Who was the best driver of the Korean Grand Prix weekend? (Poll)

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Which driver did the best job during the Korean Grand Prix weekend?

See below for my pick of the best drivers in the Korean Grand Prix.

Review each driver’s race weekend in detail below and vote for who you thought was the most impressive driver.

For your consideration

Here are some of the drivers who impressed me during the Korean Grand Prix weekend:

Sebastian Vettel – Took pole and led every lap until his car gave up. Very quick on restarts in uncertain conditions.

Fernando Alonso – This was a win that came to him but he did a superb job looking after his tyres in the closing stages.

Nico Rosberg – Brilliant performance in qualifying to demote Felipe Massa and Jenson Button. Passed Lewis Hamilton in the wet before being blamelessly taken out. A podium was in the offing, possibly more.

Michael Schumacher – Not quite on a par with Rosberg but clearly one of his better drives this year.

Nico Hulkenberg – Passed his team mate and Kubica early in the race but was unlucky with the safety car timing and a late puncture. Despite the frustrations he bounced back to claim a point.

Compare all the drivers

You can review what happened to each driver in the race and compare their race data with their team mates using the links below:

McLaren: Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes: Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher
Red Bull: Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber
Ferrari: Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa
Williams: Rubens Barrichello and Nico Hulkenberg
Renault: Robert Kubica and Vitaly Petrov
Force India: Adrian Sutil and Vitantonio Liuzzi
Toro Rosso: Sebastien Buemi and Jaime Alguersuari
Lotus: Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen
HRT: Sakon Yamamoto and Bruno Senna
Sauber: Kamui Kobayashi and Nick Heidfeld
Virgin: Timo Glock and Lucas di Grassi

Vote for your driver of the weekend

Which driver impressed you the most in the Korean Grand Prix weekend? Cast your vote below and have your say in the comments.

Who was the best driver of the Korean Grand Prix weekend?

  • Lucas di Grassi (0%)
  • Timo Glock (0%)
  • Kamui Kobayashi (1%)
  • Nick Heidfeld (0%)
  • Bruno Senna (0%)
  • Sakon Yamamoto (0%)
  • Heikki Kovalainen (0%)
  • Jarno Trulli (0%)
  • Jaime Alguersuari (0%)
  • Sebastien Buemi (0%)
  • Vitantonio Liuzzi (3%)
  • Adrian Sutil (1%)
  • Vitaly Petrov (1%)
  • Robert Kubica (3%)
  • Nico H???lkenberg (1%)
  • Rubens Barrichello (0%)
  • Fernando Alonso (41%)
  • Felipe Massa (1%)
  • Mark Webber (1%)
  • Sebastian Vettel (21%)
  • Nico Rosberg (6%)
  • Michael Schumacher (12%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (7%)
  • Jenson Button (0%)

Total Voters: 2,815

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Japanese Grand Prix result

Kamui Kobayashi was voted the best driver of the Japanese Grand Prix weekend. The top three drivers as voted for by you were:

1. Kamui Kobayashi – 59%
2. Sebastian Vettel – 9%
3. Lewis Hamilton – 7%

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    129 comments on “Who was the best driver of the Korean Grand Prix weekend? (Poll)”

    1. Had to hold my nose and vote for Mr. Alonso-Diaz. My hand trembled over Luizzi’s name, though. He kept his head, when his teammate lost his, and did a brilliant job in a car that looked like garbage on Saturday.

      1. Younger Hamilton
        25th October 2010, 23:17

        Oh you would obviously vote for a Ferrari or Red Bull driver would you because you obviously dont like McLaren

        1. Exactly how much younger are you?

        2. Well YOUNG HAM, had there been a Mclaren driver worthy of some praise, I would have certainly done that but Vettel and moreover Alonso were better than them.
          One thing which we are forgetting is Fernando’s performance in the Qualifying despite Ferrari not bringing updates to the likes of Red Bull and Mclaren. He was almost on pole. So I am a bit more impressed by his qualifying than racing which was impressive too.

          1. With no updates the Ferrari is still quicker than the McLaren.

            And harsh on Hamilton. No praise? The guy was the only driver who wanted to go racing and considering the car had been setup with the least downforce of the front three he did a fantastic job to stay in touch for as long as he did. Not drive of the day but very impressive, especially when you consider the performance of his team mate.

            1. Personality of the day, definitely. You have to wonder whether those drivers who were saying the race shouldn’t start had cars set up for intermediate conditions whereas Hamilton was geared up for extreme wet weather – conditions he’s always good in.

              But I can only speculate. And I doubt Charlie Whiting could be hoodwinked by someone with on eye on his championship situation telling him it’s too wet to race.

            2. Obviously not since Hamilton only started to get some speed when the conditions were dryer.

              When it was at it’s wettest both he and Button (easily overtaken by Massa and Schumacher) were sitting ducks.

            3. I think Ferrari has had some updates. They did a new diffuser for Suzuka and a new front wing I believe. But unlike McLaren, Ferrari does not seem to massively hype up their updates. Maybe it only seems so because expectations are higher for McLaren updates as they have half of Mensa back at Technology Centre and the best technical reputation (that you can have without Newey on your payroll).

        3. @Younger Hamilton:
          I am huge hamilton fan and every race I pray that alonso crashes, but in all fairness he was the better driver on the day which is why I voted for alonso.

    2. Ok maybe not ‘The’ driver of the race but special mention for Vitantonio Liuzzi, a driver under threat who’s had some spectacular bad luck of late.
      He took a car, his highly thought of team mate couldn’t keep on the track, from 17th to 6th.
      Impressive stuff.

    3. Vettel drove faultlessly until his engine blew. He wasn’t the most exciting to watch, but that’s what made him the driver of the weekend for me. Alonso drove well, but was gifted the win.

      1. Unfortunatly we will never know the impact of the tyre strategy at the end. My feeling is that Alonso had a lot in hand to challenge Vettel.

        1. Yeah.. I think there would have been a 2-3 laps of serious pressure from Alonso on Vettel, and whether he would have gotten by… I guess we will never know.

          Although I’m a huge Alonso fan, I voted for Sebastian as the best driver of the weekend. Sure he has a faster car, but despite all the pressure, he took another pole position, and drove faultlessly till his engine blew up. Gotta feel sorry for him, so the least he can have is my driver of the day vote. :)

    4. Nico Rosberg for me. He was on fire in qualifying and was on course for a great result in the race, only for the “not bad number two” to take him out.

