Christian Horner, Sebastian Vettel, Valencia, 2012

Caption Competition 23: Vettel and Horner

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Christian Horner, Sebastian Vettel, Valencia, 2012

What is world championship leader Sebastian Vettel discussing with team principal Christian Horner in this picture?

That’s for you to decide in our latest Caption Competition. Post the best caption you can come up with for the picture in the comments below.

As usual a pick of the best will feature in the daily round-up.

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130 comments on “Caption Competition 23: Vettel and Horner”

  1. So this button disables Mark’s KERS?

    1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      10th November 2012, 13:54


    2. hahaha, wonderfull.

    3. hahaha, wonderful.

    4. ladies and gentleman we have a winner

    5. +1 love it !

    6. lol. The team player button

  2. Look at what Hamilton is doing / lol

    1. maybe
      “See Mr Horner, all the gangsters use this word, lets check Lewis’s twitter.”

  3. “Look at how small Fernando’s chances are…”

  4. “Hey check this out, this is my twitter account, and this button unfollows Lewis. Let’s see what happens”

  5. Vettel knows, to earn the boss’ favour, he has to push all the right buttons.

  6. “I’ve downloaded McLaren’s new MP4-27 app… oh, it’s stopped working.”

    1. @tommyb89
      Hahaha! Oh my! Brilliant! : D

    2. ….Took the words right out of my mouth :D

    3. This has to be the winner!

    4. THE WINNER!

  7. Oh so thats how much a litre is.

    1. Hehehe, nice one!

  8. SV: “Christian, did you hear the one about a robot in a petrol station…?”

  9. So that’s what the next rule breaking part will look like…

    1. rule bending, at high speed *

  10. Check this video out – all Fernando seems to talk about is chicken…

      1. good laugh

  11. You see Christian, this is what Crazy Frog looks like…

      1. A ring di di ding ding ding… Hello Fernando! Just to say Felipe is faster than you. Goodbye.

  12. Fernando thinks he’s a samurai, hihi

  13. so thats how ALO wins DOTW poll eh?

    1. Hahhaaaa ouch!!!

  14. Horner and Vettel laugh of Alonso championship when they check out the paddypower championship odds.

  15. Vettel: Do you like my new phone?
    Horner: Yes Sebastian, it’s very nice!

    1. This made me laugh so much I woke the baby.

  16. Seb: “Look, Christian, this is my new ‘Fingerphone’.”

  17. Alexander Jansson (@)
    10th November 2012, 10:53

    Christian look! Hamilton tweets about McLarens secret team data again!

  18. Oh Christian ,a remote to Webber’s car? You shouldn’t have…

  19. says pink shirts are soooo 1980’s.

  20. 302 people on Twitter have said how bad your pink shirt looks!

  21. “Look, Felix Baumgartner’s been convicted of assault – Dietrich says I’m still his favourite”
    “You are Seb, and that’s the last time they spend our budget on a stupid parachute jump…”

  22. look what adrian sent me. He says that could give us 5 sec per lap advantage, before austin.

  23. SV: Look Christian, this button will tamper with Mark’s clutch, pretty nifty eh? Who KERS if he gets pole? Tehehe
    CH: Well done Sebastian!

  24. And this button allows me to adjust the fuel loads

  25. Vettel : Hey Christian, this new app is so cool!!! It calculates the bare minimum amount of fuel required to run a qualifying lap. We’re testing it tonight. I can already see myself on pole y’know.

  26. Seb: I looked up ‘Formula 1’ on urban Take a look at number six.
    Christian: Aw, that’s aweful, Seb!
    Seb: I’m going to say it on the podium.

    1. Christian: Maybe you should look up ‘ASBO’.

  27. “and this is the exact moment his car lost power”

  28. “See Christian, all we have to do to get data from McLaren is follow Lewis on twitter’

  29. Just looking at DC on the BBC F1 coverage – have you borrowed one of his shirts?

  30. Look Christian, another non-points finish for Michael Schumacher. Who’s the better German now?

  31. Discussion on how to make podium interviews interesting.
    Sebastian: What about….hm….”**** it up”?
    Christian: Love it. Say that one.

