The start of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, Las Vegas Strip Circuit 2023

Rate the race: 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

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77 comments on “Rate the race: 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix”

  1. An okay return race for LV.

  2. 7.
    Lower grip is good, with the track being way better than the bunch of noisy complainers made it out to be.
    I’ll take this over Monaco and Hungary any day.

  3. Stewarding is killing it for me.

  4. I fail to see what was so special about this race. Very disappointed in the F1 TV team for following obvious orders to praise it as much as they did.


    1. What more did you want? The fight for all 3 podium places was up for grabs the whole way through. There were some great overtakes both with and without DRS. This was a good race.

    2. The racing was better than many other races this year.
      And I’m not being paid by FOM.

      1. I’m not saying it wasn’t. But it wasn’t anything special – an average race, hence the 5/10.

    3. Uh, lotsa passes for the lead? #44 an also-ran?

  5. 5s penalty was pathetic. Max should either have had drive through or been forced to give Charles the place back ASAP. Terrible officiating, though not surprised after Abu Dhabi 2021

    1. The penalty was consistent with all penalties that have been given during the rest of the season for similar offences.

      What makes you think that a drive through should have been given instead?

      1. He has a history of similar moves. A pretty long one, at that.

        It’s not racing.

        1. All drivers have history with such moves.
          As I said above, the penalty is consistent with the penalties they have been giving during the rest of the season. Even in cases where the “victim” has race ending damage the penalty is always the same.
          So why should they give a drive through in this particular case?

          1. Actually, when the victim has race ending damage or gets spun around, the penalty is doubled: silverstone 2021 hamilton, silverstone 2018 raikkonen for example.

          2. I do not remember what the rule was back in 2018, but in Silverstone 2021 they only punished the move regardless of the effect on Verstappen. It was 10 rather than 5 seconds because they thought that the offence was more serious than usually.
            In my opinion and based on the rules that they had at that time, 10 seconds was pretty much OK.
            But if the rules were different and they were taking the circumstances around an offence into consideration, then Hamilton could have received a much harsher penalty such as a drive-through or a stop-go.
            Similarly, Verstappen’s actions in Brazil 2021 could have led to a DSQ or a race ban or both as he was clearly driving like this only because he was ahead in the championship and a race ending collision for both cars would be to his benefit.

        2. It’s not up to the Stewards to judge/penalise ‘history’, other than giving penalty points for individual offences.

          I don’t understand though why they cannot make a quick judgement (in seconds) and order the driver who makes a questionable overtake to give the position back.
          They might not always get it right, but better than waiting 7 laps.

          1. I think they do not do that anymore. What happens is that if the driver gives back the position on his own then they are far less likely to give a penalty (they may still give one), but if not then they definitely intervene.

        3. And why is that relevant to this incident? Maybe we should just penalize drivers based on history and not the current move.

          Just see Verstappen- past offense includes moving under breaking so start with drive through.

          What a hilarious take.

      2. And bad moves in L1T1 are usually not even penalized. I found 5s kind of fair. After the pitstop with the penalty Max came out P11 behind Russell and had to to a lot of work to get ahead. I believe it was clearly harsher than simply giving back the position, which would have taken just a DRS pass to nullify. In fact, the massive loss of position for Max due to the 5s penalty would have probably ensured a victory for Charles, had it not been for the SC after he had pitted. That was really unlucky for Charles and gave back Max about 10s, enough for the win.

        A 5s penalty is much of a lottery. sometimes is totally ineffectual, like when you already have built a gap greater than that when the penalty is given. And ineffectual penalties are an absurdity. However, in this case the penalty was certainly not ineffectual: it made Max sweat a lot to recover his original position, and would have kept ihim from the win without the lucky (for him) SC

    2. Giving the place back would’ve been less of a penalty, as it transpires. Max wouldn’t have been behind George after the first pit stop.

      1. Not necessarily, running is clean air is valuable

  6. Only Singapore, Zandvoort and maybe Austin and Melbourne were better this season. Nice to see a good battle for the lead again and nice to see Charles and Checo back to early 2022 levels of performance.

    If we have to have one of Vegas and Miami, at the minute I’m giving the nod to this.


  7. 8/10 Solid racing throughout the field, ofcourse there were some issues at the start with low grip,but overall the racing throughout the field was decent.

    The only concern regarding the track is the runoff(or lack of it) in the last corner,where if something goes wrong, it’s gonna go totally wrong….

    The SC usage was correct today imo,so overall it was a positive debut for this layout

    1. Yep, I was bracing for a big shunt between Lewis and Gasly towards the end there! That could have been quite bad…

      1. That corner was my main concern when seeing the circui foe the first timet/testing it on some simulators, but thankfully today the grip kept it clean.