      Honourable mentions:

      Vettel for another fantastic, dominant drive until that Renault gave up on him.

      Alonso inherited the win from Vettel, but indeed to finish first, he had to finish. His pace late on in the race was frightening.

      Schumacher wasn’t quite up there with his teammate again, and was fortunate with the retirements, but it was nice to see him attacking, rather than defending. Pulled off nice moves on Kubica and Button.

      Reject of the race: Sutil, though Buemi and Webber looked like they wanted to outdo him. And Button was very poor, meandering in the midfield while Hamilton finished 10 places ahead of him.

      1. I hovered over Rosberg for a second. He was definitely stellar, and could have even fought for the win after Vettel’s retirement. He was definitely #2 for me, with potential to have been #1.

      2. The phrase “take him out” is usually reserved for a deliberate more, or when someone runs into someone else i.e. the driver with the forward momentum runs into the driver who has slowed to take a corner. In this instance it might be more accurate to say Rosberg collected Webber, because at least at that point, Rosberg had a choice about which way to go to try and miss him, Webber had already bounced off a wall and was not in control.

        Having said all that, I voted for Rosberg too. When you think that he’d probably have won if not for getting involved in someone else’s accident, that’s pretty impressive.

        1. Jarred Walmsley
          26th October 2010, 3:19

          Ironically, Webber taking out Rosberg could well be the crash that cost him the championship not his, because if Rosberg won which he would have done if Vettel’s engine did still blow up and Alonso took 2nd then Alonso would only have a 4 point lead not the 11 point lead he has now, and Hamilton would be even further behind.

          Hopefully Webber can bounce back and win in Brazil again, and Alonso does really badly.

        2. In this instance it might be more accurate to say Rosberg collected Webber, because at least at that point, Rosberg had a choice about which way to go to try and miss him

          seriously? have you ever raced in the wet? nico came around the bend, on which mark had already dropped it, close to the limit of traction. to have a car traversing across the circuit, meaning a sudden change of direction to avoid said car, with little grip, and you think he could’ve avoided?

      3. I went for Rosberg in the end, as i get a feeling he might have won it, and for one of the best tweets we have had from drivers this year.

        Vettel did a very good job in qualifying and no mistakes in the race, but it is not as if he has shown us great racing, and him pushing to have the race stopped confirmed my dislike for him.

        Alonso was good in qualifying and very good in the race. He passed Hamilton back on track and did an fine job to keep his tyres to have a shot at Vettel in the end. A shame he never got to show us what he was up to.

    5. Nice Rosberg.
      Didn’t notice him in qualifying, and then suddenly he was sitting ahead of two top team drivers.
      Started by taking Hamilton, who is credited for his wet weather skills, on the second/third corner, in a car that SHOULD be slower on the straight.
      Unlucky to be hit by Webber.

      1. Actually, the two Mercedes cars were the fastest in the speed trap. Both seemed to be running very well on the full wets too.

    6. Vettel, for being the driver of the weekend..which people tend to overlook

      driver of the race..either Rosberg, Liuzzi or Hulkenberg..Rosberg for his huge promis, Liuzzi for his sterling drive and Hulkenberg for being scrappy

      1. how can you give driver of the race to someone who lasted a few laps?

        1. Read the headline again Lee…

    7. I was in between Alonso and Rosberg. But voted for Alonso, since we don’t know if Rosberg would have messed up at the end or not.

    8. promise* is what I meant adding character because the comment is deemed too short

    9. Vettel was magnificent, he was brilliantly fast at the start of the race and drove flawlessly throughout untill his engine let him down. I was really impressed by him but I voted for Alonso. Alonso drove with equal skill and like Vettel made no mistakes in extroadinarilly difficult conditions but he was supreme in those closing stages after Vettel’s retirements.

      Considering Alonso was 1.4 seconds a lap faster than Hamilton in the period after Vettel’s retirement and at times was 2 seconds faster than anyone else on the track. Its arguable Alonso had the pace to get past Vettel even if his engine hadn’t blown. All that combined with a qualifying lap 0.8s faster than his team mate it was a truly world class performance from the best driver in the world.

      1. I do also agree with Keiths other nominations especially Rosberg who was incredibly unlucky

      2. He surely could reach Vettel. An overtake is quite another matter. With Webber gone, Alonso probably would have settled for 2nd.

    10. No doubt, Vettel. Alonso also did very well but he’s first place was pure luck. Vettel deserved that win. Feel so sorry for him.

    11. Nico rosberg..

      mercedes looks strong in yeongam and he can really make hamilton’s fate on championship fight going straight into korean mud; unfortunately webber drag him first into the mud with that lap 19th incident.

      1. I wish we could have seen where he finished. I reckon he was looking good for 2nd…

    12. Best driver of the weekend overall has to be Vettel. He was seemingly unstoppable up until the point an engine valve decided it had enough for the day.

      So I voted for Alonso on the basis that he completed the entire weeekend. He was looking fairly good all weekend and delivered the goods when needed. I suspect he might have been able to mount a challenge on Vettel towards the end of the race given how well he looked after his intermediate tyres. On Ted Kravitz’s video BBC blog it was noted that Fernando had one of the best sets of tyres at the end of the race. The only drivers who had tyres in better condition were those that pitted towards the end because of the previous set of intermediate tyres being scrubbed out.

      A champions drive from Fernando, although credit must be given to Hamilton, Massa, Schumacher and Kubica. All 4 of these men put in excellent drives as well too

    13. I’m no Hamilton fan but I almost voted him for wanting to start the race when some drivers were moaning and saying it wasn’t possible to race. Still, my vote goes for MSC.

      1. Seconded… It’s the exact opposite reason I didn’t vote for Vettel.

    14. None.

      Hamilton and Kubica were good in practice. Vettel and Webber were good in qualifying. Alonso was good in the race.

      So I’m not voting because I genuinely can’t decide.

    15. I can’t vote Rosberg because he didn’t survive the race. It wasn’t his fault and he performed sensationally all weekend before that but it’s always a case of what might have been.

      I’d say this was one of Alonso’s best wins and he looked after his tyres beautifully nwhether he would have attacked Vettel is again a case of speculation.

