Nurburgring to join 2020 F1 calendar with Portimao and Imola

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The Nurburgring is poised to make a surprise return to the Formula 1 calendar this season, seven years since it last held a grand prix.

RaceFans understands the former home of the German Grand Prix will be among the next batch of races to be added to this year’s revised schedule. A spokesperson for the circuit confirmed discussions with Formula 1 have taken place.

The world championship calendar has been extensively reorganised following the disruption caused by the global pandemic. So far 10 races have been confirmed up to the Russian Grand Prix on September 27th.

The Nurburgring is one of three venues which are expected to follow F1’s visit to Sochi. All three were not part of the original 2020 F1 calendar.

The other two races to join the schedule will include the revived Portuguese Grand Prix, last held at Estoril in 1996. Its race will take place at the Autodromo do Algarve near Portimao. F1 has never previously raced at the circuit, but a group of teams tested there shortly after it opened in 2008.

F1 will also add a further round of the world championship in Italy. This will take place at Imola, which previously held F1 races between 1980 and 2006. It will be the third race in Italy this year, along with the Italian Grand Prix at Monza and the Tuscan Grand Prix Ferrari 1000 at Mugello.

Start, Imola, 2006 San Marino Grand Prix
F1 last raced at Imola in 2006…
Fernando Alonso, Renault, Autodromo do Algarve, 2009
…but Algarve has never previously held a grand prix

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2020 F1 season

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133 comments on “Nurburgring to join 2020 F1 calendar with Portimao and Imola”

  1. Great news! Can’t wait to see the new flat-out stretch at Imola.

    1. I’m also really looking forward to imola.

      I hope they try something different with drs at portimao, that they make the entire track a drs zone but NOT the pit straight.

      1. Sadly physics gets in the way of your suggestion. Cars struggling in wake need as much downforce as they can get In the corners, not less. It’d be great if they adjust the DRS zone so that no one can just fly by like in Monza. If attempting something different, perhaps it can start early in the straight and then finish somewhat before the braking zone

        1. @aezy_doc Monza hasn’t been known for fly-bys. DRS is relatively ineffective there due to the low-drag nature of that track and how the rear wings are because of that.
          As for ending a DRS zone before the braking zone for the upcoming corner: I don’t think that’s doable, although I don’t know for 100% certain. DRS closes automatically only when applying the brakes.

    2. You’re joking? This is the worst possible track for racing. When it finally came off the calendar was joyous day for F1.

  2. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    22nd July 2020, 19:43

    Slightly unrelated to the topic, seeing that 2009 photo got me all nostalgic. I loved the 2009 Brawn GP’s, the classic Red Bull look, BMW Sauber and the white/orange/green Force Indias.

    On topic, I think seeing Nurburgring again would be awesome.

    1. I’ll never forget how ugly the orange/white/yellow livery was on the R29. It was a quick fall from grace of the beautiful blue and yellow of the R26. I hope that ING money was worth it.

    2. all cars in 2009 looked disgusting. (apart from Brawn)

      1. The Brawn was so beautiful in it’s simplicity. Adored that car.

        1. Mark Webber’s first GP victory despite a drive through penalty. Could easily have been a 3 time world champion if he was given fair treatment status at Red Bull.

          1. @Alex Roy He was. Seb was just better.

          2. Great drive from Webber that day. Deserved to win a lot more.

            Sure, he was equal no.1… Funny
            Probably wasn’t as fast as Vettel at the time, but certainly wasn’t treated equally.

        2. I thought the Brawn was out of the proportion like the rest of the 2009 monsters, and had a horrible droopy nose. Each to their own though I guess. The 2007/2008 cars were much much better.

  3. This season might turn out to not be bad after all in terms of number of grands prix, with the addition of these very good circuits.

    1. I had to check it wasn’t 1st of April or the 25th of December when I read the headline, incredible!

      Then I remembered that it’s 2020, and no matter where F1 goes Mercedes will be 1 second per lap faster than anybody

      1. 😄, I guess blame the opposition for not rising up to the challenge.

        1. And having less money

          1. Still, the innovation force at merc is high.

          2. Right. Redbull and Ferrari are so poor they buy the tires with food stamps form Pirelli I heard..

          3. @Alberto
            I know we rarely see anything other than the ‘big 3’ teams on TV – but let me assure you that there are 7 other teams out there who don’t have that kind of money.

