2014 Bahrain Grand Prix championship points

2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

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2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

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47 comments on “2014 Bahrain Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Force India SECOND !!!

    1. Traverse (@)
      6th April 2014, 20:44

      That’s just like, so radical dude!!

  2. Force india second and hulk third.. what a season this is turning out to be..

    1. I know: A season where Mercedes will trump the rest like RBR did last year.

      1. The difference being that we should still have an exciting battle for the championship between the two Mercs, whereas Vettle never had much of a challenge from Webber to make things exciting.

        1. W (@yesyesyesandyesagain)
          7th April 2014, 14:50

          I think today showed that Hamilton has the beating of Rosberg. After a few more wins for Hamilton Mercedes will cool Nico down so as to not risk them running into one another. All this talk of letting them duke it out with each other will die away if one driver gains a lead on the other. The drivers know this and that is why they are fighting so hard, whoever builds an early lead will get the support from the team and favorable team orders

  3. Mclaren is only slip away, Ferrari is slow, Red Bull is not fast enough…and Force India capitalized perhaps-not-so-long benefits! Williams, are you watching?

    1. Red Bull isn’t that slow. Vettel was today, but Ricciardo came back from 13th on the grid to almost overtaking Perez. Imagine if he would have started 3rd without the penalty. Not saying he would have fought with the Mercedes ( they were lapping 2.8 secs/lap faster than the rest after the safety car!), but an easy 3rd was more than possible.

      1. MALLI (@mallikarjuna)
        6th April 2014, 23:19

        dats mainly due to tyre advantage at the end of the race.

    2. MALLI (@mallikarjuna)
      6th April 2014, 23:21

      mclaren is lucky to finish 2 and 3 in australia. they are loosing 0.5 sec/lap to forceindias and things not looking good for mclaren .

  4. Ferrari needs a MAJOR shake up in the team. they have the means and the resources to do it. its been far too long…

    1. I think they need to change president first… And that will be more possible…

  5. petebaldwin (@)
    6th April 2014, 18:03

    Something needs to be done about the engines. They’re supposedly frozen and can’t be developed now so does everyone just go with Mercedes or take a punt on Honda?

    1. Ferrari and Renault saying they have proper hardware so just need time to optimize them…but who knows. certainly hardware would be different even though which of them is ultimately superior.(it seems Mercedes too for now though.) We will see how it would fold out.

    2. They are frozen during this year, but a certain % of components can be changed next year. Honda might be exclusive for McLaren to begin with.

    3. I believe the fuel burning component of the PU of all the teams may be very similar, the difference is how the other Hybrid components, work in harmony with each other. For example, look at what happened to Hulkenberg the moment his batteries began to malfunction, his pace simply dropped off.
      So between the Turbos, Turbo-lag, MGU-k, MGU-H, feedback between these to each other and to and from the energy store, you have room for optimisation and this is what Mercedes have got right, after doing their homework thoroughly.
      Vettel once made a reference to other teams hanging by the pool while they, Redbull, worked ther @$$ off, perhaps Renault were hanging by the pool and soaking in the champagne of their past successes and didn’t get their act together.

      1. @OOliver
        “perhaps Renault were hanging by the pool and soaking in the champagne of their past successes and didn’t get their act together.”
        That’s a nice one :)

  6. Michael Brown (@)
    6th April 2014, 18:06

    The racing was amazing, but I worry that the championship will be between Rosberg and Hamilton. Mercedes building up nearly 30 seconds of a lead in 10 laps is even greater than what Red Bull could do.

    1. Well to be honest, at least we have a championship battle! If it was Red Bulls that far ahead we’d know there’d be one person winning all the Grands Prix…

      1. Do we? Vettel and Ricciardo have been very close in the first three races this year!

      2. Indeed, we’d be seeing Ricciardo’s first WDC on this current form..

    2. And that too while fighting each other. Which means they could have gone even faster had they being doing clean laps.

    3. Mercedes have clearly got ahead of the tyres, most other teams had degradation that was relatively severe.

  7. As long as HAM / ROS keep fighting and we see races like today – I don’t mind the Mercedes dominance even though I’m not a fan of either driver or the team it’s still good for F1.

