Force One could be new name for Force India

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In the round-up: Documents indicate Force India could be rebranded as Force One.

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Quite a few of you felt Kevin Magnussen deserved a spot among the ‘Star Performers’:

Magnussen maximised the car in the race, and the double move on Hulkenberg and Massa was rather nice too.
Hugh (@Hugh11)

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  • Michael Schumacher increased his championship lead by winning at Magny-Cours today in 1997. Look out for a new article on this race later today

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71 comments on “Force One could be new name for Force India”

  1. I Am One With the Force and the Force Is With Me

    1. OOOOH that is good!

      1. It’s Time to Embrace The Force! :)

    2. I read somewhere about Obi Oconobi and Checobacca…

      1. Hahahaha

        What about James Keywalker and Princess Mallya?

      2. Vijay the hutt

        1. Fukobayashi (@)
          29th June 2017, 9:33

          This one killed me @johnmilk 😂

      3. Vijay Mallya & Subrata Roy yang KotOR? (I’m so uninformed here I know nothing apart from the existence of 2 games in sort of the same setting as the one famous for the Force)

    3. petebaldwin (@)
      29th June 2017, 13:07

      At some point, both of their cars are going to retire and someone will say “Force One Out”.

    4. I can’t wait to see the moment when one of their drivers signs a deal with a new team because they were going down a path that they could not follow

    5. Excellent 😄

  2. Darren Heath is right about PR/press lol. Mercedes and Hamilton use it really well. But other than that he’s taken all this Vettel/Ferrari bashing thing to the next level. I guess in the same article he’s basically proving the first point I (and he) mentioned without realizing too.

    1. disgracing himself ;)

      Great picture of Vettel’s Ferrari though.

  3. Name change, huh? Feels like they really tried to Force One out!

    I am not a stand-up comedian, and I will keep my day job :)

  4. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
    29th June 2017, 1:48

    I would really like it if they named it Force Thiruvannamalai Ventkatesan Lakshmi Kanthan.

    1. The question is, Force him to do what?

    2. @omarr-pepper I bet his business card is an A4 paper folded into a tiny square. And he can only carry 2 of them in his pocket…

    3. That’ll be the real name, but they’ll introduce themselves as Force Jeff.

    4. Would love the commentators say that during the race (without any abbreviations)

  5. Force One, lame. Force Pink is so much better.

    1. How about Pink Force

  6. For RedBull could win race on merit, Renault need to fix reliability issue first.
    That TAG-Heuer power unit is proven more unreliable than Honda.

    1. Nope.

      I believe McLaren have gone through over 10 entire power units already since the season began. Renault have gone through half that… the only problem is that Renault has failed during the race and that is why the laps completed stat is skewed.

      Honda is still in a league of their own.

      1. @todfod McLaren have actually completed more race laps than Red Bull.

        1. That’s only because VER retired early in two races, that skews the lap total but essentially it doesn’t matter in what lap a driver retires.

          Renault still is doing much better than Honda in terms of engine components. Not even close.

        2. @mashiat

          Don’t know if you even read my comment. I agree McLaren has more race laps, but they’ve gone through double the number of power units.

    2. The unreliability is quite normal if you ask me. The rules play against them.

      You have this self-widing engines in parc-ferme all night how can they expect it to last a whole race the day after?

  7. Yeah ok Guardian. Whatever u say lol. And bats may fly outta my …

  8. Already two penalties have been dished out – 10 second (in the race) and license points (after the race). Had it not been for the headrest, it could have been a race win for Hamilton. There is no need for stewards to artificially intervene off the race track and and take a decision that has a bearing the outcome of the championship. Lewis and Mercedes has the upper hand at the moment both mentally and in terms of machinery. It is Ferrari trying to catch up looking to bring engine updates to match Mercedes.

    Force One is a nice name even though I feel some part of the decision drop India from Force India has more to do with the team owner’s situation.

    1. @pinakghosh, the thing is, the allegations raised by Auto Motor und Sport – that the stewards felt they should have disqualified him from the race, but felt they could not because he was a championship contender – would, if true, set a bad precedent.