        I don’t know what can be done to make it safer for the future races tho

      2. Same. It got me thinking it’s probably the most dangerous corner in F1 right now. You get it wrong and you’re sitting in the middle of the road in a blind corner waiting for someone to pounce.

        1. Exactly, it’s definitely a dangerous corner and the outcome of a shunt there can be quite horrific, especially if the whole field is closely packed.

  8. Fantastic race! Easily one of the best of the season. The field spread wasn’t anywhere near as big as I expected it to be. Max is just unstoppable. Damage plus a penalty and still he comes through to win. Reminded me of Webber’s maiden win at the Nurburgring. I feel for Norris. I wonder if something failed or perhaps there was just that little grip for him! I think the event has somewhat redeemed itself after the Thursday shambles. Gave it an 8.

    1. Max is just unstoppable. Damage plus a penalty and still he comes through to win.

      The SC period obviously helped both RBR racers, VER very possible decisively. Without the SC period, I think LEC had really big chances to win.

      1. Absolutely, the 5s penalty which is often ineffective damaged Max’s race a lot. Without the SC it would have been Charles’ race. The guy is just unlucky. Well Carlos was not much luckier with his wholly undeserved 10P penalty.

  9. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
    19th November 2023, 7:42

    Woeful track absolutely lifeless. And accentuated all the problem with modern F1. Overeliance on DRS, poor stewarding and penalty system, unsafe releases becoming the norm and unnecessary safety cars. Completely killed the strategy. They lucked into a top fight but not worth mentioning as it got artificially killed.

  10. Racing wasn’t bad although a lot of it was due to cars been out of position. Felt on balance DRS was a bit too powerful in many cases & there was more push of a button highway passes than i like to see. The SC felt more about the show than actual necessity as it looked like the small bit of debris could easily have been cleared by a VSC.

    But regardless I still feel that the track itself is simply awful. It’s simply not fun to watch & doesn’t excite in the same way most others do & imho is the worst on the current F1 schedule.

    And the event as a whole is everything I loathe about the direction I feel Liberty are taking F1 (Show over sport) & everything thats really turning me away from a sport I still love.

    1. +1 also there really is no need for 4 or 5 street races like this. Baku, Jeddah, Miami and Vegas are almost interchangeable and only designed for the show – the layouts are uninspired, apparently a show can only be achieved with high speed straights for easy DRS passing. It’s got less to do with challenging the drivers racing skills but instead leaning heavy on chaos, misfortune and luck to create entertainment. All those elements are part of motorsport – but it shouldn’t be the at the forefront for the pinnacle of motorsport F1.

  11. Very good race despite the track. Or maybe the cold conditions aided to it, making the grip evenly bad on and off line. But it was entertaining all the time. Solid 8/10

  12. Good race overall, and great to see a fight at the front end for once.

    However, points have to come off for poor stewarding and the first lap chaos which seemed to be due to lack of grip. Alonso seemed to spin for no reason, and the way Norris’ car snapped around later makes me think something was very wrong.

    Additional points off for the utterly cringeworthy driver introduction and the oil dropped on the grid. 6/10 overall.

  13. They really need to let them clear debris using a VSC. What’s even the point of the VSC anymore. A full safety car has such an enormous impact on the race, to use it to clear a couple pieces of a wing is ridiculous.

    Was still an enjoyable race from start to finish.

    1. Generally when people need to be on the track for some time, it should be a SC. VC are for working trackside like barriers etc. Of course some nuance and situational awareness should be applied, but this being a street circuit a SC is usually the best choice.

    2. They really need to let them clear debris using a VSC.

      I agree that a SC (undoing the gaps) seems too much for cleaning up some debris. But a normal VSC won’t work as cars will still constantly pass at high speeds.
      I wish the introduced Slow Zones like in Le Mans; for all I care make it Really Slow Zones.

  14. I struggle to know how to rate it as while there was some good racing going on I just found that I was never really able to get that into it.

    I have also just at no point of the weekend especially enjoyed watching any of the track action as this track simply isn’t very enjoyable to watch. I just don’t think it’s a very good track. It just feels lifeless & doesn’t get me excited or hyped & that takes a lot of the enjoyment out of things for me.

    I think i’ve said this before but my enjoyment of races & circuits isn’t just about the racing but also about how enjoyable watching that racing happen is as cars circulate & this like most of the other newer street circuits just isn’t very enjoyable to watch. I for example enjoy watching duller races at tracks like Imola, Magny-Cours & Monaco far more than I have more action filled races at Saudi Arabia, Russia, Abu Dhabi & Las Vegas today because just watching the cars drive around those older circuits is more enjoyable.

