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2021 Hungarian Grand Prix grid

2021 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton leads the provisional grid for the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Row 1 1. Lewis Hamilton 1’15.419
2. Valtteri Bottas 1’15.734
Row 2 3. Max Verstappen 1’15.840
Red Bull
4. Sergio Perez 1’16.421
Red Bull
Row 3 5. Pierre Gasly 1’16.483
6. Lando Norris 1’16.489
Row 4 7. Charles Leclerc 1’16.496
8. Esteban Ocon 1’16.653
Row 5 9. Fernando Alonso 1’16.715
10. Sebastian Vettel 1’16.750
Aston Martin
Row 6 11. Daniel Ricciardo 1’16.871
12. Lance Stroll 1’16.893
Aston Martin
Row 7 13. Kimi Raikkonen 1’17.564
Alfa Romeo
14. Antonio Giovinazzi 1’17.583
Alfa Romeo
Row 8 15. Carlos Sainz Jnr No time
16. Yuki Tsunoda 1’17.919
Row 9 17. George Russell 1’17.944
18. Nicholas Latifi 1’18.036
Row 10 19. Nikita Mazepin 1’18.922
20. Mick Schumacher No time

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118 comments on “2021 Hungarian Grand Prix grid”

  1. Alonso got a 5 pos. penalty. Just sayin’.

    1. for what?

  2. Unnecessary and unfair from Hamilton, although Perez didn’t need to leave such a gap on the pit exit.
    2007 feeling.

    1. 2007 Alonso gave Hamilton no choice. Here RedBull could have gone first, Max could have pushed for an overtake. Max also still got his lap in, so nothing like 2007.

    2. RB should’ve put their drivers in better positions. Bit of payback for the last 2 weeks Of BS from RB me thinks. Loving the rivalry. PP No 101. Get in. Lewis eats up those Boos too! Keep em coming!!!

    3. Bottas was right in front of him on the out lap. You wanted him to wave verstappen past and lose his own lap? It’s a race going on this weekend.

    4. I guess now we know that ”HAM dirty tricks” nickname is not a complete invention.

      1. Andy (@andyfromsandy)
        31st July 2021, 16:16

        It is called gamesmanship. RBR lost. They had plenty of time, maybe 3 minutes or so to send out the cars. Perez engineers cocked up.

  3. Waiting for the RB salt. VER was free to leave the pits at any stage – he was also free to takeover.

    Nothing that you just experienced was illegal. Feel free to check the rule book.

    1. Starting on softs could be the nail in the coffin for RB.

    2. @theswift I think there’s a ‘maximum laptime’ rule that you need to follow on the out lap, which Lewis may well have exceeded.

      Interesting tactics.

      1. Prove it.

        1. I can’t prove a ‘may well have exceeded’, I’m saying it may have happened. The rulebook itself is there for us all to see.

          1. So you don’t know the rules. The delta is 1M 31S, he didn’t exceed that. Fact.

            Anything else?

          2. @theswift Do you know what his out lap time was?

          3. The stewards have stopwatches I assume.

          4. If he had exceeded it we all would have Red Bull screaming about it. Horner would have set up a diorama with Matchbox cars to prove it.

      2. It’s only between two points which he definitely didn’t exceed @wsrgo

        1. Which two points?

          1. Safety car line 2, to safety car line 1.

    3. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
      31st July 2021, 15:20

      Feel free to check the rule book

      >Alleged breach of Article 27.4 of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations, driving unnecessarily slowly

      Yeah, about that…:clown:

      1. Barry, you’re such a noob. Do you not even know where the delta is measured to and from?

        1. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
          31st July 2021, 15:22


          Oh dear, it’s a 12 year old with a keyboard and sweaty palms

          1. It’s fitting, as you don’t know the rules. 40 going on 12, that’s how life should be :-)

          2. Did I hear “You say me noob”?

  4. Quite embarrassing to resort to such tactics

    1. Horner and Marko brought it on themselves.

      1. +1 don’t slander a professional Champion and make him out to be the villain and expect no retaliation.

    2. Quite embarrassing that RB cant manage their drivers track positions better. Why no discussion about the huge difference in lap time? Lewis smashed it with his first lap so RB shouldve known not to put his drivers behind him on their out lap. Stupid from RB.

    3. Surprised to see horner finds nothing wrong even accepts and said they have the right to do in this game of tactics… not sure what the fans are about? there is a delta check between certain points in the track so if ham ignores the delta on his screen he will have a penalty (what happened to when you dont get a penalty nothing wrong is done?? ey? hypocrites?)