      If the stewards feel that Vettel should have been disqualified for an act of bad driving, that penalty shouldn’t be watered down because he is a title contender (in much the same way that many feel that Grosjean shouldn’t have been punished harder than usual after the 2012 Belgian GP just because he hit two of the championship contenders in that race). If a driver in the field who wasn’t a title contender would have been disqualified for that act, then that same punishment should be issued to all, irrespective of whether or not they are competing for the title.

      1. You do have a point @anon …rules are equal for everyone and there shouldn’t be any discrimination based on the position on the results table.
        My point is: Vettel’s antics should have been judged in the race itself. If the stewards had imposed a longer time penalty or even black flagged Vettel in the race, it would have been perfectly understandable. But the race is done and dusted. Why bother now with an investigation when already two penalties have been served?

        1. But the reality is that indeed bad deeds go differently punished in F1 depending on who has committed the deed and where they stand in the WDC chase and where the race sits within the calendar, as in, near the start of the season or near the end. F1 has shown themselves to try to manipulate things as much and yet as subtly as they can if it at all can help bring the WDC decider down to the last race. Black and white, written in stone rules and regulations make for less controversy and less ability for F1 to bring it down to the last race of the season. So the more shades of grey they can maintain, the more room they have to play with. There is also the reality that every incident is unique and different on it’s own and is usually subject to debate. And F1 loves us to debate.

  9. I’m surprised they didn’t call the team “Kingfisher Racing” or something like that…. after all the team did raise it’s laundered finances from Kingifisher.

  10. Unicron (@unicron2002)
    29th June 2017, 6:35

    Force One sounds like one of those teams that had to do pre-qualifying in the late 80s/early 90s.

    But I love the team, love the cars, love the drivers. But not the owners. So maybe distancing themselves from the India link could in this case could be a good thing.

  11. The main problem I had was that the abbreviated version – FI – Resembled too much the series.

    Not sure if that’s now resolved. Will we see it being referred to as FO, F1, or FONE ;)

  12. Force One sounds like a bad Chuck Norris Movie. in fact it actually IS a bad chuck Norris Movie

    1. Chuck Norris
      29th June 2017, 23:01

      There is no such thing as a bad Chuck Norris film

  13. I really hope no further penalty will be given to VET. Sure they could’ve DSQ him during the race. But they didn’t. The race is over now. Move on.

  14. I don’t think the outrage against Vettel would be this strong had Hamilton’s headrest stayed in place. The fact that Hamilton finished behind Vettel is what is causing this chorus of another penalty for Vettel.

    IMO, the first contact by Vettel was accidental, fully his mistake. The second action to get alongside Hamilton and gesticulate to him was deliberate by Vettel. The final action of hitting Hamilton happened because Vettel had one hand in the air and couldn’t control the car. Irresponsible, amateurish driving by Vettel, no doubt. But the second hit wasn’t “deliberate”. And because of it not being deliberate, I think Vettel should get no more penalty.

    I think FIA has 5 options now (in increasing order of severity): 1) No extra penalty 2) Suspended race-ban to Vettel over and above the points on his license 3) DQ from Azerbaijan results 4) Race-ban for Austria 5) DQ from season

    If the final decision of FIA is a combination of 2&3 (which is what Mclaren got for the Liegate controversy of 2009 Australian grand prix), it would be quite harsh. I feel it should be just option 1. But option 2 is probably the best midway that FIA will go far.

    1. The wheel bang was deliberate. An F1 car doesn’t move sideways with that much force without a very sudden and forceful movement of the steering wheel.

      1. The final action of hitting Hamilton happened because Vettel had one hand in the air and couldn’t control the car.

        Cosby is still looking for a lawyer. Are you available @sumedhvidwans?

    2. I don’t think the outrage against Vettel would be this strong had Hamilton’s headrest stayed in place. The fact that Hamilton finished behind Vettel is what is causing this chorus of another penalty for Vettel.


