Adrian Sutil helmet, Sauber, Monte-Carlo, 2014

Drivers sport special helmets for Monaco weekend

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Adrian Sutil helmet, Sauber, Monte-Carlo, 2014It’s now a common feature of the Monaco Grand Prix weekend for many of the drivers to choose a special helmet design.

Retro helmet styles are a frequent favourite and Marcus Ericsson has not disappointed. His helmet is a copy of the style used by fellow Swede Ronnie Peterson, marking his Monaco Grand Prix victory of 40 years ago.

Ericsson, who like Peterson was born in Orebro County, is even using Peterson’s original helmet bag this weekend.

Daniel Ricciardo is also paying tribute to one of his countrymen. His helmet bears the message “Sir Jack Brabham, 1926 – 2014”, in honour of Australia’s three-times world champion who died earlier this week.

Inevitably his team mate Sebastian Vettel also has a special helmet design – albeit a more sober one than his racy pin-up design from last year.

The Sauber drivers Esteban Gutierrez and Adrian Sutil are sporting distinctive designs created by Brazilian pop artist Romero Britto as part of a campaign for Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research.

Sutil helmet has already been sold at auction while Gutierrez’s will be sold online via Charity Buzz.

2014 Monaco Grand Prix special helmets in pictures

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35 comments on “Drivers sport special helmets for Monaco weekend”

  1. Keith i just asked you that Thank’s…Love Vette’s and Ericsson’s…

  2. Nice, thanks Kieth.

  3. love ericsonn’s

  4. Sutil lsd lol

    1. Hahahaha lsd (as bad as any drug is) is way better than Romero Britto design!

  5. I nearly puked watching Sauber driver’s helmets!

  6. Love them all ! not a fan of changing helmets but they all look good !

  7. omarR-pepper
    22nd May 2014, 22:42

    Vettel’s helmets are usually good, but from time to time, as this time, they are really awesome!!! He should stay with that design for a bunch of races… well, we know he won’t.

    1. +1, really awesome!

    2. well Vettel’s helmets only get retired when he wins, and at the rate the Mercs are going, he may not have too many, if any, chances to retire this one this year.

      1. Well, he already retired a bunch this year.
        The one he first used in Australia was one of the nicest in a very long time and it didn’t even made it to racing day!

    3. If he keeps using them until he wins with it, we might see him using one helmet all year @omarr-pepper!

  8. ericssons helmet is the best, retro style

  9. Seb is going to be a Tin Man officially this weekend

  10. Vettel’s helmet… just fantastic!

  11. Neil (@neilosjames)
    23rd May 2014, 1:05

    I think I’d let the Saubers past rather than spend a whole race seeing those things in my mirrors.

  12. I’ve always liked the simple and distinctive helmet designs the best, and Ericsson’s homage to Ronnie Peterson’s old lid is really nice.

  13. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    23rd May 2014, 1:49

    The two Sauber drivers have probably got the two ugliest designs in helmet history.

  14. What about Alonso? Doesn’t he usually sport a golden and white helmet in Monaco every year?

  15. don’t see Kimi’s helmet in the list. Is he not continuing the tradition of paying tribute to James Hunt this year?

    Luca might not be happy with one of his drivers wearing Hunt’s helmet. Going with Kimi’s reputation, he could very well tell Luca – “I don’t care if you don’t like it as long as I like it”

    1. No, Kimi is not having a Hunt helmet this year.

    2. He was asked about it yesterday during the press conference. His answer was “no”.

      1. Any chance you can get pictures of Romain Grosjean’s special helmet (with twitter usernames on)? I might be on it but can’t tell yet!

  16. Sauber’s helmets look cool!

  17. I dunno why but every time I see Esteban’s helmet, it looks girlish to me. And Seb has really cool helmet this time around.

  18. Helmet changes largely seem rather needless and self-indulgent to me. However, I think it is great when a present day driver takes the time and effort to pay reverence to a driver of past eras. Marcus Ericcson’s helmet is fantastic. It also makes me think of Michele Alboretto :(
    For once, I even like Seb’s helmet: is he going for a knight in armour look?

    1. @arki – totally agree mate, I think a drivers helmet is unique and like a signature- you don’t change it week to week like Seb does. But I do like to see the occasional tribute or milestone race and cant think of the Principality a better place to do so (I know its not the best track for overtaking- but I LOVE the Monaco GP!!)

      Kimi’s James Hunt Helmet last year was great (I am sure KR is Hunts lovechild :) and Dan’s tribute to our Aussie legend Sir Jack very nice- I would pay very good money to buy that helmet……………………. if only my pockets were a deep as someone that will :(

  19. Mark McDonald
    23rd May 2014, 12:56

    Ericsson’s helmet is the best I have ever seen! It’s fantastic!!

  20. Chris Ghanime
    23rd May 2014, 13:13

    Does Bottas have a new helmet? It looks like a red and silver Diamond pattern on the top. What’s the story with that?

  21. ericssons normal helmet is already very cool, this one even steps it up a notch!

  22. With the exception of Marcus Ericsson’s, they’re all awful.

  23. Love Ronnie Peterson’s tribute helmet. With the current trend of overstyled and multicolor helmet designs, it’s very refreshing to see some classic, clean and simple paintjobs.

    By the way, wasn’t Sutil wearing a brown helmet?

  24. I really like Vettel’s helmet for Monaco!

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