Will Stevens, Roberto Merhi, Manor, Red Bull Ring, 2015

Caption Competition 91: Stevens and Merhi

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We haven’t had a Caption Competition featuring the Manor drivers all year long and it’s time to put that right. Here are Will Stevens and Roberto Merhi during the Austrian Grand Prix weekend.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

This will be the last Caption Competition of 2015 – look out for a review of all this year’s funniest winners coming soon.

Caption Competition

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  • 126 comments on “Caption Competition 91: Stevens and Merhi”

    1. Hey, look at the new Manor car. It will be fast as hell.

      1. Merhi and Stevens have a near miss in the pits with the McLaren Honda.

    2. “So this is where our money went.”

    3. James (@jamesjames123abc)
      12th December 2015, 12:03

      Manor unveil their new power plant

      1. @jamesjames123abc Haha, I love it!

    4. Manor decided to reveal their vision of a future F1 car after Mclaren.

    5. In Austria the drivers realised how far behind schedule their 2015 car was.

      1. @dirksen – Good one.

    6. Manor, best team for rookies ! Going off track has never been safer.

    7. Manor reveals their homologated engine from Mercedes.

    8. “Look Roberto, I think it’s a Lamborghini let’s get a photo with it!”

      1. good one!

      2. Even if this doesn’t win, it needs an honorable mention :)

    9. Manor misread the “You can use year-old engines” rule.

      1. even better

    10. Merhi looks confused after Stevens jokingly told him that the tractor is in-fact legendary film director, Steven Spielberg.

    11. Will….” This is not what I had in mind when asking the team to concentrate on ‘harvesting’ more energy” !

    12. Is this 1st prize Will ?

    13. “You distract them – I’ll strip it for parts”.

    14. They said they’d give us a Lamborghini to reflect the team’s performance improvement

    15. The Manor drivers decide that cost-capping and the greening of motorsport can be taken too far…

    16. The though of the tractor driver for Marussia’s boys: Poor guys, take a souvenir photo, because who knows next year, maybe someone else will wear this red t-shirts!

    17. Stevens: “I see that grooved tyres are back in vogue”,
      Merhi: “And they look like they might last a whole race, too”,
      Farmer: “Need a ride, boys? Again?”

    18. Man on Tractor – “Jimmy Krankie is looking good on her age”.

    19. Manor are the first team to unveil their 2016 car. Stevens: “The revolutionary design of the car allows us to take every corner flat-out!”

    20. Will Stevens and Roberto Merhi with the unraced 2015 Caterham CT-06

    21. Smile big gentlemen! One last picture in front of the 2015 car. Also, we’re going to need those shirts back.

      1. @smalley – Good one.

    22. Manor’s concept for the new 2017 F1 aero-regulations was unfortunately rejected by other teams, due to conerns that flowers on the front wing could be missused as drag reduction devices.

    23. Next time on Countryfile

    24. Farmer: ‘the Manor guys are ignoring the blue flags again’

      1. funny

      2. Excellent!

    25. Merhi: Hey Will, I think this faster than the 2015 Manor!

    26. “Cars 28, 98 under investigation – exceeding tractor limits”

    27. Nick (@theawesomefish)
      12th December 2015, 13:56

      Manor reveal their 2016 challenger.

    28. To carry the extra kilo’s, Merhi needed a slightly stronger vehicle.

    29. Merhi: “Hey Will, I think this faster than the 2015 Manor!”
      Stevens: “Yeah, but I don’t know if the team can afford to make another one”

    30. Having both been involved with the team before its demise, Stevens and Merhi had no problem posing with what they dubbed the 2015 Caterham CT07.

    31. Stevens and Merhi pause for a photo before the Gumpenberg Grand Prix driver’s parade.

    32. In light of Mercedes’ unprecedented dominance, and in the interests of improving the show, we are lobbying the FIA for a thorough overhaul of F1’s technical regulations.

      Our proposal includes an increase in mechanical downforce and ground effects, plus the introduction of a sprint race to determine qualifying position.

