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Max Verstappen has won the Las Vegas Grand Prix for Red Bull ahead of Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez.

11Max VerstappenRed Bull-Honda RBPTRB19
216Charles LeclercFerrariSF-23
311Sergio PerezRed Bull-Honda RBPTRB19
431Esteban OconAlpine-RenaultA523
518Lance StrollAston Martin-MercedesAMR23
655Carlos Sainz JnrFerrariSF-23
744Lewis HamiltonMercedesW14
863George RussellMercedesW14
914Fernando AlonsoAston Martin-MercedesAMR23
1081Oscar PiastriMcLaren-MercedesMCL60
1110Pierre GaslyAlpine-RenaultA523
1223Alexander AlbonWilliams-MercedesFW45
1320Kevin MagnussenHaas-FerrariVF-23
143Daniel RicciardoAlphaTauri-Honda RBPTAT04
1524Zhou GuanyuAlfa Romeo-FerrariC43
162Logan SargeantWilliams-MercedesFW45
1777Valtteri BottasAlfa Romeo-FerrariC43
1822Yuki TsunodaAlphaTauri-Honda RBPTAT04
1927Nico HulkenbergHaas-FerrariVF-23
DNF4Lando NorrisMcLaren-MercedesMCL60

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Max Verstappen leads the drivers championship by 276 points from Sergio Perez after the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

2023 F1 drivers championship standings

PositionDriverPointsGap to leader
1Max Verstappen549
2Sergio Perez273276
3Lewis Hamilton232317
4Carlos Sainz Jnr200349
5Fernando Alonso200349
6Lando Norris195354
7Charles Leclerc188361
8George Russell160389
9Oscar Piastri89460
10Lance Stroll73476
11Pierre Gasly62487
12Esteban Ocon58491
13Alexander Albon27522
14Yuki Tsunoda13536
15Valtteri Bottas10539
16Nico Hulkenberg9540
17Daniel Ricciardo6543
18Zhou Guanyu6543
19Kevin Magnussen3546
20Liam Lawson2547
21Logan Sargeant1548
22Nyck de Vries0549

Points available over remaining rounds: 26

2023 F1 constructors championship standings

PositionTeamPointsGap to leader
1Red Bull822
5Aston Martin273549
9Alfa Romeo16806

Points available over remaining rounds: 44

Standings with 21 out of 22 races complete.

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35 comments on “2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix race result and championship points”

  1. nightmare race for Lewis Hamilton and he still finishes in front of his teammate, pretty much Mercedes season in a nutshell. Wretched pitstops too. Nice job to Ferrari, Sainz looked like a pace monster for a minute, decent race, tires fared pretty well.

    1. Russell’s been sloppy all year, so no surprises Hamilton still finishes ahead. That crash with Verstappen was entirely on his own. Should’ve finished 4th instead of 8th.

    2. @pcxmac
      weird agenda to focus on.
      george had a 5 second penalty after the last safety car; all of lewis’ problems were before the safety car allowing him to catch up.
      talk about criticising out of context…

  2. An expected winner in the end, even with the time penalty, but Leclerc’s re-pass on the final lap was good.

  3. Wow Perez seals 2nd in the championship with 1 race to go.

    1. And with the huge gap he has at this point seems likely the austin dq didn’t affect the battle for 2nd: doesn’t seem like hamilton would’ve been able to beat him on points even without dq.

  4. Disgusting.

    PS: I wonder how many errors Alonso has made since the summer break. Two times he was on a podium, and it feels like he was making mistakes left and right in all other races. Next year should definitely be his last. And mine. Tired of watching this sshow.

    PPS: Special treatment of some drivers is beyond ridiculous.

  5. So I guess the things to focus on in the last race will be:

    – 4 way battle for P4 in the driver’s between Alonso, Norris, Sainz and Leclerc
    – Battle between Ferrari and Merc for P2 in constructors, and Mclaren vs Aston Martin for P4
    – Inter-team battle at Alpine to see who finishes ahead between Ocon and Gasly

    1. I would add the battle for P7 in WCC, Williams does have a small lead over AlphaTauri but not enough to be safe.

    2. There is also the Ferrari inside battle. Carlos still 12 points ahead (and a win), a decent race in Abu Dhabi should suffice. But Charles had a almost faultless (although a bit unlucky with the SC timing) day, and Carlos had two big problems: the P10 penalty (not his fault) and the spin at the start, and lost 10 points to Charles today.
      With an (unlikely) Charles’ win at Abu Dhabi, Carlos needs a podium to stay on top. With a P2 for Charles, Carlos needs a lowly P7 (not counting the flap, if Charles gets the flap Carlos needs P6); With a P3 for Charles, Carlos needs P8 (P7 if Charles gets flap). If Charles does not make the podium then Carlos does not need to score to finish ahead (unless Charles gets flap, then Carlos needs P10).

