Pictures: Haas reveal their second Formula One car

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The first pictures of the new Haas VF-17 for 2017 have been revealed.

The American-owned team is heading into its second year of competition in Formula One.

Team principal Guenther Steiner said the team’s new car had very little in common with its predecessor, largely due to new rules introduced for 2017.

“I think the pedal box is the same, but all the rest is very different from last year’s car,” he said.

“You always try to make a faster car, which is normally a lighter car. Now we can put on more ballast and get better weight distribution. The aero is completely new, as are the tyres, so we needed to have some built-in adjustability.”

“Aesthetically, the car has a more aggressive look,” he added. “It’s lighter and more aerodynamically efficient. Everything we learned from our first car has been applied to our new car.”

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    55 comments on “Pictures: Haas reveal their second Formula One car”

    1. Meh. More grey/silver/black type coloured cars, yippee.

      1. To be fair the grey/silver/black type cars have dropped this year.. definitely a lot more colour on the grid

        1. Yeah, but it’s still boring. McLaren’s orange is good, still need a green though.

          1. Maybe a green toro rosso… ha!

            Force India have been the biggest livery let down for me personally

      2. Yipee indeed. Dull, dark, why? Just why?

        1. Because they’re the corporate colours of Haas Automation. That’s why…

          I don’t see the issue. It looks good to my eye.

          1. +1 it’s actually a grey car I like, particularly the shark fin.

            1. The shark fin does look good @glynh, the strips make it look speedy and it has a nice contour, it actually distracts a little from them having used gun metal grey. Car has a nice shape. A bit of raked attitude on their shakedown

    2. Looks great! Saw a few leaks yesterday but the studio pics definitely do it justice! Nice to see they’ve made an effort livery wise on the shark fin! Hoping to see a decent improvement from the Haas guys this year!

      1. They’ve definitely done the best job with the Shark Fin livery, in my opinion.

      2. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
        26th February 2017, 13:58

        Yeah good job with the fin, nice livery if a little uninspiring. I prefer it to the white. Car lines look nice, not much to say really.

      3. First team to do some paint job on the shark fin and it looks much better than the others. Otherwise quite simple design at first impression, in the williams department.

        1. Would’ve been cool to see some more of the style used on the fin on the rest of the car..

          Do you think maybe teams haven’t really bothered painting the fin due to the possibility of it getting much smaller throughout the season?

          1. @nemo87 It’s not for the cost it is for F1 teams and it won’t give away any aerodynamics clue since the fin is basically a flat sheet for every team. Even if it does get smaller, it won’t influence the general design of the Haas car much thus I don’t understand why other teams have not painted it.

            I agree that it would have been a nice style for the rest of the car as well and would even push it further in a 3D blocks style a bit like this :
            And it would fit quite nice with the Haas car in particular.

      4. While I agree on their job of the shark fin, the rest of the livery and car look a lot like HRT level to me.

    3. I kinda wish it was a more dynamic colour, like a purple or green or something we don’t really have… but it’s still alright.

      I like it. Kinda hoping Haas keep getting better.

    4. Interesting patterns on the sharkfin but painting most of it in uninspired and dull grey doesnt give it any second glances

      1. It looks to have a lot of raw carbon fiber surfaces which can look pretty cool up close i guess.

    5. since I love grey I like it. Can anyone with the proper skills do a render of how will look the 2017 without shark fins?

    6. Looks pretty pretty 😊

    7. It’s a boy!!!

    8. Could a livery look any more corporate & dull? Also, *still* no sponsors of note.

      1. @optimaximal it’s horrible. I know those are the company colours, and even their NASCAR counterparts are ridiculously livered, this is unimaginative and beyond dull.