    33. We were always going to be at the back anyway, but now we can pull Maldonado out of the ditch for a chunk of his pay driver contract.

    34. Kristoff and Princess Elsa are left unimpressed, as they encounter backmarkers on their way to Arendelle.

    35. “This should put Haryanto off”.

    36. It may be the slowest thing in this paddock but it does go faster when you have someone like Alex Rossi behind the wheel.

    37. Merhi: “Still faster then our car”

    38. Can’t wait for Monaco. They’ll never be able to lap us!

    39. Merhi: “Is this going to be our car next year ?”
      Stevens: “Smile, Roberto. Smile.”

    40. EXCLUSIVE: Manor release photos of their 2015 car in a striking new Lotus-esque livery!

    41. Following recent prototype designs released by Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull, Manor are the latest team to show off their vision of the future of F1!

      1. Michael.bradshaw83@gmail.com
        12th December 2015, 17:01


    42. F1’s green agenda reaches new heights

    43. “Well, we thought having a Mercedes engine and Williams gearbox would be enough to be honest…”

    44. We’ll sell this car, we need to outbid Haryanto.

    45. An affordable seat for the 2016 season.

    46. ‘Hay’ Will, this new aero should get us into the mid ‘field’…

    47. Manor’s drivers reveal the 2016 car

    48. As Will Stevens admires his reflection in the camera, Roberto Mehri wonders whether styling Fernando Alonso’s look of fey disappointment will persuade Manor to upsize their logistics team.

    49. Mr Fitzpatrick receives a 15m Euro offer from the Austrian government to run their car in 2016.

      1. good one!

    50. Roberto Mehri ponders the implications of Manor’s pre-season promise: an ornamental plant for the best driver, a night to remember for the second best driver, and a night to remember for the third best driver.

    51. Manor arrived with their wet weather racing car when testing wet weather tyres for Pirelli.

    52. Stevens and Merhi stand proudly beside their 2015 challenger, only to have their dreams crushed and told gently that their challenger is infact in the barn out back.

    53. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
      12th December 2015, 17:38

      “We do seasonal fruit picking off season to pay towards our seats!!”

      1. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
        12th December 2015, 17:39

        Oops epic typing fail there!

    54. As the driver of the tractor looks on at the young Manor drivers he thinks to himself ‘there but for the grace of god go I’ as he considers how fortunate he is that he isn’t required by his employer to bring with him a budget to have the privilege of driving the slowest vehicle in the paddock.

    55. With this Caterham comeback, we might not be last next year!

    56. This candidate is showing interest in being F1’s alternative, independent, budget power unit supplier.

      Only Stevens and Merhi are backing this project so far, agreeing that they would have reached the same positions in the championships with this one, but with much smaller budget than they actually did.

    57. Finally, a car we can overtake!

    58. Will this is our new chassis because the repo took the new ones.

    59. Something better along these lines may already have been posted, but:

      Stevens: “Is this… what do you think, Roberto, is this our 2016 car reveal photo?”
      Merhi: “I don’t know. But smile. Smile.”

      1. Lol, a guy called Maimai almost literally posted the same thing. I haven’t read it, it’s crazy, haha.

    60. The Spielberg express stops by to watch the attraction, ‘the Mobile Chicane’

    61. “Meet our new Manor, and it’s not just the colour that has changed.”

    62. After Sauber announce that they are pushing a new alternative design concept, Manor play their trump card to prove they are not to be out done.

    63. Inspired by Red Bull and McLaren, Manor release their concept car of the future.

    64. Manor’s new design concept intends to harvest more than just energy.

    65. Manor’s latest car is the most fuel efficient yet, powered exclusively by the rubbish that comes out of Bernie’s mouth.