      So, I would not bet too heavily on Charles. Even with a repeat of today’s one-sided result, Carlos stays on top. And unless Charles wins, a journeyman drive is more than enough for Carlos.

      Then again, Merc are only 4 points ahead of Fezza in the WCC, and of course Carlos got a win. Given the current state of form in the last races, with Fezza solidly ahead of Merc, I would go on a limb and bet for them. But not too heavily.

    3. Pierre Gasly is only 4 points ahead of Esteban Ocon, not much, but I hope he wins. I do not particularly like Gasly but Ocon is highly toxic material.

  6. Perez lucky none of the teams behind him have any sort of consistency. It’s guess work who the 2nd team is going into a weekend and if any 1 of them were at least consistently 2nd or 3rd fastest all year instead of being 2nd, 5th, 5th, 3rd, 5th, 2nd, he would not be finishing P2 this year.

    1. Surev thing, first it was Fred challenging (but in the early season Checo was doing quite well, even challenging Max), then it was Lando, the Mercs, the Fezzas, all over the place. Divide and conquer.

  7. Mercedes got their Karma in this race with Carlos finishing in front of both their drivers, fantastic !

    1. Karma for exactly what?

      1. For being the only team to insist that Sainz took a grid penalty for the force majeure damage he suffered in practice

        1. risk of daily life in racing is no force majeure. unlucky he was, but thats it.

        2. The penalty surely was according to the rules but still it was clearly (ridiculously even) unfair. And all teams agreed except the Loathsome One. Well, they are bound tho lose 3P at Abu Dhabi and I will celebrate that.
          With The Boy and El Chueco it was a fine team, but nevermore. Pierre Levegh, anyone?

      2. As mentioned by David, for making sure Sainz will get a penalty following the drain cover incident that damaged his car.

  8. Unnecessary contact by Piastri, spoiling HAMs race, and partly also his own. He still has to learn, when he got nothing to win by unnecessarily putting his car in an odd position.

    1. That was clearly more Hamiltons fault than piastri.

      1. in your opinion

        1. The facts: There was enough room left inside for two cars, not just one. So, nothing at all to fault Oscar.

          If an incompetent drivers understeers and needs room for three cars, not just one, it is not anybody else’s problem. Go to a driving scjhool and learn some.

    2. You really need to get your head out of the sand.
      You have a problem with Piastri.
      You have a problem with Verstappen.

      Both of whom are better than Hamilton.

      1. what a silly remark, Lewis is way ahead of both in the stats/records.. Way ahead.When they catch up you may have an argument, until then talk sense.

      2. You need to get the sand out of your head. 2nd time this year Piastri caused a contact when he already was overtaken. This is also spoiling his own race, for no reason.

      3. Both of whom are better

        Maybe Nikita Mazepin wasn’t , but I’d be hard-pressed to find another example

  9. Maybe he should be doing it 16 times a season by now, and not 2 or 3 – but it’s another solid result for Lance Stroll.

    1. At this point he’s now raikkonen\vettel level their last years: 3 good races per year.

  10. BLS (@brightlampshade)
    19th November 2023, 11:58

    Be interesting to see in Abu Dhabi if there is an agenda between Ferrari and Mercedes to not finish 2nd.

    Neither team need the money, but both need the wind tunnel / CFD time.

    1. @brightlampshade
      The CFD/wind tunnel allocation is reset on June 30th each year based on the WCC standings. As of that date, Ferrari were 4th in the WCC standings behind RBR, Mercedes, and Aston Martin. If they secure a 2nd-place after Abu Dhabi, it will be a double blow to Mercedes as Ferrari will get more testing allowance and prize money.

      1. It gets reset again for the first half of 2024 after the season ends.

      2. BLS (@brightlampshade)
        19th November 2023, 13:38

        As @Alienware says, it gets reset twice a year. Granted a lot of 2024 car work will be completed before the end of December, but the refining and improving will (should) be effected.

  11. Very interesting battle between ferrari and merc, didn’t realise they’d end up this close, anything can happen now, even without any ferrari\merc retiring on the last race.

    1. And with aston martin’s improvement they’re back into the fight with mclaren as well.

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