2013 Canadian Grand Prix lap times and fastest laps

2013 Canadian Grand Prix

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A flurry of fast laps at the end of the Canadian Grand Prix saw half the starters set their quickest times in the final three tours.

Quickest of them all was Mark Webber, who claimed the fastest lap of the race despite having lost part of his front wing.

Despite failing to finish in the points the two McLaren drivers set the seventh and eighth fastest lap times. Team principal Martin Whitmarsh admitted afterwards they could have been more aggressive:

“Unfortunately, with the benefit of hindsight, we were a touch too conservative with our tyre management this afternoon. The [medium] turned out to be a stronger tyre than we’d anticipated, and we could have exploited it for longer and further in the race than we did.”

Canadian Grand Prix lap times

All the lap times by the drivers (in seconds, very slow laps excluded):


Sebastian Vettel83.61679.01179.45578.87479.13679.22679.40679.64279.41179.69379.579.73580.20180.09480.94594.29880.71279.08679.279.05379.12879.26878.47780.17779.57278.60678.59178.47778.61678.86278.57478.59778.79781.49478.66778.5278.63179.28777.79578.64778.0477.38179.37477.6877.32477.04276.92678.46491.03779.37677.76881.57877.43477.07276.56176.71177.03276.77876.6276.83376.59976.9676.97377.14477.44777.0178.14977.86476.97577.914
Lewis Hamilton85.66679.82979.78879.56379.50879.35979.50379.74779.96880.10380.45380.62980.33580.46880.30480.17480.09380.37593.94181.42879.81179.95179.93179.51979.80779.96679.01279.09379.78779.05979.09878.67879.3178.92679.1578.59478.79679.11678.05577.91277.76977.74877.80878.07677.76578.17778.191.54680.19878.22277.97677.57377.2377.58677.5677.15576.72776.64677.76476.65176.71979.58577.58477.71377.24376.73376.80476.47176.35476.797
Valtteri Bottas89.79781.43980.39680.66581.45183.3181.67482.2682.54282.79383.06383.0482.47596.54183.82581.67980.90280.89682.8381.64580.88180.53180.70780.77381.13480.880.62280.66181.10681.09780.84881.30283.83981.15681.50781.05580.42980.179.5596.3981.64380.03779.49979.4579.39181.29780.11679.70979.60379.09479.19679.54179.51778.91479.28580.16279.1779.62879.96378.53978.27278.6678.00478.3379.7379.67878.75778.22681.362
Nico Rosberg86.61980.14380.1379.6979.85879.73979.89980.23780.72980.54280.75480.80780.8293.90380.7579.43679.95179.99580.24780.60580.1580.2980.05280.33379.68180.18180.36580.21680.74481.94994.42982.46880.58379.96279.22880.05479.53278.65278.58378.47778.42978.34478.36878.02277.99778.53280.92179.9279.27778.20277.57677.7677.66378.12178.50777.21691.68181.51678.27377.80677.29177.92978.46677.39776.64177.28278.21376.7577.45176.534
Mark Webber87.08880.58279.84879.75180.09579.80580.20180.34980.45580.61380.84681.0493.64681.18179.66579.51579.95880.32880.26880.58380.21980.02279.78580.39779.58580.79979.74980.13980.5681.0278.73978.37578.75478.45778.53279.54478.07577.93477.81377.95378.12678.87578.2578.94678.00392.56980.50977.90777.00776.75377.10577.54278.26577.61477.34577.01277.29777.67577.57976.8377.3877.16977.24676.81277.36777.39477.26777.16276.18277.418
