Hamilton breaks another of Schumacher’s records

2019 Monaco Grand Prix stats and facts

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On a weekend marked by the death of one of the sport’s great champions, it was fitting the teams closest to Niki Lauda should have such a successful Monaco Grand Prix.

The podium was featured two Mercedes and one Ferrari; respectively, the teams for which he was a non-executive director and had won two of his three world championships. On the top step was Lewis Hamilton, who Lauda urged to join Mercedes six seasons, 56 race wins and four world championships ago.

Hamilton even sported a Lauda helmet design for the race, as did second-placed Sebastian Vettel.

It was a decent day for the other significant team of Lauda’s career, McLaren. Carlos Sainz Jnr came home ‘best of the rest’ in sixth. The former cohorts of the driver once affectionately known as ‘King Rat’ did him proud.

Hamilton notched up his 77th career victory, leaving him 14 shy of Michael Schumacher’s all-time record with 15 races remaining. He now has 25 more wins than the third most successful driver, Vettel. Hamilton has taken 10 wins since Vettel’s most recent victory at Spa last year.

Hamilton surpassed another of Schumacher’s records by taking his 59th pole position for Mercedes. That’s the most poles any driver has had with a single team, surpassing Schumacher’s 58 for Ferrari.

This was Hamilton’s third win at Monaco – one more than 1975 and 1976 winner Lauda – and three-shy of Ayrton Senna’s all-time record.

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After the 85th pole position of his career and the 17th time he’s led every lap of a race, Hamilton could have scored a ‘grand slam’, but was beaten to fastest lap by Pierre Gasly.

Nelson Piquet, Nigel Mansell, Ayrton Senna, Silverstone, 1987
Honda swept the top four at Silverstone in 1987
Depressingly for his rivals, this was the second race in a row Hamilton has led from start to finish. The last driver to lead two consecutive grands prix uninterrupted was Vettel in the 2013 Singapore and Korean Grands Prix.

Mercedes’ run of consecutive one-two finishes came to an end. However their two drivers have still taken podium finishes in all six races.

Not for the first time in his Formula 1 career, Max Verstappen finished in a podium place on the road but didn’t get to go to the rostrum ceremony. As in the 2016 Mexican Grand Prix, 2017 United States Grand Prix and 2018 Italian Grand Prix, a post-race time penalty dropped him to fourth.

With Gasly fifth and the Toro Rosso pair behind Sainz, all four Honda-powered cars finished in the points. This last happened at the 1987 British Grand Prix, when Honda-powered cars filled the top four places.

However at that time points were only awarded to the top six. There have been other occasions when four Honda-powered cars finished in top top 10, and would have all scored points under today’s scoring system, such as at the 1991 British Grand Prix.

Finally, a word for yesterday’s Indianapolis 500 winner Simon Pagenaud. The Penske driver is the first Frenchman to win the race for 99 years. The 1920 Indy 500 was by Gaston Chevrolet, whose brother Louis founded the Chevrolet car manufacturer whose engine powered Pagenaud to victory. While Gaston averaged 142.6kph as he won almost a century ago, Pagenaud’s average speed was almost double that at 282.9kph.

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12 comments on “Hamilton breaks another of Schumacher’s records”

  1. ColdFly (@)
    27th May 2019, 11:55

    Mercedes’ run of consecutive podium finishes came to an end.

    That should of course be ‘consecutive 1-2 finishes’.

  2. First time Lewis Hamilton has won the Monaco GP without using wet tyres and starting from a other position than 3rd on the grid

  3. ColdFly (@)
    27th May 2019, 12:11

    Shout out to Russell: 15th (with other teams behind)
    he’s beaten his teammate in all quali’s and races so far.


    Hamilton ( ) was beaten to fastest lap by Pierre Gasly.

    and Albon, and Sainz, and Ricciardo, and Bottas

    1. To be fair Kubica was ahead until Gio spun him around.

  4. Jonathan Parkin
    27th May 2019, 12:48

    It is also 23 years and 8 days since the last French driver to win a GP. The last of course being Olivier Panis at the same event in 1996

  5. Loved reading that Indy500 stat, great stuff.

  6. isaac (@invincibleisaac)
    27th May 2019, 17:25

    An interesting statistic I have just realised: This is now the 4th season in a row where Verstappen, at different venues, has been given a post-race time penalty which has relegated him to outside the top 3. So far this has happened in; Mexico 2016, USA 2017, Monza 2018 and now Monaco 2019. This must surely be a record in itself.

  7. @keithcollantine You could argue that the whole top six finishers where cars related to the late King Rat, as RBR were previously Jaguar where Lauda was team principal!

    1. @montreal95 Great addition!

  8. Mercedes’ 106th pole as a constructor – only 1 behind Lotus.

    McLaren, Williams, Ferrari and Mercedes have all locked out the front row 62 times.

    Kvyat has never started lower than 9th in Monaco.

    4th time in the last 6 years that both Toro Rossos have reached Q3.

    Gasly has already scored more points in 2019 than he managed in the whole of 2018, although he is yet to equal his best race result of 4th.

    Thanks to statsf1.com for some of these.

  9. “This last happened at the 1987 British Grand Prix, when Honda-powered cars filled the top four places.”

    For those who think modern F1 isn’t competitive enough, 3rd and 4th in this race (Senna and Nakajima, both driving for Lotus) finished this race 1 and 2 laps down respectively.

  10. To be fair to Kubica: he didn’t “spin” in a Vettel fashion but was tagged from behind by Giovinazzi.

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