      I don’t approve of Seb’s action at all, but the matter that FIA is looking to give him a different penalty after thinking they gave out the wrong penalty themselves is farcical. If it were about the way he behaved after the race I would understand. But it is the conduct during the race that’s going to be discussed which he already received a ten second Stop-Go for, not the aftermath in which Seb refused to talk about it.

      This is the second time in two races that the FIA has given out a penalty that they were doubting over the punishment. Kvyat had to serve two penalties in Canada for one offense which FIA screwed up on. You get it right the first time or you admit your mistake saying it won’t happen again. Not keep pilling it on till you get it right to save face.

      Really time for a team of stewards that is there for the whole year. This guest stewarding is clearly not the way to go.

      1. Yes, the stewards, where do they find them, what are their qualifications for the job, apart from the driver steward of course..

        So many inexplicable and inconsistent decisions

        1. I think the only requirement to be a steward is to have a pulse, but if you know the right people that could probably be waived.

    3. + 1 I agree with this approach. Anything more than option 2. would be ridiculous in my opinion.

    4. Vettel shouldn’t have been penalised in the first place because the “incident” didn’t affect the actual race at all. Hamilton didn’t lose time and no damage was sustained to his car so the penalty for Vettel is not justified. What should have happened is that the officials should have shown Vettel the half black/half white flag for unsporting behaviour because that is exactly the behaviour that he exhibited.

      1. Unsporting behaviour in sport must always be punished. Whether the race was effected or not is beside the point. Vettel brings the sport into disrepute with his actions. Fia promotes safe driving, they can’t then allow one of their own drivers get away with extreme road rage on the track unpunished.

        1. Unsporting behaviour in sport must always be punished.

          That is what the half black/half white flag is for in F1, they should have used it for this.

          Whether the race was effected or not is beside the point.

          It is the only point actually, I recognise the rulings in motorsport, it’s a shame other people seem not to and just want to give out draconian punishments all the time.

          Vettel brings the sport into disrepute with his actions.

          That is not even remotely true, he is a great champion and what happened in that moment is out of character. It was wrong of him but it definitely does not bring the sport into disrepute.

          Fia promotes safe driving, they can’t then allow one of their own drivers get away with extreme road rage on the track unpunished.

          This was racing on a closed circuit, not every day driving in heavy traffic, so you cannot compare them.

  15. I think they should call the team The Force, assuming they can get it licenced from George Lucas. If not, The Schwarz would do.

    1. what would the code be for the pink side of the force?

  16. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
    29th June 2017, 7:52

    You guys may find it hard to believe, but I once drove a Force One before my father sold it.

    It was two-stroke engine powered by Yamaha.

    1. @adityafakhri LoL. Yeah, I use to have a black one. All the time it force me to steer it to nearest workshop.

    2. @adityafakhri

      *goes on Google*
      wow, beneran 2tak

  17. “F1 is planning a joint car launch event before the start of the 2018 season which fans will be able to attend.”

    That’s a great idea!

    1. How good would it be to have a huge launch circus the day before the 1st Barcelona/Jerez test with all the cars on display for fans to see, drivers available for photo ops and autographs, and all the excitement they normally have at Albert Park including the Bundy Promo girls ;)

  18. Let me introduce you to the Force One (link)
    – 2.2 FMTECH Engine with a top speed of 160 kmph
    – Advanced braking system for sure stop braking.
    – Front: Independent Double Wishbone Coil Spring Suspension
    – Tiltable and collapsible steering column for greater comfort

  19. AntoineDeParis (@antoine-de-paris)
    29th June 2017, 9:22

    This photo artist’s article very interesting. Stopped reading immediately after “Ferrari really are a horrible team right now”. As an artist he should try little bit harder lol

  20. Force One? Sure why not. Let it be a global team. They are hardly Indian anymore. And they never were…

    :D Pink Force One! :D hehe.

  21. I can’t help thinking that “Force One” sounds like a really bad low cost action film.
    Since they decided to drop geographical reference there, they should consider dropping “Force” too. It does not suit with anything. Should they keep it, net and plain names like “Force GP”, “Force F1 Racing”, “Force Motorsports” sound much much better and extremely appealing.