Fernando Alonso89.09580.47480.25579.85879.82879.88880.12880.31880.04180.16580.17480.83381.04580.86880.99893.89381.58479.78579.79479.48479.62479.63979.49480.35979.52379.73479.77380.08380.57281.45879.43978.79579.03878.45678.45778.34778.00977.84477.72677.79377.74777.74577.58978.64678.47577.60690.97179.76477.69977.07276.8376.89576.73476.8976.75876.69176.45776.42977.25476.61676.51679.35276.88477.89576.54376.59976.4976.51376.20377.017
Jean-Eric Vergne90.13281.64380.19380.42781.36981.2980.50180.4180.69880.80182.09182.34396.12283.34181.1780.78280.71580.58680.67180.79980.73381.21880.71480.50680.34180.25480.09479.72580.64480.36180.18180.26780.34280.64879.89279.74180.03879.67779.2279.29979.23279.00878.91378.83178.86678.90979.52679.11978.81378.7878.87478.89578.59678.76878.878.62191.8880.10778.03378.11277.90978.178.02878.11177.94678.51178.9779.41879.917
Adrian Sutil90.75581.55580.60380.21881.11487.94781.71782.40698.13583.34982.7481.70580.87380.89281.29580.73780.5481.02781.22280.82480.68780.46880.78380.72680.20880.31880.0379.86780.01780.60980.11379.97179.75379.67579.6779.92293.66881.91278.93378.4678.96778.92779.06678.84978.94679.15579.98379.18478.95379.07479.06678.55978.78979.379.03878.38578.40479.76878.17877.75584.82479.35778.10578.05578.02278.77777.7877.69477.717
Nico Hulkenberg91.48382.52880.77980.13480.98484.55281.86882.66382.85983.95283.45997.49283.68382.41582.93980.70880.47580.47781.00281.32481.24580.94281.38781.23681.08380.79380.73980.52580.84580.69680.67181.88981.18380.67980.89380.8880.893.67880.60779.05679.46179.35579.4779.51580.141
Kimi Raikkonen91.25981.92880.65780.27481.44183.9981.97982.94882.7883.74183.17282.50181.51581.5481.28880.82180.66580.56480.981.11181.4199.54882.69980.71380.26680.59181.20580.2680.06580.78880.92280.6783.83180.87880.49179.61579.61480.27779.68379.34679.09479.41580.84878.97978.83479.22279.45379.86678.53278.25478.63378.80478.52878.52878.32980.00978.75678.10378.0277.8877.76678.02777.86578.09579.51878.57377.79378.88379.089
Daniel Ricciardo91.06981.77580.62380.25781.64683.82382.15482.68582.89983.33383.8497.49587.00882.85682.15781.44581.10481.07581.11580.83480.97780.94181.14781.06180.58981.28680.84380.87980.81581.95481.03580.96380.91880.88280.54180.45180.52380.22296.4582.7279.84279.34679.10178.98679.17179.58280.27979.35580.13279.97480.20179.45181.01479.7479.72479.81579.32979.50479.7779.70680.30881.50579.27780.27379.66479.37878.53878.257
Sergio Perez91.86182.76480.61580.35980.73484.59981.77582.90883.09683.59483.61783.6995.84882.99980.80180.64180.68280.89181.06681.40980.78780.36481.47780.73180.39281.24181.61880.40380.07180.74580.98480.97380.7679.64979.17979.50780.35279.8479.20479.08879.15679.30892.69183.01879.50878.94278.39378.37878.71180.17378.60979.4778.07578.15777.80878.18878.26879.83878.55977.84477.97678.05877.67778.06678.17678.08778.16977.4277.369
Pastor Maldonado92.77583.21480.94381.10780.83984.16682.35982.42283.0584.36283.16199.93383.62882.91781.36281.73788.11782.78182.15981.85281.31381.54582.74782.38481.89781.50480.79680.82682.17681.14180.70180.67680.78582.50681.11480.55180.36580.24380.22380.20680.33980.29680.23180.42580.46182.08981.94180.74593.99282.88578.95479.33578.86179.26880.59479.36280.42279.7068282.60578.94481.15680.78179.00680.99682.21878.73778.105
Jenson Button93.67682.55981.48680.74381.16382.74982.06482.5583.01983.33983.38284.0382.96382.51282.40982.1982.19481.80481.68881.34581.34381.10881.65882.53681.66782.18294.97281.74480.43580.0380.44680.13680.30880.41980.57380.24280.93480.5279.14578.91978.91979.13680.17780.81679.53478.95779.13978.94478.88379.5279.82778.7178.57979.58678.35978.45378.65878.61578.05177.83178.05877.88478.01677.70477.86777.93877.6477.45877.587
