to rely on help from his team mate. Why would he? Every time his team mate is in front of him the team feel the need to change strategies which, surprise surprise, puts him in front of his team mate.

        Total crock from redbull today! Absolutely no need to pit Webber when they did! 10 laps to go, 15 seconds ahead of Vettel and lapping at roughly the same pace. Yeah, definitely a good call to bring him in!

        1. Do you think that he could have driven 28 laps (more than half distance) on the hard tyres without falling back? Thinking ahead helped RedBull here to avoid Webber falling back behind Vettel and Grosjean.

          1. Yeah i doubt webber can do that… If vettel 3 stop.. Webber 2 stop.. They will complaint too..

          2. F1Fanatic_2013
            14th October 2013, 14:10

            Webber could have easily had a 2-stopper. RBR deliberately 3 stopped him to help Vettel. Nothing wrong in that as Seb is at the threshold of winning a WDC. Only thing is Horner shouldnt lie about Webber destroying his tires. Lap times dont support that. Check last year. In 2012 after being hit by Grosjean, Mark came in on the first lap and then stopped only once making it virtually a 1-stopper.
            RBR are worse than Ferrari now, but hide it. Just say this driver is our No. 1 and his winning is the first priority

          3. In 2012 after being hit by Grosjean, Mark came in on the first lap and then stopped only once making it virtually a 1-stopper.

            In a different car on a different day on harder tyres.

    2. The non-whipping-boy created a disadvantage for the entire team. If Massa wanted to show he can be faster than Alonso he failed miserly, bringing only problems to the team.
      Being in another team’s shoes remotely interested in sign Massa, I would take into account that the non-whipping-boy can get frustration, act selfish and create issues.

      Was really this the comment of the day? Seriously, nothing better?

  3. As far as I know, Alonso:
    1) didn’t ask for a TO (cannot be sure but nothing like that was heard that I know off)
    2) passed Massa fair and square a
    if there is any data to contradict me I’d like to know, thanks

  4. So that’s how Ferrari now call “Fernando is faster than you”?

  5. Good on Massa for that. Team orders are rubbish, if a trailing driver is faster – well then, he should figure out how to make an overtake stick. Team mates need to compete!

    1. But I thought people were pro-team orders? At least thats what I read here with the multi21 fiasco between the bulls?

      1. haha! awesome point, people will sing one tune when it comes to Ferrari but totally another when it comes to Red Bull… well pointed out!

  6. Not sure if this is beneficial or detrimental to Felipe’s mission for a 2014 seat. Sure, it shows he’s capable of being selfish and single-minded, which are qualities of a top driver. But are there many teams out there who will hire a driver who won’t do what he’s told?

    It’s great to see Massa driving for himself and all, but I can’t see how it’s going to help his cause…

  7. So Massa drive for himself and still finished well behind Alonso..

    1. Didn’t he had a setback? Penalty or a damaged part?

      1. @ialtair Massa had a penalty for speeding in the pitlane. At that point he was already behind Alonso and not really keeping up with him, either.

  8. Pride goes before the fall. I found his racing improved but his attitude wholly unnecessary.

  9. Happy 70 for P Sauber – good team effort on his behalf.
    Hop Schwyz!

    1. Yep, good to see them back where they belong.

      Like Williams, they had a little fire in the garage to mark their founder’s 70th.
      They should ban those birthday cakes from the pit lane, they’re really not safe!

  10. I think it’s a shame Hulkenberg lost out to Alonso, but I think 4th place was his to lose. He had done all the hard work to come out of the pits just ahead of Alonso at the start of their final stints, and ‘all’ he had to do was to keep Fernando behind. Instead, he pushed pretty hard at the beginning of his final stint (which was going to be more than 20 laps), and ultimately lost out to the Ferrari driver who had been saving his tyres. If he had kept Fernando at around 1.5 seconds – but no more – he might have kept enough life in his tyres to defend.

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