First pictures: Alfa Romeo reveals its new livery for 2022

2022 F1 season

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Alfa Romeo has officially revealed the C42, its new car for the 2022 Formula 1 season, in its definitive livery.

The car previously appeared in a grey camouflage livery in pre-season testing and when it made its debut in a filming day at Fiorano.

Following a troubled 2021 campaign, in which the team fell to ninth place in the standings, Alfa Romeo is the only team to have enlisted an all-new driver line-up for the new season.

Valtteri Bottas arrives at the team from Mercedes. He is partnered by the only newcomer to the series this year, China’s first F1 race Guanyu Zhou.

The team had a difficult start to pre-season testing as the C42 covered the fewest laps of any car at the Circuit de Catalunya this week.

However team principal Frederic Vasseur is optimistic about the team’s chances for the season ahead. “The C42 is a car we look forward to seeing racing,” he said, “not just because it is the first we built in this new regulations cycle, one in which racing should be closer and more thrilling, but because we have the utmost confidence in this car helping the team make a big step forward towards the front of the grid.”

Pictures: 2022 Alfa Romeo C42

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2022 F1 season

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35 comments on “First pictures: Alfa Romeo reveals its new livery for 2022”

  1. I really like it, the old school Alfa Romeo text is cool, and the colour scheme has a certain Marlboro cars of the early 90s vibe to it, but metallic

    1. Coventry Climax
      27th February 2022, 13:11

      You’d think they would have more important matters to take care of, like reliability and speed?
      And finding business relations (and associated drivers) from countries that aren’t dubious, to say the least?

  2. We had a Russian Flag livery, here come the Chinese…

    1. @jeff1s Not a single resemblance. On the other hand, Italian flag coloring on the rear wing backside.

    2. I think it combines the Polish flag of sponsor Orlen with the classic “Rosso Competizione” of Alfa

    3. That will happen when Alfa is sponsored by Exim Bank..

    4. Lol, it’s not even close. It’s just the Rosso Competizione of Alfa Romeo.

    5. You’re not too good with flags, are you? The Chinese flag is red and YELLOW.

      1. Don’t let facts get in the way of someone’s angry comments…

    6. Coventry Climax
      27th February 2022, 13:08

      Where’s the yellow stars then? Or do you think Zhou will have those on his race-overalls?
      If you’re secretly meaning Zhou shouldn’t be with an F1 team because of what happens in China, then I agree.

      Speaking of which; I’d actually like to see F1 stop racing in all countries with dubious regimes.
      Less races on the calendar? So be it.
      The time for naivity is passed us now. The time to draw a line and set new standards has arrived.

      For those still not getting it: This is WW III. It didn’t start last week though, but a long time ago already.

    7. … it is like last year’s. A polish flag. Lacks yellow.

    8. You might to take a look at the Swiss flag, and then touch some grass.

  3. Beautiful and well laid out livery. I am loving the green clover detail. A small detail to great effect!

  4. The same familiar color combination, although more red-orientated.

  5. Livery looks OK. I’m more interested in their bodyworks. Sidepod looks is the same as Aston’s but it’s a bit sexier.

  6. Now that’s a nice livery (Orlen sidepod notwithstanding).

  7. Surprisingly, one of my favourite liveries! That’s a nice red, fantastic lettering. Reminds me of Toyota a bit, probably the front wing/nose shape helps jog that memory. Alpha Tauri wins the livery competition in my eyes.

  8. I never would’ve guessed a swiss team running in red and white.

  9. That is a beautiful livery, as always from Alfa Romeo. Although it now looks even more like the Dragon FE car that Giovinazzi now drives than last year’s car did.

  10. Very cool. I hadn’t noticed the airbox in Barcelona. It reminds me of the 2010 Mercedes/2011 Force India.

  11. Will the wheel cover graphic be retained or only part of the render?

  12. I like this one too, and generally like a lot of the teams’ designs this year.
    Is this maybe the prettiest season of liveries across the entire grid for a couple of decades? If not, which year do we think was the best?

    1. I would agree but first I’d like to watch them racing

  13. Really good and distinctive. The red nose is now much better than last year’s white

  14. A surprisingly nice livery from Alfa. One of the better ones this season. Like the green cloverleaf and the Italian flag colours on the rear wing.

  15. I love it, but it really grates me that the shade of red in the Orlen logos is different to the rest of the car…

    1. Yeah, I agree that is a bit of a missed opportunity @geemac

  16. Looks like a ferrari with a rb tilt.

  17. The main picture doesn’t do justice to livery. But the side and front pictures are XXX rated

  18. That’s a statement! This is the winner of the “most beautiful 2022 F1 livery”.

  19. The way they’ve even painted the wheels shows the attention to detail they gave to this livery. And full marks to the presentation too – the black reflective floor and black background. Surely they have someone with serious aesthetic sense in their marketing team and top management.

  20. Lovely shade of red. And proper numbers you can see, unlike the other red team.

    I hope they stick with this colour every year rather than indecisive mostly-white now, and leave the lavatorial white halos to Alpha (rather than Alfa).

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