Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Hockenheimring, 2016

2016 German Grand Prix grid

2016 German Grand Prix

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Row 11. Nico Rosberg 1’14.363
2. Lewis Hamilton 1’14.470
Row 23. Daniel Ricciardo 1’14.726
Red Bull
4. Max Verstappen 1’14.834
Red Bull
Row 35. Kimi Raikkonen 1’15.142
6. Sebastian Vettel 1’15.315
Row 47. Valtteri Bottas 1’15.530
8. Nico Hulkenberg* 1’15.510
Force India
Row 59. Sergio Perez 1’15.537
Force India
10. Felipe Massa 1’15.615
Row 611. Esteban Gutierrez 1’15.883
12. Jenson Button 1’15.909
Row 713. Fernando Alonso 1’16.041
14. Jolyon Palmer 1’16.665
Row 815. Carlos Sainz Jnr** 1’15.989
Toro Rosso
16. Kevin Magnussen 1’16.716
Row 917. Pascal Wehrlein 1’16.717
18. Daniil Kvyat 1’16.876
Toro Rosso
Row 1019. Rio Haryanto 1’16.977
20. Romain Grosjean*** 1’16.086
Row 1121. Felipe Nasr 1’17.123
22. Marcus Ericsson 1’17.238

*One-place grid penalty for using incorrect tyres
**Three-place grid penalty for impeding Massa
***Five-place grid penalty for gearbox change

View the 2016 German Grand Prix eighties grid (plays sound)

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44 comments on “2016 German Grand Prix grid”

  1. Great to see championship battle is not dead yet! Vettel looked really poor this weekend. And Kvyat’s career is getting to an end in F1.

  2. What happened to Vettel? Poor driving from him. Kvyat too.

    1. Sviatoslav (@)
      30th July 2016, 14:22

      I think it was all Alonso’s fault. Vettel is pure genius. He developed one of the best cars out there, he works much better than the Spaniard.
      So, it’s Alonso to blame when Vettel isn’t on the first place.

      1. that is one of the weirdest comments i have ever read @Sviatoslav… Alonso is not to blame when Vettel is not on form, they are not joined at the hip!

        1. Um…Sarcasm?

      2. You’re wrong! Clearly Ferrari are now favouring Kimi, since it’s not possible for Seb to finish behind his teammate. It’s definitely a conspiracy, similar to tg one he faced in 2014 at Red Bull.

  3. Victor (@victorandrei1999)
    30th July 2016, 14:04

    Why does Hamilton always wear sun-glasses when Rosberg beats him?

    1. To hide tears

      1. Victor (@victorandrei1999)
        31st July 2016, 6:06


  4. i thought they were looking at track limits?

    hamilton had all 4 wheels over the white line 2-3 times on his fastest lap including at turn 1 where i thought they had this sensor thing in the kerbing.

    nico on the other hand didn’t even put half the car over the white lines, actually maybe that shows that running over the kerbings isnt the advantage many fans believe that it is.

    1. it is an advantage in many places, Verstappen consistently ran off track at last turn, and i think it gave him an advantage. Lewis on his last lap was .1 seconds up on Rosberg in sector 1, and i think it was because of running off track in turn 1. he later locked his brakes – that is where he lost the pole.

    2. Michael Brown (@)
      30th July 2016, 15:47

      I heard on Sky that they accept the drivers crossing the white line as long as they stay on the massive kerbs. So the rules change between sessions now.

  5. Rosberg quicker than Hamilton despite a heavier car. You could hear the lack of excitement in Crofty’s voice when he saw that Rosberg was on pole compared to whenever Hamilton was on pole. And he said “how different it’d have been without Hamilton’s lockup.” Well that’s sporting commentary, isn’t it?

    Great stuff from Rosberg, Raikkonen and Ricciardo (RRRs)

    1. Heavier car ?

      1. He had more fuel on board because he wasn’t able to do two laps in Q3 because of some electronics problem (Sounds like unreliability, but obviously not any conspiracy).

      2. On sky they interviewed Lowe(i think) who said Rosberg had some fuel left from the first try. So aparently they put the normal amount for the second try on top of that to give hime two laps if needed..

        1. I don’t think so. Paddy Lowe said that IF Rosberg made a mistake in his first lap in Q3 (after the electronics problem, let me be clear) then he would have to do another lap and he had extra fuel on his pole lap to do just that.

          1. Oops. Sorry, @aalate . I didn’t read your comment carefully. (An edit or delete button, Keith?)

    2. David Croft’s commentary is absolutely dire. It used to be good back when he commentated for BBC radio, but I’ve noticed over the years at sky, it’s become incredibly sensationalist drivel, that’s obviously said with the intention of stirring drama. @sravan-pe

      1. I think that’s true for most sports commentators!

        1. Yes, except Crofty combines it with an unhealthy amount of bias. Look at the guys from midweek motorsport, those men are bigger legends than most drivers.

          1. @xtwl

            I think it’s hard to avoid bias and without constant accusations like Keith gets, I suspect isn’t often something you think about. So, well, it might be that when you’re around people with similar tenancies you don’t really notice yourself doing it.