    9. Sorry to say all…But I like this car on par with the red bull. Even if it is grey. We have strayed so far this year from the colours of last year’s that some one had to stick to the original plan. That is SMART. Especially that shark fin. HAAS do some winning…Your going to look pretty on the podium

    10. Should blend in to the track nicely.

    11. I’m pretty sure that’s a midland. Sure you got the pictures right @keithcollantine?

    12. Seems to be the only car so far that hasn’t gone with an S-duct so far.

      1. Whoops. Removing the excess “so far” left as an exercise for the reader ;)

      1. Good spot, interesting…

        Anyone have an idea why these would be here?

    13. Renault RS17 is best looking car so far.both livery and aero package.

    14. Actually, did you guys notice how it has the suspension elements going further inside the front wheels, and no visibly brake ducting there? Does that mean it will steer slightly differently? And will that help them

      1. Never mind, looks like that was just the render not showing all details.

    15. That car looks different from most of them. To me it almost looks like a fighter jet on wheels in those track pics

      1. Did you notice the canards in between the cockpit and front wheels. It reminds me of the Typhoon.

        1. just noticed them, looks fab

    16. I like the colour of grey they’ve chosen. I don’t like how little red there is. Also don’t like the black. Like the fin design.

    17. Not only do I like the livery on the shark fin, but the shark fin itself is cool with that cut.

      1. Yeah.. same here, i really like it.

    18. Whole thing looks a bit like an Audi WEC car …

    19. That fin design is a stroke of genius especially the boomerang cut which adds a point of visual interest! The car looks great from the side. You might actually say that the fin complements the low rear wing and adds symmetry with the front wing extension.

      I hope the car does ’em proud!

    20. Michael Brown (@)
      26th February 2017, 14:37

      Here’s a team that knows how to decorate their shark fin. Unfortunately, the livery reminds me of HRT.

    21. I really appreciate them getting rid of those stupid rear wings. I just wonder what’s so difficult to grasp about cars looking better when front and rear wing rougly match in size.

    22. * Sigh * … …Haas’ idea of an exciting livery: grey.

      C’mon guys, really? Why are F1’s graphic designers obsessed with black, white and grey? Instead of the parade of yellow, blue, orange and scarlett that adorns the iconic cars of the past – the Williams FW14B, the McLaren MP4-4, the Tyrell 003, the Ferrari F2002 – this year’s grid is twenty shades of grey.

      OK, hyperbole, I confess…but I have not been a fan of the year’s batch of liveries, whether it be losing Ferrari’s cool retro livery from last year for more plain red, the orange McLaren livery that turned out to be predominantly black, a predominantly black Renault, a predominantly grey Force India, a predominantly grey Haas, a predominantly white Williams, some annoying stripes on the W08 or some self-promotion on the Sauber’s rear wing written in every daily farmer’s favourite typeface. The cars themselves may have made some aesthetic strides forward, but they have been let down by the liveries.

      1. * every dairy farmer’s favourite typeface

    23. Why highlight the ugly thumb nose in red?? Is it red nose day? No!

      It would look much better if they painted the front wing supports and thumb in black leaving the red to make a sharp angular shape at the front and side of the non-thumb part of the nose.

    24. Nice looking car, big thumbs up, don’t underestimate these guys.

    25. Why are people want vibrant colours all the time. This is the only grey livery on the grid and it looks brilliant to be honest. We already have a yellow, orange, purple, blue, red and silver cars.

    26. Looks like Haas have “borrowed” a nose from last year’s Ferrari SF16-H

    27. This is a serious American F1 challenger, I’m astounded that tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon (to mention a few) aren’t fighting for space to slap their Logo on the car.

    28. I wonder if this would be upgraded to VF-17D version..?

    29. I could have done with a lighter shade than that gray, but this and the Ferrari are my two uncontested faves. Now that’s how you incorporate a shark fin.

    30. Looks OK. IMO…it would have looked better with a metallic gray.

      1. I was going to say the same thing, metallic would really wake it up I think.

    31. Racecar is racecar backwards
      26th February 2017, 23:11

      Wins best Sharkfin award. :)

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