    66. Mehri and Stevens posting in front of the Manor 2016 spec.

    67. Ready, steady, first one to fill the trailer with cash gets the drive, GO!

    68. Manor unveil their version of the 2017 aero package..

    69. The new Manure Mercedes

    70. Hello all our fans, here it is, the one and only we actually passed on the track.

    71. Mehri and Stevens seriously consider taking up yodeling instead of racing to get the girls.

    72. It’s June and we’re already unveiling our 2016 chassis. Bloody hell our boys are fast!

    73. We’re not real F1 drivers, but we play them on TV.

    74. “That’s good boys, that’s the team photo done. We’ll photoshop the car in later. And the new boss.”

    75. Merhi was perplexed when he heard the farmer was getting paid to drive slow machinery slowly.

    76. Will: Well someone has to drive it.

      Roberto: I am not drive it. You drive it.

      Will: I am not gonna drive it.

      Roberto: Let’s give it to Sage Karam. And barter it for his pink Camaro.

      Will: Riggghhhhttttt!!!! He has nothing lined up for 2016.

    77. The fastest drivers deserve the fastest cars. For some strange reason Merhi and Stevens were left with a tractor…

    78. After 2015, Stevens and Merhi wished to go back to when F1 had larger engines and huge rear tyres. Unfortunatley the Manor budget didn’t quite match their expectations.

    79. “Spielberg F1” – a fair rival for Manor team in 2016.

    80. Still faster than a Manor Marussia

    81. Roberto shows Will his Mehri ways

    82. Nathan Constable
      12th December 2015, 23:19

      It’s our new upgraded car! It’s a lot faster!

    83. The Manor Marussia Team feel their new 2016 car will prove to be a huge step up on-track when compared to the 2015 car.

    84. Merhi, Stevens, and what’s left of HRT.

    85. Farmer talking to his wife on the tractor: Is that James Hunt and Niki Lauda?

    86. We’ll give you the tractor, a willing pit crew and a window box full of flowers for half a season for each of us..

    87. That new front wing is worth 0.2 seconds per lap.

    88. SaturnVF1 (@doublestuffpenguin)
      13th December 2015, 8:36

      After Manor only figuratively threw Merhi under the bus late in the season, Stevens finds the closest thing available to finish the job.

    89. Manor.

      Directed by Steven Spielberg.

    90. Stevens & Mehri support simpler aero for better racing

    91. The new driver parade lorry did not meet with universal approval, the Manor drivers deciding they’d rather walk and be blue-flagged than get hay in their trainers.

    92. Jacques Villeneuve announces return to the sport with the new Massey Ferguson team.

      (Look at the tractor driver)

    93. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
      13th December 2015, 11:13

      “If they think Manor-Mercedes, we think this.”

    94. Stevens: Quick Roberto, grab this tractor and next year we’ll plough through the field like nobody else !
      Merhi : Okay Will, but I’m not sure I can handle all that speed !!

    95. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
      13th December 2015, 11:33

      As the 2015 Manor arrived for its first test, Will Stevens made sure he was nearest the cockpit for the all important ‘first dibs’.

    96. Look the Manor Concept Car based on 2017 aero rules is here already !!

    97. Manor finally make the podium in special, one-off, non championship race (3 entered)

    98. To prevent Manor from joining the midfield in 2018, Sauber sent two terminators back in time: Will Stevens, and Johannes Spielberg.

    99. Rupert Richardson
      13th December 2015, 17:38

      Curses! How will we out-qualify this amazing new Haas machine?

    100. Meanwhile, The Manor Motor home pulls into Spielberg …..

    101. Pirelli reveal their preferred wheel sizes for 2017. 18″ for the fronts. 36″ for the rears.
      Stevens is impressed. Merhi less so.

    102. It appears that Manor’s aero design team misheard the request for better traction control.

    103. Manor thinks F1 has gotten to technical advanced and went back to basic with there future concept.

    104. There’s nothing funny about ‘manor’ and a ‘tractor’.

    105. At least we are faster than something at a Grand Prix in 2015

    106. Will: How are we going to explain Ryan and Graeme about us getting “ZONKED” by Wayne Brady?

      Roberto: So much for giving up them 2 scooters as a going away present.

      AND THAT IS THE “LETS MAKE A DEAL” #1 ZONK OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    107. Hey, we are in front of another car, sort of.

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