  32. SV: Look at this video. Mark said ”not bad for a no.2 driver” in 2010. Has he been better after 2 years?
    CH: No.

  33. “Mark just text me what he thinks of your shirt”

  34. Vettel: “Mein Gott, Fernando is texting me this samurai stuff again. It’s getting really weird.”

  35. William Brierty
    10th November 2012, 12:24

    Vettel: I know!
    Horner: What?
    Vettel: Let’s deliberately give me a puncture at the start of the race and then, when I overtake Alonso to take the win with only three pumped-up tyres, people will like me!
    Horner: Yes! No safety car is gonna ruin this plan! But hang on, the McLaren drivers will still probably say that you gained an aerodynamic advantage with that puncture, because it allowed you to run closer to the ground.
    Vettel: Damn Jenson. Everyone likes him because he’s got one of those “personality-things”. Is he fast? No. Is he clever? No. Look at this picture of him in his girlfriend’s wet suit, no regard for health and safety.
    Horner: Have you ever had a panic attack?
    Vettel: No, their girly things, bit like not taking Abbey flat.

  36. …and THIS one is me showing the finger when I was just 8!

  37. Adrian Newey came up with this mobile app. You hit this button and it shuts off Lewis’ car.

  38. “So Kimi text back saying if you get on the podium, I’ll swear in front of everyone…”

  39. Mère Çaidaisse
    10th November 2012, 12:57

    “I took the time to take some photos during the race… Too easy…”

  40. Omg Christian check this out! Mark thinks we’re still equal number ones!

  41. Horner: “I don’t get it … you stopped on your in-lap and got sent to the back of the grid so that you could win the F1 Fanatic predictions competition?”

    Vettel: “It’s the perfect crime!”

  42. SV: So I texted Fernando to say ill see him on the podium and he texted me back this.
    “Yeah right and Kim’s will win it”

  43. “Look Christian, my battery is full!”
    “Unlike your fuel tank Seb”

  44. I say we put the nails here.

  45. “See, in German, this is what **** means, that’s why I let it slip.”

  46. Look Bernie said “all the cars should start in pit lane from now on, its more exciting”

  47. “Look! Ross Brawn did an interview with Cosmo too! But they made him keep his shirt on.”

  48. Who said ****** wasn’t in the dictionary.

  49. That’s what I’m talking about..

  50. Look at the girl in this photo, do I take she or not?

  51. Look: this is artists impression of Hamilton at Mercedes next year

  52. See Seb, two roosters makes for Angry Birds…

  53. SV: this is how machine guns on the RB9 would look like.
    CH: aren’t there rules against that ?
    SV: i couldn’t find any.
    CH: yay, i’ll get Adrian on it right away

  54. Vettel: Hey Christian, take a look at this photo I found of you on the internet.
    Christian: Yeah… that’s not me

    1. oh dear god

      1. Dammit, I’d just about forgotten about that picture.

    2. really??? photoshoped or not , this is funny…..

      1. davidnotcoulthard
        11th November 2012, 4:55

        Or GIMPed?

    3. first time i’ve seen that picture EWWWWWWWW

    4. @mustalainen – did I actually just see that or am I hallucinating? That’s unbelievably funny! I’ll never look a Horner in the same way again!

  55. “I know it’s against the rules to place bets on F1 for us drivers, but i couldn’t resist and hell did it increase my monthly cashflow!!”

  56. CH: “Yea, I don’t think Apple Maps has that track right Vet. You might want to rethink the whole GPS during the race thing…just saying.”

  57. Remember that Korean chick? She sent me this pic and it ain’t a chick..

  58. This is what’s called a calculator. It’s what you use to work out how much fuel is needed.

  59. After last week’s qualifying fiasco, Christian Horner has gone off of Android phones…

  60. Horner: Did Alonso wrοte some new samurai joke lately?
    Vettel: No he made a step forward ….. he is tweeting now about Ninjas !!

  61. “And THIS button makes Grosjean hit Mark!”

  62. Vettel : ….. and then Lewis said he went to Mercedes because he wants to drive for a big team.
    Horner : hahaha……. that’s a good one.