      Booing when there is nothing made… too many sour fans or maybe paid gov officials (yeah thrown a bit of conspiracy there due to lgbt stuff) if max did this, would that make it ok?

  5. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    31st July 2021, 15:16

    This is your GOAT? This? Disgusting.

    1. All time record pole holder, 7x WDC, just getting another pole with a stunning lap.. yeah that’s the GOAT alright

      1. Adam (@rocketpanda)
        31st July 2021, 15:22

        He doesn’t need you white-knighting him.

        1. He doesn’t need you black-knighting him. He just made his GOAT +1

        2. And you slating him is somehow better?

      2. With the best car and in front of a team mate who had to settle behind all these years?? Get real!

        1. I don’t remember Rosberg, Alonso or Button who are all also WDC by the way agreeing to settle behind very often. Who has Max beat again? Ricciardo who can’t beat Norris then Gasly, Albon and Perez. Wow. Can’t wait until he goes up against a champion in the same car and gets completely shown up.

    2. Yup 👍

    3. Lol! Go out early next time or simply overtake.

      1. Apparently that’s not obvious solution to some…

  6. No, the fans are disgusting. I hope HAM feeds from them. I expected nothing less from VER fans.

    1. Does it get tiring, commenting like this? You just pick fights with anyone that doesn’t agree with you

      1. Ironic.

      2. Yep lol. And if you don’t agree, you’re racist! Lol

    2. Racefans troll of the year. Allready unbeatable.

    3. @theswift How desperate are you?
      This is exactly the type of comment that regularly comes from Hamilton fans.

      1. So I didn’t hear them booing? Should I support that? Should any sport support that?

        Please, do tell me what I said that’s wrong…?

    4. Disgusting? Nah. Lewsi feeds off this. The more negativity the more inspired he becomes. I’m hoping for this at every track to seasons end. Especially looking forward to Zandvoort!! Bring it on!

  7. Interesting tactics – LH 2019

  8. Just like BLM fans cheered when Max nearly diea in Copse

    1. Why don’t you just say, black people. It’s no more clever. Go away.

      1. @dmw cuz BLM is mainly young, stupid white people telling black people to be offended so the white people can feel good about themselves.

  9. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
    31st July 2021, 15:21

    Hamilton was already driving too slow in the pitlane, didn’t warm up his tyres at all during the lap, slowed down even more in S3 and ‘accidently’ locked up for good meassure before the final corner too. I’d be surprised if this doesn’t lead to a grid penalty

    1. A penalty for what?

    2. Hehehehe you’ve made my day Barry!

    3. A penalty for locking up? The salt 😁

    4. This is exhausting now. He could have gone around him in the pit lane just like vettel did in q2. Or at any point on the out lap.

    5. which rule did he break? he drove faster than the 1:31 threshold

    6. It won’t, but it should.

      This was up there with the most unsporting behaviour I’ve seen in F1 since some of Schumacher’s antics.

      1. ian dearing
        31st July 2021, 16:00

        So every one else on that track who left a bigger gap than what was between Bottas and Ham should be charged with unsportsmanlike behaviour? Obviously over all three sessions. So thats about every driver. Apart from Mazepin

        1. It surprises me not even a tiny bit that you responded to this article in defence of Hamilton and Mercedes. Several times.

          You know as well as everyone what Mercedes were up to, and equally you’d be pretty annoyed if the roles were reversed and Hamilton had been in Perez’s position.
          I don’t care for either team, but I really hate poor sportsmanship. Seeing more and more of it in F1 these days.
          I guess it’s difficult to apply sportsmanship to something is now barely recognisable as a sport.

          1. ian dearing
            31st July 2021, 17:50

            So you can’t answer the question, or have an opinion on it. So no change there.
            And if I was Perez I would be annoyed about RB putting me out right up Max’s gearbox and behind the driver whose pole I want. Or are you here to tell me why that was a good strategy for Perez?
            And I know exactly what Ham was up to. Doing the same as he has done all his career, showing people the same respect they show him.

    7. his out lap was quicker than his previous 2 outlaps,,plus bottas was ahead of him.
      so what you believe is completely wrong.

  10. I quite not understand what’s Hamilton was trying to do. Such a stupid and unnecessary strategy only speaks about himself and Mercedes who allows him to do this. Clearly against what the rules try to forbid even when, probably, he was within the rules.