    I think a middle of the road 5/5 is maybe where i’m at. Not bad in terms of racing but also just not a very enjoyable circuit.

    And i’ll just stay quiet on all the surrounding showbiz nonsense as I can’t stand any of that. Think i’ll just say that I agree with everything Max has said regarding all that.

    1. @stefmeister I basically agree with this.

    2. It just feels lifeless

      That might be due to the fact that we cannot see any spectators.
      But I’m sure they’ll solve that next year by using the sphere as a huge kiss-cam screen ;)

  15. Much better race than anticipated. Solid 8.5, and better F1 track than COTA or Miami. Well done.

    1. in what way is this abomination of a circuit better than cota?

      cota has some actual character, some genuinely challenging dorners, an actual atmosphere due to catering for real race fans and above all else is a circuit thats actually fun to watch cars lapping.

      this awful las vegas abomination is better only than the equally awful miami and they are both among the worst tracks of the last 40 or so years.

      1. Nailed it.

      2. It’s got less run-off for one thing. COTA needs more gravel and less tarmac.

  16. Fantastic race. Too many good battles to keep up with. Passes into very difficult chicanes on a very slippery track.
    There are fans who will only bre impressed if racing is at Monza/Spa/Imola e.t.c and unfortunately for them F1 can’t just race at those circuits. For those of us who are less prescriptive this race was just about as good as any we’ve had this season. If I were to be honest even the FP2 session delivered on the track better than all other practice sessions this seasons. Very unfortunate about the lack of fans in it.

  17. definitely an 8, and only because the tires did not sabotage the racing and DRS actually helped with overtaking. I have to say though, an oval race might have actually been more exciting. So definitely not a 9 or 10.

  18. Fantastic race on a great track. Unfortunatly the negative bully won again, with his signature move in turn 1.

    1. @madmax great track in what way?

      easily one of the worst on the calender with only miami been below it.

      just a truly dire excuse for a circuit that hardly anybody would miss if it fell off next years schedule.

      1. great optics, great racing

  19. the race may not have been bad but that doesn’t make the track itself any better, it’s still one of the worst on the calender & one of the worst from the past 40 or so years.

    soul-less, lifeless, boring, uninteresting, uninspiring, characterless show over sport abomination of a track.


    1. It’s Rate the Race.

      But then again, 4 out of 5 isn’t too bad a score :p

    2. some racing fan
      19th November 2023, 14:32

      Wow you really do hate this track, considering the fact that you’re going after anyone who likes it. As a track, it’s not all that bad- and I’ve seen much worse. The only thing is that this race wasn’t photographed properly- some of the camera angles I didn’t care much for.

  20. Racing was fine but yeah the track itself is simply really not especially good.

    This is easily my least favourite circuit currently in use circuit in F1.

    The only reason it’s below Miami is because for as bad as Miami is I actually think that tricky little chicane section in Miami helps give the track a bit of character & produces a nice little challenge for the drivers. It’s at least a section that stands out a bit which is something I feel this Vegas track lacks.

    It’s just a flat bit of tarmac with nothing that makes it stand out. Same thing that made that Valencia street circuit & Sochi so awful as well. Just no character to it at all.

    5/5 from me.

  21. DRS overtake bonanza. Yes, it evokes the cars to be closer to each other given some safety cars and free pitstops, but at the same time it felt really empty and artificial.

  22. The stewarding was definitely poor, probably biased, and once again rewarded poor racecraft.
    Safety cars ruin strategies, which set F1 apart from the short races in junior categories. It’s never a good race if this interrupts proceedings.
    The track itself looks dull, grey, and doesn’t sell the downtown vibe at all.

    On the plus side, there were two or three nice moves on the highlight video. Not the DRS ones obviously.

    But above all, the cars are just way too big. These 2022 cars, especially with the Mercedes-induced height changes, are poor race cars. That’s not this nor any other track’s fault.

  23. 3 from me couple of minutes racing overshadowed by stewards , safety car, track being oiled in preparation.
    Seeing FE name is taken should change this to FA.
    Totally artificial place and race.
    Great advertisement for sustainability and environment too.

  24. Time to eat humble pie…

    …I really enjoyed that!

  25. Pretty good race, Awful awful TV direction, as always.

    Maybe 7 out of 60 interesting events were clearly shown on the feed.

  26. 1.
    I detest everything about this race, it sums up Formula 1 as show rather than racing. After preventing fans from watching practice because of the circuits own defects, and the totally absurd grid penalty for Sainz, lucky to still be able to race. It really deserved nothing. The circuit itself is tedious and may as well be anywhere around the world. At night who can see it’s Las Vegas? And who cares anyway? Presumably if you’re an A-list star able to attend in the garages it’s a truly mesmeric experience for all concerned. Then lots of overtaking (some decent overtakes from Hamilton especially) but then the over-powered Red Bull wins anyway.
    It’s as trashy as Vegas. They deserve each other I guess.