    1. Yeah I agree. It reminds me of ’88 in a way.

  8. Force India!! About time… there was always something or the other that would go wrong, even today, tough luck with the safety car but still such a brilliant race.

  9. Poor Ferrari:

    They’re not in taxi racing, they are racing in a taxi.

    1. I liked to see Vettel, Alonso and Raikkonen fighting for P8… These guys need to remember how hard is to drive in midfield…

  10. So is it possible for Ferrari and Renault to go back to the drawing board and re-do their engines from the start for next season or are they stuck with what they’ve got?

    1. The problem is not simply the engines. They probably have issues with the electrical components of the Power Units.

    2. No they can’t but a special permission from the FIA to modify the PU under reliability problem is maybe their only chance to catch up with the Mercedes PU
      @OOliver has summarized, the engines are not the problem but the electrical components are the key to performance. the engines are 1.6l V6 limited to 15000 rpm so it is impossible that Mercedes has found more power than Ferrari and Renault in that area, the power coming from the V6 engine is almost identical for all 3 manufacturer, the turbo is also limited to 100 000 rpm, the MGU-K (kers) delivers 160 HP for 33s, it’s the same for everyone. The MGU-H doesn’t transfer its power to the rear wheels. The question is from where all that power coming from ? i think and i’m not an expert just my thought that Mercedes has established a communication channel between the MGU-H and MGU-K that enables the latter to deliver power for more than the supposed 33s

      1. Their hilarious could not happen to a better bunch lol. All that resource lol Alo said he loves new F1 before first race is he still sure lol not even fatster than a team who could hardly completel a lap in testing. Alo window is closing big time

        1. You forgot one lol there I think…

      2. I think that’s wrong, only a small percentage of parts are homologated for next year. They can’t start from scratch, but they can make significant updates.

      3. @tifoso1989
        Yeah I agree with @OOliver and you, and also the biggest advantage they gained was the fact that they, as Ferrari and Red Bull, are works team who new how to better set all components right in contrast to the customers teams. This was the first race with dry conditions for qualifying and the race so it was obvious that Red Bull is best from Renault powered cars as was Ferrari from Ferrari powered cars. The biggest problem is that Merc done their job way better than the others two , which is also obvious when you see what kind of results had FI, Williams and Mclaren (if they finished this race).

  11. So to sum it up:
    Ferrari are making a laughing stock out of themselves
    Mercedes will run away with both titles
    Red Bull are too slow
    McLaren are dropping down the order
    Force India doing a tremendous job in second
    Toro Rosso being in between the midfield and backmarkers (again)
    Lotus lose money and probably pull out of the sport
    Williams losing out on points
    Sauber considering getting two new drivers
    Maldonado getting a race ban
    And there we are.

  12. Gongrats to FI for a great result…Terrible result for McLaren. Put aside the retirements, the car is way off pace after redesigning the nose…Slower than FI, slower than Williams and slower than the Red Bull(who had tons of problems during pre-season)..In my opinion the team is in all kind of trouble…A driving pair not so strong, without title sponsor and switching from the dominant MB PU to an untested Honda. Remembering the later history of Honda in F1, I can’t see how this change will help McLaren to become again a dominant force. I believe that days of glory are gone, and I’m afraid that will never return.

  13. Williams, come one, 3 more points and Ferrari is 6th!

    1. Should be done in China, given the quali&race are dry.

  14. Despite one DNF Lewis is only 9 points behind his teammate. And if the season continue like this Mercedes might be going for a new point record in the constructors championship.
    And what is wrong with Williams they seem to be fighting up front al the time yet they are only 6th in the standings.

    1. 11 points actually.

      1. Yeah your right. I don’t know where I got the 9 from. ;)

        1. I made the same mistake while watching the race, it happens easily if you are trying to see how many races Lewis needs to win to catch up with Rosberg.

  15. SO where is sebastian vettel? wasnt he the almighty pilot?

  16. Why is Grosjean classified in 22nd place? Didn’t he finish 11 last race?

    1. @zippyone Yeah, he should be 15th.

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