  63. LoreMipsumdOtmElor
    10th November 2012, 18:32

    “… and when you push this button, the magnets on Fernando’s Ferrari and the Lotuses will be actived.”

  64. Vettel: Look at the photo with Kimi drunk in Abu Dhabi…hahaha
    Horner: Is that from last Sunday Night?
    Vettel: No it’s today’s photo , he is still there celebrating

    1. Horner : How do Lotus let him do what he want?
      Vettel : They don’t, they called him telling him to stop drinking and fly to Texas….
      Horner: And…? what did he say to them..?
      Vettel : “Yea …Yea … i know what i’m doing ….. i we done it thousand times”
      Horner: hahaha… you can’t argue with that…

  65. Vettel : Look at the new updates Ferrari is planing to bring in Austin……..
    Horner : I think we’re in trouble. Sent that to Adrian maybe we can copy them….

  66. Vettel: I lost f1fanatics DOTW in Abu Dhabi, but i think with this Line i can win the caption competition showing us two laughing … make it natural don’t look at the photographer…

    Horner: hahaha…. i don’t think so , better try the race predictions championship and play Karthikeyan for the win and Lewis finishing the race….. that’s more realistic, i think.

  67. SV: Christian, I swear I don’t know how Justin Bieber ended up on my playlist!

  68. Vettel: Alonso just wrote on twitter he swam 5km!!!
    Horner: Whow that beats Button record’s….
    Vettel : Do you think is believable if i write that i just finished my 50km run?
    Horner: Yea absolutely.. hahaha. Beat that Fernando…..

  69. Vettel: Look, we made the captioncompetition at F1Fanatic!
    Horner: hmpf there’s more jokes about my blouse than about your finger.

    1. I hope this fifth page gets read in time, because I like this one (particularly the first line)

  70. That one looks like Heikkis helmet!

  71. Look boss, I’m checking out the new iOS maps service…oh no, they ****** it up.

  72. Vettel: See I have a this radio control that allows the Lotus’s to take out Alonso!
    Horner: Absolutely brilliant, Seb!

  73. Hey look, we have Angry Birds – Red Bull in development and I got a hold of a copy. Its based on Turkey 2010

  74. Hey Christian, look, these are the rude words that I’m going to try to say in the next podium interview

  75. davidnotcoulthard
    11th November 2012, 5:11

    “See, Sebastian? That’s why I’m against the RRA: Just use CentOS or ClearOS…..or use Debian GNU/Linux or make a deal with Mark Shuttleworth! Or perhaps FreeBSD or PC-BSD. Drop Windows and stop paying for that ****ed up interface!”

    What I meant by Mark Shuttleworth or

    FreeBSD and PC-BSD and

    1. davidnotcoulthard
      11th November 2012, 5:14

      Seb:”Surely Microsoft didn’t make such a terrible interface, right? It’s not that bad, is it?”

  76. Oh look! Someone’s using our picture in a caption competition!

  77. Its called the Adrian Newey app. You throw a piece any car in there and within a minute it becomes a race winner

  78. Chris : Wow, this Lotus Angry Birds App is so cool Christian.
    SEB : So this is the source of Kimi’s power, i want in on this.

  79. Seb: I just sent Narain a tweet saying he was “cool as a cucumber” after his crash with Nico. Let see what he says…hee heee heeee!

  80. !!!! Christian…. Look What’s Under Abbeys’ Hood…. Clicked These With SpyCam App…. !!!!

    1. !!!! Christian…. Look What’s Under Abbey’s Hood…. Clicked These With My SpyCam App…. !!!!

  81. Horner, I just placed a bet for 20 poles for me next season…

  82. Ha look at this, Ive been offered a contract by McLaren ha ha !

  83. Hey Christian, how many of those new Lotus shirts do we need to order??

  84. Last month’s F1 fanatic caption contest winner was ******* great. Whoops sorry about that.

  85. “… and then Adrian texts that our new blown exhaust is strong enough to ruffle feathers in Maranello!”

  86. “And this was Luscious Liz…”

  87. SV: Hey , Christian , it’s my new phone ! However, there is a lack of grip .

    CH : Chill out Seb , we will talk to Newey about it .

  88. Click share, then Mark Webber, then send. It’s called sexting.

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