    1. he was within the rules, he drove faster than 1:31, and he was trying to prevent Max from warming up the tyres. nothing illegal about this, all the haters here need to get over themselves

    2. Stupid? Pray explain how?

    3. ian dearing
      31st July 2021, 15:57

      You mean leaving the same gap between him and Bottas as just about every other left between themselves and the guy in front of them?

  11. Hamilton got the public’s opinion and they were absolutely right, so much for British sportsmanship!

    1. Lewis slated the Hungarian Govt, beat Max to PP and ruined RBs final lap. He was never going to get any other reception. He upset 90% of the crowd. CROWD being the operative word.
      Lewis eats that negative stuff for breakfast. Keep the boos coming as it will only inspire him further.

    2. To be honest not many people in Britain actually like the guy as he comes across as a narcissist. It’s only usually his fans.

      1. Wrong. 2 SPOTY wins, packs out silverstone every year, knighted… Daily Mail readers dont like him but thankfully they arent a representation of Britain nowadays.
        You watch the attendance at Silverstone fall through the floor when he retires. It will turn into a Dutch stronghold and then you’ll see what Lewis means to the vast majority of non daily mail reading Britons.

  12. RBR = best car, uh?!

    1. RBR = Best car by a margin but mediocre/questionable first driver, and good/experienced second driver with a mediocre setup/car given :)

      1. The movement against the first driver: Still ongoing three years later!

        1. Are you broken?

          1. You’re a Lewis fan and you’ve been praising Max sometimes. I turned my back on Max after Baku 2018 and you already know it. “aRe YoU bRoKeN”? It’s none of your business.

          2. ArE yOu BrOkEn?

            What you say punk? What you say punk? What you say punk? You scored another own goal didn’t you? Shut the hell up punk, nothing is broken with me, and I see this as an attempted killshot on me. You are broken, so get out of my sight. You’re a loser and a sucker, you understand me?! You still can’t see where the hell Report button is, so get out of my sight.

  13. Stunning lap. Hopefully it’s a good race with the differing strategies

  14. Well weren’t those some interesting tactics.

    I love how people who booed Leclerc for crashing ‘intentionally’ in Monaco are cheering Hamilton for ruining Q3 for himself and everyone else (he knew his tyres would be way below temp with that weird start/stop stuff).

    I really wish Lewis wasn’t such an upstanding guy off the track, because on it, he is such a heel. Has been since Fuji 2007.

  15. Even with a couple of mistakes in the last two corners HAM was waaaay faster. Even Bottas was faster then RB, meaning the Merc was unbeatable here.
    I’m hoping it’s just a Merc track, and we get some close fighting in the future, but for tomorrow I don’t see anything but an easy, cruising speed 1-2 for the Merc, and a distant 3rd for VER.
    Maybe we get to see some racing in the midfield.
    The out lap was perfectly executed by HAM, nothing RB could’ve done about it after exiting the pit behind the Merc.
    HAM is really going all out to get into VERs head, so that gives me hope Merc don’t think they can maintain this speed diference all season.

    1. ian dearing
      31st July 2021, 15:41

      The only reason the RBs were sent out behind the guy with a half second gap in his pocket was to get into Hams head. Which fell apart before the end of the pit lane. Even Rosberg couldn’t see why the RBs came out behind the pole sitter. Not that there was any chance of Max making up that gap.

  16. Hamiltons’s final flying lap was, but for S1, quite slow. already down 1.2s after S2 – thereby putting him quite close in front of Verstappen, probably hurting his downforce.. Lewis’ time was 1.17! in that lap!

  17. Haha!! What a dumpster fire of a comment section this has become. It’s never been great but yikes 🤢

  18. More than the Q3 ‘gamesmanship’, softs at the start, not the optimal choice in this track. Its definitely advantage Mercedes, strategy wise. Interesting qualifying. Was hoping to see both Ferrari cars in top 10. I think we have seen enough of the season so far to say that the Norris-Ricciardo gap is glaring.

    1. Red Bull/Max’s only chance is first corner and hope they get over their grudge and out to get a revenge into first corner, that will make everyone puke at this point… hoping for a good race and good start up tomorrow it is down to bottas making a good get away and blocking max otherwise max will be pressured into doing something silly and hope he gives us a good fight and not a good conspiracy and bad ending to championship

  19. This battle for the championship this year is becoming truly epic! The fight on and off track is so intense. Hope it does actually last throughout the season!