      The driver of the weekend has to be Vettel though. He was quick despite issues in practice, got the pole when he hadn’t really looked completely together before then and never put a foot wrong all the race. He seemed very much in control. Of course, he retired early also but there was only a few laps left. If he had carried on and Alonso had attacked him I’d probably go with Fernando but again, with wet races it’s always so all over the place. Seb cruelly lost victory and did everything to the maximum. Driver of the weekend followed by Alonso then Rosberg for me.

      1. Steph its Driver of the weekend not “result” of the weekend, rosberg for me.

        could have been a first win

        1. I agree, he had a decent chance of making it his first win. No-one can say what might not have happened if he hadn’t been punted off. Schumacher made it to 4th in the same car, from 4 places behind Rosberg on the grid. – so… who knows?

          That’s why I voted for Rosberg instinctively.

        2. That’s true but I never like to deal with what might have been. A great performance but Vet really delivered in style. I understand why people have put Nico as I was really torn between him, Alo and Seb but Seb just gets it for me. Seb had troubles in practice and had to endure those conditions a lot longer than Nico and he did so beautifully.

    16. Has to be Vettel for me, if Rosberg had gotten a podium I probably would have chosen him though.

    17. Fernando Alonso has my vote. His job was just perfect with tyres, altough Vettel and Rosberg and even Schumacher did a great job too.

      But I don’t understand how Yamamoto has two votes already. I wonder what took someone vote on him? o_O

      He has more votes than Hülkenberg until now!

    18. There are many drivers who impressed me.
      Liuzzi had a great race
      Alguersuari was faster than Buemi in qualifying and he could have managed to get some points, but I think that he lost some extra time during the pitstop.
      Rosberg had a good qualifying and overtook Hamilton in the race. It’s a pity that he crashed into Webber.
      Alonso had a pretty consistent weekend
      Vettel was really impressive, though. The driver of the weekend in my opinion. He got the pole without doing properly the 3rd practice. And that was really good. Eventually in the race he seemed untouchable and in my opinion he deserved to win.

    19. Who the hell voted for “i’ve lost the plot” Sutil….

      That man was a liability, I have never got so annoyed at a driver for performing the most reckless overtakes.

      Nearly everytime the camera cut to him he either lost it in a spin or was trying a manouver that he was clearly not going to pull off, nearly taking others out with him.

      I actually cheered when he crashed out.

      absolute awful drive for him…

      1. I’m one of the 16 people that voted for Sutil because I don’t need to vote seriously until November 2nd.

        If I didn’t have a sense of humor I would have voted for the whiner Alonso.

      2. @Mach1 His brother:)

        1. We’ve got a big family. We have the German Octo-mom for a parent. :-]

    20. I would have voted for Nico if I had seen him last a bit longer. There was no telling how he would have done in the race, and so I just cant vote for him.

      I’m not going to vote for Vettel as he was driving the fastest car, and still did not win. Had he looked after his engine better, then I would have voted for him. Maybe he was only fast because he had his revs turned up higher than those around him? Who knows?

      MS was pretty good, but he was slower than his team mate in an identical car.

      Lewis did nothing worth mentioning. He was even gifted 2nd place, but gave it away thanks to a silly mistake.

      Alonso eventually got my vote. He made no mistakes and kept a cool head throughout the race. He had a goal just to finish on the podium, and without taking risks he accomplished that goal while everyone around him lost the plot. I’m also an Alonso fan :)

    21. I always watch like that- why not 1st?, why not 2nd?…. till I find the best driver.

      Why not Fernando? Because he had problems in pitstops, if Hamilton, Webber wont make mistakes and Vettel wont blew, he would finish 4th. So he wasnt the best.

      Why not Lewis?
      He was slower than Rosberg, he drove out of the track. Not the best race he has made.

      Why not Felipe?
      Because Fernando driving the same car was way better…

      Why not Michael?
      Ummm… really why not? with bad car he overtook Kubica and Button, made no mistakes… wait! there was one mistake- while driving behind safety car, he drove out of the track… And Rosberg was better till crash… So if we wont find anyone he is the best?

      Why not Robert?
      The beggining of the race was bad- he lost position to Michael and made no overtakes (from 9th to 5th because of Webber, Button, Rosberg, Vettel) and he was overtaken by williams who both had problems at the end of the race…

      Why not Tonio?
      He made one small mistake in the beggining of the race, but the way he fought… HE is the man of the race! And starting from 18th makes it more impressive. However 18th start position is not what the best driver of the week should be able to do…

      Nothing impressive from the ones who finished, but talking about Rosberg and Vettel…

      Why not Nico?
      There is always a place to go… Even there is a spinning redbull coming onto u. U must choose the best side where to drive…

      Why not Seb?
      Why Schumi’s engine almoast never blewed? And Hakkinen’s? They are simply out of this league. They can control the car. They know it. Seb must learn it. Just like Kimi did…

      1. Fine analysis…

        1. Forgot to add I vote for Tonio. However Schumi was close to him

          1. why not Tonio? He didn’t shine in Q (17th) and in the race went only to sixth – same logic as to say Fernando wasn’t the best becasue he had problems in pits stops – he can’t be blamed for the crew guy who had problem with the wheel. Yet, he kept cool and regained his position. What’s more, he was error-free and careful about tyres.

            1. Fernando overtook one driver, Tonio- 3

            2. I think its pretty easy to overtake more cars if you qualify 17th than if you qualify 3rd.

    22. It is Smmoth Fred from me. A new track that was very slippery, rain, low visibility ….. and he had a frightening pace at the end, it seems like he could have gone on racing a few more laps.

    23. I honestly do not believe that so many people voted for Alonso. He beat his team mate and won the race, ok fair enough. But what Vettel did was extraordinary. He kept a low profile during the last practice and then in qualifying he beat his more experienced teammate on new track he just learned. For the race he held his act together, and did not get stressed like Webber.
      He also demonstrated that no can challenge him on making very good rolling starts. No one was able to keep up with him. Too bad with the engine, because honestly I think Vettel showed his true class this weekend. It was by far the best one this year.

      1. I might just actually vote for Vettel after reading the case you’ve put for him.

      2. You say that Vettel “beat his more experienced teammate”. Well, the same goes for Hamilton and Alonso.

        You say that no one was able to keep up with Vettel. Well, when the engine blew up, both Alonso and Hamilton were less than 3 seconds from him, and getting closer every lap.

