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Pastor Maldonado has bowed out of Formula One after an incident-packed five years in grand prix racing.

His crowning achievement came with a surprise win in the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix. But Maldonado also left a trail of destruction in his wake as he developed a reputation as F1’s most crash-prone driver.

How well do you remember 20 crashes and incidents from Maldonado’s wreckage-strewn career? Take the newest F1 Fanatic quiz to find out:

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As always do boast about your score in the comments but make sure you don’t give any clues about the questions or answers.

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19 comments on “Take the new F1 Fanatic Pastor Maldonado quiz”

  1. My computer keeps crashing

    1. @scalextric You won’t get any quiz points if you keep crashing.

    2. My knowledge of crashes crashed on me.

  2. I was going to make a comment on how Maldonado’s reputation for crashing is overblown… then I actually read the quiz questions and thought better of it.

  3. Wow, what a quiz!
    I scored 13/20, which is ok, since I forgot a lot of his crashes. There are so many, you can’t be expected to remember all of them!

  4. 14/20. Not bad, but couldn’t remember a lot of his crashes and incidents.

  5. The fact that a quiz based on his entire career involves questions about his crashes serves as a pitiful summary of his F1 career more or less in a very sad manner.

    1. @texasisbiggerthanfrance Very much so, yes. An absolutely diabolical record, especially as this is just a selection of his crashes. When you take into account his spins, qualifying and practice accidents, other mess-ups, etc., it could easily be a 50 question quiz.

  6. Difficult, I guess it’s the concussion talking. The quiz doesn’t make a distinction between Pastor’s own crashes and other incidents, for instances JB crashed on Pastor twice in 2015, yet Pastor is “mental”.

    1. @peartree, as you say, whilst people like to characterise Maldonado as accident prone, quite a few of the collisions Maldonado was involved in over the course of 2015 were caused by other drivers crashed into him – asides from Button hitting him at least twice, you can add Alonso, Ricciardo and Ericsson to the list (just off the top of my head).

      1. @peartree the best drivers are able to avoid most collisions altogether.

        Fair enough to say the one in China this year was completely unavoidable by anybody, but there are many instances where he wasn’t to blame but could have still avoided the accident.

        Take Vettel in Canada 2014 for example. Perez and Massa both close by flying out of control either side of him, yet Vettel avoided an accident steering away from it. If it were Maldonado in that scenario, it could be a different story. No it’s not his fault, but it shows that it could still be avoided.

  7. 19/20 and still leading!

  8. say whatever you want about the guy (most of what is said is actually true) but he is a GP winner. at least he has a story to tell to his grandchildren.

    1. to bad he can only show them one video of his race win, all other videos have been “maldanodoed”

  9. Ah this is a good one, but so many crashes it’s hard to remember.
    I wonder if Pastor himself can remember all of them, what would his score be if he were to take the quiz? lol

    1. @mantresx I doubt Maldonado really cared that much to take any note to be honest, you can tell by his attitude in interviews ;)

  10. 3/20 – it’s all just a blur…

    1. I feel you. Also, is it just me or was there quite a bit of Hamilton in there?

  11. Here are the answers Crash , crashed , Dnf , spun , penalty .

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