Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Circuit de Catalunya, 2018

2018 Spanish Grand Prix grid

2018 Spanish Grand Prix

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Row 11. Lewis Hamilton 1’16.173
2. Valtteri Bottas 1’16.213
Row 23. Sebastian Vettel 1’16.305
4. Kimi Raikkonen 1’16.612
Row 35. Max Verstappen 1’16.816
Red Bull
6. Daniel Ricciardo 1’16.818
Red Bull
Row 47. Kevin Magnussen 1’17.676
8. Fernando Alonso 1’17.721
Row 59. Carlos Sainz Jnr 1’17.790
10. Romain Grosjean 1’17.835
Row 611. Stoffel Vandoorne 1’18.323
12. Pierre Gasly 1’18.463
Toro Rosso
Row 713. Esteban Ocon 1’18.696
Force India
14. Charles Leclerc 1’18.910
Row 815. Sergio Perez 1’19.098
Force India
16. Nico Hulkenberg 1’18.923
Row 917. Marcus Ericsson 1’19.493
18. Lance Stroll 1’20.225
Row 1019. Sergey Sirotkin* 1’19.695
20. Brendon Hartley** No time
Toro Rosso

*Three-place grid penalty for collision with Sergio Perez in Azerbaijan
**Did not set a time, has been given a dispensation by the stewards to start. Five-place grid penalty for gearbox change

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52 comments on “2018 Spanish Grand Prix grid”

  1. Ferrari best car, uh?! Remains to be seen…

    1. Apart from at every race this year…

      1. Ferrari have already had 2 front row lockouts ( should have easily been 3 if Kimi didn’t bin it in Baku.) this is the first time Bottas has made the front row. It’s also 3-2 in pole positions. so yes, Ferrari is the best car this season.

        1. Yeah, glad you remembered about AUS. So, it’s 3-2 indeed… but only so far! I was wondering if it’s the best car over the length of the entire season, not just 5 races. Things kinda turned over now, plus the changes to the tyres, so remains to be seen if Ferrari is the car to beat anymore.

          1. You’re comment doesn’t make sense @mg1982

            It doesn’t “remain to be seen” because we’ve seen 5 qualifying sessions and the Ferrari has been better at 3 events. 3 is more than 2 so they’ve been the best car this season.

        2. at every race this year…

          It’s also 3-2 in pole positions.

          Something’s not quite adding up…

          1. We’ve had 5 qualifying sessions 3+2 =5

            What are you struggling with @hugh11

          2. I think I’m struggling with the fact that you seem to think that 3/5 races is ‘every race’. Must be me being stupid thing, so silly, 3/5 is obviously 100%. My mistake.

        3. Yeah, it’s not like Hamilton was dominant in Melbourne, Bottas had every chance to win in Bahrein, Bottas was about to win in China, and both Hamilton and Bottas formed a proper treat to Vettel in Baku. Yes, Ferrari has the undisputed best car. Could you either be more objective or not post at all?

          1. @flatsix.. That is how you spin a story to suit an agenda.

            “Hamilton was dominant in Austrailia”

            “Hamilton and Bottas were a proper threat to Vettel in Baku”

            Vettel was dominant in Baku but lost the lead due to the safetycar. I’d actually say Baku and Austraillia were simmilar in terms of domination but youse spun it completely there ! Yet you accuse me of not being objective…

          2. So you’ve just acknowledged that Mercedes was dominant around Melbourne, which disproves your own claim that Ferrari have had the best car at “every track”.

            Mercedes had slightly better race pace than Ferrari in Bahrain too.

          3. @flatsix, but, equally, Vettel has suggested that he could have pushed harder in China and built more of a gap, suggesting that was more of a strategic mistake on Ferrari’s part – equally, Vettel was, if anything, catching Bottas before the safety car came out and seemed liable to repass Bottas on track, suggesting that Vettel was slightly quicker than Bottas was if he could close tuck in so closely behind him and, if anything, slightly close up on him.

            Equally, without the safety car period in Baku, Vettel would have comfortably won that race – he’d dominated the opening phase of the race and, under green flag racing conditions, Bottas would have come out about 10 seconds behind Vettel. Given how most drivers struggled to get the tyres up to temperature – particularly Mercedes – and the small number of laps available to close the gap, Bottas just wasn’t in a position to catch Vettel under normal conditions and Vettel would have won in a fairly dominant manner.

    2. lets keep it to the facts please….. Tires manufactured specifically for Mercedes because of their whining during testing and Mercedes is the only team to get heat in them and Mercedes is on pole……
      Vettel called it during testing. Bush league by Pirelli the FIA and Mercedes.

      1. Except all the other teams who used them to set their best times… Plus let’s not forget the Ferrari is actually illegal this race. They are lucky to even be racing. It’s clear running an illegal car is wrong but the good old FIA can’t have the golden team miss a race… Yet you complain about tyres that are the same for everyone…

        1. the tires were switched to favor Mercedes because they whined about it during testing…all the other teams said the tire was fine…. why did pirelli change the tires to obviously benefit 1 team???

          1. Please, if all you go for is truth filtered through Ferrari-red glasses Mark, at least then use what they say; Vettel mentioned both Red Bull and Mercedes pushing for it.

            Anyway, Pirelli decided to do it because they thought it would lead to less problems getting and keeping tyres into the right temperature range across the grid, according to their PR statements.

          2. As bosyber notes, apparently Vettel must have been lying to the press when he accused Red Bull of also lobbying for the tyres to be changed then – or is it too inconvenient to acknowledge those accusations? Furthermore, it’s interesting that Vettel now seems to be downplaying some of his earlier comments – perhaps because it seems that the changes actually seem to be working pretty well for Ferrari as well.