        I don’t think he was the driver of the weekend. I still think that Alonso is, and maybe Rosberg could have been.

        1. “You say that Vettel “beat his more experienced teammate”. Well, the same goes for Hamilton and Alonso.”

          Not Alonso. He ran for Minardi in 2001 and got some impressive drives, especially in Japan. But he spent 2002 test-driving for Renault. Massa’s debut was in 2002.

      3. But what Vettel did was extraordinary. He kept a low profile during the last practice and then in qualifying he beat his more experienced teammate on new track he just learned.

        By a few hundreths. And I kinda think Webber hadn’t driven Korea before.

    24. I voted for Rosberg. While we (and he) were robbed of seeing where he might have ultimately finished, his clean pass of Hamilton early on, during the worst of the rain, was a highlight of the race. He might have been able to make it to the podium, even without the attrition up front. Ironic that part of that attrition was the cause of his undoing.

    25. Voting for any other driver than Alonso is frankly laughable. Hamilton’s reaction at the end of the race was telling – the only driver he truly fears beat him hands down.

      Vettel – as usual, far to desperate to dissapwar into the distance and pushed his engine beyond it’s limits. If it had not gone up in smoke, it is mightily doubtful that he could have kept Alonso at bay.

      Aloneness again has showed why he us a true, established great.

      1. Couldn’t have Nico avoided Webber?? It is not a rethorical question. Not an expert but I think he had the space to break and or take alternative direction. I think he just did not manage well the incident.
        Fernando, closer to mark (thus less time/space to react) changed trajectory to avoid the Bull.
        but again, I am not sure… in any case the doubt is reasnable enough to rule out Nico as the best.

    26. When a driver’s car is 16th fastest through the speed trap in S1, due to setup choice to go for more downforce, and yet that driver achieves the best time in that sector, he has to be the driver of the race.

      Alonso is simply on another level than anyone else.

      1. Bit of bad reasoning. S1 includes a few corners too so the downforce would have bumped the time out, plus he was only going 3% slower than the fastest time through the speed trap which was Michael Schumacher. Plus S1 is pure Ferrari: fast straights, slow corners.

        You always get more speed in the corners than the straights except at Monza. More worthy of praise is Alonso’s set-up choice than his actual time.

        1. I’d say his time was pretty good. He was wise with set up for the rest of the track but I agree that I was very impressed with his S1 time. There are corners for his set up to pay off and the car is very good under braking but he nailed it. Not enough for that reason alone to give him the vote for me though but I did admire that time.

        2. You are misinformed. The reason why Alonso got the best S1 time is that he got his breaking points perfect, I mean perfect. This has been documented beyond any doubt, as James Allen’s recent article details. Go read it and then come back and tell us these other theories.

      2. Exactly. No doubt.

        The very moment HAM said it, it was pretty obvious. ALO was just amazing.

    27. Vettel. Brilliant qualifying lap and extremely well composed and during the race.

      1. except he didnt care bout the car

    28. For the last race to be the most thrilling excitement, the following result is needed in Brazil:

      Thesis: The more drivers who can actually win the title in the last race, the better!
      Thus the 4 realistic remaining contenders must end the Brazil race with less than 7 points between the best and no 4. Thus none of them would be able to win the title by being no 2, if any of the 3 others win.
      To obtain this situation first Vettel must win in Brazil, which isn’t unlikely based on his and RBR’s present form.
      This would get him a total of 231 points. Next Hamilton must be 2. to reach a total of 228 points. Then Webber must be no better than 4th and no less than 6th to get a total of either 228, 230 or 232 points. Last Alonso must be no better than 9th to get a max of 233 points.
      This will cause the last race to feature a 4 highly motivated drivers with less than 7 points between them…

    29. I voted Alonso, but I could have given it to Vettel or Rosberg if they had finished the race.

    30. Despite not finishing the race, Vettel was my driver of the weekend.

      He was fairly bulletproof after both restarts and I think he probably would have won the race only for his engine failure.

      I don’t favour any drivers in F1 at the moment really. I just like a good race and thats what we got.

      Crackin good race.

    31. Fernando Alonso all the way!!

    32. Voted for Petrov. Thought he did well until he crashed. Not easy to start so far behind and end up rather high up even if it included a SC period.

      He was also one of the first few to get on inters with Heidfeld but Heidfeld dropped back. Petrov’s passes were not caught on TV but i’m pretty sure he did several.

    33. Younger Hamilton
      25th October 2010, 23:16

      My vote to Schumi not Lewis this weekend(despite a good result) Schumi was at his best this weekend he was donig the overtakes on the other hand it was Lewis who wasnt doing the overtaking he was the one being overtaked!!

      1. Oh you would obviously vote for a McLaren or Mercedes driver would you because you obviously dont like Ferrari

    34. Seb’s breakups under pressure are a mystery to me. It’s surely not a Renault-RBR thing because Mark doesn’t get them.

      Is it just bad luck? then Seb is incredibly unfortunate.

      Does Seb push it too hard? Then he really needs to learn to nurse it better.

      I would have voted Seb without a doubt if he had finished the race. He didn’t and I really don’t know if it’s his fault or not. Besides, I got seriously annoyed with his radio messages about aborting the race.

      It had to be Alonso, then. He was absolutely solid if not brilliant and got a 101% of his Ferrari all the race. Too bad he lost P1 in quali in the last minute.

      Special mention for Nico. His overtake on Lewis was the absolute highlight of the race. If he had avoided Mark’s wreckage he would surely have been 2nd or even 1st. But I can’t say he was the best with only 2-3 racing laps.

      Felipe was pretty good, at least compared with the rest of his performances after Hockenheim. He scored solid points for the WCC. But he was nowhere near Fernando.

      No disrespect, but Lewis was disappointing, even if he finished 2nd. Everybody expected him to be overtly aggresive and he wasn’t (anyone remembers Keith’s bet in the live blog?). Got overtaken by Nico when he was suppossed to be all over Fernando (he wasn’t). Had a minor mistake but it was worth 7 points. And his tyres were so badly shot at the end that in a few more laps Felipe might conceivably have gotten him.

      And the less said about Jenson and Mark, the better.

      Overall, best race of the season. Of a very good season.

    35. It’s difficult to know what Hamilton’s car was like but I’m making an educated guess that it was probably slower than that in the hands of the 5 drivers around him and the 2 red-bulls judging by his struggles on the tyres as well as jenson’s. So it’s a bit of a guess but if the car was even as half as i imagine it was he’s my driver of the weekend.

