Ferrari turbo fix to arrive in Canada

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In the round-up: Ferrari will introduce a significant update to their power unit at the Canadian Grand Prix.

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This week’s poll is on whether Nico Rosberg was right to let Lewis Hamilton overtake him in Monaco:

I want to applaud Rosberg’s choice to move aside – whether it was team orders or not. But I can’t help but think if he wants to win this championship he can’t afford to drop as many points like that. Passing at Monaco’s pretty difficult to do, Rosberg could have kept Hamilton bottled up for the entire race and limited the amount of points lost. Sure he played the team game well but his lead in the championship took a huge hit for it. He stepped aside to help the only guy that can take the title off him.

I can’t help but wonder that at the end of the year, the points he gave away at Monaco might come back to haunt him. Also, I’m pretty much certain Hamilton wouldn’t have done the same.
Adam (@Rocketpanda)

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The last F1 race to be held on the original Spa-Francorchamps was held today in 1970 and won by Pedro Rodriguez for BRM.

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50 comments on “Ferrari turbo fix to arrive in Canada”

  1. Very sad news about a great driver and an even better bloke. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery mate. Thoughts are with you.

  2. Congrats on the IndyCar gig Keith, great news! Any chance it’ll be a permanent thing?

    1. Robert (@skylab007)
      7th June 2016, 4:46

      Agreed. The commentary sections from Ben & Keith at BTsport have been head and shoulders above the on site stuff. Looking forward to it.

      1. To be fair, NBCSN’s team (who are taking over next race) is much MUCH better than ESPN who are absolutely dreadful, but still great news for Ben & Keith.

    2. Let me add here, very well done Keith.

  3. Turbo fix, yay, honestly, I know that the press can be gutless but is the brand so frail that such a big topic has to come up undercover, trying too hard to not look weak. My german is weak but apparently everyone’s introducing something, Renault we knew it beforehand, Honda we read them stating they are compromised by the tokens system and Mercedes are going to give Nico the MGU-h fix but the Ferrari thing was just a rumour. Hasn’t anyone noticed how Ferrari’s PU started to sound different from Shanghai onwards? We only know what they are obliged to divulge.

    1. About time. Teams update engine software constantly.

      We mostly notice sound changes and token use. Ferrari should raise their engine game. Renault is closing.

    2. Yes, maybe I’m not paying enough attention but it looks like Ferrari is not as open as the others engine manufacturer about their developement. We hear Mercedes or Renault or Honda talking about reliability, performance, tokens and so on.
      Barely that Ferrari is working on their PU. It’s a little strange to me.

  4. Does anyone know if there’s a way to get the British Indycar coverage internationally? Here in Australia we get the American broadcast but I’d like to try the British commentary (of course at least partially due to Kieth being on!).

    1. To be more specific, I’m looking for an on demand/uploaded type of broadcast, live Indycar races are generally difficult in Australia as they usually start between 3 and 5 am on a Monday morning…

      1. AlexanderF1
        7th June 2016, 10:32

        i highly reccomend going onto or burningwheels websites for thatl its hd and they upload most series

    2. petebaldwin (@)
      7th June 2016, 15:26

      It’s on BT Sport – the channel is streamed for free all over the internet. Just have a quick Google search.

      I love Indycar but there is absolutely no way I can (or have any desire to) justify 2 different pay TV platforms in order to watch both F1 and Indycar.

  5. Nice video of Maldanado – the other side of the man.

  6. There rumors starting to go around about Perez moving to Ferrari next year to replace Kimi.

    I don’t know how reliable this source is, but it is a big topic within the paddock at the moment, ‘Who’s going to replace Kimi next year?’, that’s if he does leave Ferrari.

    1. “All we are saying, is give Hulk a chance”.

      1. @john-h

        I agree, Hulkenburg deserves a drive in a higher team. Even though he hasn’t scored a podium yet in his F1 career, he did win Le Mans last year on his first attempt. Also, after his successful 2012 campaign with Sauber, he does deserve a good crack with a higher team, rather than battling out in the mid-field like normal.