  22. Neil (@neilosjames)
    29th June 2017, 12:29

    When I hear ‘Force One’, the only thing I can think of is the Beaufort Scale.

    Force One – car drives past at 200mph.
    Force Two – wind felt on face.
    Force Three – proper bit of motion on on the flag circle at Sochi.

    I was a strange, weather-obsessed child.

  23. Force 1 Out (F1O) would be a good name and not cause a stink with FOM and FIA.

  24. Force One Racing looks promising to me. it’s short, sexy and it’s not just Force One wich is too much like “F1”

  25. “Force One” does sound strong but that horrible pink colour will not go with it. They should go for military green or something more punchy.

    1. That pink livery turned the worst looking car on the grid into the best looking, most identifying car on the grid.

  26. I’ll be the first to weigh in this (in the last 30 seconds): Regarding Vettel, this seems quite straightforward. One car rammed another car on the track intentionally. This is the gravest possible misdeed in the sport (now that FOM has eased up on people posting clips of races in FB). This must earn a disqualification from the event, at the least. A 10-second penalty for this is a howler. One should consider the aggravating factors as well, so to speak: 1. the attack was unprovoked. 2. this was behind the SC and 3. he remains wholly unrepentant. You can consider prior bad acts as well, because they are quite on point, for example, his hideous abuse of Charlie Whiting on the radio. He appears to lack respect for both rules and rule-makers, and a two-fingered slap on the wrist here is asking for more trouble.

    1. Well, ok, I’m not going to lose sleep whatever further they may decide to do with SV, but first of all I don’t think this was the gravest thing…doing it at racing speeds would have been many times worse. Also, we don’t know if he remains unrepentant. Will be very interesting to hear what the FIA does and what SV has to say on the subject now that some days have passed.

      1. Old_mate_Mick
        30th June 2017, 1:31

        It’s entirely possible that he was told immediately after the race to not speak about the incident. Ferrari this year have been very quiet, with drivers and staff being told essentially to say as little as possible to the media about anything. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to find out that Vettel was told not to speak about the incident by someone at the team. His manager kept a very close eye on him while he was speaking to the press, and he seemed to be trying really hard to avoid talking specifically about the side-on contact. Considering it was an on-going matter, he was likely told to keep quiet about it until him and the FIA had sat down and sorted everything out. I’ll be expecting him to come clean and apologise next weekend before practice.

        As for his punishment: He wasn’t only given a ten second penalty, so can everyone stop saying that? It was a ten sec stop/go, which is significantly more serious than a regular ten sec pen. Stop/go penalties are one of the harshest penalties they can give, and they also gave him 3 points to go with it. The last time an incident like this happened, it was Hamilton and Maldonado intentionally ramming each other. The British fans made a big point of laying 100% of the blame at Maldonado’s feet (surprise surprise), but the FIA found both drivers intentionally turned in on each other, and as such both were to blame. However, Ham only got a reprimand, while Maldonado got a 5 place grid penalty. Both of those penalties are significantly lighter than Vettel’s ten sec stop/go and 3 penalty points. Ferrari would be smart to bring this precedent to the FIA’s attention.

        What Vettel did was uncalled for, and stupid, but I suspect he knows that, and feels very silly about it. His penalties were definitely harsh enough, and without Mercedes stuffing up Hamilton’s headrest, Vettel would have finished four places behind Hamilton. It’s not his or Ferrari’s fault that Mercedes stuffed up, and that definitely shouldn’t be a factor in the FIA’s decision. It should only matter if the punishment fits the crime, which in this case it did. As I said, Maldonado and Hamilton were both found guilty of the same thing as Vettel, and one of them got a way lighter punishment, and the other only got a reprimand for dangerous driving, and their incident was at speeds in excess of 150kph, not 30kph…

  27. Lewisham Milton
    29th June 2017, 21:25

    But what will they call Vijay Mallya’s private jet?

    1. Jailbird

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