    36. I’ve gone for Vettel. The only good thing Alonso did was look after his tyres and keep it on the road, everything else was inherited. Schumacher did well because he had wet setup, behind him it was just the people who kept it on the road and called their strategy right, nothing hugely special. Vettel qualified pole and was leading the race until his engine blew, what more can you ask for?

      1. “Keeping it on the road” yesterday was no mean feat. Just ask Webber. Or Hamilton. Or almost everybody else.

    37. There’s no way I could vote for any of those dad-burned panzies who wanted the race called off. Take off your skirts and drive like a man!!!!

    38. Vettel without a doubt
      stunning drive

    39. Vettel did well all end of week, with the best car, but Alonso with the poor car that Red Bull, did your job and at the end was lucky. Probably he deserve it, so i think that this two had at the same level…

    40. I had to vote for Alonso in this one. He was undoubtedly the best this weekend actually.

    41. Keith
      with all due respect you are absolutely dead wrong on your quote about alonso
      “This was a win that came to him “. you make it look like alonso was doing nothing out there and just was praying to gods to blow up engines and crash people so he could win th GP. I am sure that if it was Hamilton your quote would’nt have been the same.
      There is no win that is waiting to “come in” in F1.
      you build your win. you look after your tires you save your engine and you wait for the right moment.
      if you what you saying is true 1/3 of wins in formula one are wins waiting to “come in”.

    42. Not sure whom to pick. Vettel did his job, ALonso kept things cool.
      I voted Schumacher his best race of the season as he did two very important overtaking on track.

    43. Well the driver of the weekend was Hamilton. After all he was the one who wanted to drive when others didn’t.

      However Alonso had the best race and made almost no mistakes (he said the wheel problem was part of his dealing although i don’t believe it).

    44. kenneth Ntulume
      26th October 2010, 7:56

      MY VOTE: Hamilton, all the way, for being the only positive Pilot, as everyone else within the title contenders whined, THE GUY GAVE US HOPE!!…TRUE RACER

      1. I won’t argue that Hamilton is a true racer, but him asking for the race to start was 80% politics. Had the race been canceled, or driven behind the safety car for most part Hamilton had lost more points on his rivals. Just like Vettel didn’t want the race to start because he would gain points. It is very likable of Hamilton what he said, but he had no choice other than to race.

        1. Agree 110%

          Also, after Vettel said it was too dark, the question from the team to Lewis (and the answer of course) smacked of politics way too much.

    45. Had to go for Alonso, but it was a close decision. Vettel was very good but he could never really break Alonso and looked like he was starting to feel the pressure just before he exploded. I’d have loved to have seen a battle to the end.

      Honourable mentions go to Rosberg and Schuey. Both did a great job and seeing Schuey pass people with such authority in those conditions reminded me of days of old.

      Liuzzi was also impressive, and I’d like to give a shout out to the two Sauber drivers. Two of the first to go onto the inters and finished in a creditable 8th and 9th, plus they managed to survive Sutil’s Force Stuka.

    46. Correct me if I’m wrong by all means but did I watch the same race as some of the later posters here (Inc Keith!).

      Why is everyone eulogising Saint Lewis for being the only driver willing to drive in conditions in which he “excels” when he was was outdriven by Alonso and even Vettel. Furthermore I didnt hear Alonso complain either.

      Hamilton et al are all well aware of the fact that audiences can hear their every banality over the radio. It’s just that some drivers aren’t so bothered about coming accross like heroes to the public..

      1. My point being, by the time they started the race it was no longer “extreme wet” conditions. Within two laps of the safety car coming in we had drivers on intermediate tyres who were able to keep pace with the field in racing conditions.

    47. Dint think ot ahould be either of the top two, because I don’t remember either of them doing any overtaking on race day :/

      In fact Hamilton after originally losing positions then regained places because of Rosberg, Webber and Vettel’s DNFs. Similarly with Alonso, he only made up his position when he passed Hamilton who wasn’t even on the track :/

      Vettel was the best at the weekend.

    48. That’s supposed to say “don’t think it should be….”

    49. MICHAEL SCHUMACHER had my vote,because he will always be the master in the rain,and hopefully soon,the master in the dry.
      Michael may not have been the quickest this year but at least he knows how to look after the engines and finishes the race.
      The new 2011 MERCEDES GP cars will be amazing.Why? designed by MSC!!

      1. One of the problems with MSC this year that hardly has been pointed out (well I haven’t read every comment so I’m probably wrong)

        MSC used to be extremely committed at practising and improving the stuff. I believe he put down a lot more hours of testing than anyone else, even tough he wasn’t officially a test pilot.

        With the testing ban (which I personally think is ridiculous and a disgrace) he cannot do that anymore. I doubt that the situation next year can improve very much for him.

        1. The situation will be better for Michael .Next year he will be flying again mark my word.

    50. Lewis was strangely hesitant, like he was thinking of his mistakes. Vettel was peerless but how high was he running his engine to look that way, even so he was on the limit. In the end i went with Liuzzi. He qualified badly but made Sutil look like a touring car driver. I enjoyed watching Sutil but im sure he wouldnt.

      1. Vettel was peerless but how high was he running his engine to look that way

        His advantage was manly in the last two sectors so I’m not sure it had that great a bearing.

    51. Im not sure his advantage was “manly” but i take your point. Whichever, his engine blew so somewhere along the line you could arguably say it was running too quick. But thats how Newey likes it, to quote Chapman, if it didnt break, its too heavy.

      1. Im not sure his advantage was “manly”

        One of my better typos, that!

    52. haha yes, freudian slip perhaps?

    53. I wanted to say Lewis but i think he was just trying to drive a safe race and stay out of trouble, perhaps a very mature drive.

      Vettel was fast as usual, but again that reliability thing just doesn’t add up to just bad luck. The must be something he is doing differently.

      Alonso probably deserved it, but i gave it to MSC. It was a solid performance and would have been nice to see him on the podium at least once this year.

    54. Who were the 5 people who voted for Button?!!!

      I hoped he would not make a fool of himself in his new team and he didn’t at the beginning of the season but this weekend was juat an embarrasement.