          2. Keith gets these accusations but they hold no ground. With crofty it’s there for everyone to hear quite obvious.

  6. ricciardo is the ayrton senna of this era for qualifying. he just shows up like he owns it in q3. the bulls are coming only – .4 behind Mercedes – next year we might see competition again. congratulations to Renault also, finally starting to bring a product to match the redbull chassis.

    1. The ayrton senna of qualifying? getting 3rd? …LOL!

      1. I seem to remember Senna qualifying 3rd quite often in 1992-93 against vastly superior Williams cars. But then again isn’t Max supposed to be the new Senna? Well, they’re both pretty great to be honest.

        1. Arnoud van Houwelingen
          30th July 2016, 23:24

          Too bad for Ricciardo he is not Senna on race day then. That’s when the points are given

  7. I suppose (reading between the lines) people are saving the super-duper softs for the race, does that mean more tyre saving for drivers with fewer sssofts

    1. The supersoft seems to last long… Which to me doesn’t refer to the name as supersofts… This year, the races have been nearly 1 stoppers the whole time… Remember when LH did 50+ laps on ultra softs during the Monaco gp…. LOL Even Nico managed that while being stuck behind others…. In my view, the medium tyre would be used if there is a safety car… Whilst, ss and s the main…

  8. Any idea why was Alonso complaining about vettel at the end of q2?

    1. Vettel was probably holding him up in one point of the lap. I was waiting for them to show that but they didn’t..

  9. That Ferrari chassis is an absolute mess.

    1. how so? they are consistently top 2 or 3. they have a weaker engine then force india and Williams and are faster. the chassis is good, but red bull is better, and mercedes has a better engine.

      1. They have a better engine than Red Bull yet they’re 1/2 sec down over one lap. Which proves that their Chassis is nowhere near Red Bull or Mercedes. Even Toro Rosso and McLaren’s chassis is better, Ferrari are atleast 4th or 5th when it comes to the chassis and that’s on a budget of over 250 million lol. As for Williams they’re chassis is horrible aswell, but hey, they don’t have 250 million to waste like Ferrari has been doing since 07.

  10. did anyone else get the impression after q1 that mercedes were going to grab pole by 1 second?? they ran on softs when others ran super soft and were faster. for me it is fascinating that red bull can now bring on more engine power for q2 and q3 where as previous to monaco this year they could not. it has been a dull 2.5 years of F1, but in the second half of this year may we see non mercedes pole positions? probably not, but 2017 shoudl finally be competitive.

    1. I believe Red Bull will have a go at Singapore.
      They were very strong there last year even with that mess of an engine they had.

  11. I’m quite confused how the grid penalties have sorted out because from the way the FIA awarded the penalties at the Austrian GP where Rosberg dropped only 4 positions, it seems that Sainz should start ahead of Magnussen? Grosjean’s 5-place penalty is awarded first, dropping him to 20th, and Sainz drops only 2 places due to Grosjean’s vacated grid spot, before the grid is closed up after all penalties are applied. Can anyone clarify?

    1. Michael Brown (@)
      30th July 2016, 18:14

      The order of the penalties is Grosjean, then Sainz. Originally, Sainz qualified 13th, Grosjean 15th, and Magnusen 17th. Grosjean’s penalty took him from 15th to 20th. Magnusen moved up to 16th. Then, Sainz gets demoted to 16th, thus pushing Magnussed up to 15.

      No, Grosjean’s penalty had no effect on Sainz, as he was penalized first and Sainz was ahead.

  12. There never vacated grid slot. The penalties are applied according to the time they awarded so in this case Grosjean > Sainz > Hulk. This is the step-by-step how it applied:

    1. Originally Hulk is P7, Sainz P13, Grosjean P15. Since Grosjean got his penalty first (during practice) then he drop 5 grid from P15 to P20. Everyone from P16 to original P20 get up 1 place to P15-P19.
    2. Then Sainz got his penalty (he got it during after session investigation). His 3 place drop means he start from P16. Again everyone from P14 to original P16 (who is Magnussen, which originally qualified in P17 but get 1 up because Grosjean penalty) got 1 grid up.
    3. Last penalty is Hulkenberg (few hours after quali) which drop 1 position to P8. Since its only 1 grid, effectively he only swapping with the original P8.

    If anyone else get penalty after Hulk, they will take their penalty according to the current grid, which has Hulk P8, Sainz P16 and Grosjean P20.

    1. Should be a reply for Ham123 above…

      1. If that’s the case then why was there a vacated grid spot in Austria? Vettel was penalized first so 4th place was vacated, meaning that Rosberg, penalized later, only dropped 4 places?

  13. I wonder what the precedent is for issuing a 1-place grid penalty? I know that the penalty last time I recall anyone getting a penalty for non-returned tyres (Jordan in Canada 2005, ironically enough) isn’t exactly applicable here (you can’t bar a 3rd driver from a race if the 3rd driver doesn’t get to run independently of the other two to start with), but still…

  14. Lee Porcelli
    31st July 2016, 1:29

    Kimi and Daniel on fire thru qualifying. What the hell is up with Hamilton again with his interviews after qualifying. Sure you can be disappointed with your lap.But the rest is rude and spoiled brat behavior. Only second best in the world for the last 10 minutes of qually. Had shown some maturity this year but back to his old ways again. Imagine if he was not driving the best car on the grid. He would be unapproachable.

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