        2. Explain how the Ferrari is illegal when the FIA clearly said mirrors on halos are banned from the NEXT race…

          1. They are illegal now, but Ferrari said they weren’t able to switch back to the next spec until next race. It’s more involved than just bolting on a new halo: they’d have to have new bodywork with mirrors attached, but otherwise equal to the upgrade package they brought. The FIA made a concession. They discussed it on Sky.

          2. To add, it’s not the mirrors themselves that are the problem. It’s the winglets attached to them.

  2. The first Mercedes front-row lockout this season and the first since last season’s Abu Dhabi GP.

  3. God I love how close that was. Mercs close to each other, Ferrari just not getting the SS quite where they wanted them in the final run, and the Red Bulls not improving much on their first runs, could have been even closer, but sets up a great race tomorrow if the new tarmac allows for slightly better following. Kudos to Gasly and Leclerc too, well done indeed.

  4. Charles Leclerc is agai showing up on the radar. Great quali, sooo close

  5. Pirelli modify the tyres, Mercedes front row lockout. What a surprise.

    1. I don’t get how this happened and why Ferrari are so “cool” about it!?

      1. Because it’s fake news @makana

        1. Vettel has previously indicated his suspicions about the change. Before it was announced the Ferrari driver said rival teams had been “[trying] to get the tyre supplier in the direction that suits their car best.”

          fake news huh? thats from this very site

          1. So will Ferrari just accept? Strange.

          2. Yes Mark, because it’s not a fact. It’s one drivers thought about a rival team..

            Vettel can suspect that Hamilton drives around with a lucky carrot on his head. If that’s then reported on here it would t make it a fact.

            The fake news is people spreading false and wrong information. So that’s exactly what you’re doing. Twisting headlines into facts for your own agenda. Fake. News.

          3. Vettel was all about a ‘party-mode’ Mercedes had after trailing Hamilton for almost a sec on the first race.
            Then, he took 3 poles and nobody even mentions party-mode anymore.

            Vettel talks way too much. He talks like Ferrari is a smaller team, with little influence and no technical capacity to equal Mercedes.

        2. It’s not so much fake news as there are differing explanations. Yeah, Mercedes and Red Bull complained after winter testing, but Pirelli said it had noticed the need anyway and was not influenced by their complaints. I think teams also had to concur (?). So not fake news, just differently interpretable.

    2. @kingshark, it could also be interpreted as “FIA taking stricter measures to monitor oil consumption and Ferrari now seem to have taken a step backwards in qualifying trim”. You seem to have neglected to mention that the FIA has recently been introducing new inspection measures and restrictions on when oil can be replenished, and has stopped teams from replenishing the oil tank during qualifying (something that Ferrari seemed to always need to do during the qualifying sessions in previous races).

  6. Could Ferrari not find 2 tenths on the supersofts? Was it really that bad?

    1. Quite late in the day, quite windy, more cloudy. Don’t know, but I think that may have changed the track just a tad.

  7. Damn, williams even slower Than not running at all. Should have switched those trucks going to Spain and the Monaco Historic maybe

  8. Adios Ferrari (cover up most of the front tires wear on TV cam) ‘mirrors’ next race, can’t someone accidentally break them off for this one?

    1. They should get a race ban for 1) being illegal and 2) making everyone throw up looking at it.

      1. Luckily we have you to point out the car is illegal and not a very experienced team of marshalls and engineers who run the business. Do you never think before you post?

        1. Surely we live in a time where rules should be determined by the number of TwitBook for/against posts..

        2. But it’s been ruled illegal and has to be removed for the next race @flatsix… Do you ever think before you post ?

          1. Oh my apologies, I didn’t knew they’re going to race “the next race” before this sundays race.

          2. Thanks for the apology. It’s not easy to admit when you’re wrong and doesn’t happen much on here @flatsix

  9. The best part of this is that I was only 12 one hundredth of a second off in my pole prediction with the correct guy. Did anyone get closer? I went for 01:16.185…. Closest I have been is two thousandth off…but I’ll take this…

    1. Well done @mach1, I was too optimistic, going for a 1:15.8, but at least I guessed the right guy :)

    2. 1:16.102 and lewis on pole .

  10. Proper qualy. Anybody’s race tomorrow among the top three teams. Anybody still hung up on who’s got the “best” car has completely missed the plot, IMO. The Red Bull, Mercedes & Ferrari are within a few tenths of each other (as it should be… that’s the point of “Formula Racing”…), but obviously have different strengths & weaknesses that different track characteristics highlight or mask accordingly. None of them are clearly ahead yet, on either one lap or race pace. I don’t see it being much different until after the summer break, if at all. I hope it stays just as close, personally. At the end of it I’d rather Lewis get to 5 before Seb, but if the racing’s good along the way I won’t be too cut up. Hell, I’d get a kick out of it if either of the Finns took it. Or Daniel for that matter… don’t really like Max yet… definitely has the ability, but not driving smart enough to win championships at the moment.

  11. Rip Hulkenberg… Only gonna be 20-1 this season then. Renault confirmed that the car still had issues on the 2nd run (it didn’t sound too good then either). Ah well, gotta let Sainz have his fun at his home race

  12. Rock on K Mag..with a little demolition in front, podium possible ?

  13. Two RBRs used two different compounds in Q3 – yet the difference is so little. McLaren seems to have their updates working and as the season progresses, they may take on and beat Haas for the fourth fastest team. LeClerc is very impressive. Mercedes set up the car just right for Q3 and Hamilton delivered. Hulkenberg was unlucky and so am I because he was my turbo driver choice in the official F1 Fantasy game.

  14. Did Fernando make it through Q1 on Mediums?

    1. Yep. This was a really strange qualification.

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