Esteban Gutierrez95.47483.05981.79281.20280.8281.97682.30882.22583.02683.94683.40284.17983.55582.4882.3382.22382.1982.01682.54883.07598.20283.1581.58282.19680.85881.05380.52780.41480.77480.4380.7181.32980.84880.44980.17379.88681.82180.62780.41680.33680.49580.09279.98879.83779.58280.33680.16679.63980.2979.96779.77179.47879.73380.38779.60579.80479.68779.92679.81880.12582.81480.59395.749
Felipe Massa93.12582.21380.40380.15880.69684.76781.40782.44882.62383.17183.23584.01481.04382.32981.9281.25993.57280.77381.51379.85179.89880.51681.07881.03579.62980.37880.27280.20580.78780.881.12882.3881.00780.41279.80979.87379.92179.71180.89979.83892.75780.42978.9278.55178.32780.06678.8779.14978.29678.30578.32578.76278.67979.33879.3777.87477.91877.38277.53577.69277.66777.97677.83677.91279.68778.57577.57878.1476.939
Paul di Resta94.37282.69581.70381.10480.98682.54382.51782.35582.73483.57782.76282.87382.29581.27981.32381.42881.06980.85880.67680.71980.49880.61980.76180.46880.4780.11480.12580.04479.94381.1880.04379.91679.9279.80979.86779.71579.69579.50679.51679.46179.14479.24379.11778.89678.7578.87979.89879.20678.77778.70978.95378.95378.44678.76978.58192.89580.81279.21378.93279.15678.27377.95777.84178.16380.86979.01879.0678.21680.693
Charles Pic95.93783.13482.13281.73882.53284.23784.78183.26184.14785.01699.6583.77782.47882.2681.98982.55582.14682.3782.59582.40583.18682.52282.36282.30683.67682.87983.70282.01783.46382.3782.21281.70481.52981.62782.90696.16882.16880.87281.47480.8381.04780.3980.78281.77280.94481.81282.7881.5382.03181.46381.2680.18380.47182.35280.91280.43780.59379.96679.51479.3880.9579.95579.43379.62380.879.59280.913
Jules Bianchi97.52284.54882.80582.37982.59682.76182.8784.12783.14683.682.89583.75284.9584.12383.33283.71383.00382.33482.66682.30382.52682.4283.71782.51681.85182.48282.21382.4781.56281.54281.03183.66781.65380.76681.22581.70581.10780.53480.92181.11594.56283.34181.47481.93680.64380.81480.19580.11281.1481.83879.96280.21682.8482.87181.53282.13981.19779.80479.73780.48280.59580.05980.58280.71680.34679.31678.98478.873
Max Chilton97.90785.70883.46283.03582.72783.26183.30583.90683.48383.38283.33283.83383.7784.2583.8983.52583.75383.78982.67582.64784.42283.12382.71381.91683.37182.07982.00484.65882.08282.19781.66781.94782.13982.43182.26983.04581.67595.33382.4781.17180.45881.21280.05780.8880.88180.78982.08382.04880.3981.91582.30582.15980.77681.13282.18481.70583.24383.63281.33384.37582.95180.64880.19981.14180.69884.02979.566
Giedo van der Garde95.02682.98681.95582.01682.684.93785.566101.27685.07682.55282.46582.62782.50182.54682.73583.38483.74884.02284.17683.89684.08184.6186.45684.61883.88583.84283.75584.49586.17387.03486.1899.84386.42992.47881.96581.83582.458102.83683.56799.70987.70781.81182.586
Romain Grosjean97.09482.90881.92781.38381.78282.67381.281.40281.76283.79583.4184.12682.04981.34581.34481.57981.38581.16380.99580.94280.76780.79980.90180.73980.24580.35180.33880.36280.34780.75681.20580.30880.24980.26379.89380.04180.25780.24280.2580.20980.55196.0681.61179.16278.44978.57479.0479.06178.34978.67878.91680.13894.89781.17378.61878.35578.31978.3178.29178.28277.82377.60778.04278.34778.73378.70777.76478.27977.61

