Gerhard Berger, Michele Alboreto, Ferrari, Pope John Paul II

Caption Competition 93: Ferrari and the Pope

Caption Competition

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Continuing on from last week’s retro Renault picture, we’re delving even deeper into the archive’s for today’s Caption Competition.

Back in the late eighties Pope John Paul II paid a visit to Ferrari when Gerhard Berger and Michele Alboreto were the team’s drivers

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

Caption Competition

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  • 93 comments on “Caption Competition 93: Ferrari and the Pope”

    1. “Sorry guys, but it’s going to be another twenty years yet until a driver is ‘Blessed’…”

      1. We may as well resign.

      2. Zain Siddiqui (@powerslidepowerslide)
        17th January 2016, 17:06

        Absolutely brilliant.

    2. ‘Does it come in white?’

    3. So you needed a faster Pope Mobile, did you…?

    4. The Pope came to have a closer look at the competing religeous institution in Italy.

      1. Oh, I like this one.

    5. “Aerodynamics are for people who can’t bless engines.” Enzo Ferrari

      1. Haha good one!!

    6. “In nome des Padre, I bestow upon you… 1000 godpowers.”

    7. We can all pray hard for a miracle. But Mansell’s Williams is a Hell of a quick car you know?

    8. Ready_Amy_Fire
      16th January 2016, 12:48

      A controlling organisation, demanding obedience, power, influence, and claiming entitlement to it simply because they’ve been around so long.

      Here they are entertaining the Pope.

      1. Very clever!

    9. As the only child present at an event full of Catholic priests, the young girl hopes a V12 Ferrari is enough to keep the focus off of her.

      1. This post is underrated.

      2. *****Internet breathes in through it’s teeth and says “oooooooooooooooh” followed by awkward laughter*****

        1. Best response to a Caption I’ve seen for ages, I think this is as funny as the comment.

      3. Ooooh @philipgb, that wit is biting, with teeth. Well done sir.

      4. Personal favorite :-)

    10. “I do hope you wear a seat belt.”

    11. I would like to buy an F1 team, but we would have to go steady on Sundays.

    12. Good year? Good millennia!

    13. Man wearing a tie
      16th January 2016, 13:22

      Forgive me your Holiness, but the driver isn’t in the car.

    14. “I saw one of those cars blowing black smoke. Does that mean it doesn’t have a driver yet?”

      1. ColdFly F1 (@)
        16th January 2016, 14:41

        good one!

      2. Nice one was planning to say something similar to that.

      3. Good one !

    15. “The lord hath spoken. He grants you the holy power of the veto”

    16. Little girl: Humph. I don’t want to look at the cars.

      Bishop behind girl: Humph. Me neither.

      Pope: Will you two shut the Humph up!

    17. God will always support the humble working man and even if you don’t succeed in this life we promise paradise in the other.

    18. “I want my doll”.
      And that’s how the dream of having female F1 drivers faided…

    19. Desperate for a WDC, Ferrari calls in the slightly deaf Pope to pray for a Miracle. Eventually they get the Michael he prayed for.

      1. OMG…this made me laugh SOOOO loud… Win, for me ;)

    20. Due to the divine blessing both cars broke down at the next race.

      (True Story)

    21. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      16th January 2016, 14:23

      “What more can I do? The big man prefers Senna.”

    22. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      16th January 2016, 14:26

      The cockpit canopy working group hire an experienced new consultant.

    23. The Pope in a moment of genius, quietly considers the need to copyright the term ‘#blessed’ long before F1 drivers and the media realise its importance…

    24. ColdFly F1 (@)
      16th January 2016, 14:48

      “What’s that joke again comparing Goodyear with a really good year?”

    25. Guys!, I told you to stop smoking!

      (reference to an engine failiure)

    26. Are you kidding me ? even god cannot make this car a champion !!!!

      Try building a fast car and then call me for blessing !!!!

    27. Pope: My blessings don’t matter much when God himself is driving the MP4/4

    28. I said I wanted a miracle and you Brought me a Michele.

    29. Dear beloved parishioners… God does miracles indeed… but it lasts only 3 days!!!!

    30. “Hell on wheels ! “

    31. The first time a canopy was considered on a F1 car.

    32. “I cannot bless a team that has an Austrian and Italians working together, last time this happened I had to join the priesthood to avoid conscription.”

