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As Mark Webber says goodbye to Formula One here’s the first in a trio of Caption Competitions featuring Red Bull’s race-winner.

The first shows Webber on PR duty for Renault, driving their unusual Twizy electric car around Dubai with Caterham’s Charles Pic.

Can you think up a funny caption for this picture?

Submit your funniest suggestion in the comments and a selection of the best will be appear in a future round-up.

And stay tuned for two more Caption Competitions featuring Webber later today.

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Image © Renault/DPPI

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85 comments on “Caption Competition 37: Mark Webber special”

  1. Liam McShane (@)
    30th November 2013, 11:41

    “The KERS in this one seems to be working”

    1. winner

    2. Instant winner hahaa

    3. WIN!

    4. Beat me to it Arrrgh .. Winner

    5. Excellent. Contest over.

    6. Fantastic!!!

    7. Brilliant!

  2. Who said red was faster????

  3. “Mark leaves after he realises he can’t park his boat in Dubai”

  4. “No, Charles, we don’t NEED to stop for directions!”

  5. Who needs DRS,

  6. Mark : “So Charles, is this really how the Caterham feels like to drive?”

  7. Multi 21 Pic! Multi 21!

    1. We must have been typing that at the same time!

  8. Multi 21. Multi 21.

    1. Don’t you mean:

      “Multi Twizy-1, Charles, Multi Twizy-1!”

  9. “Charles are you sure this is the way to retirement home, we’ve been circling this roundabout for hours.”

  10. ‘…

    Probably still faster than MP4-28’

  11. come on Charles, how much slower should go for you to overtake me!

  12. come on Charles, how much slower should I go for you to overtake me!

    I missed I in my prev comment

  13. After testing Caterham’s prototype 2014 chassis, Mark knew he’d made the right decision to retire from Formula 1.

  14. Blue flags and he didn’t move out of the way ? Had to do the outside …

  15. – Mark, short shift on all gears!
    – ???

    1. Favorite one by far.

  16. Meanwhile… in a more interesting racing series…

  17. No parking for boats? No worries there, Charles. These will just pass as rubber dinghies.

  18. Mark, Seb got the updated car so you are left with this. Sorry mate.

  19. Aren’t we going the wrong way?

  20. Blimey, how did I get that great start?

  21. “Pic and Webber turn into hoons in their Twizy’s, as they go the wrong way round a corner”

  22. I am first, not bad for a number two driver

  23. Mark:”Not bad for a number 2 electric Car”
    Marko:Multi 21 Charles

  24. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    30th November 2013, 12:54

    Oh no! Pirellis again. So I can’t go full throttle… again.

  25. Mark Webber reliving the days when he was in front of a teammate

    1. Mark Webber reliving the days when he was in front of a teammate somebody else in the same car

  26. After another load of New regulation changes, Mark Webber drives a prototype 2015 F1 car

  27. Mark Webber and Charles Pic forced to move cars and left frustrated after having a hard time explaining to Dubai Authorities that their Renault twizy’s were indeed cars and not boats.

  28. Mark: This is what it feels like to drive an F1 car nowadays.

  29. better not to park here with these boats.

  30. Mark, fall back and hold a 2 second gap.

  31. The real reason Mark Webber left Red Bull: he finds the prospect of PR duty with Porsche much more exciting.

  32. David not Coulthard (@)
    30th November 2013, 13:23

    On more durable tyres Webber’s high-speed cornering superiority is of much more use.

  33. Webber and Pic unimpressed with proposed French Touring Car Championship cars.

  34. Murray Walker: “… And Webber is now taking the lead on the outside of the high speed corner!”

  35. “Formula E they said? Mmmh don’t know if fans will like it …”

  36. “When they said ‘a Porsche’ this wasn’t what I had in mind!”

  37. Mark quickly got to work on his trucker tan, after he found out that his contract actually involved driving Porsche’s trucks to Le Mans.

  38. “Alright boys, now that your past the Mclarens, you can start protecting the tyres”

  39. The FIA proposes a radical new post-race penalty system: laps in a Renault Twizy.

  40. i see your ball- head over towards that sand trap…

  41. Mark: “Well at least i wont get a penalty for speeding in pit lane”

  42. Save fuel!

  43. Team Radio: “This is silly Mark, common!”

  44. Cameraman snaps exact moment Mark Webber decides to get the hell out of F1.

  45. LATG (@lotus-grosjean)
    30th November 2013, 14:47

    Webber overtook Pic on the outside without even following the slipstream.

    Charles: So what did you say when you were on Top Gear?
    Mark: Gotta stay away from Caterham!

  46. Mark Webber always gets tense when there’s a Frenchman up the inside of him

  47. Mark was relieved when he had finally gotten himself into a car with working KERS.

  48. Mark wasn’t impressed when he found out that Renault designed the front of the car to look like his face.

  49. This WEC lark is a bit dull eh?

  50. As cost control measures continue 2025 F1 chassis debuted.

  51. Mark: “Least I can actually push with this AND the battery is dead”

  52. “Still more beautiful than next year’s cars…”

  53. **** the KERS has failed again!

  54. Renault can finally argue their engines really are down on power

  55. Horner over radio: I’m telling you, Mark, it’s identical to Vettel’s RB9!!!

  56. “If we drive the wrong way, we’ll have an excuse for lagging so far behind this year!”

  57. “After much searching, Webber finally finds a racing series where he doesn’t need to wear a crash helmet”

  58. MW: “They obviously still haven’t solved the problem of turbo lag so I’m out. And sorry Adrian, but with this kind of performance, you might as well have gone for aesthetics.”

  59. Stops at a gas station, Vettel’s in the way, (Brazil Jokes)

  60. Charles and Mark begin early testing for the 2014 F1 chassis and Pirelli tyres.

  61. “I tried to tell the parking inspector that these weren’t boats, but he wouldn’t believe that they were cars, either.”

  62. Mark manage the tyres. You are not racing Pic. You are on different strategies.

  63. Still a more interesting series than F1

  64. Renault designs a car for taller drivers.

  65. Might take the parts from this and put them in my RB9, they seem to do more than 50% of the recommended distance unlike my engines, gearboxes, KERS units and Pirellis!

  66. Red Bull Racing continue to insist that both Mark and Seb drive identical cars…

  67. Mark was relieved the blue ‘go faster’ stripes we’re actually doing their job

  68. Mark is unimpressed as he finds endurance racing is not as advertised.

  69. Webber – See these 45cm between us? Yeah, well that represents how far ahead of you I was at turn 1 in Brazil!
    Pic – …What?
    Webber – You know me and my slow starts, don’t you?
    Pic – …
    Webber – I thought tail-enders understood me, oh well.
    Pic – …I suppose I should leave now, Caterham want to fire me later so, erm, see you later
    Webber – …I thought he was cool…

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