    1. At night who can see it’s Las Vegas? And who cares anyway?

      It’s quite clear that some people really do care.

    2. I agree with every single word. But I still was glued to my screen enjoying every. Hate myself for it, but I absolutely loved it.

      1. @roadrunner :)
        Kind of the same feeling! I watched the race on replay (as it was 3 in the morning for me, the very worst time). It was ugly-fascinating to the end. But at the same time seemed utterly meaningless with the championships settled and Leclerc once again unable to stop the Verstappen/Red Bull combination. For me Sainz being penalized made the entire event undignified, especially hearing his comments on how the commercial side prevents any sporting fairness or justice (implying that other teams blocked any attempt to waive the grid penalty).

    3. It seems to me that many, like yourself, are rating the weekend, the event, and the alignment with your personal values rather than the race.

      1. @cairnsfella All those factors impact on what I thought and felt about the race. I could objectively see that racing was going on, obviously, and pretty much watched the entire race attentively, but that didn’t translate into actually enjoying the race or wanting to see more Las Vegas rather than less. True, I can’t align with the trashy Trumpian get-rich-quick values of the venue (obviously there’s more to the place but that’s what seems to dominate and gets projected as its value as a venue). COTA I like. Miami, kind of halfway.

  27. I liked the race and gave it 8, better than I was expecting, there were a lot of battles, including out front, and overtakes with re-overtakes, plus several SC mixing up the order.

    I understand those who didn’t like the track, as the organisation this week, including what culminated in sainz’s unfair penalty, wasn’t good, but the race itself was good at least, it’s possible that it’s just an exception, we’ll see next year.

    Definitely liked it more than miami.

  28. Honestly it feel strange to me to say that I liked this race, even I 100% agree with Max about LV.
    Am I the only one who live timing didn’t worked untill more or less lap 40? So angry about..

    1. No. Same here. But at least it showed Norris leading under yellow flags. Gave up after an hour.

  29. Considering it was just a glorified advert for Vegas it only deserves a big fat 0, even if it was better then expected (which is hardly praise)

  30. A lot better than expected. I still dislike the track, but it was one of the most enjoyable races in the season (i’d say only Interlagos, Zandvoort and Marina Bay were better) A high 7

  31. They made Las Vegas look dystopian! Yes the town is quirky and craptacular on its own but it’s actually kind of airy and interesting if you have been there in person. The camera angles made the cars look slow. Overall there didn’t seem to be a vision for this venue. It didn’t need to be run late at night at this time in the year. If there’s a race next year start it an hour before sunset.

  32. I rated the race a “1”. I clicked the wrong box. It intended to give it a 10.

  33. It felt like the race was almost entirely determined by the FIA breaking its own regulations (in at least 4 places) to favour one team. It was a lower-key Abu Dhabi Mark 2.0 for me, complete with rule-breaking-related safety concerns, and scored correspondingly badly with me. Whenever anything interesting not resulting from the FIA’s rule breaches occurred, the TV cameras missed it, making the race overly reliant on replays or commentator guesswork. Instead there was a parade of telegraphed push-button passes, with commentators pretending to be surprised every time (or sounding like they were pretending to be surprised).

    The impression was that any racing that happened was doing so against the FIA’s and Liberty’s protests.

    1. (It was better than I expected only because the way things were going, I was expecting a court injunction to prevent the race from ever starting. That might have been an improvement).

    2. It felt like the race was almost entirely determined by the FIA breaking its own regulations (in at least 4 places)

      Which were..?

  34. I repeat (and will repeat) my request, that there is an option for no opinion/conscientious objector/protest vote.

    Whilst anyone genuinely believing that the race was only worthy of the worst possible score is entitled to vote as such, this IS NOT the same as having some point to prove.

    Whilst it is perhaps more obvious in situations such as these where the ‘1’s are obvious outliers, it is less clear in the genuinely poorer races, however I would still like to see how many people really feel it was a poor race without it being muddied by alternate reasoning.

  35. But we must please the Americans, don’t we?

  36. Enjoyed the race a lot more than I expected. I was never bored, so 8/10 for me. I think it was helped by several of the top cars being out of position at the start. Then also the safety cars as well. But there were some good overtakes in some unexpected places and some really good driving.

    As much as I hated all the Americanisation and hype around the weekend, and thought the timings were ridiculous, today the circuit some how delivered. I think the organisers are quite lucky.

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