      1. And the 27 who voted for Sutil!

    55. Nick Heidfeld got lesser votes than Yamamoto. LOL

    56. My best driver: Bernd Mayländer!
      He lead most of the laps. He did it when it was most dangerous and, on top of that, in a car that was only faster than the HRT´s. :)

      1. Haha, great :) _____

    57. Got to love Hamilton’s attitude haven’t you! He’s paid to drive, and that’s what he wants to get on with doing. Yes it was lousy conditions, but racing is racing, and those conditions sorted out the champions from the contenders very clearly, I thought.

    58. Vettel – he couldn’t have done a better job. I was impressed by his maturity afterwards too – definitely not the way he would have reacted at the start of the year to losing a guaranteed win like that.

      Special mention for Rosberg – he was performing ahead of the car’s ability and I nearly voted for him.

      1. Vettel could have done a better job by finishing,if he nursed his engine along with care,like others do,he would finish the race,not keep blowing the engines.

    59. Always difficult to indicate driver only when cars make such a difference.
      But my vote went to Fernando. He is determined, he kept cool all the weekend, made no single error and capitalized on errors of others (Webber, Vettel, Hamilton). He couldn’t do any better.
      Hamilton and Vettel were also great, but Hamilton made an error and Vettel could not bring the result. I wonder if he could manage to fend off Alonso later as tyres in his ferrari were in really good shape.

      1. “Vettel could not bring the result”?

        How can he be considered even slightly at fault for that?

    60. I must have missed something….

      How does Alonso have nearly double the votes of vettel?

      Vettel put in on pole in qualifying by the skin of his teeth, led the race from the beginning, made zero mistakes, and comfortably controlled the race until his engine gave out. I dont mean to detract from Alonso’s win, but considering its “best driver of the weekend” and not “best driver+car combination of the weekend” I dont see how you could vote for anyone other than vettel. Credit where credit’s due.

    61. This is a tricky one. How to separate driver skill vs car speed vs team mate skill.

      Out of the top few, I think Webber was unlucky, just slightly too much throttle and off he went. Still a mistake and he was behind his team mate anyway.

      Rosberg, again unlucky, but despite the conditions I can’t help but think he should have aimed for the bit of track that was about to be clear rather than the part that was about to be occupied by Webber. Also, his team mate demonstrated the car was working well

      Vettel, clearly did a very good job. Beat a very fast team mate in qualifying and probably would have in the race. Unlucky, and I’m not sure he could have been at fault for his engine failure. As it was wet, I don’t think turning it up past breaking point would have helped his speed as some of you are suggesting. All the stops and starts was probably more of a factor, so perhaps he could have managed temps better over those periods

      Alonso, also a very good job. Had one of his good days where he takes the maximum possible out of the car, without taking too much risk and therefore making mistakes.

      Hamilton, just look at where Button, who let’s not forget is world champion, and is renowned for his wet weather driving ended up. The Mclaren was slower on race day than Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes at least. Hamilton was probably closer to the limit of the car than any other driver, but did have that one moment where he went beyond the limit. However, even without that moment, it would probably have been almost impossible to hold Alonso behind in the final few laps.

      So, my vote goes to … dammit, I can’t decide. Alonso who didn’t put a foot wrong, but probably Hamilton or Vettel would have got the same result in the same car. Or Hamilton who qualified and finished higher than his car’s natural position, but made a mistake during the race in the process. Alonso it is.

    62. Keith,can you please clarify on this voting system for Driver of the weekend.

      Who do we vote for>
      A the driver who we thought was the overall best in the race and finished the race.
      B.The driver who we thought drove well but not necessarily finished the race.


      1. It doesn’t have to be someone who finished (I didn’t write in the text that there is and two of the drivers I picked didn’t).

    63. Oh come on. Just because Alonso won the race doesn’t mean he was the best driver! CLEARLY It was Sebastian Vettel. I hate the guy, but he was incredible in Quali & flawless in the race.

    64. Rosberg was good in qualifying so i voted him.

    65. Had to vote for Vettel on this one. Perfect weekend from him. Alonso very close as well. Liuzzi, Rosberg, Schumacher, Hamilton all impressive and also Kobayashi who had a quiet, but impressive drive.

    66. I voted for Alonso not because he won,that was a “gift” his words,he never put a foot wrong all weekend,qualified enough to make life difficult for Red Bull,raced even if he didn,t really want to,kept Hamilton at bay and Vettel within striking distance.
      Now who could argue Alonso cannot handle wet conditions?

    67. I find it mind boggeling that Schumacher got almost twice the votes as Nico…… Nico again out qualified Michael and was ahead at all times during the race. Michael although finally came alive during this race, he seems to be living on past performances with some real die hard fans……… Thanks, R & R

      1. Michael Schumacher has a huge following,me included.
        Michael knows how to nurse the car home to the finish.If the race had gone better for young Nico (sadly that was another DNF) Michael would have tried to pass him for sure — as he did in Japan.Don’t forget Michael had the fastest lap in Korea and he also was faster lapping in Japan over Rosberg.
        Rosberg was higher placed on the grid than Michael but during the race MSC was catching him up –ie., before Webber knocked Nico out of the race.

        1. Rosberg was higher placed on the grid than Michael but during the race MSC was catching him up

          Rosberg only did one lap at racing speeds before he was taken out and it was faster than Schumacher’s by 2.3 seconds.

          1. OK I stand corrected on one lap,BUT nearly 300 people (so far) agree with me,Michael was the best in Korea.

    68. The one from North Western Spain with the big eyebrows and the shiny red motor!

    69. Read the following if you want to know whether Alonso was really guilty of holding-up Hamilton at the now-famous pitlane incident in Hungary 2007 … you will discover (if indeed you didn’t already know) that he was completely innocent of the crime which has tainted his good name and reputation ever since and that in fact all his efforts that season were ruthlessly (and systematically) blocked and thwarted by Mr Ron Dennis and most of the McLaren team … Mr Dennis was (and still is behind the scenes) a master manipulator and designer of many intrigues as poor Jenson Button is also just finding out to his dismay?!?