  4. Nice to see some of these new circuits. Nice to return to a Eurocentric championship. So far I am liking this season a lot better than a lot of recent others.

    1. Completely agree. I will take races in Imola, Nurburgring, Portimao and Mugello over the likes of Shanghai, Singapore, Vietnam etc. on any day.

      1. Give me Malaysia, China, Turkey and Vietnam over all those european processions.

        1. Bingo.
          Imola, Portimao and Mugello would be great to drive in an F1 car, but they’ll be rubbish races to watch.
          Processions, here we come.

          Nurburgring is better, but really only has 2 passing opportunities for these cars. Might do better if they stay out of the Mercedes Arena section and use the old shortcut 1/2.

          1. Does the old shortcut just straighten out t1? If they have to brake for it anyway then might as well keep the section as it’s at least a challenge and I have seen overtakes through that part in the past.

          2. @aezy_doc
            It’s a pretty slow, tight and long S-Bend in its current configuration.
            Possible to set up overtakes here – more so than with the Arena section, which is just all ‘follow-the-leader.’

      2. @pironitheprovocateur F1 hasn’t even raced in Vietnam yet, so too early to judge it.

    2. @darryn why exactly do you want a Eurocentric championship?

      1. They are iconic circuits that many of us remember fondly from previous years.

      2. Jose Lopes da Silva
        22nd July 2020, 22:48

        If the F1 championship was not based on business and specially on the model of selling the Grand Prix organization to wealthy governments, tracks should change frequently. This is a glimpse of what it should be.
        And I’m against the frequent criticism of Herman Tilke.

        1. Fair enough, but what we’re seeing here are all the good Tilke tracks back on the calendar, before he and his team got complacent and started to use their own cookie cutter a little too much.

      3. Anon, in my opinion at least, it’s not so much that it’s Eurocentric, rather the circuits that come with that. Portimao being an exception, most European circuits were built before a time of sterile, soulless designs that have become known as Tilkedromes, whereas most circuits F1 visits around the global are modern Tilkedromes.

        1. ‘Sterile, soulless designs’ are unfortunately exactly what the current generation of high-downforce cars require in order to be entertaining and competitive.

          You want more traditional style circuits? You need more traditional style cars that don’t take several seconds-per-lap off each other with dirty air and loss of performance.

          1. Jose Lopes da Silva
            23rd July 2020, 11:23

            Most fans believe Tilke is to blame for boring races. They probably believe also that the evil Tilke came undercover of the night and ordered the amazing circuit of Hungaroring to be filled with asphalted run-offs.

            They don’t remember drivers in 1996 (last year of tyre monopoly) already complaining about the difficulty about following another car.

            Racefans articles about the problem of downforce and the solutions being looked into it for 2021 (22) should be repeated weekly.

        2. Jamie B, in this situation, the original poster explicitly stated they were pleased to see a “return to a Eurocentric championship”, so I was looking for an explanation as to why that was.

          Now, some posters have offered their own thoughts, though I would question Trido’s position – the modern Nurburgring hasn’t really been thought of as an iconic, or even especially popular, venue in modern times (the modern track dates to the mid 1980s).

          Mugello can’t really be described as “iconic” for F1, given that has never been used for F1 races before. Portimao, meanwhile, has not been used in F1 before – it’s also not a historic venue with a venerable tradition either, as that venue will reach it’s 12th anniversary later this year.

          Out of the venues being added to the calendar this year, that description can only really be given to Imola – you can’t say that the modern Nurburgring, Portimao or Mugello are really “iconic venues that are remembered fondly” when two have never appeared on the calendar and the third has usually been treated with indifference or disdain by the fans.

          1. @anon Portimao has actually been used in F1 before. For testing like Mugello.

          2. @jerejj does a single test suddenly transform those places into “iconic venues that are remembered fondly”?

            Do fans claim the Circuit Ricardo Tormo is an “iconic circuit” because F1 has used that venue for testing (and used a lot more than either Mugello or Portimao)? No – quite a lot of fans probably would be completely oblivious to the fact that it was used as a test venue.

          3. @anon That wasn’t my point. I merely pointed out a fact.

      4. @anon I prefer the circuits. I also like the compact schedule. It is the one thing I like about the current Indycars. All the races in 3 months and then a long off season. I don’t like F1 enough anymore to follow these 9 month seasons.

