Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Suzuka, 2018

2018 Japanese Grand Prix grid

2018 Japanese Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton leads the Japanese Grand Prix grid.

Row 11. Lewis Hamilton 1’27.760
2. Valtteri Bottas 1’28.059
Row 23. Max Verstappen 1’29.057
Red Bull
4. Kimi Raikkonen 1’29.521
Row 35. Romain Grosjean 1’29.761
6. Brendon Hartley 1’30.023
Toro Rosso
Row 47. Pierre Gasly 1’30.093
Toro Rosso
8. Sebastian Vettel 1’32.192
Row 59. Sergio Perez 1’37.229
Force India
10. Charles Leclerc 1’29.864
Row 611. Esteban Ocon* 1’30.126
Force India
12. Kevin Magnussen 1’30.226
Row 713. Carlos Sainz Jnr 1’30.490
14. Lance Stroll 1’30.714
Row 815. Daniel Ricciardo No time
Red Bull
16. Nico Hulkenberg 1’30.361
Row 917. Sergey Sirotkin 1’30.372
18. Fernando Alonso 1’30.573
Row 1019. Stoffel Vandoorne 1’31.041
20. Marcus Ericsson** 1’31.213

*Three-place grid penalty for failing to slow sufficiently for red flags.
**10-place grid penalty for new power unit component.

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12 comments on “2018 Japanese Grand Prix grid”

  1. That Q3 was a real shame. Such a shame some guys got a dryish banker lap in. A wet, slippery quali here would have been epic.

  2. Moral of the story – Ferrari have learnt nothing.

  3. Leclerc can’t come to the team soon enough.

    Vettel’s performance in these last 7 races is rivaling that of Max and Grosjean at the start of the season and Hamilton in 2011. Unbelievable.

    1. Both max and Romain having a great session btw

      1. Indeed. They both have turned a corner. When will Seb?
        At this rate, he is going to be a worse number 2 to Leclerc than Massa was to Alonso.

        1. Don’t think Vettel will stick around for long at Ferrari if Leclerc shows him up next year. He might stay one more year until 2020 but if he can’t at least match Leclerc he’d have to try his luck with another team. Hard to imagine where that would be but hopefully there will be some changes in the pecking order by then to shake up the grid a bit.

  4. Even though they have no hope anymore for this season,Ferrari still manages to disappoint its fans

    1. Yep. And what’s the point of having all those super soft tyres laying around if you’re the only one who’s not going to use it come crunch time :D

  5. Incompetence at its best at Ferrari.

  6. Ferrari strategy has been consistently abysmal this season

  7. Now all that is left to guess when Hamilton will win the championship. Mexico or USA?

    What a bummer for what was once looking to be a great season finale.

  8. Ferrari’s “mistake” was deliberate. At this point they are playing “all or nothing”,and sadly they’re taking nothing…

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