      All the facts/data and information which follows is only a small (albeit long-winded) part which I’ve taken from a lengthy letter that I sent to Max Mosley at the end of the 2007 season … Mr Mosley seemingly chose to ignore it and we all know what happened to him shortly after … Alonso should now be completely exonerated from any blame once and for all for the alleged but unproven pitstop incident/cheating tactics and it’s about time that the BBC race commentators and pundits stopped constantly referring to it and/or passing their nasty/malicious/spiteful and uncalled-for jibes and remarks about him … I personally won’t stop circulating this information (and more if necessary) until Alonso’w name is cleared … for God’s sake someone have the guts to tell the truth and expose Ron Dennis dark deeds and indefensible conduct … McLaren’s treatment of Alonso was despicable and anyone who has/can condone it is just as corrupt/immoral and unprincipled as Dennis himself … read on if you’re not convinced:

      Mr Mosley

      I’m now 100% convinced that in Hungary at the end of the 3rd qualifying session Alonso was deliberately told to wait at his pit-stop by his race engineer and that this was a premeditated manoeuvre stage-managed by Ron Dennis to try and make Alonso look (to all the watching world) like he was intentionally holding-up Hamilton to prevent his last qualifying lap … I suspect that Dennis’ main motivation was to cast doubt on Alonso’s character/honesty/integrity and blacken his unblemished reputation … unfortunately in many credulous/trusting and unsuspecting observers’ eyes that’s exactly what Dennis achieved with the aiding and abetment of all the ITV commentators who were lightning quick to announce over the air that it was undoubtedly a deliberate act on the part of Alonso … it was at this point while I was watching the pit-stop incident unfold and having to listen to James Allen’s purely speculative charges of unfair play I knew that Alonso would never do something like that … my first reaction/suspicion was that Mr Dennis was up to no good and that Alonso had been told something over his radio which had kept him rooted to the spot?!?

      Later when Fernando was asked by Louise Goodman (on camera) after the qualifying session why he had waited for so long after the pit lollipop was raised to do his last flying lap he answered (as always) quite openly and unequivocally that he was obeying instructions given over his radio to wait and be counted-down … when Louise pushed him for further clarification and countered in a surprised voice … ‘but the lollipop had been raised and all the pit-crew were waving for you to GO??’ … Fernando seemed just as surprised that Louise should question or doubt his explanation but confidently assured her that his race engineer’s authority actually overrides the pit-crew’s … he even (presumably in case she hadn’t understood what he meant by being ‘counted-down’) gave her a verbal example of what he was listening to on his radio … ‘you know 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4- etc’ … this brief interview was never repeated on any of ITV’s subsequent pre- or post-race programmes or alluded to after in the British press (as far as I’m aware?) and I suspect that shortly after Alonso had elucidated Ms Goodman he would have been instructed not to comment on the incident from the moment it was under investigation by the Hungarian race stewards’???

      But by this time most people had already jumped to the mistaken (but understandable) conclusion that Fernando was guilty … this of course was Ron Dennis’ prime objective and clearly the stewards’ subsequent decision to penalise Alonso was seen as pretty compelling evidence of his culpability and only helped to further fuel the fallacious assumptions that he must have been guilty of deliberately blocking Hamilton?? It was also conspicuous that after Hungary the ITV interviews with Alonso dwindled significantly … McLaren (and their co-conspirators) couldn’t have him being so open and outspoken and telling the world the truth … could they??

      I for one am certain that Alonso is far too intelligent/ethical/principled and conscious of his good name and reputation to jeopardise it by resorting to such dirty and unsportsman-like tactics (however much he might be provoked by either his team or team-mate??) … but having said that … if he was acting on his own and out for revenge on Hamilton at that pit-stop then he could have just (accidentally?) stalled his engine when the pit lollipop went up … this would have achieved the desired effect of thwarting Hamilton without the risk of inducing a stewards’ enquiry and a possible penalty … if Hamilton had nabbed pole ahead of him that day then Alonso would prefer (and feel quite confident and unfazed under normal circumstances) to take his chances and race Hamilton on the track rather than blatantly cheat and incur the bitter recriminations and widespread disapproval that would inevitably follow? No … to gain an advantage in this way just simply wouldn’t be an option for Alonso … it’s most definitely not the way that he wants to be remembered in the record books or by his loyal and adoring fans … hence I can state quite emphatically that he never has been (or ever will be) tempted to join the ‘dark side’ of F1 motor racing?!?

      Back to the pit-stop in Hungary … yes indeed this was a most carefully planned-with-precision manoeuvre by Ron Dennis and a select few of his trusty McLaren personnel to seriously discredit Alonso … Mr Dennis is not a man known to explode in anger or show his true feelings and emotions (at least not when he knows the TV cameras are around) … in fact he is consummate at disguising them and invariably portrays a steely calm/inscrutable/unflappable exterior … so his overtly-animated (some might even say violent?) display of unrestrained temper just around the time that Alonso was (allegedly) holding up Hamilton in the pits … the jumping off his seat and smashing down his headphones in a rage whilst letting vent to a couple of unrepeatable expletives was a real Oscar-winning performance by Ron which successfully produced the desired result of making it look like he was furious with Alonso for baulking Hamilton (it’s inconceivable that he wouldn’t have known that Fernando was being counted-down?).

      Ron’s ‘performance’ together with all the pit-crew frantically waving at Alonso to GO GO GO made it appear even more like he (Alonso) was just sitting in his car defiantly ignoring everybody and brazenly obstructing his team-mate … I imagine that most of the pit-crew were totally unaware and oblivious at the time (as was everybody else) that Alonso was in fact being told to wait over his radio before doing his final lap … we also didn’t know at that point about Hamilton’s earlier misdemeanour that had (according to his boss) put them ‘all out of sequence’ … it’s worth repeating … this was a carefully premeditated manouvre devised by Ron to dupe everybody and it was he who ensured that Alonso was penalised and thereafter censured and frowned on by many F1 fans and the sports media … the stewards’ decision would have also had the added bonus of perhaps unnerving/intimidating/daunting and putting a damper on Alonso’s hopes and aspirations?!?

      I closely studied Ron Dennis’ body language at the end of that qualifying session (as he descended from the pit-wall) and by the time he was asked on camera what had actually happened his steely calm had returned and he visibly hedged and avoided the question (let’s not forget that he’s had many years of practice in the art of deceit and camouflage) … the vague and indirect answers he did give only served to endorse the speculation that Alonso’s 10-second wait in the pits was a calculated move by him to scupper Hamilton’s last lap … only much later did Dennis confess in a press conference that Alonso was following his race engineer’s instructions and I’m certain he only admitted it then because Alonso had that chance to leak the truth to Louise Hamilton in the post-qualifying interview (this had not been part of Ron’s plan but Louise is always very quick to track-down the drivers’ and get their views and opinions, etc).