    3. RIP viewers on American West Coast. All races will be at 6 am

      1. PVR. And domestic media blackout.

      2. It’s an early enough start time that getting F1TV Pro is of questionable value. But because it’s really easy to avoid F1 news in California, I’m more than happy with the $3 per month for F1TV Access and do Qualifying Mondays and Race Tuesdays at times that suit me, as I’ve done so far this season (I would have paid the $27 annual cost but Covid made it more cheaper to pay monthly for this season). So far avoiding spoilers is pretty simple unless I come here….

        That and with the rights being on ESPN who don’t air all races live and needing cable, the buy-in cost of Pro is pretty reasonable at $10 per month/$80 per year for those who want it, especially as basic cable here is $60 per month.

        That said it’s completely screws up those down under – I spent most of 2016 in Australia and 10pm start times for live races was really tricky. That’s now 11:10pm.

      3. The beauty of a DVR if you watch it on TV or the fact that it will already be on the torrent sites when you wake up on the west coast.

      4. @n RIP people in, for example, Japan, where all races this year could commence past 22:00 (22:10 for formation lap), should no F1-racing take place in either the Americas (likely) or Asia east of Abu Dhabi.

  5. Despite all issues caused by the cancellations, I believe teams may become spoiled by not having to change time zones often.

    One day by road, less than 2 hours by plane. At head quarter race control no more red eye shifts. Stable broadcast times, as well.

    This may open a can of worms in case Liberty is still thinking about those 25 races per year in the future. Triple header, folks! We’ve done it before! :-P

  6. Algarve will be a procession, as will be imola and mugello.

    Nurburgring might be interesting, hopefully they all get some rain or else they will all probably be processions.

    F1 cars are just to fast for these old style circuits.

    1. Not necessarily too fast for these circuits – just too dirty – aerodynamically speaking.

    2. That will suit Ferrari then!

  7. Ferrari will be kicking themselves they are so rubbish this year with three home GPs in front of the Italian fans. They cannot afford to be lapped in front of the home fans.

    1. There is no fans in this year’s championship.

      1. And that will be their saving grace!

        1. Imagine the riot from crass Tifosi post Italian GP.

    2. The Mugello race is on the same day as the motogp race at Misano, so fans of both F1 & Rossi (and there’s a lot in Italy) would have been in a right pickle deciding which to attend.

  8. The season is shaping up in a really interesting way, alas, without any prospect of a great championship fight. It will by nice to see F1 cars at Nurburgring after so many years, ditto Imola and Portimao might be a nice element of surprise. The weather might play a great role given the races are scheduled for October, especially in Eifel mountains. Does anybody know whether snowstorms are common for this area as early as in October?

    1. Jose Lopes da Silva
      22nd July 2020, 22:57

      It’s great you’re bringing this question in the 13th anniversary of the Winkelhock wonder. Let’s hope that brings luck!

    2. No snow, but maybe rain…
      Should look great, though!

    3. I remember the 1995 race was held in October. And yes, it was cold and wet!

  9. But when???
    In the rainy chilly autumn?

    Of course these tracks are nice (though maybe not all are suited for today’s cars… I am looking at you, Imola), but not sure that adding them so late in the year is a good idea.

    1. You CAN overtake in Imola with the current layout (no final chicane).
      The final straight becames very long, and with DRS there will be overtaking, no big problems.

      Same with Mugello. The Pit Straight is like Monza-esque long, MotoGP reaches 360 km/h there, F1 will go 340 km/h at least, so i don’t see the problems there either.

      1. You CAN overtake in Imola with the current layout (no final chicane).

        I don’t think it’s any different to what it was before in terms of overtaking.

        When GP2 raced on the new layout in 2011 for example the races were just as lacking in terms of overtakes as the last couple F1 races on the prior layout & GP2 cars were significantly better at overtaking than F1 was/is.

    2. Stuart Tidman
      23rd July 2020, 11:20

      If you want out of date, could always use the original Nurburgring – but the modern drivers wouldn’t race there. Not due to safety reasons and needing so many marshalls and stewards around the track, I doubt if some of them have the bottle to take an F1 car around it full tilt.