        1. Why does Hulkenberg deserve a chance? 100 grand prix starts and still yet to get a podium. Perez returned to the team in 2014 and he’s the one getting podiums. I think the myth surrounding Hulkenberg has worn off now.

        2. @warner16, that’s the thing though – we know that Hulkenberg has received multiple offers of talks from some of the larger teams.

          I believe that he has already been in talks with Ferrari at least twice in the past (one of those rounds of talks was on the back of his campaign for Sauber), whilst he also entered into negotiations with McLaren and Lotus a few years ago.

          However, all of those talks seem to have stalled – Ferrari turned away from Hulkenberg when Raikkonen came onto the market, and then chose to extend his contract rather than sign Hulkenberg, whilst some of McLaren’s senior management effectively said that they considered Hulkenberg to be overrated. The negotiations may have come to nothing, but he has still had those opportunities to meet with those larger teams to try and persuade them to take him on.

          1. Perez has beat Hulkenberg easily over the last year why would Hulkenberg get a Ferrari drive as he was in form 4 years ago?

          2. Mark Hulk is just as quick and was ahead in Monaco he was unlucky. One bad year he has had. Not 4 years as you said

          3. I dont think Ferrari – an Italian national institution, would even entertain the thought of having 2 German drivers driving for them. Nope…wont happen.

          4. Hulkenberg was outstanding in 2012 but not much after. Perez has had better results in midfield cars and for the last year has him beat. Perez over Hulkenberg for me.

            Nationality has nothing to do with it if the best available driver to partner Vettel is German they will take him.

    2. Ferrari should give GRO the drive.

    3. I can’t see it happening to be honest, Ferrari brought Perez into F1 through their young driver program and placed him at Sauber initially, he was being lined up as Massa’s replacement however Perez took the short term option (understandably I suppose) and dumped them to go and drive for McLaren.

    4. Perez, Hulk, Grosjean are all good choices.

      But Kimi is handy right now and a way more established driver. Also a much better#2.

      Ferrari should only replace him with maybe Nico Rosberg, Daniel Riciardo… Or if McLaren becomes fast Jenson Button. Or best option….. Lewis Hamilton.

      They should really steal a driver from top team. Maybe sign kvyat for reserve driver to get in on RBR secrets.

    5. I was thinking about this the other day as it happens. Raikkonen has been mediocre at best since he returned to Ferrari so it really would surprise me if they weren’t looking for someone to replace him. Of the current crop only, two drivers strike me as viable replacements, Perez and Grosjean. They have access to Grosjean’s data via Haas and should be well placed to pass judgement on him and Perez is a former Ferrari academy driver. The only reason to keep Raikkonen over one of these two is the fact he seems to be nonplussed at the fact he is nothing more than a dutiful number 2 to Vettel.

      1. With Ferrari’s way of having #1 and#2 driver to back him, having a top driver like D Ric wouldn’t fit that format, as Dan has shown, he’s there to win, not play second fiddle. Let him be #1 then, no, Seb wouldn’t agree to that thank you and he ain’t gunna say bye to his Red dream..

        I don’t know who’s best to cover Kimi pedals but hoping Ferrari can offer a decent challenge for a change.

        1. Massa and Raikkonen were equal in terms of no number 1 or 2. This season Raikkonen is beating Vettel, no team orders. They had team orders with Schumacher and Alonso but in the 90’s AlessI and Berger were equal in standing so it is not historical. If Ferrari can build a top car either Vettel or Raikkonen are proven title winners so hard to replace with a good performing midfield runner.

    6. Ferrari should push for Stoffel Vandoorne, risky but big upside.

      1. Yeah but Ferrari never go for rookies and i think McLaren will give Vandoorne a seat for next year.

      2. Lol, Dennis won’t allow anything like that. No that Ferrari are interested in a youngster. Ferrari never hires youngsters.

  7. Perhaps Honda don’t know how tokens are spent.

    1. Renault just replaced the sparkplugs. I’m surprised that even cost 3 tokens.

      1. If by “just replaced the spark plugs” you mean “incorporated turbulent jet ignition into their internal combustion engine” I am indeed surprised that it took just three tokens.

        1. The important thing is to have spent all your tokens by the end of this year because they are being abolished at the end of this season.