      Dennis’ deliberate delay in defending and exonerating his driver (Alonso) a.s.a.p. is what helped to sew those seeds of doubt in many people’s minds (which was his sole intention) and when he was later pressed to give his explanation/version of events he answered somewhat reluctantly and unconvincingly as though it was just an excuse/pretext/defence he had conjured up to ‘protect’ Alonso and account for his behaviour?? Ron’s actual words in the press conference were … ‘Fernando and his engineer did nothing wrong and the count-down was to give him track position … if you think it was deliberate then you can think what you want??’ … if we dissect this statement it’s clear that in the first part he is agreeing (on record) with Alonso’s account and if this is what Ron told the race stewards’ then surely it should have exonerated Alonso from any blame and therefore he should not have been penalised??

      But sadly the second part of Ron’s statement is not an emphatic denial of any wrongdoing (as it should have been) and Ron seems to be giving his audience full permission to think (and subsequently print) what they want (which is exactly what they did?) … if not a deliberate play-on-words by Ron then this was an extremely irresponsible and ill-considered thing for him to say and (to me) it’s additional proof of Ron’s guile and cunning … I’m willing to bet 10euros that it was after Alonso received the news the following morning (on race day) that the stewards’ had penalised him by dropping him from pole to 6th position on the grid as a penalty for blocking Hamilton that he (as Ron later stated) … ‘arrived and was pretty upset and emotional … upset about many things … upset with life … upset with this and that’?? Obviously Ron had been asked why Fernando was so upset but he couldn’t tell them the truth could he … I believe Ron Dennis is a ruthlessly manipulative man who uses/abuses/exploits and takes advantage of people and particularly his drivers to achieve his own ends??

      It’s obvious to me why Fernando was upset and emotional … I would be pretty agitated too if I had been in Alonso’s shoes and knew that I was totally innocent but suddenly realised that I had just been well and truly stitched-up by my boss (and other team members) to be made to look like a dirty rotten cheat … and because of the FIA’s inexplicable intervention (in what should have been an internal matter for the team to sort out) it was also going to cost me precious Championship points by being relegated to 6th place from pole??

      It seems logical that if Ron Dennis et al have managed to convince a huge percentage of the gullible/trusting/unsuspecting fans and British public that Hamilton is the best rookie driver ever … then by the same token it wasn’t difficult to make it appear that Alonso was/is the inferior driver and that he eventually had to resort to cheating in Hungary, etc … since early in the season there has been a constant barrage of (totally undeserved) bad press here in England accusing Alonso of complaining about inequality and making unreasonable demands and feeling sour grapes at Hamilton’s success, etc … most of these nasty/spiteful/cruel insinuations directed towards Alonso were totally unfounded and untrue!

      Before leaving the Hungarian controversy there is another factor that we should consider … only Ron Dennis was summoned to the race stewards’ office after qualifying … so we have to wonder what he said to them behind those closed doors that contributed to Alonso’s penalty?? Clearly Mr Dennis and possibly certain ‘others’ up there in the higher echelons of F1 motorsport had (and probably still have?) their own agenda(s) regarding Lewis Hamilton and were willing to stop at nothing to ensure that he won the Championship this year … if we’re being realistic then it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that Ron Dennis (with all his wealth) was/is able to bribe and grease the palms of those he wants particular ‘favours’ from (whether it be unethical journalists/mechanics/race stewards/TV commentators and/or other team members, etc?). From all I’ve read and witnessed with my own eyes over the past couple of decades (but especiallythis year) it’s far more likely to be Ron Dennis (with the help of his intermediaries) who is unprincipled and corrupt than Alonso!

      The pit-stop incident was a well-executed ploy to sew the seeds of doubt and disappointment into Alonso’s adoring Spanish fans’ minds about their champion and hero … his fame/celebrity/prestige and substantial Spanish following had to be curbed and dampened to make way for the fanatical Brits who have blindly believed everything they’ve read, seen and heard about Hamilton?? It was a cunning and ingenious stratagem … pre-planned and executed with military precision by Ron Dennis who (I believe) masterminded the whole campaign against Alonso and it conspicuously succeeded because when asked for their opinions on an Internet poll shortly after the pit-stop incident only 3 out of 80 F1 fans (allegedly taken from a cross-section of 4,000 e-mails received) did not believe that Alonso was guilty … the other 77 were totally convinced that he was culpable?!? Again returning briefly to the Hungarian pit-lane incident it’s been suggested that Hamilton would not have had enough time to finish his last flying lap even if Alonso had gone when the pit lollipop was lifted??? I have no way of verifying or confirming this piece of information Max but it wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out to be true.

      Fernando was assuredly robbed of (and cheated out of) his Championship title this year … he is without doubt the most talented and superior driver of the moment and would have won it by a mile if there had been no skulduggery and underhand tactics … Ron Dennis must not be allowed to get away with what he’s done … there was a question posted on ‘F1 Fanatic.co.uk’ (in response to Alonso’s claim that McLaren were giving Hamilton preferential treatment) which asked … ‘why would Ron Dennis hire a double champion in the first place and then favour the rookie?’ … I’ve attempted to further analyse and re-cap what Ron Dennis may have been trying to achieve … and what he has achieved (according to some rumours that are circulating) by signing both Alonso and Hamilton for 2007 …

      Alonso is a thoroughly moral and honest man and is a racing driver for all the right reasons and he’s shown a tremendous degree of self-discipline considering how he’s been betrayed and stabbed in the back by Ron Dennis et al … he outclasses and outperforms Hamilton and completely puts him in the shade and for members of his team to tamper with his car (which could endanger his life) and shatter his hopes is unforgivable and the quicker Alonso waves goodbye to Ron Dennis and McLaren the better … I lost any shred of respect and admiration that I had for Ron Dennis when he didn’t admit on camera that it was at his bidding that Alonso held up Hamilton at the now famous pit stop … it was either Ron himself or someone on the pit wall who was under his instruction that told Alonso (via his radio) to stay put and counted him down while Hamilton was impatiently waiting behind him … and yet it was only Alonso who was penalised and made to start from sixth place while having to watch Hamilton take pole … I do believe Hamilton went on to win the race … well there’s a surprise?!?

      Yours most earnestly … Marge V

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