  10. Doesn’t matter to be honest. Mercedes will win all of them :D

    1. Yep, even with stroll behind the steering wheel.

  11. Excited to see F1 adding new circuits. A new circuit brings the challenge of learning new circuit and the car setup. Hope it rains too to add more drama.

    1. Be nice if F1 reintroduced the European Grand Prix as an annual event which always visited a different circuit each year, choose circuits few years in advance (like Ryder cup), give circuits time to prepare and make business case etc. Would add a bit of variety and not have to keep growing the calendar.

      It’d also be nice to have Asian GP and Americas GP each year, but not many circuits in those territories which are FIA grade 1 and remain in use. (Especially in America’s only Grade 1 circuit not on calendar is Indy)

    2. @amg44 Except none of these are ‘new’ circuits in that they’d have opened recently, and especially two of them aren’t even that to F1 as a series as they’ve been part of the championship before, so they’d be returnees. Portimao hasn’t held a GP before, yes, but it’s been used for testing before, so also somewhat familiar.

  12. Didn’t expect Nürburgring to be chosen over Hockenheim.

    1. Well we’ve got 3 GP’s in Italy now, nothing to say we can’t have 2 German ones

      1. Gavin Campbell
        22nd July 2020, 23:15

        The weather in November might have something to say.

    2. Nürburgring is that long circuit around 20km orso? last time drove that circuit myself looks it was not safe for F1 cars
      Or am i confused with a other one?

      1. @macleod No, this is, of course, about the GP-track, not the Nordschleife.

        1. Ofcourse Silly me thanks @jerejj

  13. I’m betting Ferrari were hoping they could cancel the already scheduled Italian races not add more.

  14. And with Bahrain, Losail and Abu Dhabi to come as well…

    1. Gavin Campbell
      22nd July 2020, 23:26

      There is a snowballs chance in hell of Losail. Since Qatar and the rest of the Middle East have totally fallen out.

      I expect they will run 2 layouts at Bahrain and possibly 2 races in Abu Dhabi (maybe one in the day and one at night).

      That gets them to the magic 15 (with only 1 race each in the Middle East) to 17 races. Worth having a few in the bank incase any races get struck down.

      1. @Gavin Campbell I don’t expect two races in Abu Dhabi, but Bahrain, yes, although even that depends on if 15 gets reached before or not.

  15. I didn’t see this coming. Nevertheless, Nurburgring, like Hockenheim, isn’t ideal for F1 in October climate-wise:
    What is it with F1 (seemingly) not considering any Spanish-circuits despite there being three with the necessary G1-license, which are in Jerez, Valencia, and Aragon. There’s, of course, also Estoril alongside Portimao in the neighboring country, so why not go to some of those instead as all of these have more favorable climatic-conditions at that time of the year than any European circuit outside the Mediterranean climate zone?

    1. Three ‘besides’ Circuit de Catalunya I mean.

      1. Easily added for later in the season.

    2. The Nurburgring has previously held races in late Sept/early Oct in 1995, 1997, 1998 and 1999. Two of those four were all-time classic races, thanks to the weather.

    3. Nevertheless, Nurburgring, like Hockenheim, isn’t ideal for F1 in October climate-wise:

      This is a welcome bit of great news for once, and you’re concerned about the conditions not being favourable?

      F1 fans in a nutshell.

      1. @Ninjenius Well, if it’s something like 10 degrees or single-digit figures, the drivers would have a very hard time with getting the tyres up to temperature, possibly making intermediates more suitable even on a dry track.

        1. Sounds like fun to me.

        2. Brilliant!
          That’s definitely something to look forward to!

    4. Why chase the boring, dry, sunny, predictable weather?
      How good was qualifying in Austria with the wet weather?
      How good was Hockenheim last year?

      Wet races are infinitely more popular and enjoyable.

      1. @S Rain is fine, but my point is merely about temperatures being unfavorably low for F1, possibly even lower than in Montmelo during pre-season testing in February.

        1. Cold or otherwise difficult conditions may be a problem for teams but are an absolute winner for viewers.
          As I am a viewer, I much prefer challenging conditions.
          The more the teams struggle, the greater the entertainment and unpredictability.
          Fantastic :)

  16. So, the circus stays in Europe little longer…

  17. Lewis just got two new tracks to try and get his first win on!

    Social distancing wouldn’t be any problem at Magny-Cours if they are looking for more! :)

    1. Magny Cours would probably suit these cars reasonably well. It’s mostly bendy straights and tight, slow corners.
      Effectively a big Red Bull Ring without the elevation.