  8. More likely Renault keep being allowed to do ‘reliability’ upgrades as they did with the V8’s with a nod and a wink from the FIA.

  9. Haha, so now we know what Pastor meant when he said he will be back in F1

  10. Re CotD: The majority around here slightly agreed or strongly agreed that Nico did the right thing in Monaco. I can’t help thinking that had he held up LH and had DR taken the win that would have made NR very unpopular to those same people who claim LH wouldn’t have let NR go under the same circumstances.

    Without the benefit of hindsight Nico didn’t hand LH the win, he helped his team give them a chance that he himself couldn’t provide otherwise, and didn’t have the benefit of a crystal ball that his critics seem to think he possesses, who make it sound like he voluntarily cut his lead in the WDC in half.

    1. @robbie Exactly! People who say that NR should’ve prevented Hamilton from having a chance a victory, more importantly, that he should have denied his team a chance of victory are clueless at best. As it was proven many times before, you have zero chance of winning a WDC when you turn your own team against you

    2. Toto said there was something wrong with Nico’s car, or that at least it was performing as though it had been damaged on the track. This wasn’t simply a matter of Hamilton getting past Rosberg, it was about Rosberg’s car not being “podium capable”. There was just no way Rosberg was going to be on the podium on that day with that car. The team order was more or less a formality, Hamilton was going to pass him anyway, it just made it easier. The fact 4 other cars passed him on a track famous for being difficult to pass on proves his car just wasn’t in the race that day.

      1. @drycrust I agree with you but fot the record Rosberg wasn’t passed on track by 4 cars. Only the Hulk passed him on the track. The other drivers passed him in the pits

        1. Thanks, I wasn’t sure how the passing happened.

          1. I think toto was just trying to save face for Nico as his car wasn’t actually damaged he just wasn’t getting temp attire in the tyres, hence low brake temp, hence slower, hence low tyre temp in a downward spiral. :)

  11. Nothing against Keith or Ben but I’d rather watch Indycar with the domestic commentary feed.

    Back when we used to get an international commentary feed for Indycar on Eurosport & sky it was always frustrating because we were never getting all of the information that the domestic feed was providing. We never used to get team radio, we never used to hear many of the pit reports or team/driver interviews (Even when we were getting the pictures) & there were often things that were happening in terms of potential car problems or penalty’s that we never found out about until post race because the international commentary crew never had access to it.

    The stuff BT have been providing during the american ad-breaks has been fine, but i still greatly prefer getting the on-site commentary because they have far more information available & the NBC team always do a great job in getting that information across to the viewer & its always great to hear PT & T-Bell give there insights into various things because neither are afraid to say what they feel.

  12. Re (McLaren) don’t want to improve their rivals. Honda doesn’t want to have enforced obligation.
    Unfortunately the series rules stipulate that if another team go to Honda and ask for that engine, then they have to supply. McLaren may not like that, but then Force India, Haas, and Red Bull, probably don’t like it much either, but that goes with being a customer of an engine manufacturer.
    The saving grace for Honda is the time taken to make the components is quite long, I think it is something like it takes 3 months to make the crankshaft alone, meaning you need to have your engine supply contracts sorted out at least three months before the February test date each year. So McLaren have three months to get used to the idea.
    My recollection is before last season started Honda said they were going to supply another team, so McLaren haven’t got much reason to complain if they do.

    1. McLaren can gain many positions by letting lots swap to Honda whilst they take a Merc engine. They will not win but they will not with Honda so at least they would have the odd podium or lucky winner to save face.

      1. I think it is possible for Honda to win a race, but McLaren aren’t going to like it because their “size zero” packaging will need to be compromised. McLaren themselves have hobbled Honda by insisting on the engine fitting into the smallest space they can get away with.
        I still don’t know what McLaren are going to do if they decide to ditch Honda because no one is going to want to make an engine small enough to please them, so they will have to make the engine bay in the car bigger, and if they do that then Honda are going be very indignant because they weren’t given the opportunity to make an engine for a larger engine bay.

        1. You live in a fantasy land mate.

  13. It will be very interesting race… but the rain is coming, so maybe we will not see racing…

  14. cotd spot on

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