Canadian Grand Prix fastest laps

Each driver’s fastest lap:

RankDriverCarFastest lapGapOn lap
1Mark WebberRed Bull-Renault1’16.18269
2Fernando AlonsoFerrari1’16.2030.02169
3Lewis HamiltonMercedes1’16.3540.17269
4Nico RosbergMercedes1’16.5340.35270
5Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault1’16.5610.37955
6Felipe MassaFerrari1’16.9390.75769
7Sergio PerezMcLaren1’17.3691.18769
8Jenson ButtonMcLaren1’17.4581.27668
9Romain GrosjeanLotus-Renault1’17.6071.42562
10Adrian SutilForce India-Mercedes1’17.6941.51268
11Kimi RaikkonenLotus-Renault1’17.7661.58461
12Paul di RestaForce India-Mercedes1’17.8411.65963
13Jean-Eric VergneToro Rosso-Ferrari1’17.9091.72761
14Valtteri BottasWilliams-Renault1’18.0041.82263
15Pastor MaldonadoWilliams-Renault1’18.1051.92368
16Daniel RicciardoToro Rosso-Ferrari1’18.2572.07568
17Jules BianchiMarussia-Cosworth1’18.8732.69168
18Nico HulkenbergSauber-Ferrari1’19.0562.87440
19Charles PicCaterham-Renault1’19.3803.19860
20Esteban GutierrezSauber-Ferrari1’19.4783.29652
21Max ChiltonMarussia-Cosworth1’19.5663.38467
22Giedo van der GardeCaterham-Renault1’21.8115.62942

2013 Canadian Grand Prix

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20 comments on “2013 Canadian Grand Prix lap times and fastest laps”

  1. Bianchi fastest than the two Sauber’s

    1. No he wasn’t. He just posted a faster laptime that’s all. Gutierrez pitted much earlier for tyres, so his tyres were worn when the car was the lightest. When Bianchi posted his fastest lap, Hülkenberg already stood at the sidelines.

      To me, the lapchart is VERY informative. The fastest laps unfortunately are very much related to tyre management.

      1. I’m not stupid man [@matthijs], I read the headline; by fastest I meant a faster lap of course. And at the end of the day Bianchi did so.

        Lapchart can be informative for you, not for everyone. It’s a valuable info, thanks to @keith. Fastest lap(s) had always been related to something in F1: fuel saving, engine saving, tyre saving… It’s F1.

  2. The pace of the top four was just incredible compared to the rest of the field. I don’t remember seeing such speed differentials since 2011. Also, the tyres were just right yesterday. They allowed drivers to push, yet still they had to come in once, twice, or sometimes three times for new tyres.

    Looking at Hamilton’s times, he had a difficult start to his final stint. He came out between the McLarens, and possibly he had problems getting heat into his tyres, because he lost all of his lead to Alonso in a couple of laps. Once he was overtaken, he managed to set a pace in the one-minute sixteens that would have made it difficult for Alonso to pass.

    In the graph there are two spikes in his final stint: on lap 59, I suppose he was behind Sutil when he ran a little wide into turn 5, but managed to stay in front of Alonso because he got into Sutil’s DRS. On lap 62 he was overtaken by Alonso (or perhaps it was just at the start of 63 that Alonso’s nose got in front). But I am still puzzled about what happened on lap 62.

    Just as Ross Brawn came on air on the BBC, I saw Hamilton struggling out of the chicane at turns 8/9, with Alonso all over him. Hamilton also set a very slow S2 time of 26 seconds, where before and after he and Alonso were doing high 24s. First I thought he had a puncture, but perhaps he was baiting Alonso to get his nose in front before DRS detection, but Alonso didn’t bite. Instead, Fernando cleverly saved some KERS for the second DRS zone, and then Hamilton was defenseless.

    1. Yeah, on that lap it looked like he was really struggling – I wonder if he had picked up some muck on his tires.

      He struggled with grip around a few corners and if you watch him accelerate mid/end of that lap he is really not getting traction/the car is moving around strangely. Not sure if he just ran off line somewhere and picked up something. I too thought he had a major problem at that point.

  3. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    10th June 2013, 12:39

    Huge difference in performance between Vettel and Webber and throughout much of the race until the end of the race.