      1. Effectively a big Red Bull Ring without the elevation.

        And also without overtaking opportunities.

        There is a reason fans used to dislike that track & started calling it Magny-Bores.

        1. There are two decent overtaking opportunities.
          That’s comparable with pretty much every other circuit F1 visits.

          If that’s ‘Magny-Bores’ then what do they call Monaco, Abu Dhabi and Sochi?
          Like I said, it’d suit the current cars pretty well, then. ;)

          1. There are two decent overtaking opportunities.

            In theory yes but in reality no.

            The problem at Magny-Cours has always been that cars can’t follow through Estoril & are therefore not able to get close enough into the Adelaide hairpin. And the same is true with the passing spot later in the lap, They can’t follow through the Imola chicane so are too far back into the big braking spot at the end of the lap.

            It was a big problem even with the cars of the 90s & it’s only going to be a significantly larger problem given the aerodynamics of current cars.

          2. Well, that’s what DRS is for these days, isn’t it?

            I totally understand what you are saying. It’s far from my favourite circuit, and I’m not sad that F1 doesn’t use it anymore.
            Just comparing Magny-Cours with circuits that are and will continue to be on the calendar – it’s no worse.

          3. I think both of your thoughts on Magny-Cours are correct, I just love that its short pit entry is just begging for unorthodox pit strategy (a la 4-stop Schumacher 2004)

            I suppose I should be asking for Istanbul’s return over MagnyCours, though. That track was the only “Tilke original” loss that I mourn.

  18. Sameer Cader (@)
    23rd July 2020, 0:46

    Fantastic! So happy that F1 is going to so many truly classic circuits! If this is the f1 calendar every year then i dont mind COVID-19.

    Get rid of places like China, Baku and Singapore

    1. We should get rid of Monaco permanently. Hardly anything except the chic crowd.

    2. I think each year F1 should run two wild card races. That means each year those 2 tracks rotate to different tracks all over the world that can hold a F1 race. That would spice up the calendar. There are tons of tracks that would jump at this.

  19. Warwick Bull
    23rd July 2020, 2:28

    Codemasters worst nightmare!!

    1. Or…is it an opportunity for them to come out with some DLC and get people to pay for it? ;)

  20. Add these 3 to the 10 already on the list = 13.

    Add Bahrain, Bahrain Elliptical and Yas = 16 = Full tv $$$.

    Could always squeeze in different track layouts at Paul Ricard as well if they really want to go for 18.

    1. @kazinho Paul Ricard has been out of the question for this year since the end of April when the French GP got cancelled. Otherwise, it’d also be in these considerations.

  21. Well considering how things are developing here in Barcelona, I’m sure they are doing everything they can to confirm as many races s possible in case they have to drop rounds from the revised calendar too. Cases have been raising again over here over the past week…

  22. Not often we ge to say it, but great news!!!

    Really hope Codemasters can patch these circuits into the game (they should already have a reference model of Nurburgring at least from previous games.) That would be glorious.

    1. Chris Horton
      23rd July 2020, 9:02

      I don’t think they’re going to. Unfortunately that’s why I’ve decided to skip this years game. Bears no resemlance to reality.

      If they added these circuits, I’d not only buy it in a heartbeat, I’d genuinely pay twice as much.

    2. Really hope Codemasters can patch these circuits into the game (they should already have a reference model of Nurburgring at least from previous games.) That would be glorious.

      I’m afraid Codemasters told us earlier this year that’s not going to happen.

  23. Great to see Imola and Nurburgring back on the calendar. They bring back memories but I’m not sure how the racing will evolve in modern cars. I’m not so familiar with Portimao but it is interesting to see a totally new track to race on.

  24. I hope there’s two weeks Nürburgring event. One week for race and one week before qualifying on 12 miles track. Let F1 (read: Mercedes) destroyed all those fancy cars record.

    1. @ruliemaulana Fantasy dreams, LOL.

    2. The 919 Evo time is no slouch time

  25. Happy to see all old circuits make a comeback. Of course, it has taken a pandemic to make it happen.

    I think the championship will just be Europe and Middle East this year. While Abu Dhabi would be boring, Bahrain is usually fun and the new oval layout would be amazing!!