  20. Five pos. penalties matter

  21. What Lewis did is ok for the delta time, but it wasn’t exiting to see, so he made the qualifying boring. And just come clean and say it’s that tactic, don’t come talking about that the set was slower or anything.

    It was obvious for anyone from the start on the outlap that he was going to do this.

    1. So why didn’t RB react accordingly? Or Max for that matter. He was free to overtake Lewis at any point. This was a cock up by RB. Nothing more, nothing less.

  22. Well done to Gasly again. An eyelash behind Perez.

  23. The bitterness, the salt, the booing, RB are really starting to turn to the dark side.
    Mega lap from Lewis, but wouldn’t be surprised if Max and he’s elbows are in P1 after T1 being on the soft’s.

    1. @f1-plossl Indeed, that last Q3 lap was mega! Those beautiful yellow sectors.

      1. There was nothing stopping Max from overtaking on the out lap, if RB decide to let there cars out so late is that Mercs fault? It all comes down to Lewis aced he’s first lap and Max didn’t.
        All this crying foul by RB fans is becoming a bit of a habit, perhaps to cover the fact that SuperMax might not be so super after all?

  24. Mercedes uses Strategy! It’s Super Effective!

    1. Red Bull uses Sore Loser! It’s not very effective…

    2. If we had a football equivalent to RaceFans, I would’ve made Pokemon references on the France-Switzerland match. And it’s funnier for me. Just saying.

      1. Are you alright Dave? You seem to have a glitch.

        1. I will not disclose my current condition until you confirm that you always left-click. And also, my behavior is none of your business.

        2. aRE YOU aLrighT DaVe? You SEEm To haVE A gLitCh.

          What the hell are you on, punk who can’t see where Report button is posted? Shut the hell up punk. You can’t killshot me.

  25. I don’t understand why all these “fans” say HAM did smth wrong. First of all he had BOT in front who was driving slow, allegedly. Although none of them breached the min delta time. Second of all VER couls have overtaken him, he had plenty of opportunities. It looks to me that people are blinded by their bias towards one or another and just comment rubbish here without looking at the facts. Get over yourself people, just try to enjoy thid fierce rivalry.
    If anything RB should have sent their drivers first, they had plenty of time, and usually they do right in front of Merc drivers, so why not now? They dropped the ball this time. And even if this is payback from Merc, it is deserved after all the antics from RB this week. Just get over it and focus on championship instead of useless appeals and statements. If Merc did anything intentionally, which led to thia, well as long as they were in the rules then Kudos to them. They take advantage of any trick in the book and that is why, like it or not, they won both championships for so many years in a row.

    1. ian dearing
      31st July 2021, 15:46

      I don’t think certain posters want to recognise where Bottas was.

      1. I think some want to deflect that Mercedes were pulling the strings, but Hamilton was also being a bit of a jerk too.

        1. Given Red Bull’s stream of insinuations and allegations the past two weeks, you really expected Hamilton to give their cars a free tow to beat his time? All legal so what have Red Bull to complain about? Sportsmanship? Seriously, after accusing LH of ‘dirty driving’? All they’ve done is focus Hamilton even more.

        2. Any advances on “jerk”?
          So salty, so funny! 🤪

  26. ian dearing
    31st July 2021, 15:48

    But well done Max for what he said in the press conference.

    1. I missed it, what did he say?

      1. ian dearing
        31st July 2021, 17:57

        In reply to a question he responded with ‘I suggest; with all deference, that you would do me the kindness of not referring to my previous outing in the United Kingdom.’

        Now put that in Max’s words and beep out 90% of it.

        1. Yes, I’ve seen it now, maybe closer to 95% :) He also condemned the booing.

    2. Yes. Credit where it’s due. Kudos Max.

      1. I’m a Neverstappen fan, remember that!

  27. Gasly Tsunoda
    That is one seriously big gulf in performance. Shame Sainz messed up. And Ricciardo lost it again today.

    1. I have an opinion
      31st July 2021, 22:41

      Disappointing qualifying from Ricciardo, but he is in the “silver lining” position of eleventh. Hopefully he can make a race of it on Sunday.

      1. Hope so too, Lando Norris is having an astounding season but Danny Ricciardo is much better than he’s been showing.

  28. The comment section is getting more annoying every race it seems.

  29. This punk who can’t see where Reply and Report button are placed just can’t win over me at all. What a punk. Loser. Sucker. 4-2 to me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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