Pass of the year: 2015 Belgian Grand Prix

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    Nominate the best pass or passes from the Belgian Grand Prix for our 2015 Pass of the Year poll.

    Regular readers will know how the formula works: after every race we have a dedicated thread for you to nominate the best pass or passes. And at the end of the year the nominations are compiled and a list of the top ten created for everyone to vote on.

    Nominate the best overtaking moves from the Belgian Grand Prix below. Please include as much details as possible – make sure to at least point out which driver passed which other driver or drivers – so your nomination can be counted.

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    I think it has to be verstappen on Nasr. There were some good ones helped by Drs but Verstappens was far more impressive.


    There was only one, right…?

    Verstappen on Nasr


    It surprised me how little happend in T1. Sure all drivers know it makes them weak on the Kemmel but we used to get a lot more here.

    Uzair Syed

    Grosjean on Vettel. Just kidding! Verstappen overtake at Blanchimont/Bus Stop chicane section. Forgot who he passed though.


    Verstappen on Nasr was great, but also a bit silly if I dare say so.. why not just wait 30 more seconds and pass him on the Kemmel straight?

    My nomination goes to Kvyat on Massa at the end of the race: Kvyat should not have braked a meter later than he did. He judged it to perfection and it was a crucial move as it enabled him to take Perez’ place as well.


    There was one where one car cruised gently past another half way down the straight under DRS, then took the corner completely normally. Can’t remember who exactly was involved, it may have happened more then once. :(


    While I also adore Verstappen’s guts to make the move around the outside in Blanchimont, I’m also with the Kvyat move on Massa.

    Massa is also known as a late braker, so indeed. Kvyat had to be that late (it was so late, I was sure he would not make the corner, it was unbelieavable). With choosing that braking point and then negotiating the bend without slipping either the fronts or the rears (I don’t know how his balance was) actually took more driving skills, I think, then ‘just’ tkaing Blanchimont on an even tighter radius still flat out. (Albeit on the marbles and with higher speed than usual due to the tow Verstappen picked up.)

    EDIT: But then again, Kvyat had another hard thing to nail, which was to have the courage to stay in the slipstream very late. Only Alonso stays in as late as Kvyat did today, it takes guts as well. (E. g. I think Perez and Grosjean were much more cautious with it.)


    I think, as has been said many times, there is only one true contender here: Verstappen on Nasr.
    And, as has also been pointed out, not a single La Source overtake? No doubt because of the DRS detection being just after.



    If they want to penalise Grosjean for his move on Massa or Ricciardo for his move in Suzuka, Verstappen should get one here too for his move on Nasr. Sure he is a talent but maybe he should look at how Vettel did it on Rosberg and then he knows how it is done.


    Did anyone notice Verstappen’s overtake on Alonso? Again at Blanchimont but then on the inside.

    Two overtakes in Blanchimont in 1 race: the way Verstappen makes F1 look like a Playstation game amuses me and frightens me at the same time.

    For this poll I go for Verstappen on Nasr, even when he failed to respect the track limits.


    the way Verstappen makes F1 look like a Playstation game amuses me and frightens me at the same time.

    hits the nail on the head. Watching that vision @xtwl linked is quite good, because Ant Davidson explains it perfectly, Verstappen is raw talent atm. I wonder if we’ll see Verstappen go the way of Schumi or the way of his father, showing initial talent and then becoming a journeyman of the sport with no real achievements to his name.

    As for my vote, Verstappen on Nasr around the outside at blanchimont. I think the reason why I’m not too concerned about track limits, is because if he was any wider, he would have been closely inspecting the wall where De Jong went off in the GP2 race, which in its own right provides the necessary requirement of “punishment for taking too much” for my liking.


    Two that have already been mentioned – Kvyat on Massa, which was right on the edge. And Verstappen’s ballsy/insane move on Alonso into Blanchimont.


    Verstappen on Nasr, Blanchimont into Chicane, lap 11. MEGA!



    @xtwl I remember Gutierrez overtook somebody, maybe Maldonado, there two years ago going around the outside in Blanchimont, with similarly going off track (although by a bit more), he got a penalty indeed. But here Verstappen visibly lost some ground, so I don’t think a penalty would have been appropriate in this case (especially if they want to improve show and overtaking).

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