    Not a bad championship overall to be honest

  26. A blessing in disguise! With the Covid-19 causing global disruptions, it has given fans a treat and F1 with no choice but to hold races on some of these classic venues who might not be shelling millions of pounds every year like their middle eastern counterparts.

    Some positive out of this disruption.

    Really excited and looking forward to see these cars on these circuits.

    1. I wonder if financially F1 is taking a loss on these races bc these tracks arnt going to pay F1 for an event at a track F1 don’t norm goto and they also know next year they will not be on the calendar. Also they will have zero income for these races.

  27. Chris Horton
    23rd July 2020, 8:46

    Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr IMOLA!

    This makes me happy.

  28. Nice, now I am wanting for some news related to lower Mercedes cars performance and everything will be almost perfect.

  29. Andrew Wheeler
    23rd July 2020, 9:41

    Love to see Portimao at night that would be awesome but if not it would still be a great circuit

  30. Such a great calendar for a dull championship battle…

    1. Just hoping the puffs of smoke during quali on the merc engine will cause some surprises.

    2. Such a great calendar for a dull championship battle…

      Well the racing on a lot of these replacement tracks will likely be just as dull as the championship battle may be.

      Imola has been an awful track for racing since the post 1994 changes. Mugello isn’t suitable for cars (Go watch a car race around there for proof), Nurburgring isn’t great either & Portimou may be better but I think they will go nuts with DRS & turn it into a boring DRS-fest.

      It’s crazy to me how fans suddenly want Imola back when 15 years ago they were desperate to see the back of it because of how bad the racing always was.

      1. @roger-ayles and indeed Keith here declared that the track was “ruined” and that “F1 has outgrown it” back then, and was not the only one expressing such sentiments. Equally, it comes across as a bit weird for people to be going on about “classic venues” for two venues that have never held a race.

  31. A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

    Shaping up to be quite a tidy little calendar. Nürburgring in October? That’ll be chilly. Certainly not going to complain about that though!

    Suspect if these 3 are confirmed we’ll get a pair of races each for Bahrain and Abu Dhabi to wrap up the season.

    1. @jackysteeg More likely only in Bahrain. I don’t expect two races in Abu Dhabi, nor has that been a serious consideration before. Two Bahrain-races if 15 isn’t achievable with one for each.

      1. @jerejj I think you’re right actually, the BBC says that Hanoi is suddenly back on the cards along with a return to Sepang, then 2 in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi as you say. Not that I’d believe this second-hand gossip until it’s confirmed, but it doesn’t seem too unfeasible.

  32. There are lots of negative comments on this thread about the cars not being able to race each other on these circuits. But no one really knows do they. I am quite pleased about the addition of three new European races to the calendar. I am counting Imola as new as they have not raced there for so long.

    I think having some different circuits on this year’s calendar may well spice things up a bit as the teams will not have all that prior knowledge and information on racing at these venues in recent years. Even if the cars cannot follow very well, this factor alone might bring surprises at these races.

  33. This is great news! Can we have Istanbul Park back too, please?

  34. Will there be enough races for Mercedes to beat Ron’s 15/16?

    1. We’re going to need Bottas to channel his inner Rosberg in an on-track incident with Hamilton to keep this from happening — but who would benefit from the carnage?! Max is the obvious choice but hopefully it is something semi-crazy like Lando. or Stroll!! :P

  35. This makes me moist.

  36. This whole covid thing sucks but I gotta admit it deff is making us have a very cool F1 season like we always have asked for and not these fly away billion dollar races. It’s nice to see old tracks and see how these cars will race on them. They are tracks we have wanted to see. Also as we sit here there’s at least 5 tracks the F1 teams have no setup information which might help the racing. The worst part is next year none of these tracks will be on the schedule again which will be disappointing.

  37. Ok here’s my question what’s the Financial goings on here? We know F1 needs money and they get it from the tv and tracks with their fees. So is F1 taking a loss on all the races this year bc there’s no way this tracks and put on a race and have zero fan money come in. These 1 offs for this year have little to gain bc they won’t be on next years Calendar and are making zero money from fans. Any ideas on how they are doing this?

    1. @racerdude7730 Interesting point, but I don’t really know. I suppose, time will tell.

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