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2015 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix championship points

2015 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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2015 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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29 comments on “2015 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix championship points”

  1. I’m pretty sure Kvyat didn’t score 20 points this race

    1. KVY has 95. Pretty impressive. He beat RIC.

      1. Only because of Ricciardo’s unreliability towards the end of the season.

  2. Kvyat-Ricciardo pts. gap surely can’t increased since Brazil, can it?

    1. Kvyat has 95 I think.

      1. 95. With all those mechanical problems through the season he is still ended ahead of Ricciardo.

        1. @regs Don’t forget that Ricciardo also had a lot of mechanical problems, a lot of those when he was in contention to score a good amount of points.

          1. Yeah, but Kvyat had much more problems, especially in first half. And even in Abu Dhabi – no 3rd practice and race without ERS.

          2. Ricciardo has lost 2 won 3 against team mates. Good for him one of the wins was against a 4 time champion, he can live off that one for a while. What if Kyvatt beats him again next year and they need to give Verstappen a top seat will he be given the boot?

  3. Mercedes 1-2, Ferrari 3-4, Williams 5-6, Red Bull 7-8, Force India 9-10. When was the last time the top 10 were in team formation?

    The only thing that shows, IMO, is that the gaps between the teams have been so large this year that driver talent is unable to make any difference.

    1. @kingshark Exactly what I’ve been saying all year. This is a basically a 9-tier formula with a few overlaps; you have Mercedes, Ferrari, Williams and Red Bull as a tier alone, then you have Force India and Toro Rosso, then comes Lotus, then comes Sauber, then McLaren, then Manor

      1. I would say Merc in their own tier Ferrari in tier 2 then Williams RedBull Force India tier 3.

        1. I meant to say that each of Mercedes, Ferrari, Williams and Red Bull occupy an entire tier all by themself.

    2. I don’t know about the top 10, but the top 8 were in team formation in 2002.

      Drivers: Schumacher, Barrichello, Montoya, Ralf, Coulthard, Raikkonen, Button, Trulli
      Constructors: Ferrari, BMW Williams, McLaren, Renault.

  4. Well done force india p5 and redbull has scored 187 points not 206 right?

    1. yeah, Kvyat points are off in the table above

  5. Alonso has been beaten by a teammate for the first time on points, however, he has been quite unlucky in races such as Monaco, Singapore and Austin where he easily could’ve managed at least another 13-14 points.

    1. Indeed, it’s the very first time in his (F1) career that he’s beaten by his teammate on points. However, he has tied with two more teammates, and lost from both of them due to countback. The first is Tarso Marques (0-0, Mar had two 9 places) in 2001, the other, of course, is Lewis Hamilton (109-109, Hami had 1 more 2nd place than Fred) in 2007. As much as this year’s been pretty useless to judge which Mc driver was better, due to all the reliability niggles, i think JB can be proud of having beaten 2 out of the 3 best current F1 drivers, even on paper.

    2. Oney could argue that he got plenty lucky with that 5th place…. ;) and Button had his fair share of technical difficulties, costing him points too.

      All in all, this season was hardly the most apt one to measure Alonso’s poweress, but he was beaten quite handily by Jense, I reckon.

  6. I’m still on the fence about Sauber. On one hand, they recovered from a pointless season to score 36 points this year, on the other hand, with the performance they had early in the season and the lack of reliability for Lotus and Toro Rosso, they could have done better I imagine.

    Hats off to Force India, though.

    1. Indeed, in the first 3-4 races their pace was pretty good, i give it to them. However, since then, every single upgrade they brought seemed to be worthless. [I] Worthless !!![/I] It’s not as if they dumbed development for next year’s car, they had an upgrade 2-3 rounds ago, if i recall well. But it was like they were broken.

      They need BMW back. We-F1- needs BMW back.

      Now i miss Kubica, again..

  7. Alonso, Button was better than you. Period.

    1. You’re tiresome man.

      1. Do you remember Singapore 2008? I do.
        Piquet crash hands Alonso win.

        1. Well done for reciting the most-known fact in modern Formula 1.

  8. So I guess kviat is the new better driver. And ricciardo should retire???

  9. Kvyat beating ricciardo, perez beating hulkenberg, button beating alonso. I don’t think many people would have predicted any of that.

  10. Nearly picked Sauber’s points for the year. Some of my other answers weren’t so good…

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