    33. #Blessed

    34. Finally i see God…

    35. Christina: I don’t want to go with the man in the funny white bathrobe Daddy! Do I have to?

      Berger: Yes sweetheart. He promised that God would give me the win at Monza in exchange!

    36. ‘Remember everyone, if it’s white smoke coming from the exhaust, it means they’ve elected a new pope…’

    37. “Where do you keep your very youngest choir boys?”

    38. John Paul II was looking around to buy a new Pope Mobile but ended up in the wrong place.

    39. the Pope: mi scuso ragazzi, but the god is at another team!

    40. May you not rest in pieces.

    41. Jesus, Michele and Gerhard!

    42. Pope: Is the word “Ferrari” in the Bible?
      Gerhard Berger: Yes, God said to Adam, “You must not touch the Ferrari or you will die”, but the snake said to Eve, “Surely God wouldn’t mind if you gave it a polish?” So Eve polished the Ferrari, and then Adam saw how it gleamed in the sunlight, and just had to sit in it, and one thing lead to another. So when God saw Adam and Eve in the car, the tyre marks on the road, and saw the dents on the Ferrari … well they got kicked out of the Garden.

    43. Race for pinks?

      1. lol brilliant

    44. Despite his best efforts Pope John Paul II would never see a fellow Countryman race in F1.

      1. Apologies if I am incorrect; the F1F and Wikipedia are my only sources.

        1. @jarvf150 Poor Kubica, so quickly forgotten …

          1. Is Kubica from the Vatican?

          2. I think the point was that John Paul II died in 2005 and Kubica debuted in 2006.

    45. Pope John Paul: – I do deamons not gremlins!

    46. Pope: “I will pray for your success to swiftly follow..”

    47. Mama Mia La ferrari v12, that’s a spicy meatah ball

    48. “Not to worry dear, We haven’t sacrificed a virgin in Ages…”

    49. Now Gerhardt.. repeat after me ” Inna Lexus Limo Fellatioooooo “

    50. Berger: “I asked for a miracle, not a Michele!”.

    51. Sorry, I can’t get into anything without a canopy!

    52. “I’m sorry, but the McLaren drivers left a little more in the offering basket this week. The Lord has blessed their season already.”

    53. Berger to Alboreto: I know Enzo said he was worried by the threat of Senna, but this new sponsorship deal is ridiculous!

    54. Cardinals vs. Mafia: the story of one girl’s coming of age, and the civil war that rent brother from brother.

      _In the midst of a conflict that engulfed the Italian peninsula in the mid-80s, Ferrari’s F1 team is a beacon of hope. Yet, the loyalties of its drivers are split; could national unification really be in the hands of a young girl thrust into the limelight by this internecine conflict?_

      From the maker of Reservoir Dogs, “Oh Berger” is rumoured to hit cinemas in 2017…

    55. Despite the presence of the Pope, a host of dignitaries and two top drivers, the director still ensured young Carmen Jorda was in the centre of the frame.

    56. The Pope advises Ferrari they really need to be making donations to the OTHER bloke with grey hair and a white shirt.

    57. Cardinals dissapointed by lack of small boys at ferrari event

    58. ‘Our father thou art in marenello hallowed be thy name’

    59. The hungry pope couldn’t hide his disappointment after getting the wrong kind of ‘Berger’…

    60. “Look, another team that only turns up on sundays!”

    61. “Your holiness, can you arrange that we win at least once this season? Monza would be the best place for it to happen.”

    62. “We put the brick on the accelerator”

    63. Michele, when I told you that only God could help us with our performance now, I meant Bernie!

    64. “No my son, if I take off these robes for a test drive, that will not be a drag reduction system.”

    65. “This car is a winner”
      “Oh stop telling fairy tales again.”

    66. Even I can’t give absolution for future sins.

    67. “I am sorry, gentlemen, but contrary to popular opinion, our Lords does not fix matches.”

    68. ” But there’s no room for the coffin!!”

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