    1. Being at the front is what it is all about, Webber was stuck behind Rosberg for the 1st. stint and it was race-over right then, at least as far catching Vettel was concerned.

  4. Steve McGrath (@)
    10th June 2013, 14:22

    Its amazing how quickly the supersofts start to degrade. When they are on the mediums laptimes are basically decreasing lap on lap

  5. It is a pity that Vettel got caught in traffic on the last lap. His first sector was 0.3 seconds faster than the first sector of the fastest lap of the race of Mark Webber.

    I don’t buy the comments of Horner that Vettel just “joked” with a purple first sector, and that he has shown maturity not to go for the fastest lap again. I think Vettel simply caught traffic and had no chance for the fastest lap so bailed out of it.

    1. @mike-dee agreed entirely: he wanted fastest lap and lost out due to traffic – that may irritate him slightly!

      I find that pretty impressive though how Vettel’s fastest lap was only 3 tenths off Webber’s despite coming 14 laps earlier! His pace relative to his teammate is a telling sign that this victory isn’t all down to the car: he was consistently over 0.5s faster a lap in the opening phases!

      1. @vettel1

        His pace relative to his teammate is a telling sign that this victory isn’t all down to the car

        Yeah: Mark getting hit by another driver, spending most of the race with a damaged front wing and having to fight for position while Sebastian spent the race with a clear track (except for lapping back-markers) ahead of him and no-one challenging him from behind would be pretty big factors too ;-)

        1. @beneboy

          he was consistently over 0.5s faster a lap in the opening phases!

          Emphasis on “opening phases” ;)

          1. @vettel1
            It’s amazing how much faster you can go with a clear track ahead of you compared to when you’re driving in the pack isn’t it :-)

          2. @beneboy it’s also amazing how long it takes Webber to commit to a move ;)

          3. @vettel1
            The only thing that amazes me about Webber these days is that he’s still driving for Red Bull: he’s spent the last few seasons being out-driven and outclassed by Vettel. I like Mark and think he’s a good driver but Sebastian is in a different class entirely.
            I’m probably never going to be Vettel’s biggest fan but credit were it’s due: the guy can put in some awesome performances and takes almost every opportunity that comes his way.

          4. @beneboy I think he does a decent job of it but agreed there’s better out there. I doubt there are many available drivers that could have a realistic chance of beating Vettel currently but I think Ricciardo or Vergne would be a better fit in that Red Bull seat currently until AFC is ready (u reckon he’s the best driver in the RB young driver’s pipeline).

          5. @vettel1
            I work for a bookmakers and I was talking to one of our odds compilers (one of the guys who works out what odds to give different competitors in an event) a few weeks ago and he told me the next driver to partner Vettel was down to a choice between Vergne and AFC for him. I don’t know what information he’s basing that on but I wouldn’t bet against him :-)

            To be honest I’m more into motorcycle racing than car racing (apart from F1 & Le Mans) so I don’t watch as much minor racing as I do F1, MotoGP, BSB, TT etc but I do love Macau and Antonio looked pretty damn good there last year and he’s looked impressive in the other races I’ve seen him competing in too. I’d certainly give him a chance in F1 some time soon.

          6. @beneboy he’ll be a damn good better at assessing the situation than I am: if my prediction’s championship standings are anything to go by I’m useless at foreseeing things!

            I’m kind of the opposite: I don’t pay much attention to Moto GP unless it happens to be on whilst I’m not busy but I have started following the junior categories (particularly WSR as I think that’s the best junior series ATM) and to me the clear stars are Magnussen and Da Costa. I expect both of them will find their way into F1!

          7. .5 secs a lap slower in the opening phase because Rosberg was .5 secs a lap slower and the super-softs weren’t going to last in a dog-fight and DRS didn’t help on the straights. The advantage of pole position is hugely enhanced with these fragile tyres.

  6. Interesting to see Di Resta’s graphic. Discounting the first few laps and being held up the next few, his decrease in lap times is almost linear. His lap times didn’t go down as quick as for example Alonso’s or Vettel’s, but it’s evident that he was able to manage his tyres very well. It will be interesting to see whether he can manage his tyres in a tougher race like the Brittish GP.

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